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Introduction to Dedoose, a Qualitative and Mixed Method Research Tool

This session will start with an overview of Dedoose, what it means to be a web-based application, and how the system is built to support qualitative and mixed methods research analysis securely online.  This session will be generalized for all audiences. We will show you how to import documents, excerpt and code sections of text, and touch on how to bring your analysis to life with easy to use charts, graphs, and filters. We will also touch on what it means to do mixed methods research and how to incorporate mixed methods features into your projects using Dedoose.

It is strongly recommended that you sign up for a free trial of Dedoose prior to the workshop if you don't currently have an account with Dedoose.
To do so:

  • connect to:
  • click on the "For Free" link
  • create a username
  • add your email address
  • put "Stanford Workshop" in the "Comments/Name of the Person Who Referred" field
  • make note of the password you will be given

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