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Image License Fees

Still Images

ApplicationQuantityAcademic and 501(c)3Commercial
Books, Periodicals, Catalogs, Posters, CDs, DVDsPrint runup to 5,000$25$50
5,001 -10,000$100$100
10,001 and above$150$150
Subscription Databases and Software Applications$25$100
Promotional Materials (including brochures, dust jackets, and album covers)Print runup to 5,000$50$100
5,001 -10,000$100$100
10,001 and above$250$250
ExhibitionsUp to one yearFree$100
Permanent exhibit$50$150
Film and Video $50$150
Dissertations and Theses Free-
Broadcast on Network TV, Cable or SatelliteLocal to National$125

Moving Images

 One minute (minimum charge)
All Media and Formats$250
School of Medicine