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  • Book
    edited by Shinichi Nakagawa, Tetsuro Hirose.
    Digital : Springer2015
    Visualization of lncRNA by single-molecule fluorescence in situ hybridization / Margaret Dunagin , Moran N. Cabili , John Rinn , and Arjun Raj -- Super-resolution imaging of nuclear bodies by STED microscopy / Yasushi Okada and Shinichi Nakagawa -- High-resolution 3D DNA FISH using plasmid probes and computational correction of optical aberrations to study chromatin structure at the sub-megabase scale / Luca Giorgetti, Tristan Piolot, and Edith Heard -- Time-lapse imaging of nuclear bodies / Saskia Hutten, Samuel Swift, and Angus I. Lamond -- Visualization of nucleic acids with synthetic exciton-controlled fluorescent oligonucleotide probes / Dan Ohtan Wang and Akimitsu Okamoto -- Live CLEM imaging to analyze nuclear structures at high resolution / Tokuko Haraguchi, Hiroko Osakada, and Takako Koujin -- Ultrastructural analysis of nuclear bodies using electron microscopy / Sylvie Souquere and Gérard Pierron -- Analyses of nuclear proteins and nucleic acid structures using atomic force microscopy / Jamie L. Gilmore [and eight others] -- Genome-wide co-localization screening of nuclear body components using a fluorescently tagged FLJ cDNA clone library / Tetsuro Hirose and Naoki Goshima -- Purification of specific chromatin regions using oligonucleotides : capture hybridization analysis of RNA targets (CHART) / Christopher P. Davis and Jason A. West -- RNA antisense purification (RAP) for mapping RNA interactions with chromatin / Jesse Engreitz, Eric S. Lander, and Mitchell Guttman -- In situ dissection of RNA functional subunits by domain-specific chromatin isolation by RNA purification (dChIRP) / Jeffrey J. Quinn and Howard Y. Chang -- Extracting, enriching, and identifying nuclear body sub-complexes using label-based quantitative mass spectrometry / Archa Fox [and three othrs] -- Studying RNA-binding protein interactions with target mRNAs in eukaryotic cells : native ribonucleoprotein immunoprecipitation (RIP) assays / Joseph A. Cozzitorto [and eight others] -- Cross-linking and immunoprecipitation of nuclear RNA-binding proteins / Quan Li , Yuri Uemura , and Yukio Kawahara -- Purification of noncoding RNA and bound proteins using FLAG peptide-conjugated antisense-oligonucleotides / Shungo Adachi and Tohru Natsume -- MMCT-mediated chromosome engineering technique applicable to functional analysis of lncRNA and nuclear dynamics / Makiko Meguro-Horike and Shin-ichi Horike -- Reconstitution of nucleocytoplasmic transport using digitonin-permeabilized cells / Shingo Kose, Tomoko Funakoshi, and Naoko Imamoto -- Genome-wide analysis of long noncoding RNA turnover / Hidenori Tani [and eight others] -- Knockdown of nuclear-retained long noncoding RNAs using modified DNA antisense oligonucleotides / Xinying Zong [and six others] -- siRNA screening of nuclear proteins / Yuko Hasegawa and Shinichi Nakagawa.