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  • Book
    edited by Shohreh Amini, Martyn K. White.
    Digital : Springer2013
    General overview of neuronal cell culture -- Considerations for the use of SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells in neurobiology -- Cultured cell line models of neuronal differentiation : NT2, PC12 -- Murine teratocarcinoma-derived neuronal cultures -- Isolation and propagation of primary human and rodent embryonic neural progenitor cells and cortical neurons -- Mouse enteric neuronal cell culture -- Preparation of neural stem cells and progenitors : neuronal production and grafting applications -- Derivation of neuronal cells from fetal Normal Human Astrocyte (NHA) -- Slice culture modeling of Central Nervous System (CNS) viral infection -- Neurospheres and glial cell cultures : immunocytochemistry for cell phenotyping -- Transfection of neuronal cultures -- Lentiviral transduction of neuronal cells -- Compartmentalized neuronal cultures -- Quantitative assessment of neurite outgrowth over growth promoting or inhibitory substrates.