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  1. Distributed circuits underlying anxiety.
    Adhikari A
    Front Behav Neurosci
  2. Endurance exercise training and diferuloyl methane supplement: changes in neurotrophic factor and oxidative stress induced by lead in rat brain.
    Dabidi RV, Hosseinzadeh S, Mahjoub S, Hosseinzadeh M, Myers J
    Biol Sport
  3. Reply to "Inconclusive Reverse Transcription-PCR Assay Comparison for Dengue Virus Detection and Serotyping".
    Waggoner JJ, Pinsky BA
    J Clin Microbiol
  4. Analysis of Growth Curves in Children After Adenotonsillectomy.
    Czechowicz JA, Chang KW
    JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg
  5. Transdifferentiation of mouse fibroblasts and hepatocytes to functional neurons.
    Marro S, Yang N
    Methods Mol Biol
  6. Identifying Stem Cell Gene Expression Patterns and Phenotypic Networks with AutoSOME.
    Newman AM, Cooper JB
    Methods Mol Biol
  7. Genome-wide diet-gene interaction analyses for risk of colorectal cancer.
    Figueiredo JC, Hsu L, Hutter CM, Lin Y, Campbell PT, Baron JA, Berndt SI, Jiao S, Casey G, Fortini B, Chan AT, Cotterchio M, Lemire M, Gallinger S, Harrison TA, Le Marchand L, Newcomb PA, Slattery ML, Caan BJ, Carlson CS, Zanke BW, Rosse SA, Brenner H, Giovannucci EL, Wu K, Chang-Claude J, Chanock SJ, Curtis KR, Duggan D, Gong J, Haile RW, Hayes RB, Hoffmeister M, Hopper JL, Jenkins MA, Kolonel LN, Qu C, Rudolph A, Schoen RE, Schumacher FR, Seminara D, Stelling DL, Thibodeau SN, Thornquist M, Warnick GS, Henderson BE, Ulrich CM, Gauderman WJ, Potter JD, White E, Peters U, CCFR, GECCO
    PLoS Genet
    Sisk RA, Leng T
  9. Increasing Access to Specialty Surgical Care: Application of a New Resource Allocation Model to Bariatric Surgery.
    Leroux EJ, Morton JM, Rivas H
    Ann Surg
  10. α-Tubulin K40 Acetylation is Required for Contact Inhibition of Proliferation and Cell-Substrate Adhesion.
    Aguilar A, Becker L, Tedeschi T, Heller S, Iomini C, Nachury MV
    Mol Biol Cell
  11. Intracranial Hemorrhage Among Patients With Atrial Fibrillation Anticoagulated With Warfarin or Rivaroxaban: The Rivaroxaban Once Daily, Oral, Direct Factor Xa Inhibition Compared With Vitamin K Antagonism for Prevention of Stroke and Embolism Trial in Atrial Fibrillation.
    Hankey GJ, Stevens SR, Piccini JP, Lokhnygina Y, Mahaffey KW, Halperin JL, Patel MR, Breithardt G, Singer DE, Becker RC, Berkowitz SD, Paolini JF, Nessel CC, Hacke W, Fox KA, Califf RM, on behalf of the ROCKET AF Steering Committee and Investigators
  12. Wormholes in host defense: how helminths manipulate host tissues to survive and reproduce.
    Boyett D, Hsieh MH
    PLoS Pathog
  13. End-tidal carbon monoxide and hemolysis.
    Tidmarsh GF, Wong RJ, Stevenson DK
    J Perinatol
  14. Does the Multiple Mini-Interview Address Stakeholder Needs? An Applicant's Perspective.
    Phillips AW, Garmel GM
    Ann Emerg Med
  15. Automated Detection of Ambiguity in BI-RADS Assessment Categories in Mammography Reports.
    Bozkurt S, Rubin D
    Stud Health Technol Inform
  16. Burnout in the NICU setting and its relation to safety culture.
    Profit J, Sharek PJ, Amspoker AB, Kowalkowski MA, Nisbet CC, Thomas EJ, Chadwick WA, Sexton JB
    BMJ Qual Saf
  17. Adaptive and maladaptive emotion regulation strategies: Interactive effects during CBT for social anxiety disorder.
    Aldao A, Jazaieri H, Goldin PR, Gross JJ
    J Anxiety Disord
  18. 50 years ago in the journal of pediatrics: convulsive equivalent syndrome of childhood.
    Maclean J, Porter B
    J Pediatr
  19. Glucocorticoid therapy for gastrointestinal diseases.
    Triadafilopoulos G
    Expert Opin Drug Saf
  20. Psychiatry on trial: the Norway 2011 massacre.
    Roth WT, Dager SR
    J Nerv Ment Dis
  21. Understanding protein folding using Markov state models.
    Pande VS
    Adv Exp Med Biol
  22. Highly substituted enantioenriched cyclopentane derivatives by palladium-catalyzed [3 + 2] trimethylenemethane cycloadditions with disubstituted nitroalkenes.
    Trost BM, Bringley DA, O'Keefe BM
    Org Lett
  23. A unique model for treating chronic hepatitis C in patients with psychiatric disorders, substance abuse, and/or housing instability.
    Ho CJ, Preston C, Fredericks K, Doorley SL, Kramer RJ, Kwan L, Kamal A
    J Addict Med
  24. Variability in quantitative and qualitative analysis of intravascular ultrasound and frequency domain optical coherence tomography.
    Abnousi F, Waseda K, Kume T, Otake H, Kawarada O, Yong CM, Fitzgerald PJ, Honda Y, Yeung AC, Fearon WF
    Catheter Cardiovasc Interv
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