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Recent Stanford Publications in PubMed

  1. Control of alphavirus-based gene expression using engineered riboswitches.
    Bell CL, Yu D, Smolke CD, Geall AJ, Beard CW, Mason PW
  2. Dexterous robotic manipulation of alert adult Drosophila for high-content experimentation.
    Savall J, Ho ET, Huang C, Maxey JR, Schnitzer MJ
    Nat Methods
  3. Functional cortical neurons and astrocytes from human pluripotent stem cells in 3D culture.
    Paşca AM, Sloan SA, Clarke LE, Tian Y, Makinson CD, Huber N, Kim CH, Park JY, O'Rourke NA, Nguyen KD, Smith SJ, Huguenard JR, Geschwind DH, Barres BA, Paşca SP
    Nat Methods
  4. Juvenile zebra finches learn the underlying structural regularities of their fathers' song.
    Menyhart O, Kolodny O, Goldstein MH, DeVoogd TJ, Edelman S
    Front Psychol
  5. Safety and efficacy of US-approved viscosupplements for knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized, saline-controlled trials.
    Strand V, McIntyre LF, Beach WR, Miller LE, Block JE
    J Pain Res
  6. Estimating Large-Scale Network Convergence in the Human Functional Connectome.
    Bell PT, Shine JM
    Brain Connect
  7. Transcriptome Signature and Regulation in Human Somatic Cell Reprogramming.
    Tanaka Y, Hysolli E, Su J, Xiang Y, Kim KY, Zhong M, Li Y, Heydari K, Euskirchen G, Snyder MP, Pan X, Weissman SM, Park IH
    Stem Cell Reports
  8. An unprecedented dual antagonist and agonist of human Transglutaminase 2.
    Yi MC, Palanski BA, Quintero SA, Plugis NM, Khosla C
    Bioorg Med Chem Lett
  9. In vivo histology of the myelin g-ratio with magnetic resonance imaging.
    Stikov N, Campbell JS, Stroh T, Lavelée M, Frey S, Novek J, Nuara S, Ho MK, Bedell BJ, Dougherty RF, Leppert IR, Boudreau M, Narayanan S, Duval T, Cohen-Adad J, Picard P, Gasecka A, Côté D, Bruce Pike G
  10. Curricular policy as a collective effects problem: A distributional approach.
    Penner AM, Domina T, Penner EK, Conley A
    Soc Sci Res
  11. No place like home? Familism and Latino/a-white differences in college pathways.
    Ovink SM, Kalogrides D
    Soc Sci Res
  12. What drives the gender gap in charitable giving? Lower empathy leads men to give less to poverty relief.
    Willer R, Wimer C, Owens LA
    Soc Sci Res
  13. Mutations of GPR126 Are Responsible for Severe Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita.
    Ravenscroft G, Nolent F, Rajagopalan S, Meireles AM, Paavola KJ, Gaillard D, Alanio E, Buckland M, Arbuckle S, Krivanek M, Maluenda J, Pannell S, Gooding R, Ong RW, Allcock RJ, Carvalho ED, Carvalho MD, Kok F, Talbot WS, Melki J, Laing NG
    Am J Hum Genet
  14. Recessive Mutations in the α3 (VI) Collagen Gene COL6A3 Cause Early-Onset Isolated Dystonia.
    Zech M, Lam DD, Francescatto L, Schormair B, Salminen AV, Jochim A, Wieland T, Lichtner P, Peters A, Gieger C, Lochmüller H, Strom TM, Haslinger B, Katsanis N, Winkelmann J
    Am J Hum Genet
  15. Brain network alterations and vulnerability to simulated neurodegeneration in breast cancer.
    Kesler SR, Watson CL, Blayney DW
    Neurobiol Aging
  16. Gizmo is a mean word!
    Koltai PJ
    Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg
  17. The ins and outs of viral infection: keystone meeting review.
    Bird SW, Kirkegaard K, Agbandje-McKenna M, Freed EO
  18. Inflammatory cytokines and the lymphatic endothelium.
    Rockson SG
    Lymphat Res Biol
  19. Cellular specificity of the blood-CSF barrier for albumin transfer across the choroid plexus epithelium.
    Liddelow SA, Dzięgielewska KM, Møllgård K, Whish SC, Noor NM, Wheaton BJ, Gehwolf R, Wagner A, Traweger A, Bauer H, Bauer HC, Saunders NR
    PLoS One
  20. Absence of pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia predicts poor survival after resection of pancreatic cancer.
    Hassid BG, Lucas AL, Salomao M, Weng C, Liu F, Khanna LG, Kumar S, Hwang C, Chabot JA, Frucht H
  21. Relationship between sunlight and the age of onset of bipolar disorder: an international multisite study.
    Bauer M, Glenn T, Alda M, Andreassen OA, Angelopoulos E, Ardau R, Baethge C, Bauer R, Bellivier F, Belmaker RH, Berk M, Bjella TD, Bossini L, Bersudsky Y, Cheung EY, Conell J, Del Zompo M, Dodd S, Etain B, Fagiolini A, Frye MA, Fountoulakis KN, Garneau-Fournier J, González-Pinto A, Harima H, Hassel S, Henry C, Iacovides A, Isometsä ET, Kapczinski F, Kliwicki S, König B, Krogh R, Kunz M, Lafer B, Larsen ER, Lewitzka U, Lopez-Jaramillo C, MacQueen G, Manchia M, Marsh W, Martinez-Cengotitabengoa M, Melle I, Monteith S, Morken G, Munoz R, Nery FG, O'Donovan C, Osher Y, Pfennig A, Quiroz D, Ramesar R, Rasgon N, Reif A, Ritter P, Rybakowski JK, Sagduyu K, Scippa ÂM, Severus E, Simhandl C, Stein DJ, Strejilevich S, Sulaiman AH, Suominen K, Tagata H, Tatebayashi Y, Torrent C, Vieta E, Viswanath B, Wanchoo MJ, Zetin M, Whybrow PC
    J Affect Disord
  22. Prevalence and clinical correlates of co-occurring insomnia and hypersomnia symptoms in depression.
    Soehner AM, Kaplan KA, Harvey AG
    J Affect Disord
  23. Human cadavers Vs. multimedia simulation: A study of student learning in anatomy.
    Saltarelli AJ, Roseth CJ, Saltarelli WA
    Anat Sci Educ