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The Power of the Image: Using Visuals to Think and Communicate about Science

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An effective visual can go a long way toward understanding complex scientific information. And, with our current deluge of data, visual communication is more critical than ever before. But effective use of visuals requires some basic visual literacy skills. This presentation will lay the groundwork for understanding when and how visuals can contribute to science research, communication, and education. The session will include specifics that will improve your ability to use visuals to both think and communicate about science, such as: a) taking advantage of what we know about how the brain processes information, b) applying basic principles of design and visual narrative, c) using tools for thinking visually, and, d) crafting solutions to common challenges in science communication.

About the Instructor:

Betsy Palay, BFA, MS
Please contact Betsy Palay with any questions about course content, etc.