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  • Book
    edited by Thomas Weichhart.
    Digital : Springer2012
    Mammalian target of rapamycin : a signaling kinase for every aspect of cellular life / Thomas Weichhart -- Biochemical and pharmacological inhibition of mTOR by rapamycin and an ATP-competitive mTOR inhibitor / Ker Yu and Lourdes Toral-Barza -- Evaluation of the nutrient-sensing mTOR pathway / Sungki Hong, Aristotle M. Mannan, and Ken Inoki -- mTor activity under hypoxia / Douangsone D. Vadysirisack and Leif W. Ellisen -- Isolation of the mTOR complexes by affinity purification / Dos D. Sarbassov [and others] -- An in vitro assay for the kinase activity of mTOR complex 2 / Jingxiang Huang -- Overexpression or downregulation of mTOR in mammalian cells / Mahmoud Khalil and Ivan Gout -- Detection of cytoplasmic and nuclear functions of mTOR by fractionation / Margit Rosner and Markus Hengstschläger -- Evaluation of rapamycin-induced cell death / Lorenzo Galluzzi [and others] -- Evaluation of mTOR-regulated mRNA translation / Valentina Iadevaia [and others] -- A genome-wide RNAi screen for polypeptides that alter rpS6 phosphorylation / Angela Papageorgiou and Joseph Avruch -- Immunohistochemical analysis of mTOR activity in tissues / Jinhee Kim [and others] -- Assessing cell size and cell cycle regulation in cells with altered TOR activity / Megan Cully and Julian Downward -- Quantitative visualization of autophagy induction by mTOR inhibitors / Beat Nyfeler [and others] -- The in vivo evaluation of active-site TOR inhibitors in models of BCR-ABL+ leukemia / Matthew R. Janes and David A. Fruman -- Inducible raptor and rictor knockout mouse embryonic fibroblasts / Nadine Cybulski, Vittoria Zinzalla, and Michael N. Hall -- Expanding human T regulatory cells with the mTOR-inhibitor rapamycin / Manuela Battaglia, Angela Stabilini, and Eleonora Tresoldi -- Rapamycin-induced enhancement of vaccine efficacy in mice / Chinnaswamy Jagannath and Pearl Bakhru -- Utilizing a retroviral RNAi system to investigate in vivo mTOR functions in T cells / Koichi Araki and Bogumila T. Konieczny -- Exploring functional in vivo consequences of the selective genetic ablation of mTOR signaling in T helper lymphocytes / Greg M. Delgoffe and Jonathan D. Powell -- Evaluating the therapeutic potential of mTOR inhibitors using mouse genetics / Huawei Li, Jennifer L. Cotton, and David A. Guertin -- Inhibition of PI3K-Akt-mTOR signaling in glioblastoma by mTORC1/2 inhibitors / Qi-Wen Fan and William A. Weiss -- Assessing the function of mTOR in human embryonic stem cells / Jiaxi Zhou, Dong Li, and Fei Wang -- Video-EEG monitoring methods for characterizing rodent models of tuberous sclerosis and epilepsy / Nicholas R. Rensing, Dongjun Guo, and Michael Wong -- A genetic model to dissect the role of TSC-mTORC1 in neuronal cultures / Duyu Nie and Mustafa Sahin -- Tissue-specific ablation of TSC1 in pancreatic beta-cells / Hiroyuki Mori and Kun-Liang Guan -- A mouse model of diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance / Chao-Yung Wang and James K. Liao -- Rapamycin as immunosuppressant in murine transplantation model / Louis-Marie Charbonnier and Alain Le Moine -- Development of ATP-competitive mTOR inhibitors / Qingsong Liu [and others].