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  • Book
    edited by Hugo J. Bellen, Shinya Yamamoto.
    Digital : Springer2014
    Introduction to notch signaling / Shinya Yamamoto, Karen L. Schulze, and Hugo J. Bellen -- Genetic screens to identify new notch pathway mutants in Drosophila / Nikolaos Giagtzoglou -- Structure-function analysis of Drosophila notch using genomic tescue transgenes / Jessica Leonardi and Hamed Jafar-Nejad -- Overview of genetic tools and techniques to study notch signaling in mice / Thomas Gridley and Andrew K. Groves -- Immunohistochemical tools and techniques to visualize notch in Drosophila melanogaster / Emiliana Tognon and Thomas Vaccari -- Antibody uptake assay and in vivo imaging to study intracellular trafficking of notch and delta in Drosophila / Lydie Couturier and François Schweisguth -- Tracking trafficking of notch and its ligands in mammalian cells / Patricia Chastagner and Christel Brou -- Visualizing notch signaling in vivo in Drosophila tissues / Benjamin E. Housden, Jinghua Li, and Sarah J. Bray -- Monitoring notch activity in the mouse / Swananda Marathe and Lavinia Alberi -- Notch signaling assays in Drosophila cultured cell lines / Jinghua Li, Benjamin E. Housden, and Sarah J. Bray -- Monitoring notch activation in cultured mammalian cells : transcriptional reporter assays / Ma. Xenia G. Ilagan and Raphael Kopan -- Monitoring notch activation in cultured mammalian cells : luciferase complementation imaging assays / Ma. Xenia G. Ilagan and Raphael Kopan -- Visualization of notch signaling oscillation in cells and tissues / Hiromi Shimojo, Yukiko Harima, and Ryoichiro Kageyama -- Proteomic analysis of the notch interactome / K. G. Guruharsha ... [et al.] -- Bacterial expression and in vitro refolding of limited fragments of the notch receptor and its ligands / Pat Whiteman, Christina Redfield, and Penny A. Handford -- Analyzing the posttranslational modification status of notch using mass spectrometry / Shinako Kakuda and Robert S. Haltiwanger -- Assay to probe proteolytic processing of notch by [gamma]-secretase / Lutgarde Serneels, Ina Tesseur, and Bart De Strooper -- Analyzing the nuclear complexes of notch signaling by electrophoretic mobility shift assay / Kelly L. Arnett and Stephen C. Blacklow -- Identifying direct notch transcriptional targets using the GSI-washout assay / Will Bailis, Yumi Yashiro-Ohtani, and Warren S. Pear -- Probing the epigenetic status at notch target genes / Robert Liefke and Tilman Borggrefe -- Notch-ligand binding assays in Drosophila cells / Aiguo Xu and Kenneth D. Irvine -- Modeling notch signaling : a practical tutorial / Pau Formosa-Jordan and David Sprinzak -- Small molecules that inhibit notch signaling / Gerdien E. De Kloe and Bart De Strooper -- Application and evaluation of anti-notch antibodies to modulate notch signaling / Wendy R. Gordon and Jon C. Aster -- Application of anti-ligand antibodies to inhibit notch signaling / Jun-ichiro Koga and Masanori Aikawa.