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  1. Caspase-responsive smart gadolinium-based contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging of drug-induced apoptosis.
    Ye D, Shuhendler AJ, Pandit P, Brewer KD, Tee SS, Cui L, Tikhomirov G, Rutt B, Rao J
    Chem Sci
  2. Neural correlates of intentional switching from ternary to binary meter in a musical hemiola pattern.
    Fujioka T, Fidali BC, Ross B
    Front Psychol
  3. A Three-Gene Assay for Monitoring Immune Quiescence in Kidney Transplantation.
    Roedder S, Li L, Alonso M, Hsieh SC, Vu MT, Dai H, Sigdel TK, Bostock I, Macedo C, Metes D, Zeevi A, Shapiro R, Salvatierra O, Scandling J, Alberu J, Engleman E, Sarwal MM
    J Am Soc Nephrol
  4. Human COL7A1-corrected induced pluripotent stem cells for the treatment of recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa.
    Sebastiano V, Zhen HH, Derafshi BH, Bashkirova E, Melo SP, Wang P, Leung TL, Siprashvili Z, Tichy A, Li J, Ameen M, Hawkins J, Lee S, Li L, Schwertschkow A, Bauer G, Lisowski L, Kay MA, Kim SK, Lane AT, Wernig M, Oro AE
    Sci Transl Med
  5. Protective role of hemeoxygenase-1 in gastrointestinal diseases.
    Chang M, Xue J, Sharma V, Habtezion A
    Cell Mol Life Sci
  6. Lipoprotein Phospholipase A2 Mass and Activity Are Not Associated with the Diagnosis of Acute Brain Ischemia.
    Tai W, Garcia M, Mlynash M, Kemp S, Albers GW, Olivot JM
    Cerebrovasc Dis
  7. Inverse design and implementation of a wavelength demultiplexing grating coupler.
    Piggott AY, Lu J, Babinec TM, Lagoudakis KG, Petykiewicz J, Vučković J
    Sci Rep
  8. Predictive correlates of response to the anti-PD-L1 antibody MPDL3280A in cancer patients.
    Herbst RS, Soria JC, Kowanetz M, Fine GD, Hamid O, Gordon MS, Sosman JA, McDermott DF, Powderly JD, Gettinger SN, Kohrt HE, Horn L, Lawrence DP, Rost S, Leabman M, Xiao Y, Mokatrin A, Koeppen H, Hegde PS, Mellman I, Chen DS, Hodi FS
  9. Passive radiative cooling below ambient air temperature under direct sunlight.
    Raman AP, Anoma MA, Zhu L, Rephaeli E, Fan S
  10. Evolution in changing environments: Modifiers of mutation, recombination, and migration.
    Carja O, Liberman U, Feldman MW
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A