Literature Search Service Level Agreement

New Literature Service Form

Intake Form

The Lane Medical Library is rolling out a new systematic and literature review service. You will notice an updated intake form with new questions asking for additional information about your project. We are also trying to streamline response times to set up initial consultations to reply back to new requests within two business days. There will also be a new set of Lane Medical Library courses focused specifically on systematic reviews (SR). The first course will be an in-person 30 minute overview of defining what a systematic review is, and is not, guidelines for writing and publishing a SR, and a broad overview of tools to support the analysis process. The second course will be offered in-person over 45-60 minutes and will provide a deep dive into search strategies for systematic reviews in some of the most widely used databases: PubMed, Embase, and Scopus. The final course in this sequence will be focused on best practices and tools for inclusion and exclusion reviewing, data extraction, and quality assessment; this course is the most in-process as we are looking for partners from the School of Medicine community to assist with content creation and instruction.

The library is crafting these sessions in the School of Medicine’s recently acquired Nearpod instruction platform to create a more interactive learning experience.

We appreciate your collaborations with the Lane Medical Library research and instruction librarians and appreciate your patience as we work to implement this new service model.

Tiered Service

Literature or reviews of a systematic nature is a value-added service available for current members of the Stanford medical community. The project lead and point-of-contact to Lane must be a Stanford affiliate. In an effort to provide the highest levels of service and quality to the entire community, we have broken our participation and services into 3 user options.

Tier OneAcknowledgement
  1. Initial meeting
  2. Review intake form determining if the project is systematic review vs. other type of review (e.g., protocol review, narrative review, literature review for grant application, etc.)
  3. Develop a PubMed search strategy
  4. Identification and suggestion of other databases to user for extending search
  5. Advise on citation management and article appraisal tools
3 hours
Tier TwoCo-authorshipTier One plus:
  1. Identification of other appropriate databases for extending search
  2. Translations of searches into other databases
  3. Setting up automated database search alerts
  4. Provide guidance on searching the grey literature and/or hand searching
  5. Development of PRISMA flowchart (upon request)
  6. Writing of the methods section + search strategy
3-10 hours
Tier ThreeCo-authorshipTier One & Two plus one or more of:
  1. Collaboration at a national/international level conference or on a national-level guideline
  2. More in-depth collaboration on additional parts of the project (e.g., writing other parts of the manuscript, providing additional input/support with the systematic review process, etc.)
  3. Recommend tools for journal submission selection
  4. Advise on compliance with NIH Public Access Policy
10 hours+


Due to the nuanced nature of the work, as projects evolve individual librarians retain the right to change tiers to accurately reflect the nature of the work being conducted, as well as refuse co-authorship. On publication of the article you will provide acknowledged or co-author librarian a copy of the published manuscript for his/her portfolio.

NOTE: Due to the in-depth and time-intensive nature of this work, each librarian can work on a limited number of in-depth reviews at a time so the service may not be immediately available if we have already reached our maximum capacity. In such cases, your request will be queued and we will communicate with you about estimated start date.