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  • Book
    Justin C. St. John, editor.
    Digital : Springer2013
    1. Clinical Approach to the Diagnosis of Mitochondrial Disease / Dominic Thyagarajan, p. 1-23 -- 2. Mitochondrial DNA Mutations and Their Effects on Complex I Biogenesis: Implications for Metabolic Disease / Matthew McKenzie, p. 25-47 -- 3. Embryonic Stem Cells: A Signalling Perspective / Marios P. Stavridis, p. 49-68 -- 4. From Oocytes and Pluripotent Stem Cells to Fully Differentiated Fates: (Also) a Mitochondrial Odyssey / João Ramalho-Santos, Ana Sofia Rodrigues, p. 69-86 -- 5. From Pluripotency to Differentiation: The Role of mtDNA in Stem Cell Models of Mitochondrial Diseases / João Facucho-Oliveira, Tejal Kulkarni, p. 87-118 -- 6. The Role of Mitochondrial DNA in Tumorigenesis / Ka Yu Yeung, Adam Dickinson, p. 119-155 -- 7. Assisted Reproductive Technologies: The Potential to Prevent the Transmission of Mutant mtDNA from One Generation to the Next / Richard D. W. Kelly, Arsalan Mahmud, p. 157-183.