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  1. Nicotinic modulation of cortical circuits.
    Arroyo S, Bennett C, Hestrin S
    Front Neural Circuits
  2. Transcription factors TFIIF and TFIIS promote transcript elongation by RNA polymerase II by synergistic and independent mechanisms.
    Schweikhard V, Meng C, Murakami K, Kaplan CD, Kornberg RD, Block SM
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  3. Endemism and functional convergence across the North American soil mycobiome.
    Talbot JM, Bruns TD, Taylor JW, Smith DP, Branco S, Glassman SI, Erlandson S, Vilgalys R, Liao HL, Smith ME, Peay KG
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  4. Rape Prevention Through Empowerment of Adolescent Girls.
    Sarnquist C, Omondi B, Sinclair J, Gitau C, Paiva L, Mulinge M, Cornfield DN, Maldonado Y
  5. Clinical Evaluation of a Multiple-Gene Sequencing Panel for Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment.
    Kurian AW, Hare EE, Mills MA, Kingham KE, McPherson L, Whittemore AS, McGuire V, Ladabaum U, Kobayashi Y, Lincoln SE, Cargill M, Ford JM
    J Clin Oncol
  6. Astrocytic transforming growth factor-beta signaling reduces subacute neuroinflammation after stroke in mice.
    Cekanaviciute E, Fathali N, Doyle KP, Williams AM, Han J, Buckwalter MS
  7. Pharmacokinetics of Prophylactic Cefazolin in Parturients undergoing Cesarean Delivery.
    Elkomy MH, Sultan P, Drover DR, Epshtein E, Galinkin JL, Carvalho B
    Antimicrob Agents Chemother
  8. Arthroscopic Repair of Full-Thickness Rotator Cuff Tears With and Without Acromioplasty: Randomized Prospective Trial With 2-Year Follow-up.
    Abrams GD, Gupta AK, Hussey KE, Tetteh ES, Karas V, Bach BR, Cole BJ, Romeo AA, Verma NN
    Am J Sports Med
  9. Positive reinforcement mediated by midbrain dopamine neurons requires d1 and d2 receptor activation in the nucleus accumbens.
    Steinberg EE, Boivin JR, Saunders BT, Witten IB, Deisseroth K, Janak PH
    PLoS One
  10. Association of CHRNA5-A3-B4 SNP rs2036527 with smoking cessation therapy response in African American smokers.
    Zhu AZ, Zhou Q, Cox LS, David SP, Ahluwalia JS, Benowitz NL, Tyndale RF
    Clin Pharmacol Ther
  11. Mechanisms for Photoinactivation of Enterococcus faecalis in Seawater.
    Sassoubre LM, Nelson KL, Boehm AB
    Appl Environ Microbiol
  12. The Role of Stem Cells in Aesthetic Surgery: Fact or Fiction?
    McArdle A, Senarath-Yapa K, Walmsley GG, Hu M, Atashroo DA, Tevlin R, Zielins E, Gurtner GC, Wan DC, Longaker MT
    Plast Reconstr Surg
  13. Pediatric lung transplantation: promise being realized.
    Conrad C, Cornfield DN
    Curr Opin Pediatr
  14. Optimizing Care of Adults With Congenital Heart Disease in a Pediatric Cardiovascular ICU Using Electronic Clinical Decision Support.
    May LJ, Longhurst CA, Pageler NM, Wood MS, Sharek PJ, Zebrack CM
    Pediatr Crit Care Med
  15. Comment on Hurley, J.C. Towards Clinical Application of Anti-endotoxin Antibodies; A Re-Appraisal of the Disconnect. Toxins 2013, 5, 2589-2620.
    Brock-Utne JG
    Toxins (Basel)
  16. Congenital Anomalies of the Aortic Arch in Acute Type-A Aortic Dissection: Implications for Monitoring, Perfusion Strategy, and Surgical Repair.
    Maxwell BG, Harrington KB, Beygui RE, Oakes DA
    J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth
  17. Refinements and Secondary Surgery After Flap Reconstruction of the Traumatized Hand.
    Chiou GJ, Chang J
    Hand Clin
  18. The Implications of Hyponitroxia in Cancer.
    Oronsky B, Fanger GR, Oronsky N, Knox S, Scicinski J
    Transl Oncol
  19. A practical clinical definition of epilepsy.
    Fisher RS, Acevedo C, Arzimanoglou A, Bogacz A, Cross JH, Elger CE, Engel J, Forsgren L, French JA, Glynn M, Hesdorffer DC, Lee BI, Mathern GW, Moshé SL, Perucca E, Scheffer IE, Tomson T, Watanabe M, Wiebe S
  20. Identification of Desulfobacterales as primary hydrogenotrophs in a complex microbial mat community.
    Burow LC, Woebken D, Marshall IP, Singer SW, Pett-Ridge J, Prufert-Bebout L, Spormann AM, Bebout BM, Weber PK, Hoehler TM
  21. Open-label extension studies: are they really research?
    Cho MK
    Am J Bioeth
  22. Research: increasing value, reducing waste - Authors' reply.
    Glasziou P, Macleod M, Chalmers I, Ioannidis JP, Al-Shahi Salman R, Chan AW
  23. Reperfusion times and in-hospital outcomes among patients with an isolated posterior myocardial infarction: insights from the National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR).
    Waldo SW, Brenner DA, Li S, Alexander K, Ganz P
    Am Heart J
  24. Rationale and design of the familial hypercholesterolemia foundation CAscade SCreening for Awareness and DEtection of Familial Hypercholesterolemia registry.
    O'Brien EC, Roe MT, Fraulo ES, Peterson ED, Ballantyne CM, Genest J, Gidding SS, Hammond E, Hemphill LC, Hudgins LC, Kindt I, Moriarty PM, Ross J, Underberg JA, Watson K, Pickhardt D, Rader DJ, Wilemon K, Knowles JW
    Am Heart J
  25. The design and rationale for the Acute Medically Ill Venous Thromboembolism Prevention with Extended Duration Betrixaban (APEX) study.
    Cohen AT, Harrington R, Goldhaber SZ, Hull R, Gibson CM, Hernandez AF, Kitt MM, Lorenz TJ
    Am Heart J
  26. Rechanneling the cardiac proarrhythmia safety paradigm: a meeting report from the Cardiac Safety Research Consortium.
    Sager PT, Gintant G, Turner JR, Pettit S, Stockbridge N
    Am Heart J
  27. Early-stage non-small cell lung cancer: surgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, and individualized adjuvant therapy.
    Padda SK, Burt BM, Trakul N, Wakelee HA
    Semin Oncol
  28. Cognitive and neurological aspects of sex chromosome aneuploidies.
    Hong DS, Reiss AL
    Lancet Neurol
  29. Preleukemic mutations in human acute myeloid leukemia affect epigenetic regulators and persist in remission.
    Corces-Zimmerman MR, Hong WJ, Weissman IL, Medeiros BC, Majeti R
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  30. Molecular assessment of surgical-resection margins of gastric cancer by mass-spectrometric imaging.
    Eberlin LS, Tibshirani RJ, Zhang J, Longacre TA, Berry GJ, Bingham DB, Norton JA, Zare RN, Poultsides GA
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  31. A new leadership curriculum: the multiplication of intelligence.
    Wiseman L, Bradwejn J, Westbroek EM
    Acad Med
  32. Role-modeling and medical error disclosure: a national survey of trainees.
    Martinez W, Hickson GB, Miller BM, Doukas DJ, Buckley JD, Song J, Sehgal NL, Deitz J, Braddock CH, Lehmann LS
    Acad Med
  33. Visual categorization is automatic and obligatory: evidence from Stroop-like paradigm.
    Greene MR, Fei-Fei L
    J Vis
  34. Structural studies show energy transfer within stabilized phycobilisomes independent of the mode of rod-core assembly.
    David L, Prado M, Arteni AA, Elmlund DA, Blankenship RE, Adir N
    Biochim Biophys Acta
  35. Risk of ovarian cancer and the NF-κB pathway: genetic association with IL1A and TNFSF10.
    Charbonneau B, Block MS, Bamlet WR, Vierkant RA, Kalli KR, Fogarty Z, Rider DN, Sellers TA, Tworoger SS, Poole E, Risch HA, Salvesen HB, Kiemeney LA, Baglietto L, Giles GG, Severi G, Trabert B, Wentzensen N, Chenevix-Trench G, for AOCS/ACS group, Whittemore AS, Sieh W, Chang-Claude J, Bandera EV, Orlow I, Terry K, Goodman MT, Thompson PJ, Cook LS, Rossing MA, Ness RB, Narod SA, Kupryjanczyk J, Lu K, Butzow R, Dörk T, Pejovic T, Campbell I, Le ND, Bunker CH, Bogdanova N, Runnebaum IB, Eccles D, Paul J, Wu AH, Gayther SA, Hogdall E, Heitz F, Kaye SB, Karlan BY, Anton-Culver H, Gronwald J, Hogdall CK, Lambrechts D, Fasching PA, Menon U, Schildkraut J, Pearce CL, Levine DA, Kjaer SK, Cramer D, Flanagan JM, Phelan CM, Brown R, Massuger LF, Song H, Doherty JA, Krakstad C, Liang D, Odunsi K, Berchuck A, Jensen A, Lubinski J, Nevanlinna H, Bean YT, Lurie G, Ziogas A, Walsh C, Despierre E, Brinton L, Hein A, Rudolph A, Dansonka-Mieszkowska A, Olson SH, Harter P, Tyrer J, Vitonis AF, Brooks-Wilson A, Aben KK, Pike MC, Ramus SJ, Wik E, Cybulski C, Lin J, Sucheston L, Edwards R, McGuire V, Lester J, du Bois A, Lundvall L, Wang-Gohrke S, Szafron LM, Lambrechts S, Yang H, Beckmann MW, Pelttari LM, Van Altena AM, van den Berg D, Halle MK, Gentry-Maharaj A, Schwaab I, Chandran U, Menkiszak J, Ekici AB, Wilkens LR, Leminen A, Modugno F, Friel G, Rothstein JH, Vergote I, Garcia-Closas M, Hildebrandt MA, Sobiczewski P, Kelemen LE, Pharoah PD, Moysich K, Knutson KL, Cunningham JM, Fridley BL, Goode EL
    Cancer Res
  36. Urgent-start peritoneal dialysis: a chance for a new beginning.
    Arramreddy R, Zheng S, Saxena AB, Liebman SE, Wong L
    Am J Kidney Dis
  37. Prospective identification of parasitic sequences in phage display screens.
    Matochko WL, Cory Li S, Tang SK, Derda R
    Nucleic Acids Res
  38. Impact of intraprocedural stent thrombosis during percutaneous coronary intervention: insights from the CHAMPION PHOENIX Trial (Clinical Trial Comparing Cangrelor to Clopidogrel Standard of Care Therapy in Subjects Who Require Percutaneous Coronary Intervention).
    Généreux P, Stone GW, Harrington RA, Gibson CM, Steg PG, Brener SJ, Angiolillo DJ, Price MJ, Prats J, Lasalle L, Liu T, Todd M, Skerjanec S, Hamm CW, Mahaffey KW, White HD, Bhatt DL, CHAMPION PHOENIX Investigators
    J Am Coll Cardiol
  39. Indefatigable: an erect coralline alga is highly resistant to fatigue.
    Denny M, Mach K, Tepler S, Martone P
    J Exp Biol
  40. The gap between estimated incidence of end-stage renal disease and use of therapy.
    Anand S, Bitton A, Gaziano T
    PLoS One
  41. Prevalence of abnormal patellofemoral congruence in elite American football players and association with quadriceps isokinetic testing.
    Brown CA, Carragee C, Sox-Harris A, Merchant AC, Mcadams TR
    J Knee Surg
  42. Diurnal patterns of productivity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi revealed with the Soil Ecosystem Observatory.
    Hernandez RR, Allen MF
    New Phytol
  43. Nutritional policy changes in the supplemental nutrition assistance program: a microsimulation and cost-effectiveness analysis.
    Basu S, Seligman H, Bhattacharya J
    Med Decis Making
  44. Estimation of resting-state functional connectivity using random subspace based partial correlation: a novel method for reducing global artifacts.
    Chen T, Ryali S, Qin S, Menon V
  45. The decision to continue a pregnancy affected by Down syndrome: timing of decision and satisfaction with receiving a prenatal diagnosis.
    Hurford E, Hawkins A, Hudgins L, Taylor J
    J Genet Couns
  46. Radiotherapy for nonadenoid cystic carcinomas of major salivary glands.
    Chung MP, Tang C, Chan C, Hara WY, Loo BW, Kaplan MJ, Fischbein N, Le QT, Chang DT
    Am J Otolaryngol
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