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Writing the NEW NIH Grant: A Systematic and Proven Approach to Grantsmanship

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Beginning 2010, the NIH released the new "Enhancing Peer Review" guidelines for grant structure and content. In this seminar, we will explore the NIH research grant with its newly restructured content, and present a proven and systematic strategy for writing an NIH grant - an approach that many seasoned NIH grant writers are now using to increase their chance of success. The strategy is also valuable to investigators writing grants for many of the private foundations that sponsor medical research. More specifically, we will: 1) dissect the new research section and discuss common mistakes investigators make in writing grants, and 2) address grant organization, aesthetics, and aspects of language and writing

Course Materials and Resources

Handout: Grants Class Handouts June 2011 (pdf)

Handout: Quick Guide for Grant Applications (pdf)

About the Instructor:

Dr. Christopher Dant is a faculty member at the Dartmouth Medical School. Dr. Dant is a former medical research investigator, and has spent his career as a writer. He was a grants director at the Stanford Medical School before becoming a faculty instructor at Dartmouth's Medical School and Norris Cotton Cancer Center.