Past Class


A Senior PLOS Editor Speaks! Advice on Getting Published in PLOS One and Observations about Trends in Publishing


  • Authors are frequently frustrated with the cycle of rejection at so-called “high impact journals”
  • Increasing the reproducibility and utility of your work to the community at a time when methods sections have become vanishingly small, and retractions seem to be at an all time high
  • The impact factor is a metric that we all know is flawed
  • Big data: balancing data-sharing with privacy issues in an age where it is becoming impossible to guarantee anonymity
  • Quick review of other issues in publishing that you need to be aware of

What PLOS One provides:
  • A new model in publishing that is being widely adopted by authors and other publishers
  • Authors can come to PLOS ONE for speed, interdisciplinary work, negative results
  • New approaches to communicating the impact your research has
  • Article level metrics and their uses
  • Data deposition