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    edited by Leslie Wilson, John J. Correia.
    Digital : ScienceDirect2010
    sect. I. Isolation and biochemistry of tubulin and characterization of antibodies and isotypes -- Preparation of microtubule protein and purified tupbulin from bovine brain by cycles of assembly and disassembly and phosphocellulose chromatography / Herbert P. Miller, Leslie Wilson -- Isolating tubulin from nonneural sources / Dan L. Sackett, Karl A. Werbovetz, Naomi S. Morrissette -- Characterization of anti-B-tubulin antibodies / Anthony J. Spano, Anthony Frankfurter -- Expression profliing of tubulin isotypes and microtubule-interacting proteins using real-time polymerase chain reaction / Sharon Lobert, Laree Hiser, John J. Correia -- Nondenaturing electrophoresis as a tool to investigate tabulin complexes / Monica Lopez Fanarago... [et al.] -- Mass spectrometry analysis of c-terminal postranslational modifications of tubulins / Virginie Redeker -- Methods in tubulin proteomics / Leah M. Miller... [et al.] -- sect. II. Microtubule structure and dynamics -- Cryo-em studies of microtubule structural intermediates and kinetochore-microtubule interactions / Eva Nogales, Vincent H. Rame, Hong-Wei Wang -- High-resolution imaging of microtubules and cytoskeleton structures by atomic force microscopy / Loic Hamon, Patrick A. Curmi, David Patre -- Using computational modeling to understand microtubule dynamics : a primer for cell biologists / Holly V. Goodson, Ivan V. Gregoretti -- Analysis of dynamic instability of steady-state microtubules in vitro by video-enchanced differential interference contrast microscopy with an appendix by Emin Oroudjev / Mythili Yenjerla, Manu Lopus, Leslie Wilson -- Nanometer-resolution microtubule polymerization assays using optical tweezers and microfabricated barriers/ Blake d. Charlebois, Henry T. Schek III, Alan J. Hunt -- Microtubule dynamics reconstituted in vitro and imaged by single-molecule fluorescence microscopy / Christopher Gell... [et al.] -- Studying kinesin motors by optical 3D-nanometry in gliding motility assays / Bert Nitzsche... [et al.] -- sect. III. Drugs -- Analysis of tubulin oligomers by analytical ultricentrifugation / John J. Correia -- Determination of drug binding to mactrotubules in vitro / Jennifer A. Smith, Mary Ann Jordan -- Fluorescence spectroscopic methods to analyze drug-tubulin interactoins / Bhabatarak Bhattacharyya, Sonia Kapoor, Dulal Panda -- Tubulin polymerizatin microassay used to compare ligand eficacy / Ashley Davis... [et al.] -- Fluorescent taxoid probes for microtubule research / Isabel Barasoain, J. Fernando Diaz, Jose M. Andrea -- Binding of vinca domain agents to tubulin : structural and biomedical studies / Anthony Cormier... [et al.] -- Measurement of ligand binding to tubulin by sulfhydryl reactivity / Adrian Begaye, Dan L. Sackett -- sect. IV. Interactions with motors and MAPs -- Probing interactions of tubulin with small molecules, peptides, and protein fragments by solution nuclear magnetic resonance / Marie-Jeanne Clement... [et al.] -- Microtubule and MAPs : thermodynamics of complex formation by AUC, ITC, fluorescence, and NMR / Francois Devred... [et al.] -- Quantitative analysis of MAP-mediated regulation of microtubule dynamic instability in vitro--focus on tau / Erkan Kiris, Donovan Ventimiglia, Stuart C. Feinstein -- Structure and dynamics of the kinesin-Microtubule interaction revealed by fluorescence polarization microscopy / Hernando Sosa, Ana B. Asenjo, Erwin J.G. Peterman -- Multiple collor single molecule TIRF imaging and tracking of MAPs and motors / Jennifer L. Ross, Ram Dixit -- Studying plus-end tracking at single molecule resolution using TIRF microscopy / Ram Dixit, Jennifer L. Ross -- Fluorescence microscopy assays on chemically functionalized surfaces for quantitative imaging of microtubule, motor, and +TIP dynamics / Peter Bieling... [et al.] --