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    edited by Kursad Turksen.
    Digital : Springer2011
    Computational modeling of the skin barrier / Arne Naegel, Michael Heisig, and Gabriel Wittum -- In vitro human skin segmentation and drug concentration-skin depth profiles / Ana Melero [and others] -- Transcriptional regulation of epidermal barrier formation / Ambica Bhandari [and others] -- Epidermal permeability barrier measurement in mammalian skin / Arup Kumar Indra and Mark Leid -- Assessment of permeability barriers to macromolecules in the rodent endometrium at the onset of implantation / Brent M. Bany and G. Scot Hamilton -- Assessment of intestinal permeability in (premature) neonates by sugar absorption tests / Willemijn E. Corpeleijn [and others] -- Analysis of epithelial cell shedding and gaps in the intestinal epithelium / Carrie A. Duckworth and Alastair J. Watson -- Studying permeability in a commonly used epithelial cell line : T84 intestinal epithelial cells / Rino P. Donato [and others] -- Optimization of the caco-2 permeability assay to screen drug compounds for intestinal absorption and efflux / Barry Press -- Ouabain modulates cell contacts as well as functions that depend on cell adhesion / Isabel Larre, Ruben G. Contreras, and Marcelino Cereijido -- Monitoring of the dynamics of epithelial dome formation using a novel culture chamber for long-term continuous live-cell imaging / Judith Lechner [and others] -- Measuring permeability in human retinal epithelial cells (ARPE-19) : implications for the study of diabetic retinopathy / Marta Garcia-Ramirez [and others] -- Analysis of epithelial barrier integrity in polarized lung epithelial cells / Monika Strengert and Ulla G. Knaus -- Permeability of differentiated human urothelium in vitro / Peter Rubenwolf and Jennifer Southgate -- Phenotyping the claudin 11 deficiency in testis : from histology to immunohistochemistry / Severine Mazaud-Guittot, Alexander Gow, and Brigitte Le Magueresse-Battistoni -- In vitro system to study sertoli cell blood-testis barrier dynamics / Dolores D. Mruk and C. Yan Cheng -- Analysis of endothelial barrier function in vitro / Yuping Wang and J. Steven Alexander -- Role of endothelial cell-cell junctions in endothelial permeability / Armelle Le Guelte and Julie Gavard -- In vitro analyses of endothelial cell permeability / Elizabeth Monaghan-Benson and Erika S. Wittchen -- Mechano-transduction and barrier regulation in lung microvascular endothelial cells / Kristina Giantsos, Mark Cluff, and Randal Dull -- Role of Caveolin-1 in the regulation of pulmonary endothelial permeability / Yu Sun, Richard D. Minshall, and Guochang Hu -- Assessment of endothelial permeability and leukocyte transmigration in human endothelial cell monolayers / Andreas Ludwig, Anselm Sommer, and Stefan Uhlig -- Permeability of endothelial Barrier : cell culture and in vivo models / Alexander N. Garcia [and others] -- Size-selective and in vitro assessment of inner blood retina barrier permeability / Matthew Campbell and Peter Humphries -- Assessment of permeability in barrier type of endothelium in brain using tracers : evans blue, sodium fluorescein, and horseradish peroxidase / Mehmet Kaya and Bulent Ahishali -- In vitro and in vivo methods for assessing FcRn-mediated reverse transcytosis across the blood-brain barrier / Nadia Caram-Salas [and others] -- Evaluation of VEGF-induced vascular permeability in mice / Sara M. Weis -- In vivo measurement of glioma-induced vascular permeability / Jisook Lee, Andrew Baird, and Brian P. Eliceiri -- In vivo optical imaging of ischemic blood-brain barrier disruption / Abedelnasser Abulrob [and others].