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Using R for Graphics Programming: An Introduction Using a Point-and-Click Interface

R is a free software package that can generate publication ready statistical graphics with either a point and click system or using code that a programmer crafts. This class introduces people, without a programming background, to the core graphical methods that ship with the R programming language and introduces a few additional free R packages which allow novices to produce high quality scientific graphics. This is both a lecture and hands on lab so students should ideally have a laptop.

After completing the class attendees will know how:
  • How R functions work
  • How to generate common univariate and multivariate graphics
    • Pie charts
    • Bar plots
    • Dot charts
    • Scatter plots
    • Sunflower plots
    • Jittered dot plots
    • Stem and Leaf plots
    • Histograms
    • Boxplots
    • Violin plots
  • How to do analyses on subsets
  • How to do multi-panel plots
  • Commonly used Graphic Display Parameters
  • Setting custom colors
  • Exporting pretty graphics into PDFs and other graphics formats
  • How to learn more


Students must have completed the instructions installing R on a Windows Machine or a Mac before taking this class.


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