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  1. Assembly and Architecture of the EBV B Cell Entry Triggering Complex.
    Sathiyamoorthy K, Jiang J, Hu YX, Rowe CL, Möhl BS, Chen J, Jiang W, Mellins ED, Longnecker R, Zhou ZH, Jardetzky TS
    PLoS Pathog
  2. Precocious puberty.
    Neely EK, Crossen SS
    Curr Opin Obstet Gynecol
  3. Corneal Cell Adhesion to Contact Lens Hydrogel Materials Enhanced via Tear Film Protein Deposition.
    Elkins CM, Qi QM, Fuller GG
    PLoS One
  4. Rapidly Self-Renewing Human Multipotent Marrow Stromal Cells (hMSC) Express Sialyl Lewis X and Actively Adhere to Arterial Endothelium in a Chick Embryo Model System.
    McFerrin HE, Olson SD, Gutschow MV, Semon JA, Sullivan DE, Prockop DJ
    PLoS One
  5. Dietary pattern and asthma: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Lv N, Xiao L, Ma J
    J Asthma Allergy
  6. Anti-MET immunoPET for non-small cell lung cancer using fully human antibody fragments.
    Li K, Tavare R, Zettlitz KA, Mumenthaler SM, Mallick P, Zhou Y, Marks JD, Wu AM
    Mol Cancer Ther
  7. Organic Cation Transporter Variation and Response to Smoking Cessation Therapies.
    Bergen AW, Javitz HS, Krasnow R, Michel M, Nishita D, Conti DV, Edlund CK, Kwok PY, McClure JB, Kim RB, Hall S, Tyndale RF, Baker TB, Benowitz NL, Swan GE
    Nicotine Tob Res
  8. FACTERA: a practical method for the discovery of genomic rearrangements at breakpoint resolution.
    Newman AM, Bratman SV, Stehr H, Lee LJ, Liu CL, Diehn M, Alizadeh AA
  9. Irreversible xenon insertion into a small-pore zeolite at moderate pressures and temperatures.
    Seoung D, Lee Y, Cynn H, Park C, Choi KY, Blom DA, Evans WJ, Kao CC, Vogt T, Lee Y
    Nat Chem
  10. Clinical and Immunologic Predictors of Death After an Acute Opportunistic Infection: Results from ACTG A5164.
    Grant PM, Komarow L, Sanchez A, Sattler FR, Asmuth DM, Pollard RB, Zolopa AR
    HIV Clin Trials
  11. Evaluation of a new pediatric positive airway pressure mask.
    Kushida CA, Halbower AC, Kryger MH, Pelayo R, Assalone V, Cardell CY, Huston S, Willes L, Wimms AJ, Mendoza J
    J Clin Sleep Med
  12. Development and evaluation of a treatment fidelity instrument for family-based treatment of adolescent anorexia nervosa.
    Forsberg S, Fitzpatrick KK, Darcy A, Aspen V, Accurso EC, Bryson SW, Agras S, Arnow KD, Le Grange D, Lock J
    Int J Eat Disord
  13. Periodic Leg Movements during Sleep Are Associated with Polymorphisms in BTBD9, TOX3/BC034767, MEIS1, MAP2K5/SKOR1, and PTPRD.
    Moore H, Winkelmann J, Lin L, Finn L, Peppard P, Mignot E
  14. Involution of Eruptive Melanocytic Nevi on Combination BRAF and MEK Inhibitor Therapy.
    Chen FW, Tseng D, Reddy S, Daud AI, Swetter SM
    JAMA Dermatol
  15. ACR Committee on Pediatric Imaging Research.
    Daldrup-Link HE, Voss S, Donig J, ACR committee
    Pediatr Radiol
  16. A Rwandan Woman.
    Roberts LW
    Acad Psychiatry
  17. A Review of Multidisciplinary Clinical Practice Guidelines in Suicide Prevention: Toward an Emerging Standard in Suicide Risk Assessment and Management, Training and Practice.
    Bernert RA, Hom MA, Roberts LW
    Acad Psychiatry
  18. Reward Processing in Healthy Offspring of Parents With Bipolar Disorder.
    Singh MK, Kelley RG, Howe ME, Reiss AL, Gotlib IH, Chang KD
    JAMA Psychiatry
  19. Obesity, physical activity, and their interaction in incident atrial fibrillation in postmenopausal women.
    Azarbal F, Stefanick ML, Salmoirago-Blotcher E, Manson JE, Albert CM, LaMonte MJ, Larson JC, Li W, Martin LW, Nassir R, Garcia L, Assimes TL, Tharp KM, Hlatky MA, Perez MV
    J Am Heart Assoc
  20. Perovskite solar cells: Continuing to soar.
    McGehee MD
    Nat Mater
  21. Response to letter regarding article, "Cost-effectiveness of percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with stable coronary artery disease and abnormal fractional flow reserve".
    Fearon WF, Shilane D, Pijls NH, Boothroyd DB, Tonino PA, Barbato E, Juni P, De Bruyne B, Hlatky MA, FAME 2 Investigators
  22. Impact of diffusion-weighted imaging Alberta stroke program early computed tomography score on the success of endovascular reperfusion therapy.
    Inoue M, Olivot JM, Labreuche J, Mlynash M, Tai W, Albucher JF, Meseguer E, Amarenco P, Mazighi M
  23. Emergence of the primary pediatric stroke center: impact of the thrombolysis in pediatric stroke trial.
    Bernard TJ, Rivkin MJ, Scholz K, deVeber G, Kirton A, Gill JC, Chan AK, Hovinga CA, Ichord RN, Grotta JC, Jordan LC, Benedict S, Friedman NR, Dowling MM, Elbers J, Torres M, Sultan S, Cummings DD, Grabowski EF, McMillan HJ, Beslow LA, Amlie-Lefond C, Thrombolysis in Pediatric Stroke Study
  24. Predictors of functional dependence despite successful revascularization in large-vessel occlusion strokes.
    Shi ZS, Liebeskind DS, Xiang B, Ge SG, Feng L, Albers GW, Budzik R, Devlin T, Gupta R, Jansen O, Jovin TG, Killer-Oberpfalzer M, Lutsep HL, Macho J, Nogueira RG, Rymer M, Smith WS, Wahlgren N, Duckwiler GR, Multi MERCI, TREVO, and TREVO 2 Investigators
  25. Insulin resistance and medial prefrontal gyrus metabolism in women receiving hormone therapy.
    Rasgon NL, Kenna HA, Wroolie TE, Williams KE, DeMuth BN, Silverman DH
    Psychiatry Res
  26. New-onset pancytopenia: a diagnostic approach-reply.
    Weinzierl E, Arber DA
    Hum Pathol
  27. Periprocedural stroke and bleeding complications in patients undergoing catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation with different anticoagulation management: results from the Role of Coumadin in Preventing Thromboembolism in Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Patients Undergoing Catheter Ablation (COMPARE) randomized trial.
    Di Biase L, Burkhardt JD, Santangeli P, Mohanty P, Sanchez JE, Horton R, Gallinghouse GJ, Themistoclakis S, Rossillo A, Lakkireddy D, Reddy M, Hao S, Hongo R, Beheiry S, Zagrodzky J, Rong B, Mohanty S, Elayi CS, Forleo G, Pelargonio G, Narducci ML, Dello Russo A, Casella M, Fassini G, Tondo C, Schweikert RA, Natale A
  28. Revising the economic imperative for US STEM education.
    Donovan BM, Moreno Mateos D, Osborne JF, Bisaccio DJ
    PLoS Biol
  29. Sensory cell fates: four defaults for the price of one.
    Wernet MF, Desplan C
    Curr Biol
  30. Immune mechanisms in medium and large-vessel vasculitis.
    Weyand CM, Goronzy JJ
    Nat Rev Rheumatol
  31. The impact of low serum sodium on treatment outcome of targeted therapy in metastatic renal cell carcinoma: results from the International Metastatic Renal Cell Cancer Database Consortium.
    Schutz FA, Xie W, Donskov F, Sircar M, McDermott DF, Rini BI, Agarwal N, Pal SK, Srinivas S, Kollmannsberger C, North SA, Wood LA, Vaishampayan U, Tan MH, Mackenzie MJ, Lee JL, Rha SY, Yuasa T, Heng DY, Choueiri TK
    Eur Urol
  32. Decellularized human tendon-bone grafts for composite flexor tendon reconstruction: a cadaveric model of initial mechanical properties.
    Fox PM, Farnebo S, Lindsey D, Chang J, Schmitt T, Chang J
    J Hand Surg Am
  33. An integrated peptide-antigen microarray on plasmonic gold films for sensitive human antibody profiling.
    Zhang B, Jarrell JA, Price JV, Tabakman SM, Li Y, Gong M, Hong G, Feng J, Utz PJ, Dai H
    PLoS One
  34. Modern radiation therapy for Hodgkin lymphoma: field and dose guidelines from the international lymphoma radiation oncology group (ILROG).
    Specht L, Yahalom J, Illidge T, Berthelsen AK, Constine LS, Eich HT, Girinsky T, Hoppe RT, Mauch P, Mikhaeel NG, Ng A, ILROG
    Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys