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How to Write a Successful NIH Career Development Award (K Award)

One of the greatest challenges in establishing an academic career is bridging the gap between the beginning stages of such a career as a doctoral student, post-doc, or fellow and the subsequent one as a scientist able to contribute to his/her scientific/clinical area.  This gap has been well recognized by both the NIH and by national (and local) scientific organizations and funding mechanisms and policies have been established to facilitate this transition.  This workshop will help fellows and young investigators understand the different K award grant mechanisms and will propose strategies to optimize chances of funding, in order to successfully complete the challenging transition to established investigator.  In a time of tight federal budgets it is imperative that each applicant submit an outstanding application. This workshop is very timely for both trainees interested in submitting an application and for potential mentors. Dr. Mark Roltsch, a former NHLBI Program Officer and Scientific Review Officer, created this workshop to share his insight of years of career development awards review and program management as well as his knowledge of the internal workings of NIH grants for young investigators in an effort to enhance the attendees knowledge of what is need to write a successful career development grant and how to avoid some common pitfalls.