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Recent Stanford Publications in PubMed

  1. The Importance of the Saphenous Nerve in Ankle Surgery.
    Eglitis N, Horn JL, Benninger B, Nelsen S
    Anesth Analg
  2. Use of machine learning for behavioral distinction of autism and ADHD.
    Duda M, Ma R, Haber N, Wall DP
    Transl Psychiatry
  3. Giant magnetoresistive sensor array for sensitive and specific multiplexed food allergen detection.
    Ng E, Nadeau KC, Wang SX
    Biosens Bioelectron
  4. Tenofovir and bone health.
    Grant PM, Cotter AG
    Curr Opin HIV AIDS
  5. Oestradiol, amenorrhoea and lipids in adolescent girls with eating disorders: do they affect long-term cardiovascular risk?
    Golden NH, Jacobson MS
    Acta Paediatr
  6. Urinary Colorimetric Sensor Array and Algorithm to Distinguish Kawasaki Disease from Other Febrile Illnesses.
    Li Z, Tan Z, Hao S, Jin B, Deng X, Hu G, Liu X, Zhang J, Jin H, Huang M, Kanegaye JT, Tremoulet AH, Burns JC, Wu J, Cohen HJ, Ling XB, Emergency Medicine Kawasaki Disease Research Group
    PLoS One
  7. Characterization of Axonal Disease in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis Using High-Gradient-Diffusion MR Imaging.
    Huang SY, Tobyne SM, Nummenmaa A, Witzel T, Wald LL, McNab JA, Klawiter EC
  8. Prehabilitation in our most frail surgical patients: are wearable fitness devices the next frontier?
    Rumer KK, Saraswathula A, Melcher ML
    Curr Opin Organ Transplant
  9. Historical DNA documents long distance natal homing in marine fish.
    Bonanomi S, Overgaard Therkildsen N, Retzel A, Berg Hedeholm R, Waever Pedersen M, Meldrup D, Pampoulie C, Hemmer-Hansen J, Grønkjaer P, Nielsen EE
    Mol Ecol
  10. A Quantitative Assessment of Factors Affecting the Technological Development and Adoption of Companion Diagnostics.
    Luo D, Smith JA, Meadows NA, Schuh A, Manescu KE, Bure K, Davies B, Horne R, Kope M, DiGiusto DL, Brindley DA
    Front Genet
  11. Talker-specificity and adaptation in quantifier interpretation.
    Yildirim I, Degen J, Tanenhaus MK, Jaeger TF
    J Mem Lang
  12. Variable priming of a docked synaptic vesicle.
    Jung JH, Szule JA, Marshall RM, McMahan UJ
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  13. The type II NADPH dehydrogenase facilitates cyclic electron flow, energy dependent quenching and chlororespiratory metabolism during acclimation of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to nitrogen deprivation.
    Saroussi SI, Wittkopp TM, Grossman AR
    Plant Physiol
  14. First-in-Human Phase I/II Study of NEOD001 in Patients With Light Chain Amyloidosis and Persistent Organ Dysfunction.
    Gertz MA, Landau H, Comenzo RL, Seldin D, Weiss B, Zonder J, Merlini G, Schönland S, Walling J, Kinney GG, Koller M, Schenk DB, Guthrie SD, Liedtke M
    J Clin Oncol
  15. Predictors of Optimal Cognitive Aging in 80+ Women: The Women's Health Initiative Memory Study.
    Goveas JS, Rapp SR, Hogan PE, Driscoll I, Tindle HA, Smith JC, Kesler SR, Zaslavsky O, Rossom RC, Ockene JK, Yaffe K, Manson JE, Resnick SM, Espeland MA
    J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci
  16. The Relationship of Cardiovascular Disease to Physical Functioning in Women Surviving to Age 80 and Above in the Women's Health Initiative.
    Stefanick ML, Brunner RL, Leng X, Limacher MC, Bird CE, Garcia DO, Hogan PE, LaMonte MJ, Mackey RH, Johnson KC, LaCroix A, Robinson JG, Seguin RA, Tindle HA, Wassertheil-Smoller S
    J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci
  17. Patient Understanding of HIV and Hepatitis C Testing in an Emergency Department with an Integrated Program.
    Anderson ES, Pfeil SK, Alter HJ, White DA
    J Int Assoc Provid AIDS Care
  18. Agreement of treatment effects for mortality from routinely collected data and subsequent randomized trials: meta-epidemiological survey.
    Hemkens LG, Contopoulos-Ioannidis DG, Ioannidis JP
  19. A 3D alcoholic liver disease model on a chip.
    Lee J, Choi B, No DY, Lee G, Lee SR, Oh H, Lee SH
    Integr Biol (Camb)
  20. Jordan tobacco dependence treatment guidelines: rationale and development.
    Ayub H, Obeidat N, Leischow S, Glynn T, Hawari F
    East Mediterr Health J
  21. Effect of elevated blood pressure on quality of life in children with chronic kidney disease.
    Wong C, Gerson A, Hooper SR, Matheson M, Lande M, Kupferman J, Furth S, Warady B, Flynn J, Chronic Kidney Disease in Children (CKiD) Study
    Pediatr Nephrol
  22. Taking on the gender challenge in organisations: what does it take?
    Henry SK, Sandler J, Passerini L, Darmstadt GL
    Glob Public Health
  23. Targeting the cyclin-dependent kinases (CDK) 4/6 in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancers.
    Finn RS, Aleshin A, Slamon DJ
    Breast Cancer Res
  24. Endovascular therapies for malignant gliomas: Challenges and the future.
    Su YS, Ali R, Feroze AH, Li G, Lawton MT, Choudhri O
    J Clin Neurosci
  25. Relief of hypoxia by angiogenesis promotes neural stem cell differentiation by targeting glycolysis.
    Lange C, Turrero Garcia M, Decimo I, Bifari F, Eelen G, Quaegebeur A, Boon R, Zhao H, Boeckx B, Chang J, Wu C, Le Noble F, Lambrechts D, Dewerchin M, Kuo CJ, Huttner WB, Carmeliet P
    EMBO J
  26. Adenovirus Hepatic Abscess: A Novel Source of Fever of Unknown Origin in a Pediatric Liver Transplant Recipient.
    Haas K, Longacre T, Castillo RO
    Dig Dis Sci
  27. Influence of durable mechanical circulatory support and allosensitization on mortality after heart transplantation.
    Chiu P, Schaffer JM, Oyer PE, Pham M, Banerjee D, Joseph Woo Y, Ha R
    J Heart Lung Transplant
  28. The relationship between plasma lipid peroxidation products and primary graft dysfunction after lung transplantation is modified by donor smoking and reperfusion hyperoxia.
    Diamond JM, Porteous MK, Jackson Roberts L, Wickersham N, Rushefski M, Kawut SM, Shah RJ, Cantu E, Lederer DJ, Chatterjee S, Lama VN, Bhorade S, Crespo M, McDyer J, Wille K, Orens J, Weinacker A, Arcasoy S, Shah PD, Wilkes DS, Hage C, Palmer SM, Snyder L, Calfee CS, Ware LB, Christie JD, Lung Transplant Outcomes Group
    J Heart Lung Transplant
  29. Economic evaluation of registered nurse tenure on nursing home resident outcomes.
    Uchida-Nakakoji M, Stone PW, Schmitt S, Phibbs C, Wang YC
    Appl Nurs Res
  30. Do glia drive synaptic and cognitive impairment in disease?
    Chung WS, Welsh CA, Barres BA, Stevens B
    Nat Neurosci
  31. Fiscal Fitness? Exercise Capacity and Health Care Costs.
    Baras Shreibati J, Hlatky MA
    J Am Coll Cardiol
  32. Impact of peripheral myeloid cells on amyloid-β pathology in Alzheimer's disease-like mice.
    Prokop S, Miller KR, Drost N, Handrick S, Mathur V, Luo J, Wegner A, Wyss-Coray T, Heppner FL
    J Exp Med
  33. Connectivity of mouse somatosensory and prefrontal cortex examined with trans-synaptic tracing.
    DeNardo LA, Berns DS, DeLoach K, Luo L
    Nat Neurosci
  34. Basal forebrain circuit for sleep-wake control.
    Xu M, Chung S, Zhang S, Zhong P, Ma C, Chang WC, Weissbourd B, Sakai N, Luo L, Nishino S, Dan Y
    Nat Neurosci
  35. Calcineurin mediates homeostatic synaptic plasticity by regulating retinoic acid synthesis.
    Arendt KL, Zhang Z, Ganesan S, Hintze M, Shin MM, Tang Y, Cho A, Graef IA, Chen L
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  36. Power decreases trust in social exchange.
    Schilke O, Reimann M, Cook KS
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  37. Genotype-phenotype characteristics and baseline natural history of heritable neuropathies caused by mutations in the MPZ gene.
    Sanmaneechai O, Feely S, Scherer SS, Herrmann DN, Burns J, Muntoni F, Li J, Siskind CE, Day JW, Laura M, Sumner CJ, Lloyd TE, Ramchandren S, Shy RR, Grider T, Bacon C, Finkel RS, Yum SW, Moroni I, Piscosquito G, Pareyson D, Reilly MM, Shy ME, Inherited Neuropathies Consortium - Rare Disease Clinical Research Consortium (INC-RDCRC)
  38. Treating Tobacco Dependence at the Intersection of Diversity, Poverty, and Mental Illness: A Randomized Feasibility and Replication Trial.
    Hickman NJ, Delucchi KL, Prochaska JJ
    Nicotine Tob Res
  39. Combination of circulating tumor cells with serum carcinoembryonic antigen enhances clinical prediction of non-small cell lung cancer.
    Chen X, Wang X, He H, Liu Z, Hu JF, Li W
    PLoS One
  40. Incidence of Medically-Attended Norovirus-Associated Acute Gastroenteritis in Four Veteran's Affairs Medical Center Populations in the United States, 2011-2012.
    Grytdal SP, Rimland D, Shirley SH, Rodriguez-Barradas MC, Goetz MB, Brown ST, Lucero-Obusan C, Holodniy M, Graber C, Parashar U, Vinjé J, Lopman B
    PLoS One
  41. Evolving treatment strategies for triple-negative breast cancer.
    Telli M
    J Natl Compr Canc Netw
  42. A high performing brain-machine interface driven by low-frequency local field potentials alone and together with spikes.
    Stavisky SD, Kao JC, Nuyujukian P, Ryu SI, Shenoy KV
    J Neural Eng
  43. The association between lower educational attainment and depression owing to shared genetic effects? Results in ~25,000 subjects.
    Peyrot WJ, Lee SH, Milaneschi Y, Abdellaoui A, Byrne EM, Esko T, de Geus EJ, Hemani G, Hottenga JJ, Kloiber S, Levinson DF, Lucae S, Major Depressive Disorder Working Group of the Psychiatric GWAS Consortium (Corporate Collaborator), Martin NG, Medland SE, Metspalu A, Milani L, Noethen MM, Potash JB, Rietschel M, Rietveld CA, Ripke S, Shi J, Social Science Genetic Association Consortium Corporate Collaborator, Willemsen G, Zhu Z, Boomsma DI, Wray NR, Penninx BW, Major Depressive Disorder Working Group of the Psychiatric GWAS Consortium Corporate Collaborator, Social Science Genetic Association Consortium Corporate Collaborator
    Mol Psychiatry
  44. Technologies to measure and modify physical activity and eating environments.
    King AC, Glanz K, Patrick K
    Am J Prev Med
  45. Food and physical activity environments: an energy balance approach for research and practice.
    Economos CD, Hatfield DP, King AC, Ayala GX, Ann Pentz M
    Am J Prev Med
  46. Aspirin use among adults in the U.S.: results of a national survey.
    Williams CD, Chan AT, Elman MR, Kristensen AH, Miser WF, Pignone MP, Stafford RS, McGregor JC
    Am J Prev Med
  47. Spatiotemporal brassinosteroid signaling and antagonism with auxin pattern stem cell dynamics in Arabidopsis roots.
    Chaiwanon J, Wang ZY
    Curr Biol
  48. Head and neck cancer subtypes with biological and clinical relevance: Meta-analysis of gene-expression data.
    De Cecco L, Nicolau M, Giannoccaro M, Daidone MG, Bossi P, Locati L, Licitra L, Canevari S
  49. Regional-scale drivers of forest structure and function in northwestern Amazonia.
    Higgins MA, Asner GP, Anderson CB, Martin RE, Knapp DE, Tupayachi R, Perez E, Elespuru N, Alonso A
    PLoS One
  50. Choice-correlated activity fluctuations underlie learning of neuronal category representation.
    Engel TA, Chaisangmongkon W, Freedman DJ, Wang XJ
    Nat Commun
  51. Identification of rice cornichon as a possible cargo receptor for the Golgi-localized sodium transporter OsHKT1;3.
    Rosas-Santiago P, Lagunas-Gómez D, Barkla BJ, Vera-Estrella R, Lalonde S, Jones A, Frommer WB, Zimmermannova O, Sychrová H, Pantoja O
    J Exp Bot
  52. Patterns of metabolite changes identified from large-scale gene perturbations in Arabidopsis using a genome-scale metabolic network.
    Kim T, Dreher K, Nilo-Poyanco R, Lee I, Fiehn O, Lange BM, Nikolau BJ, Sumner L, Welti R, Wurtele ES, Rhee SY
    Plant Physiol
  53. Criminal typology of veterans entering substance abuse treatment.
    Schultz NR, Blonigen D, Finlay A, Timko C
    J Subst Abuse Treat
  54. Genetic background of extreme violent behavior.
    Tiihonen J, Rautiainen MR, Ollila HM, Repo-Tiihonen E, Virkkunen M, Palotie A, Pietiläinen O, Kristiansson K, Joukamaa M, Lauerma H, Saarela J, Tyni S, Vartiainen H, Paananen J, Goldman D, Paunio T
    Mol Psychiatry
  55. Depression and anxiety symptoms in male veterans and non-veterans: the Health and Retirement Study.
    Gould CE, Rideaux T, Spira AP, Beaudreau SA
    Int J Geriatr Psychiatry
  56. The effect of relaxin on the musculoskeletal system.
    Dehghan F, Haerian BS, Muniandy S, Yusof A, Dragoo JL, Salleh N
    Scand J Med Sci Sports

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