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Recent Stanford Publications in PubMed

  1. R-and S-citalopram concentrations have differential effects on neuropsychiatric scores in elders with dementia and agitation.
    Ho T, Pollock BG, Mulsant BH, Schantz O, Devanand DP, Mintzer JE, Porsteinsson AP, Schneider LS, Weintraub D, Yesavage J, Drye LT, Munro CA, Shade DM, Lyketsos C, Bies R
    Br J Clin Pharmacol
  2. Identifying Network Perturbation in Cancer.
    Grechkin M, Logsdon BA, Gentles AJ, Lee SI
    PLoS Comput Biol
  3. Hip Fracture in Patients with Non-Dialysis-Requiring Chronic Kidney Disease.
    Kim SM, Long J, Montez-Rath M, Leonard M, Chertow GM
    J Bone Miner Res
  4. Analyzing Treatment Aggressiveness and Identifying High-Risk Patients in Diabetic Foot Ulcer Return to Care.
    Remington AC, Hernandez-Boussard T, Warstadt NM, Finnegan MA, Shaffer R, Kwong JZ, Curtin C
    Wound Repair Regen
  5. The Effect of Transiliac-Transsacral Screw Fixation for Pelvic Ring Injuries on the Uninjured Sacroiliac Joint.
    Mardam-Bey SW, Beebe MJ, Black J, Chang EY, Kubiak EN, Bishop JA, McAndrew CM, Ricci WM, Gardner MJ
    J Orthop Trauma
  6. ATS Core Curriculum 2016: Part II. Adult Critical Care Medicine.
    McSparron JI, Hayes MM, Poston JT, Thomson CC, Fessler HE, Stapleton RD, Carlos WG, Hinkle L, Liu K, Shieh S, Ali A, Rogers A, Shah NG, Slack D, Patel B, Wolfe K, Schweickert WD, Bakhru RN, Shin S, Sell RE, Luks AM
    Ann Am Thorac Soc
  7. Medical Record Quality Assessments of Palliative Care for Intensive Care Unit Patients. Do They Match the Perspectives of Nurses and Families?
    Mularski RA, Hansen L, Rosenkranz SJ, Leo MC, Nagy P, Asch SM
    Ann Am Thorac Soc
  8. Hemodynamic Effects of Phenylephrine, Vasopressin, and Epinephrine in Children With Pulmonary Hypertension: A Pilot Study.
    Siehr SL, Feinstein JA, Yang W, Peng LF, Ogawa MT, Ramamoorthy C
    Pediatr Crit Care Med
  9. Chikungunya Fever Cases Identified in the Veterans Health Administration System, 2014.
    Perti T, Lucero-Obusan CA, Schirmer PL, Winters MA, Holodniy M
    PLoS Negl Trop Dis
  10. Analysis of overall survival in a large multiethnic cohort reveals absolute neutrophil count of 1,100 as a novel prognostic cutoff in African Americans.
    Mantzaris I, Yu Y, Msaouel P, Lam AP, Janakiram M, Friedman EW, Steidl U, Verma AK
  11. Mindtagger: A Demonstration of Data Labeling in Knowledge Base Construction.
    Shin J, Ré C, Cafarella M
    Proceedings VLDB Endowment
  12. Incremental Knowledge Base Construction Using DeepDive.
    Shin J, Wu S, Wang F, De Sa C, Zhang C, Ré C
    Proceedings VLDB Endowment
  13. A Prospective Cohort Study Evaluating the Ability of Anticipated Pain, Perceived Analgesic Needs, and Psychological Traits to Predict Pain and Analgesic Usage following Cesarean Delivery.
    Carvalho B, Zheng M, Harter S, Sultan P
    Anesthesiol Res Pract
  14. The Role of Epstein-Barr Virus DNA Load and Serology as Screening Tools for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma.
    Tay JK, Chan SH, Lim CM, Siow CH, Goh HL, Loh KS
    Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg
  15. Invasive Assessment of Coronary Physiology Predicts Late Mortality After Heart Transplantation.
    Yang HM, Khush K, Luikart H, Okada K, Lim HS, Kobayashi Y, Honda Y, Yeung AC, Valantine H, Fearon WF
  16. Antifungal susceptibility of 175 Aspergillus isolates from various clinical and environmental sources.
    Sabino R, Carolino E, Veríssimo C, Martinez M, Clemons KV, Stevens DA
    Med Mycol
  17. An assessment of population-based screening guidelines versus clinical prediction rules for chlamydia and gonorrhea case finding.
    Falasinnu T, Gilbert M, Gustafson P, Shoveller J
    Prev Med
  18. Costs for a health coaching intervention for chronic care management.
    Wagner TH, Willard-Grace R, Chen E, Bodenheimer T, Thom DH
    Am J Manag Care
  19. Surgical Repair of 115 Patients With Anomalous Aortic Origin of a Coronary Artery From a Single Institution.
    Mainwaring RD, Murphy DJ, Rogers IS, Chan FP, Petrossian E, Palmon M, Hanley FL
    World J Pediatr Congenit Heart Surg
  20. Percutaneous use of a dual lumen Scepter XC balloon for embolization of a complex facial arteriovenous malformation: a technical report.
    Heit J, Connolly I, Choudhri O
    Clin Neuroradiol
  21. Array tomography of physiologically-characterized CNS synapses.
    Valenzuela RA, Micheva KD, Kiraly M, Li D, Madison DV
    J Neurosci Methods
  22. Treatment of Patients With Stable Ischemic Heart Disease--Reply.
    Bangalore S, Maron DJ, Hochman JS
  23. The Undiagnosed Diseases Program--Reply.
    Gahl WA, Wise AL, Ashley EA
  24. Disseminating Justified, Well-Designed, and Well-Executed Studies With Nonsignificant Tests--Reply.
    Kraemer HC
    JAMA Psychiatry
  25. Improving performance of the Tariff Method for assigning causes of death to verbal autopsies.
    Serina P, Riley I, Stewart A, James SL, Flaxman AD, Lozano R, Hernandez B, Mooney MD, Luning R, Black R, Ahuja R, Alam N, Alam SS, Ali SM, Atkinson C, Baqui AH, Chowdhury HR, Dandona L, Dandona R, Dantzer E, Darmstadt GL, Das V, Dhingra U, Dutta A, Fawzi W, Freeman M, Gomez S, Gouda HN, Joshi R, Kalter HD, Kumar A, Kumar V, Lucero M, Maraga S, Mehta S, Neal B, Ohno SL, Phillips D, Pierce K, Prasad R, Praveen D, Premji Z, Ramirez-Villalobos D, Rarau P, Remolador H, Romero M, Said M, Sanvictores D, Sazawal S, Streatfield PK, Tallo V, Vadhatpour A, Vano M, Murray CJ, Lopez AD
    BMC Med
  26. Response to Comment on Weber et al. Type 1 Diabetes is Associated With an Increased Risk of Fracture Across the Life Span: A Population-Based Cohort Study Using The Health Improvement Network (THIN). Diabetes Care 2015;38:1913-1920.
    Weber DR, Haynes K, Leonard MB, Willi SM, Denburg MR
    Diabetes Care
  27. The model for Fundamentals of Endovascular Surgery (FEVS) successfully defines the competent endovascular surgeon.
    Duran C, Estrada S, O'Malley M, Sheahan MG, Shames ML, Lee JT, Bismuth J
    J Vasc Surg
  28. Predictors and outcomes of endoleaks in the Veterans Affairs Open Versus Endovascular Repair (OVER) Trial of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms.
    Lal BK, Zhou W, Li Z, Kyriakides T, Matsumura J, Lederle FA, Freischlag J, OVER Veterans Affairs Cooperative Study Group
    J Vasc Surg
  29. Opening clinical trial data: are the voluntary data-sharing portals enough?
    Geifman N, Bollyky J, Bhattacharya S, Butte AJ
    BMC Med
  30. Bronchoscopy in panendoscopy: review and assessment.
    Shahangian A, Damrose EJ
    J Laryngol Otol
  31. Opposing effects of Apoe/Apoa1 double deletion on amyloid-β pathology and cognitive performance in APP mice.
    Fitz NF, Tapias V, Cronican AA, Castranio EL, Saleem M, Carter AY, Lefterova M, Lefterov I, Koldamova R
  32. Regional brain hypometabolism is unrelated to regional amyloid plaque burden.
    Altmann A, Ng B, Landau SM, Jagust WJ, Greicius MD, Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
  33. Reduced-intensity conditioning with fludarabine and busulfan for allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation in elderly or infirm patients with advanced myeloid malignancies.
    Schneidawind D, Federmann B, Buechele C, Helwig A, Schmohl J, Vogel W, Faul C, Kanz L, Bethge WA
    Ann Hematol
  34. Hypothyroidism and Glaucoma in The United States.
    Kakigi C, Kasuga T, Wang SY, Singh K, Hiratsuka Y, Murakami A, Lin SC
    PLoS One
  35. Targeted Therapy for Cancer in the Genomic Era.
    Afghahi A, Sledge GW
    Cancer J
  36. Handling trial participants with missing outcome data when conducting a meta-analysis: a systematic survey of proposed approaches.
    Akl EA, Kahale LA, Agoritsas T, Brignardello-Petersen R, Busse JW, Carrasco-Labra A, Ebrahim S, Johnston BC, Neumann I, Sola I, Sun X, Vandvik P, Zhang Y, Alonso-Coello P, Guyatt G
    Syst Rev
  37. An Outbreak of Chikungunya in Rural Bangladesh, 2011.
    Khatun S, Chakraborty A, Rahman M, Nasreen Banu N, Rahman MM, Hasan SM, Luby SP, Gurley ES
    PLoS Negl Trop Dis
  38. Inflammatory Vulvar Dermatoses.
    Guerrero A, Venkatesan A
    Clin Obstet Gynecol
  39. Research aimed at improving both mood and weight (RAINBOW) in primary care: A type 1 hybrid design randomized controlled trial.
    Ma J, Yank V, Lv N, Goldhaber-Fiebert JD, Lewis MA, Kramer MK, Snowden MB, Rosas LG, Xiao L, Blonstein AC
    Contemp Clin Trials
  40. Who Turns to Acupuncture? The Role of Mistrust of Rationality and Individualist Success.
    Clobert M, Saroglou V, Van Pachterbeke M
    J Altern Complement Med
  41. Oral Diets and Nutrition Support for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: What Is the Evidence?
    Shah ND, Parian AM, Mullin GE, Limketkai BN
    Nutr Clin Pract
  42. Prognostic models in obstetrics: available, but far from applicable.
    Kleinrouweler CE, Cheong-See FM, Collins GS, Kwee A, Thangaratinam S, Khan KS, Mol BW, Pajkrt E, Moons KG, Schuit E
    Am J Obstet Gynecol
  43. Contribution of the neighborhood environment and obesity to breast cancer survival: the California Breast Cancer Survivorship Consortium.
    Cheng I, Shariff-Marco S, Koo J, Monroe KR, Yang J, John EM, Kurian AW, Kwan ML, Henderson BE, Bernstein L, Lu Y, Sposto R, Vigen C, Wu AH, Gomez SL, Keegan TH
    Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev
  44. Association between body mass index and mortality for colorectal cancer survivors: overall and by tumor molecular phenotype.
    Campbell PT, Newton CC, Newcomb PA, Phipps AI, Ahnen DJ, Baron JA, Buchanan DD, Casey G, Cleary SP, Cotterchio M, Farris AB, Figueiredo JC, Gallinger S, Green RC, Haile RW, Hopper JL, Jenkins MA, Le Marchand L, Makar KW, McLaughlin JR, Potter JD, Renehan AG, Sinicrope FA, Thibodeau SN, Ulrich CM, Win AK, Lindor NM, Limburg PJ
    Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev
  45. Fetal growth and subsequent maternal risk of colorectal cancer.
    Crump C, Sundquist J, Sieh W, Winkleby MA, Sundquist K
    Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev
  46. Nutraceutical Supplements for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
    Parian AM, Limketkai BN, Shah ND, Mullin GE
    Nutr Clin Pract
  47. Incidence trends of lung cancer by immigration status among Chinese Americans.
    Gomez SL, Yang J, Lin SW, McCusker M, Sandler A, Cheng I, Wakelee HA, Patel M, Clarke CA
    Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev
  48. Maintenance steroid use at 30 days post-transplant and outcomes of pediatric heart transplantation: A propensity matched analysis of the Pediatric Heart Transplant Study database.
    Auerbach SR, Kukreja M, Gilbert D, Bastardi H, Feingold B, Knecht K, Kaufman BD, Brown RN, Miyamoto SD
    J Heart Lung Transplant
  49. Validation of the PROMIS physical function measures in a diverse US population-based cohort of cancer patients.
    Jensen RE, Potosky AL, Reeve BB, Hahn E, Cella D, Fries J, Smith AW, Keegan TH, Wu XC, Paddock L, Moinpour CM
    Qual Life Res
  50. Specific effect of the fragile-X mental retardation-1 gene (FMR1) on white matter microstructure.
    Green T, Barnea-Goraly N, Raman M, Hall SS, Lightbody AA, Bruno JL, Quintin EM, Reiss AL
    Br J Psychiatry
  51. Clumpak: a program for identifying clustering modes and packaging population structure inferences across K.
    Kopelman NM, Mayzel J, Jakobsson M, Rosenberg NA, Mayrose I
    Mol Ecol Resour
  52. Bioengineered 3D brain tumor model to elucidate the effects of matrix stiffness on glioblastoma cell behavior using PEG-based hydrogels.
    Wang C, Tong X, Yang F
    Mol Pharm

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