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Writing the Biomedical Manuscript: The Journal Editor's Perspective

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This seminar will examine the essentials of creating the peer-reviewed biomedical manuscript from the point of view of journal editor. We will look at what constitutes a good (and bad) manuscript and how scientists and physicians can significantly improve their manuscript-construction skills. We will utilize a structured, proven approach for writing manuscript sections and aspects of clear writing that often plague inexperienced and even experienced manuscript writers. By the end of this class, researchers will use a new approach to writing that will significantly improve their manuscripts.

Handout: Writing the Biomedical Manuscript (pdf)

Handout: Teaching Effective Writing Skills (pdf)

About the Instructor:

Dr. Christopher Dant is a faculty member at the Dartmouth Medical School. Dr. Dant is a former medical research investigator, and has spent his career as a writer. He was a grants director at the Stanford Medical School before becoming a faculty instructor at Dartmouth's Medical School and Norris Cotton Cancer Center.