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Introduction to the Command-Line (via Zoom)

   We typically interact with our computers through graphics, like buttons and menus, that make up what is called a graphical user interface, or GUI. Another, often more powerful way that we can interact with our computers is through the command-line interface (CLI), which requires you to type instructions to your computer.
   The Unix shell is a command-line interface that allows you to run programs and instruct your computer to perform tasks. It is a particularly powerful and efficient tool for automating many small tasks. In this brief introduction to the shell, we will learn how to navigate a computer filesystem and give basic commands to our computers using the command line. The primary goal of this beginner-level lesson is to help students think of ways that the shell can be useful to them, and to help them get started with using the command line!

Please note: This class will be held via Zoom. The instructor will send the Zoom link 24 hours before the session.

May 13
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Cheyenne Payne