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    editor-in-chief, Alan J. Wein ; [editors] Louis R. Kavoussi, Alan W. Partin, Craig A. Peters
    Digital : ClinicalKey2016
    V. 1 -- Pt. I: Clinical decision making -- Pt. II: Basics of urologic surgery -- Pt. III: Infections and inflammation -- Pt. IV: Molecular and cellular biology -- Pt. V: Reproducitve and sexual function -- Pt. VI: Male genitalia -- V. 2 -- Pt. VII: Renal physiology and pathophysiology -- Pt. VIII: Upper urinary tract obstruction and trauma -- Pt. IX: Urinary lithiasis and endourology -- Pt. X: Neoplasms of the upper urinary tract -- Pt. XI: The adrenals -- V. 3 -- Pt. XII: Urine transport, storage, and emptying -- Pt. XIII: Benign and malignant bladder disorders -- Pt. XIV: The prostate -- V. 4 -- Pt. XV: Pediatric urology -- Sect. A: Development and prenatal urology -- Sect. B: Basic principles -- Sect. C: Upper urinary tract conditions -- Sect. D: Lower urinary tract conditions -- Sect. E: Genitalia -- Sect. F: Reconstruction and trauma -- Sect. G: Oncology.