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MATLAB: Plotting Publication-ready Figures - Scripts and Tricks from a Stanford Biosciences Postdoc

MATLAB is an incredible tool for analyzing data and generating figures, and it has lots of fans here at the Stanford School of Medicine. Carolina Tropini, a Stanford postdoc in the Sonnenburg Lab, will present a talk on some helpful MATLAB scripts, tips and tricks related to making clear and consistent figures for talks and publications. You will be provided with sample scripts that you can use on your own data. Please bring a laptop with Matlab installed, and some data to plot if you would like to take part in the hands on part of the class. This session supplements the two big lecture/demos give over the summer by our Mathworks reps, but from the perspective of a Stanford power-user! Our hope is that the session will inaugurate an ongoing series of talks and testimonials from local MATLAB experts. Interested? Please email us on specific applications you would like to see covered!
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