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Secondary Literature


  • Search for books published by academic presses on WorldCat
    • Change the drop-down menu from "Keyword" to "Publisher"
    • Enter the word "university" in the search box
    • Retrieved search results will have the word "university" in their company name, such as Stanford University Press and Oxford University Press
    • Click on the link "Libraries Worldwide" to see if a particular book is at Stanford
  • Seach Searchworks
  • If an item is not at Stanford, request via DocXpress



PhD dissertations sometimes include a literature review on their topic. These reviews can be helpful in building your bibliography.


Once you have generated a list of books and articles, you can further build your bibliography by investigating where those books and articles have been cited in other books and articles.

Reference Works

Reference works can provide a broad overview of a topic, and also furnish a starting bibliography. We carry encyclopedias, chronologies, necrologies, and other standard reference sources in the history of medicine, including:


To further build a bibliography, you can post an inquiry or review past postings on the following listservs:

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