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  1. Basilar Artery Ectasia Causing Trigeminal Neuralgia: An Evolved Technique of Transpositional Suture-Pexy.
    Singh H, da Silva HB, Zeinalizadeh M, Elarjani T, Straus D, Sekhar LN
    Oper Neurosurg (Hagerstown)
  2. Characterization of the spatial and temporal distribution of Nipah virus spillover events in Bangladesh 2007 - 2013.
    Cortes MC, Cauchemez S, Lefrancq N, Luby SP, Hossain MJ, Sazzad HMS, Rahman M, Daszak P, Salje H, Gurley ES
    J Infect Dis
  3. Prospective Multicenter Assessment of All-Cause Mortality Following Surgery for Adult Cervical Deformity.
    Smith JS, Shaffrey CI, Kim HJ, Passias P, Protopsaltis T, Lafage R, Mundis GM, Klineberg E, Lafage V, Schwab FJ, Scheer JK, Miller E, Kelly M, Hamilton DK, Gupta M, Deviren V, Hostin R, Albert T, Riew KD, Hart R, Burton D, Bess S, Ames CP
  4. Commentary: How Should Hospitals Respond to Surgeons' Requests to Schedule Overlapping Surgeries?
    Morris AJ, Mello MM, Sanford JA, Green RB, Wald SH, Kadry B, Macario A
  5. Guidelines for Experimental Models of Myocardial Ischemia and Infarction.
    Lindsey ML, Bolli R, Canty JM, Du XJ, Frangogiannis NG, Frantz S, Gourdie RG, Holmes JW, Jones SP, Kloner R, Lefer DJ, Liao R, Murphy E, Ping P, Przyklenk K, Recchia FA, Schwartz Longacre L, Ripplinger CM, Van Eyk JE, Heusch G
    Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol
  6. Inpatient Outcomes for Gastrointestinal Bleeding Associated With Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.
    Cholankeril G, Hu M, Cholankeril R, Khan MA, Gadiparthi C, Yoo ER, Perumpail RB, Nair S, Howden CW
    J Clin Gastroenterol
  7. Prognostic Factors Change Over Time After Hepatectomy for Colorectal Liver Metastases: A Multi-institutional, International Analysis of 1099 Patients.
    Margonis GA, Buettner S, Andreatos N, Wagner D, Sasaki K, Barbon C, Beer A, Kamphues C, Løes IM, He J, Pawlik TM, Kaczirek K, Poultsides G, Lønning PE, Cameron JL, Mischinger HJ, Aucejo FN, Kreis ME, Wolfgang CL, Weiss MJ
    Ann Surg
  8. Political Ideology, Confidence in Science, and Participation in Alzheimer Disease Research Studies.
    Gabel M, Gooblar J, Roe CM, Selsor NJ, Morris JC
    Alzheimer Dis Assoc Disord
  9. Exact Boson-Fermion Duality on a 3D Euclidean Lattice.
    Chen JY, Son JH, Wang C, Raghu S
    Phys Rev Lett
  10. Diversification of human NK cells: Lessons from deep profiling.
    Wilk AJ, Blish CA
    J Leukoc Biol
  11. To Do No Harm: Humanitarian Aid in Conflict Demands Political Engagement.
    Patel RB, Wild HB
    Disaster Med Public Health Prep
  12. The chemistry and pharmacology of synthetic cannabinoid SDB-006 and its regioisomeric fluorinated and methoxylated analogues.
    Banister SD, Olson A, Winchester M, Stuart J, Edington AR, Kevin RC, Longworth M, Herrera M, Connor M, McGregor IS, Gerona RR, Kassiou M
    Drug Test Anal
  13. Leaf-templated, microwell-integrated microfluidic chips for high-throughput cell experiments.
    Mao M, He J, Lu Y, Li X, Li T, Zhou W, Li D
  14. Outcomes in syncope research: a systematic review and critical appraisal.
    Solbiati M, Bozzano V, Barbic F, Casazza G, Dipaola F, Quinn JV, Reed MJ, Sheldon RS, Shen WK, Sun BC, Thiruganasambandamoorthy V, Furlan R, Costantino G
    Intern Emerg Med
  15. Trends in adsorption of electrocatalytic water splitting intermediates on cubic ABO3 oxides.
    Montoya JH, Doyle AD, Nørskov JK, Vojvodic A
    Phys Chem Chem Phys
  16. Machine learning approaches to the social determinants of health in the health and retirement study.
    Seligman B, Tuljapurkar S, Rehkopf D
    SSM Popul Health
  17. Lymphocytes in Placental Tissues: Immune Regulation and Translational Possibilities for Immunotherapy.
    Erkers T, Stikvoort A, Uhlin M
    Stem Cells Int
  18. A global perspective on the trophic geography of sharks.
    Bird CS, Veríssimo A, Magozzi S, Abrantes KG, Aguilar A, Al-Reasi H, Barnett A, Bethea DM, Biais G, Borrell A, Bouchoucha M, Boyle M, Brooks EJ, Brunnschweiler J, Bustamante P, Carlisle A, Catarino D, Caut S, Cherel Y, Chouvelon T, Churchill D, Ciancio J, Claes J, Colaço A, Courtney DL, Cresson P, Daly R, de Necker L, Endo T, Figueiredo I, Frisch AJ, Hansen JH, Heithaus M, Hussey NE, Iitembu J, Juanes F, Kinney MJ, Kiszka JJ, Klarian SA, Kopp D, Leaf R, Li Y, Lorrain A, Madigan DJ, Maljković A, Malpica-Cruz L, Matich P, Meekan MG, Ménard F, Menezes GM, Munroe SEM, Newman MC, Papastamatiou YP, Pethybridge H, Plumlee JD, Polo-Silva C, Quaeck-Davies K, Raoult V, Reum J, Torres-Rojas YE, Shiffman DS, Shipley ON, Speed CW, Staudinger MD, Teffer AK, Tilley A, Valls M, Vaudo JJ, Wai TC, Wells RJD, Wyatt ASJ, Yool A, Trueman CN
    Nat Ecol Evol
  19. Response: Optimizing Strategies for Immune Checkpoint Imaging with Immuno-PET in Preclinical Study.
    Mayer AT, Gambhir SS
    J Nucl Med
  20. Global Overview of the Transnational Alliance for Regenerative Therapies in Cardiovascular Syndromes (TACTICS) Recommendations: A Comprehensive Series of Challenges and Priorities of Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine.
    Fernández-Avilés F, Sanz-Ruiz R, Climent AM, Badimon L, Bolli R, Charron D, Fuster V, Janssens S, Kastrup J, Kim HS, Lüscher TF, Martin JF, Menasché P, Pinto FJ, Simari RD, Stone GW, Terzic A, Willerson JT, Wu JC, TACTICS Writing Group
    Circ Res
  21. Anthracycline Cardiotoxicity: Worrisome Enough to Have You Quaking?
    Bernstein D
    Circ Res
  22. Snf1-RELATED KINASE1-Controlled C/S1-bZIP Signaling Activates Alternative Mitochondrial Metabolic Pathways to Ensure Plant Survival in Extended Darkness.
    Pedrotti L, Weiste C, Nägele T, Wolf E, Lorenzin F, Dietrich K, Mair A, Weckwerth W, Teige M, Baena-González E, Dröge-Laser W
    Plant Cell
  23. Phosphoethanolamine cellulose: A naturally produced chemically modified cellulose.
    Thongsomboon W, Serra DO, Possling A, Hadjineophytou C, Hengge R, Cegelski L
  24. Improving refugee integration through data-driven algorithmic assignment.
    Bansak K, Ferwerda J, Hainmueller J, Dillon A, Hangartner D, Lawrence D, Weinstein J
  25. Resting-State Functional MRI: Everything That Nonexperts Have Always Wanted to Know.
    Lv H, Wang Z, Tong E, Williams LM, Zaharchuk G, Zeineh M, Goldstein-Piekarski AN, Ball TM, Liao C, Wintermark M
    AJNR Am J Neuroradiol
  26. Pevonedistat, a first-in-class NEDD8-activating enzyme (NAE) inhibitor, combined with azacitidine, in patients with AML.
    Swords RT, Coutre S, Maris MB, Zeidner JF, Foran JM, Cruz J, Erba HP, Berdeja JG, Tam W, Vardhanabhuti S, Pawlikowska-Dobler I, Faessel HM, Dash AB, Sedarati F, Dezube BJ, Faller DV, Savona MR
  27. Dose-Dependent Cardioprotection of Moderate (32°C) Versus Mild (35°C) Therapeutic Hypothermia in Porcine Acute Myocardial Infarction.
    Dash R, Mitsutake Y, Pyun WB, Dawoud F, Lyons J, Tachibana A, Yahagi K, Matsuura Y, Kolodgie FD, Virmani R, McConnell MV, Illindala U, Ikeno F, Yeung A
    JACC Cardiovasc Interv
  28. ReprDB and panDB: minimalist databases with maximal microbial representation.
    Zhou W, Gay N, Oh J
  29. Generation of droplet arrays with rational number spacing patterns driven by a periodic energy landscape.
    Rinberg A, Katsikis G, Prakash M
    Phys Rev E
  30. Theoretical microbial ecology without species.
    Tikhonov M
    Phys Rev E
  31. Feasibility Study Combining Art Therapy or Cognitive Remediation Therapy with Family-based Treatment for Adolescent Anorexia Nervosa.
    Lock J, Fitzpatrick KK, Agras WS, Weinbach N, Jo B
    Eur Eat Disord Rev
  32. Condensed-matter physics: Taking control of spin currents.
    Shen ZX, Sobota J
  33. Bring on the bodyNET.
    Chu B, Burnett W, Chung JW, Bao Z
  34. Drosophila MIC60/mitofilin conducts dual roles in mitochondrial motility and crista structure.
    Tsai PI, Papakyrikos AM, Hsieh CH, Wang X
    Mol Biol Cell
  35. Null expectations for disease dynamics in shrinking habitat: dilution or amplification?
    Faust CL, Dobson AP, Gottdenker N, Bloomfield LSP, McCallum HI, Gillespie TR, Diuk-Wasser M, Plowright RK
    Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci
  36. Disease ecology, health and the environment: a framework to account for ecological and socio-economic drivers in the control of neglected tropical diseases.
    Garchitorena A, Sokolow SH, Roche B, Ngonghala CN, Jocque M, Lund A, Barry M, Mordecai EA, Daily GC, Jones JH, Andrews JR, Bendavid E, Luby SP, LaBeaud AD, Seetah K, Guégan JF, Bonds MH, De Leo GA
    Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci
  37. Nearly 400 million people are at higher risk of schistosomiasis because dams block the migration of snail-eating river prawns.
    Sokolow SH, Jones IJ, Jocque M, La D, Cords O, Knight A, Lund A, Wood CL, Lafferty KD, Hoover CM, Collender PA, Remais JV, Lopez-Carr D, Fisk J, Kuris AM, De Leo GA
    Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci
  38. Interacting effects of land use and climate on rodent-borne pathogens in central Kenya.
    Young HS, McCauley DJ, Dirzo R, Nunn CL, Campana MG, Agwanda B, Otarola-Castillo ER, Castillo ER, Pringle RM, Veblen KE, Salkeld DJ, Stewardson K, Fleischer R, Lambin EF, Palmer TM, Helgen KM
    Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci
  39. Development of an automated assessment tool for MedWatch reports in the FDA adverse event reporting system.
    Han L, Ball R, Pamer CA, Altman RB, Proestel S
    J Am Med Inform Assoc
  40. R-SCAN: Imaging for Headache.
    Hom J, Ahuja N, Smith CD, Wintermark M
    J Am Coll Radiol
  41. CSN5/JAB1 suppresses the WNT inhibitor DKK1 in colorectal cancer cells.
    Jumpertz S, Hennes T, Asare Y, Schütz AK, Bernhagen J
    Cell Signal
  42. Polysomnography Challenges.
    Hirshkowitz M
    Sleep Med Clin
  43. Host-Pathogen interactions: Nucleotide circles of life and death.
    Li L
    Nat Chem Biol
  44. Lift calculations based on accepted wake models for animal flight are inconsistent and sensitive to vortex dynamics.
    Gutierrez E, Quinn DB, Chin DD, Lentink D
    Bioinspir Biomim
  45. Assay for Listeria monocytogenes cells in whole blood using isotachophoresis and recombinase polymerase amplification.
    Eid C, Santiago JG
  46. Comparative Effectiveness of Wellness Programs: Impact of Incentives on Healthcare Costs for Obese Enrollees.
    Zivin K, Sen A, Plegue MA, Maciejewski ML, Segar ML, AuYoung M, Miller EM, Janney CA, Zulman DM, Richardson CR
    Am J Prev Med
  47. Interactive Effects of Aerobic Fitness, Strength, and Obesity on Mortality in Men.
    Crump C, Sundquist J, Winkleby MA, Sundquist K
    Am J Prev Med
  48. Regulation of Mitotic Exit in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
    Baro B, Queralt E, Monje-Casas F
    Methods Mol Biol
  49. Changing Physician Behavior by Integrating a Risk-Adjusted Database Into a Quality Improvement Program.
    Stanford JR, Wilkins DS
    Am J Med Qual
  50. Problem behaviour in adolescent boys with fragile X syndrome: relative prevalence, frequency and severity.
    Hall SS, Barnett RP, Hustyi KM
    J Intellect Disabil Res
  51. Developmental plasticity shapes synaptic phenotypes of autism-associated neuroligin-3 mutations in the calyx of Held.
    Zhang B, Seigneur E, Wei P, Gokce O, Morgan J, Südhof TC
    Mol Psychiatry
  52. Old drugs, novel ways out: Drug resistance toward cytotoxic chemotherapeutics.
    Wijdeven RH, Pang B, Assaraf YG, Neefjes J
    Drug Resist Updat
  53. CVLT-II Forced Choice Recognition Trial as an Embedded Validity Indicator: A Systematic Review of the Evidence.
    Schwartz ES, Erdodi L, Rodriguez N, Ghosh JJ, Curtain JR, Flashman LA, Roth RM
    J Int Neuropsychol Soc
  54. Influence of the amyloid dye Congo red on curli, cellulose, and the extracellular matrix in E. coli during growth and matrix purification.
    Reichhardt C, McCrate OA, Zhou X, Lee J, Thongsomboon W, Cegelski L
    Anal Bioanal Chem
  55. A new view of the tree of life.
    Hug LA, Baker BJ, Anantharaman K, Brown CT, Probst AJ, Castelle CJ, Butterfield CN, Hernsdorf AW, Amano Y, Ise K, Suzuki Y, Dudek N, Relman DA, Finstad KM, Amundson R, Thomas BC, Banfield JF
    Nat Microbiol
  56. Society of Surgical Oncology-American Society for Radiation Oncology-American Society of Clinical Oncology Consensus Guideline on Margins for Breast-Conserving Surgery with Whole-Breast Irradiation in Ductal Carcinoma In Situ.
    Morrow M, Van Zee KJ, Solin LJ, Houssami N, Chavez-MacGregor M, Harris JR, Horton J, Hwang S, Johnson PL, Marinovich ML, Schnitt SJ, Wapnir I, Moran MS
    Ann Surg Oncol
  57. Letter to the Editor regarding "Arrhythmias in the paediatric ICU: a prospective study of the rates and predictors of arrhythmias in children without underlying cardiac disease" by Cassel-Choudhury et al.
    Axelrod DM, Frymoyer AR, Sutherland SM
    Cardiol Young
  58. Stop Signal Reaction Time Deficits in a Lifetime Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Sample.
    McLaughlin NC, Kirschner J, Foster H, O'Connell C, Rasmussen SA, Greenberg BD
    J Int Neuropsychol Soc
  59. Insulin clearance: an underappreciated modulator of plasma insulin concentration.
    Kim SH, Reaven GM
    J Investig Med
  60. Common and distinct patterns of grey-matter volume alteration in major depression and bipolar disorder: evidence from voxel-based meta-analysis.
    Wise T, Radua J, Via E, Cardoner N, Abe O, Adams TM, Amico F, Cheng Y, Cole JH, de Azevedo Marques Périco C, Dickstein DP, Farrow TFD, Frodl T, Wagner G, Gotlib IH, Gruber O, Ham BJ, Job DE, Kempton MJ, Kim MJ, Koolschijn PCMP, Malhi GS, Mataix-Cols D, McIntosh AM, Nugent AC, O'Brien JT, Pezzoli S, Phillips ML, Sachdev PS, Salvadore G, Selvaraj S, Stanfield AC, Thomas AJ, van Tol MJ, van der Wee NJA, Veltman DJ, Young AH, Fu CH, Cleare AJ, Arnone D
    Mol Psychiatry
  61. Mechanisms linking electrical alternans and clinical ventricular arrhythmia in human heart failure.
    Bayer JD, Lalani GG, Vigmond EJ, Narayan SM, Trayanova NA
    Heart Rhythm
  62. Is Pump Therapy for All with Type 1 Diabetes?
    Wilson DM
    Diabetes Technol Ther
  63. Nutrient Acquisition: The Generation of Bioactive Vitamin B12 by Microalgae.
    Grossman A
    Curr Biol
  64. Governmental standard drink definitions and low-risk alcohol consumption guidelines in 37 countries.
    Kalinowski A, Humphreys K
  65. A randomized trial of a pain management intervention for adults receiving substance use disorder treatment.
    Ilgen MA, Bohnert AS, Chermack S, Conran C, Jannausch M, Trafton J, Blow FC

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