Recent Stanford Publications in PubMed

  1. The diagnostic challenge of low-grade ductal carcinoma in situ.
    Onega T, Weaver DL, Frederick PD, Allison KH, Tosteson ANA, Carney PA, Geller BM, Longton GM, Nelson HD, Oster NV, Pepe MS, Elmore JG
    Eur J Cancer
  2. Dosing of Etelcalcetide vs Cinacalcet for Secondary Hyperparathyroidism-Reply.
    Block GA, Chertow GM
  3. Self-Selection of Frequency Tables with Bilateral Mismatches in an Acoustic Simulation of a Cochlear Implant.
    Fitzgerald MB, Prosolovich K, Tan CT, Glassman EK, Svirsky MA
    J Am Acad Audiol
  4. LVOT-VTI is a Useful Indicator of Low Ventricular Function in Young Patients.
    Navaratnam M, Punn R, Ramamoorthy C, Tacy TA
    Pediatr Cardiol
  5. Erratum to: Yttrium-90 Radioembolization for Unresectable Combined Hepatocellular-Cholangiocarcinoma.
    Chan LS, Sze DY, Poultsides GA, Louie JD, Abdelrazek Mohammed MA, Wang DS
    Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol
  6. Chemoradiation impairs normal developmental cortical thinning in medulloblastoma.
    Kundu P, Li MD, Durkee BY, Hiniker SM, Bush K, von Eyben R, Monje ML, Yeom KW, Donaldson SS, Gibbs IC
    J Neurooncol
  7. Coordination of Care in Survivorship After Treatment of Hematological Malignancies-The Journey is Not Over Yet.
    Lee CJ, Muffly LS
    Curr Hematol Malig Rep
  8. Automated algorithm for counting microbleeds in patients with familial cerebral cavernous malformations.
    Zou X, Hart BL, Mabray M, Bartlett MR, Bian W, Nelson J, Morrison LA, McCulloch CE, Hess CP, Lupo JM, Kim H
  9. Tooth loss and liver cancer incidence in a Finnish cohort.
    Yang B, Petrick JL, Abnet CC, Graubard BI, Murphy G, Weinstein SJ, Männistö S, Albanes D, McGlynn KA
    Cancer Causes Control
  10. Correlation of rapid point-of-care vs send-out fecal calprotectin monitoring in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease.
    Rodriguez A, Yokomizo L, Christofferson M, Barnes D, Khavari N, Park KT
    World J Gastrointest Pharmacol Ther
  11. Ocean Research Priorities: Similarities and Differences among Scientists, Policymakers, and Fishermen in the United States.
    Mason JG, Rudd MA, Crowder LB
  12. Saving the World's Terrestrial Megafauna.
    Ripple WJ, Chapron G, López-Bao JV, Durant SM, Macdonald DW, Lindsey PA, Bennett EL, Beschta RL, Bruskotter JT, Campos-Arceiz A, Corlett RT, Darimont CT, Dickman AJ, Dirzo R, Dublin HT, Estes JA, Everatt KT, Galetti M, Goswami VR, Hayward MW, Hedges S, Hoffmann M, Hunter LTB, Kerley GIH, Letnic M, Levi T, Maisels F, Morrison JC, Nelson MP, Newsome TM, Painter L, Pringle RM, Sandom CJ, Terborgh J, Treves A, Van Valkenburgh B, Vucetich JA, Wirsing AJ, Wallach AD, Wolf C, Woodroffe R, Young H, Zhang L
  13. Coral larvae are poor swimmers and require fine-scale reef structure to settle.
    Hata T, Madin JS, Cumbo VR, Denny M, Figueiredo J, Harii S, Thomas CJ, Baird AH
    Sci Rep
  14. Strain engineered pyrochlore at high pressure.
    Rittman DR, Turner KM, Park S, Fuentes AF, Park C, Ewing RC, Mao WL
    Sci Rep
  15. Trends in DNA Methylation with Age Replicate Across Diverse Human Populations.
    Gopalan S, Carja O, Fagny M, Patin E, Myrick JW, McEwen LM, Mah SM, Kobor MS, Froment A, Feldman MW, Quintana-Murci L, Henn BM
  16. Spatiotemporal dynamics of word retrieval in speech production revealed by cortical high-frequency band activity.
    Riès SK, Dhillon RK, Clarke A, King-Stephens D, Laxer KD, Weber PB, Kuperman RA, Auguste KI, Brunner P, Schalk G, Lin JJ, Parvizi J, Crone NE, Dronkers NF, Knight RT
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  17. Engineering Cu surfaces for the electrocatalytic conversion of CO2: Controlling selectivity toward oxygenates and hydrocarbons.
    Hahn C, Hatsukade T, Kim YG, Vailionis A, Baricuatro JH, Higgins DC, Nitopi SA, Soriaga MP, Jaramillo TF
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  18. Scope of Sacubitril/Valsartan Eligibility After Heart Failure Hospitalization: Findings From the GWTG-HF Registry (Get With The Guidelines-Heart Failure).
    Parikh KS, Lippmann SJ, Greiner M, Heidenreich PA, Yancy CW, Fonarow GC, Hernandez AF
  19. Cataract surgery practices in the United States Veterans Health Administration.
    Havnaer AG, Greenberg PB, Cockerham GC, Clark MA, Chomsky A
    J Cataract Refract Surg
  20. Image guided lateral mass osteotomy for en-bloc resection of cervical Ewing's sarcoma: a technical note.
    Li J, Phan K, Tran TM, Mobbs R, Stanford R
    World Neurosurg
  21. Hijacked evidence-based medicine: stay the course and throw the pirates overboard.
    Ioannidis JPA
    J Clin Epidemiol
  22. Mechanical ventilation in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: a nationwide analysis of ventilator use, outcomes, and resource burden.
    Mooney JJ, Raimundo K, Chang E, Broder MS
    BMC Pulm Med
  23. Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2*2 knock-in mice show increased reactive oxygen species production in response to cisplatin treatment.
    Kim J, Chen CH, Yang J, Mochly-Rosen D
    J Biomed Sci
  24. Evolution of Concepts and Technologies in Ophthalmic Laser Therapy.
    Palanker D
    Annu Rev Vis Sci
  25. 3D Displays.
    Banks MS, Hoffman DM, Kim J, Wetzstein G
    Annu Rev Vis Sci
  26. Overexpression of the Cytokine BAFF and Autoimmunity Risk.
    Steri M, Orrù V, Idda ML, Pitzalis M, Pala M, Zara I, Sidore C, Faà V, Floris M, Deiana M, Asunis I, Porcu E, Mulas A, Piras MG, Lobina M, Lai S, Marongiu M, Serra V, Marongiu M, Sole G, Busonero F, Maschio A, Cusano R, Cuccuru G, Deidda F, Poddie F, Farina G, Dei M, Virdis F, Olla S, Satta MA, Pani M, Delitala A, Cocco E, Frau J, Coghe G, Lorefice L, Fenu G, Ferrigno P, Ban M, Barizzone N, Leone M, Guerini FR, Piga M, Firinu D, Kockum I, Lima Bomfim I, Olsson T, Alfredsson L, Suarez A, Carreira PE, Castillo-Palma MJ, Marcus JH, Congia M, Angius A, Melis M, Gonzalez A, Alarcón Riquelme ME, da Silva BM, Marchini M, Danieli MG, Del Giacco S, Mathieu A, Pani A, Montgomery SB, Rosati G, Hillert J, Sawcer S, D'Alfonso S, Todd JA, Novembre J, Abecasis GR, Whalen MB, Marrosu MG, Meloni A, Sanna S, Gorospe M, Schlessinger D, Fiorillo E, Zoledziewska M, Cucca F
    N Engl J Med
  27. A CRISPR toolbox to study virus-host interactions.
    Puschnik AS, Majzoub K, Ooi YS, Carette JE
    Nat Rev Microbiol
  28. Waste, Leaks, and Failures in the Biomarker Pipeline.
    Ioannidis JPA, Bossuyt PMM
    Clin Chem
  29. Evolutionary analysis reveals regulatory and functional landscape of coding and non-coding RNA editing.
    Zhang R, Deng P, Jacobson D, Li JB
    PLoS Genet
  30. Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Prediction of Parenchymal Hemorrhage in Acute Ischemic Stroke After Reperfusion Therapy.
    Nael K, Knitter JR, Jahan R, Gornbein J, Ajani Z, Feng L, Meyer BC, Schwamm LH, Yoo AJ, Marshall RS, Meyers PM, Yavagal DR, Wintermark M, Liebeskind DS, Guzy J, Starkman S, Saver JL, Kidwell CS
  31. Enrichment of putative PAX8 target genes at serous epithelial ovarian cancer susceptibility loci.
    Kar SP, Adler E, Tyrer J, Hazelett D, Anton-Culver H, Bandera EV, Beckmann MW, Berchuck A, Bogdanova N, Brinton L, Butzow R, Campbell I, Carty K, Chang-Claude J, Cook LS, Cramer DW, Cunningham JM, Dansonka-Mieszkowska A, Doherty JA, Dörk T, Dürst M, Eccles D, Fasching PA, Flanagan J, Gentry-Maharaj A, Glasspool R, Goode EL, Goodman MT, Gronwald J, Heitz F, Hildebrandt MA, Høgdall E, Høgdall CK, Huntsman DG, Jensen A, Karlan BY, Kelemen LE, Kiemeney LA, Kjaer SK, Kupryjanczyk J, Lambrechts D, Levine DA, Li Q, Lissowska J, Lu KH, Lubiński J, Massuger LF, McGuire V, McNeish I, Menon U, Modugno F, Monteiro AN, Moysich KB, Ness RB, Nevanlinna H, Paul J, Pearce CL, Pejovic T, Permuth JB, Phelan C, Pike MC, Poole EM, Ramus SJ, Risch HA, Rossing MA, Salvesen HB, Schildkraut JM, Sellers TA, Sherman M, Siddiqui N, Sieh W, Song H, Southey M, Terry KL, Tworoger SS, Walsh C, Wentzensen N, Whittemore AS, Wu AH, Yang H, Zheng W, Ziogas A, Freedman ML, Gayther SA, Pharoah PD, Lawrenson K
    Br J Cancer
  32. Transcriptional dynamics of tail regeneration in Xenopus tropicalis.
    Chang J, Baker J, Wills A
  33. Practical Immuno-PET Radiotracer Design Considerations for Human Immune Checkpoint Imaging.
    Mayer AT, Natarajan A, Gordon SR, Maute RL, McCracken MN, Ring AM, Weissman IL, Gambhir SS
    J Nucl Med
  34. Use of high-intensity statins for patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease in the Veterans Affairs Health System: Practice impact of the new cholesterol guidelines.
    Rodriguez F, Lin S, Maron DJ, Knowles JW, Virani SS, Heidenreich PA
    Am Heart J
  35. Temporal trends and factors associated with diabetes mellitus among patients hospitalized with heart failure: Findings from Get With The Guidelines-Heart Failure registry.
    Echouffo-Tcheugui JB, Xu H, DeVore AD, Schulte PJ, Butler J, Yancy CW, Bhatt DL, Hernandez AF, Heidenreich PA, Fonarow GC
    Am Heart J
  36. Levosimendan in patients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction undergoing cardiac surgery on cardiopulmonary bypass: Rationale and study design of the Levosimendan in Patients with Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction Undergoing Cardiac Surgery Requiring Cardiopulmonary Bypass (LEVO-CTS) trial.
    Mehta RH, Van Diepen S, Meza J, Bokesch P, Leimberger JD, Tourt-Uhlig S, Swartz M, Parrotta J, Jankowich R, Hay D, Harrison RW, Fremes S, Goodman SG, Luber J, Toller W, Heringlake M, Anstrom KJ, Levy JH, Harrington RA, Alexander JH, LEVO-CTS Investigators
    Am Heart J
  37. Rationale and design of the East-West late lumen loss study: Comparison of late lumen loss between Eastern and Western drug-eluting stent study cohorts.
    Harrison RW, Radhakrishnan V, Lam PS, Allocco DJ, Brar S, Fahy M, Fisher R, Ikeno F, Généreux P, Kimura T, Liu M, Lye WK, Mintz GS, Nagai H, Suzuki Y, White R, Allen JC, Krucoff MW
    Am Heart J
  38. Absence of miR-182 Augments Cardiac Allograft Survival.
    Wei L, Kaul V, Qu X, Xiong X, Lau AH, Iwai N, Martinez OM, Krams SM
  39. Chiral Alkyl Halides: Underexplored Motifs in Medicine.
    Gál B, Bucher C, Burns NZ
    Mar Drugs
  40. Myelin plasticity in the central nervous system.
    Purger D, Gibson EM, Monje M
  41. Selection Transforms the Landscape of Genetic Variation Interacting with Hsp90.
    Geiler-Samerotte KA, Zhu YO, Goulet BE, Hall DW, Siegal ML
    PLoS Biol
  42. Human Germline Mutation and the Erratic Evolutionary Clock.
    Moorjani P, Gao Z, Przeworski M
    PLoS Biol
  43. Rationale and design of Apo-I Event Reduction in Ischemic Syndromes I (AEGIS-I): A phase 2b, randomized, placebo-controlled, dose-ranging trial to investigate the safety and tolerability of CSL112, a reconstituted, infusible, human apoA-I, after acute myocardial infarction.
    Gibson CM, Korjian S, Tricoci P, Daaboul Y, Alexander JH, Steg PG, Lincoff AM, Kastelein JJ, Mehran R, D'Andrea D, Merkely B, Zarebinski M, Ophius TO, Harrington RA
    Am Heart J
  44. Novel six-week protocol for generating functional human connective tissue-type (MCTC) mast cells from buffy coats.
    Tam IY, Ng CW, Tam SY, Lau HY
    Inflamm Res
  45. Whole Exome Sequencing in Atrial Fibrillation.
    Lubitz SA, Brody JA, Bihlmeyer NA, Roselli C, Weng LC, Christophersen IE, Alonso A, Boerwinkle E, Gibbs RA, Bis JC, NHLBI GO Exome Sequencing Project, Cupples LA, Mohler PJ, Nickerson DA, Muzny D, Perez MV, Psaty BM, Soliman EZ, Sotoodehnia N, Lunetta KL, Benjamin EJ, Heckbert SR, Arking DE, Ellinor PT, Lin H
    PLoS Genet
  46. Reverse Vesicouterine Fold Dissection for Laparoscopic Hysterectomy After Prior Cesarean Deliveries.
    Nezhat C, Grace LA, Razavi GM, Mihailide C, Bamford H
    Obstet Gynecol
  47. A Prospective Evaluation of Systemic Biomarkers and Cognitive Function Associated with Carotid Revascularization.
    Zuniga MC, Tran TB, Baughman BD, Raghuraman G, Hitchner E, Rosen A, Zhou W
    Ann Surg
  48. Postoperative 30-day Readmission: Time to Focus on What Happens Outside the Hospital.
    Morris MS, Graham LA, Richman JS, Hollis RH, Jones CE, Wahl T, Itani KM, Mull HJ, Rosen AK, Copeland L, Burns E, Telford G, Whittle J, Wilson M, Knight SJ, Hawn MT
    Ann Surg
  49. Carbamazepine-induced dystonia in an adolescent.
    Bansal S, Gill M, Bhasin C
    Indian J Pharmacol
  50. Heterozygote Advantage Is a Common Outcome of Adaptation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
    Sellis D, Kvitek DJ, Dunn B, Sherlock G, Petrov DA
  51. Percutaneous use of a dual lumen Scepter XC balloon for embolization of a complex facial arteriovenous malformation: a technical report.
    Heit J, Connolly I, Choudhri O
    Clin Neuroradiol
  52. Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Drowning.
    Schmidt AC, Sempsrott JR, Hawkins SC, Arastu AS, Cushing TA, Auerbach PS
    Wilderness Environ Med
  53. The changing landscape of biosimilars in rheumatology.
    Dörner T, Strand V, Cornes P, Gonçalves J, Gulácsi L, Kay J, Kvien TK, Smolen J, Tanaka Y, Burmester GR
    Ann Rheum Dis
  54. In vitro fertilization outcomes after fresh and frozen blastocyst transfer in South Asian compared with Caucasian women.
    Shah MS, Caballes M, Lathi RB, Baker VL, Westphal LM, Milki AA
    Fertil Steril
  55. Long-term Follow-up of Kidney Transplant Recipients in the Spare-the-Nephron-Trial.
    Weir MR, Pearson TC, Patel A, Peddi VR, Kalil R, Scandling J, Chan L, Baliga P, Melton L, Mulgaonkar S, Waid T, Schaefer H, Youssef N, Anandagoda L, McCollum D, Lawson S, Gordon R
  56. Subtle Cognitive Dysfunction in Resolving High Altitude Cerebral Edema Revealed by a Clock Drawing Test.
    Quigley I, Zafren K
    Wilderness Environ Med
  57. Effects of maternal age on euploidy rates in a large cohort of embryos analyzed with 24-chromosome single-nucleotide polymorphism-based preimplantation genetic screening.
    Demko ZP, Simon AL, McCoy RC, Petrov DA, Rabinowitz M
    Fertil Steril
  58. Practice patterns, satisfaction, and demographics of reproductive endocrinologists: results of the 2014 Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Workforce Survey.
    Barnhart KT, Nakajima ST, Puscheck E, Price TM, Baker VL, Segars J
    Fertil Steril
  59. PUF60: a prominent new target of the autoimmune response in dermatomyositis and Sjögren's syndrome.
    Fiorentino DF, Presby M, Baer AN, Petri M, Rieger KE, Soloski M, Rosen A, Mammen AL, Christopher-Stine L, Casciola-Rosen L
    Ann Rheum Dis

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