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Introduction to Nexus Copy Number (Software for robust and efficient analysis of DNA structural variation)

Are you using SNP, aCGH, or custom microarrays or NGS technologies to find copy number or sequence variations? Join us in this introductory hands-on training course to start exploring and deriving biological knowledge from your data with user-friendly workflows using BioDiscovery Nexus Copy Number software. Learn how to load, process, explore, and interpret your microarray (e.g. Affymetrix, Agilent, Illumina) and NGS (VCF, MAF, BAM) data and how to integrate copy number and sequence variation data to form a full picture of your data’s genomic profile. Topics covered include reviewing aberrations using built-in annotation tracks, filtering, and event classification. More in-depth exploration of data includes frequency significance testing (GISTIC, STAC), gene enrichment, survival analysis (KM plots), comparisons between sub-populations, and querying and searching the Nexus DB genomic data repository which is a rich resource of free public data from TCGA, ISCA, GEO, and AGRE. Sample data will be provided for the hands-on analysis.