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    edited by Robert B. Ashman.
    Digital : Springer2012
    ENU-based phenotype-driven screening / Vera M. Ripoll, Philip L. Kong, and Paul K. Potter -- Detection and quantification of cytokines and other biomarkers / Evan L. Chiswick ... [et al.] -- Flow cytometry analysis of cell cycling and proliferation in mouse hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells / Valérie Barbier ... [et al.] -- Flow cytometry measurement of bone marrow perfusion in the mouse and sorting of progenitors and stems cells according to position relative to blood flow in vivo / Valérie Barbier ... [et al.] -- Analyzing cell death events in cultured leukocytes / Karin Christenson, Fredrik B. Thorén, and Johan Bylund -- Towards a four-dimensional view of neutrophils / Ben A. Croker, Andrew W. Roberts, and Nicos A. Nicola -- Isolation of human and mouse neutrophils ex vivo and in vitro / Yan Hu -- Measurement of oxidative burst in neutrophils / Yu Chen and Wolfgang G. Junger -- Measurement of neutrophil elastase, proteinase 3, and cathepsin G activities using intramolecularly quenched fluorogenic substrates / Brice Korkmaz ... [et al.] -- The macrophage / Chris P. Verschoor, Alicja Puchta, and Dawn M.E. Bowdish -- Generation and characterization of MacGreen mice, the CFS1R-EGFP transgenic mice / R. Tedjo Sasmono and Elizabeth Williams -- Generation of mouse bone marrow-derived macrophages / Silvia Manzanero -- Isolation and differentiation of monocytes-macrophages from human blood / Dipti Vijayan -- In vitro measurement of phagocytosis and killing of Cryptococcus neoformans by macrophages / André Moraes Nicola and Arturo Casadevall -- Measuring the inflammasome / Olaf Gross -- Arginine and macrophage activation / Mònica Comalada -- Immunodetection of granzyme B tissue distribution and cellular localisation / Catherina H. Bird ... [et al.] -- Detection of human and mouse granzyme B activity in cell extracts / Sarah Elizabeth Stewart ... [et al.] -- T cell transfer model of colitis : a great tool to assess the contribution of T cells in chronic intestinal inflammation / Rajaraman Eri, Michael A. McGuckin, and Robert Wadley -- Measurement of nitrite in urine by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry / Dimitrios Tsikas ... [et al.].