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  • Book
    edited by Laura Lossi and Adalberto Merighi.
    Digital : Springer2015
    Neuronal cell death : an overview of its different forms in central and peripheral neurons / Laura Lossi, Claudia Castagna, and Adalberto Merighi -- Cell volume regulation monitored with combined epifluorescence and digital holographic microscopy / Nicolas Pavillon and Pierre Marquet -- Flow cytometric analysis of DNA synthesis and apoptosis in central nervous system using fresh cell nuclei / Noelia López-Sánchez and José M. Frade -- Nuclear signs of pre-neurodegeneration / Fernando C. Baltanás ... [et al.] -- Multi-parametric O2 imaging in three-dimensional neural cell models with the phosphorescent probes / Ruslan I. Dmitriev and Dmitri B. Papkovsky -- Calcium imaging in neuron cell death / María Calvo, Carlos Villalobos, and Lucía Núñez -- Monitoring mitochondrial membranes permeability in live neurons and mitochondrial swelling through electron microscopy analysis / Macarena S. Arrázola and Nibaldo C. Inestrosa -- Real-time visualization of caspase-3 activation by fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) / Silvia Alasia ... [et al.] -- Design and cloning of short hairpin RNAs (shRNAs) into a lentiviral silencing vector to study the function of selected proteins in neuronal apoptosis / Nadia Canu -- Genomic analysis using affymetrix standard microarray genechips (169 format) in degenerate murine retina / Sook Hyun Chung , Weiyong Shen , and Mark Gillies -- Genomic analysis of transcriptional changes underlying neuronal apoptosis / Sebastiano Cavallaro -- High-throughput cell death assays / Matthew E. Pamenter and Gabriel G. Haddad -- Staining of dead neurons by the golgi method in autopsy material / Stavros J. Baloyannis -- Image analysis algorithms for immunohistochemical assessment of cell death / Stan Krajewski ... [et al.] -- In vitro oxygen-glucose deprivation to study ischemic cell death / Carla I. Tasca, Tharine Dal-Cim, and Helena Cimarosti -- Laser microbeam targeting of single nerve axons in cell culture / Nicholas Hyun , Linda Z. Shi , and Michael W. Berns -- Real-time imaging of retinal cell apoptosis by confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy / Eduardo M. Normando ... [et al.] -- Targeted toxicants to dopaminergic neuronal cell death / Huajun Jin ... [et al.] -- Stem cells, neural progenitors, and engineered stem cells / Raj R. Rao and Shilpa Iyer -- Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)-derived recombinant vectors for gene transfer and gene therapy / Peggy Marconi , Cornel Fraefel, and Alberto L. Epstein -- Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)-derived amplicon vectors for gene transfer and gene therapy / Cornel Fraefel Peggy Marconi, and Alberto L. Epstein -- Bone marrow transplantation for research and regenerative therapies in the central nervous system / David Díaz, José Ramón Alonso, and Eduardo Weruaga -- Detection of activated caspase-8 in injured spinal axons by using fluorochrome-labeled inhibitors of caspases (FLICA) / Antón Barreiro-Iglesias and Michael I. Shifman -- Generation of zebrafish models by CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing / Alexander Hruscha and Bettina Schmid -- In vivo assessment of neuronal cell death in Drosophila / Pierre Dourlen -- Drosophila model for studying phagocytosis following neuronal cell death / Boris Shklyar, Flonia Levy-Adam, and Estee Kurant.