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    edited by Ronald Hancock.
    Digital : Springer2015
    Cell type-specific affinity purification of nuclei for chromatin profiling in whole animals / Florian A. Steiner and Steven Henikoff -- Lysis gradient centrifugation : a flexible method for the isolation of nuclei from primary cells / Karl Katholnig ... [et al.] -- Isolation of nuclei in media containing an inert polymer to mimic the crowded cytoplasm / Ronald Hancock and Yasmina Hadj-Sahraoui -- New rapid method for isolating nucleoli / Zhou Fang Li and Yun Wah Lam -- Sequential recovery of macromolecular components of the nucleolus / Baoyan Bai and Marikki Laiho -- Au nanoinjectors for electrotriggered gene delivery into the cell nucleus / Mijeong Kang and Bongsoo Kim -- Improving chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) by suppression of method-induced DNA-damage signaling / Sascha Beneke -- Purification of specific chromatin loci for proteomic analysis / Stephanie D. Byrum, Sean D. Taverna, and Alan J. Tackett -- Chromatin structure analysis of single gene molecules by psoralen cross-linking and electron microscopy / Christopher R. Brown ... [et al.] -- Purification of proteins on newly synthesized DNA using iPOND / Huzefa Dungrawala and David Cortez -- Applying the ribopuromycylation method to detect nuclear translation / Alexandre David and Jonathan W. Yewdell -- Targeted nano analysis of water and ions in the nucleus using cryo-correlative microscopy / Frédérique Nolin ... [et al.] -- Redox-sensitive yellow fluorescent protein sensor for monitoring nuclear glutathione redox dynamics / Agata Banach-Latapy, Michèle Dardalhon, and Meng-Er Huang -- Determination of the dissociation constant of the NF[Kappa]B p50/p65 heterodimer in living cells using fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy / Manisha Tiwari and Masataka Kinjo -- Imaging and quantification of amyloid fibrillation in the cell nucleus / Florian Arnhold, Andrea Scharf, and Anna von Mikecz -- Analysis of nuclear organization with TANGO, software for high-throughput quantitative analysis of 3D fluorescence microscopy images / Jean Ollion ... [et al.] -- Quantitative analysis of chromosome localization in the nucleus / Sandeep Chakraborty ... [et al.].