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  • Book
    edited by Carlos M. Palmeira, Anabela P. Rolo.
    Digital : Springer2015
    Isolation of crude mitochondrial fraction from cells / Mariusz R. Wieckowski and Lech Wojtczak -- Isolation of mitochondria from liver and extraction of total RNA and protein : analyses of MicroRNA and protein expressions / Pedro M. Borralho, Clifford J. Steer, and Cecília M.P. Rodrigues -- PCR based determination of mitochondrial DNA copy number in multiple species / John P. Rooney [and eight others] -- NAD⁺ content and its role in mitochondria / Wei Li and Anthony A. Sauve -- Measuring PGC-1[alpha] and its acetylation status in mouse primary myotubes / Ana P. Gomes and David A. Sinclair -- Measurement of mitochondrial oxygen consumption rates in mouse primary neurons and astrocytes / Sofia M. Ribeiro, Alfredo Giménez-Cassina, and Nika N. Danial -- Determination of oxidative phosphorylation complexes activities / João S. Teodoro, Carlos M. Palmeira, and Anabela P. Rolo -- Histoenzymatic methods for visualization of the activity of individual mitochondrial respiratory chain complexes in the muscle biopsies from patients with mitochondrial defects / Agnieszka Karkucinska-Wieckowska, Maciej Pronicki, and Mariusz R. Wieckowski -- A method aimed at assessing the functional consequences of the supramolecular organization of the respiratory electron transfer chain by time- resolved studies / Fabrice Rappaport -- BN-PAGE-based approach to study thyroid hormones and mitochondrial function / Elena Silvestri [and three others] -- Detection of UCP1 protein and measurements of dependent GDP-sensitive proton leak in non- phosphorylating thymus mitochondria / Kieran J. Clarke [and three others] -- Exploring liver mitochondrial function by ¹³C-stable isotope breath tests : implications in clinical biochemistry / Ignazio Grattagliano [and five others] -- Following mitochondria dynamism : confocal analysis of the organelle morphology / Francesca R. Mariotti, Mauro Corrado, and Silvia Campello -- Analysis of pro-apoptotic protein trafficking to and from mitochondria / Ignacio Vega-Naredo [and four others] -- Mitophagy and mitochondrial balance / Simone Patergnani and Paolo Pinton.