Past Class


Wikipedia Editor Speaks! Editing, Bias, Content Gaps, Project Medicine and more!

Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedia created in human history, is the world's most popular reference work. New research demonstrates it's now the leading source of medical information for patients and health professionals.  In this talk and ensuing discussion, we will explore how Wikipedia, an encyclopedia that anyone can edit and freely reuse, has become not only ubiquitous, but also consistently rated as equally-as-reliable as traditional, expert-written encyclopedias.  IIssues to be discussed include:
  • Wikipedia's scale and scope
  • Systemic bias and content gaps (e.g. women in science)
  • Wikipedia's volunteer community and consensus model
  • Wikipedia's core policies and open copyright
  • The Wikipedia Library, access to research
  • Wiki Project Medicine, improving content and translation efforts
  • Playful, human approaches to engaging and retaining editors
  • Wikipedia's role in the higher education classroom