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Applications of Pathway Analysis using MetaCore

MetaCore is GeneGo’s unique bioinformatics technology for systems biology and pathway analysis enables complete reconstruction of mammalian cellular functionality from human, mouse, and rat-specific interactions data at the level of ligand-receptor interactions, cell signaling and regulation and core metabolism. Whether you are working with one gene or an extensive list from high throughput data, you can extract the associated cellular functionality, compare several data sets to determine what biology is shared or unique to each, and overlay and visualize expression data to help you formulate and test hypotheses.
For researchers with Rodent data: The mouse and rat content in MetaCore (MetaRodent) does not derive from orthologous gene matching between rodent and human, but rather on the specific manual curation of rodent genes, proteins, protein complexes, protein function, transcriptional regulation, etc. from experimental literature. MetaRodent enables direct comparison between metabolism, signaling, and cellular processes in human and model organisms, taking full account of the differences between human and rodent biology. This is a critical feature, allowing the evaluation of multiple types of systems biology data from experiments in model species, while facilitating the appropriate interpretation of the outcome with respect to the potential effects in man.
Hands-on Training: You are encouraged to bring your own data for analysis for the hands-on training session. Attendees are welcome to participate in one-on-one instruction after the session.