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Article Level Metrics: A New Approach to Assessing the Value of Your Publications

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In March 2009, the Public Library of Science (PLoS) became the first publisher to track transparent and comprehensive information about the usage and reachof published article - rather than journals - so that the academic community has another avenue to help assess their value. These measures are called "Article-Level Metrics (ALMs)," and currently include:

A primary aim of Article Level Metrics is to provide the academic community with new ways to evaluate individual articles directly on their own merits, rather than on the reputation of the journal in which they happen to be published. As a result, Article Level Metrics hold the promise of helping new ways for measuring and evaluating research quality and impact to evolve. Please join a discussion with Jennifer Lin, PLoS product manager, on how ALMs can be used to communicate your research impact to hiring committees, funders, as well as government agencies.

    • Article Usage Statistics
    • Citations
    • Media and Blog coverage
    • Social tools for reference management, recommendation, and evaluation
    • PLoS reader commentary