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Showcase Your Research! Part 1- Build the Website

These workshops will illustrate how to showcase your favorite data interactively on a custom-built website.  The sessions are in two parts:

In part 1, you will receive an overview of current template options for setting up your own website, with an emphasis on simplicity and flexibility. You will then create your own website, using the template skeleton.css, and by writing your own code in HTML and CSS.

In part 2, you will use your new website as a platform to craft an interactive data visualization. After an overview of interactive data visualization frameworks, you will learn some basic Javascript and build your own visualization using the library D3.js.

No prior coding experience is required, and participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop with a modern browser and a text-editor installed. For both Windows and Mac, Dr. Hertig prefers SublimeText and will be using it in class. It’s free, but to get rid of the semi-annoying popup message when saving you need to buy a license (70$, totally worth it his opinion). For Mac, there is also Text Wrangler, which is free, and much better than the Mac-native TextEdit. But in an emergency, TextEdit will do.


•       Code basic HMTL, CSS and Javascript

•       Know when to use which template for building a website

•       Build simple data visualizations using D3.js


- Sam Hertig, PhD
Natalie Telis, graduate student Stanford Bioinformatics

Stanford Medicine