Recent Stanford Publications in PubMed

  1. The Diabetes Strengths and Resilience Measure for Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes (DSTAR-Teen): Validation of a New, Brief Self-Report Measure.
    Hilliard ME, Iturralde E, Weissberg-Benchell J, Hood KK
    J Pediatr Psychol
  2. Quantitative Association Between Peripapillary Bruch's Membrane Shape and Intracranial Pressure.
    Gampa A, Vangipuram G, Shirazi Z, Moss HE
    Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci
  3. Thalamic alterations remote to infarct appear as focal iron accumulation and impact clinical outcome.
    Kuchcinski G, Munsch F, Lopes R, Bigourdan A, Su J, Sagnier S, Renou P, Pruvo JP, Rutt BK, Dousset V, Sibon I, Tourdias T
  4. Elimination diet and the development of multiple tree-nut allergies.
    Elizur A, Bollyky JB, Block WM
    Pediatr Res
  5. 45 Gy is not sufficient radiotherapy dose for Group III orbital embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma after less than complete response to 12 weeks of ARST0331 chemotherapy: A report from the Soft Tissue Sarcoma Committee of the Children's Oncology Group.
    Ermoian RP, Breneman J, Walterhouse DO, Chi YY, Meza J, Anderson J, Hawkins DS, Hayes-Jordan AA, Parham DM, Yock TI, Donaldson SS, Wolden SL
    Pediatr Blood Cancer
  6. Polyoxovanadate-Alkoxide Clusters as a Redox Reservoir for Iron.
    Li F, Carpenter SH, Higgins RF, Hitt MG, Brennessel WW, Ferrier MG, Cary SK, Lezama-Pacheco JS, Wright JT, Stein BW, Shores MP, Neidig ML, Kozimor SA, Matson EM
    Inorg Chem
  7. Oligomonocytic chronic myelomonocytic leukemia (chronic myelomonocytic leukemia without absolute monocytosis) displays a similar clinicopathologic and mutational profile to classical chronic myelomonocytic leukemia.
    Geyer JT, Tam W, Liu YC, Chen Z, Wang SA, Bueso-Ramos C, Oak J, Arber DA, Hsi E, Rogers HJ, Levinson K, Bagg A, Hassane DC, Hasserjian RP, Orazi A
    Mod Pathol
  8. High-Gain Graphene Transistors with a Thin AlOx Top-Gate Oxide.
    Guerriero E, Pedrinazzi P, Mansouri A, Habibpour O, Winters M, Rorsman N, Behnam A, Carrion EA, Pesquera A, Centeno A, Zurutuza A, Pop E, Zirath H, Sordan R
    Sci Rep
  9. Epigenomic Disruption of Cardiovascular Care: What It Will Take.
    Monte E, Fischer MA, Vondriska TM
    Circ Res
  10. Prevalence of Celiac Disease in 52,721 Youth With Type 1 Diabetes: International Comparison Across Three Continents.
    Craig ME, Prinz N, Boyle CT, Campbell FM, Jones TW, Hofer SE, Simmons JH, Holman N, Tham E, Fröhlich-Reiterer E, DuBose S, Thornton H, King B, Maahs DM, Holl RW, Warner JT, Australasian Diabetes Data Network (ADDN), T1D Exchange Clinic Network (T1DX), National Paediatric Diabetes Audit (NPDA) and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Prospective Diabetes Follow-up (DPV) Registry Initiative
    Diabetes Care
  11. SESAME and beyond.
    Mtingwa SK, Winick H
  12. Dendrimer-Conjugated Peptide Vaccine Enhances Clearance of Chlamydia trachomatis Genital Infection.
    Ganda IS, Zhong Q, Hali M, Albuquerque RLC, Padilha FF, da Rocha SRP, Whittum-Hudson JA
    Int J Pharm
  13. Re: Maria Carmen Mir, Ithaar Derweesh, Francesco Porpiglia, Homayoun Zargar, Alexandre Mottrie, Riccardo Autorino. Partial Nephrectomy Versus Radical Nephrectomy for Clinical T1b and T2 Renal Tumors: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Comparative Studies. Eur Urol 2017;71:606-17.
    Kim JH, Chung BI
    Eur Urol
  14. The Relationship of the Subtypes of Preterm Birth with Retinopathy of Prematurity.
    Lynch AM, Wagner BD, Hodges JK, Thevarajah TS, Mccourt EA, Cerda AM, Mandava N, Gibbs RS, Palestine AG
    Am J Obstet Gynecol
  15. Emergency Medicine and the Indian Health Service: Overburdened and Understaffed.
    Anderson ES, D'Andrea S
    Ann Emerg Med
  16. Breaking the Catheterization Laboratory Ceiling.
    Yong CM
    J Am Coll Cardiol
  17. Warfarin and the Risk of Stroke and Bleeding in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation Receiving Dialysis: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
    Harel Z, Chertow GM, Shah PS, Harel S, Dorian P, Yan AT, Saposnik G, Sood MM, Molnar AO, Perl J, Wald RM, Silver S, Wald R
    Can J Cardiol
  18. Advantages and limitations for users of double pit pour-flush latrines: a qualitative study in rural Bangladesh.
    Hussain F, Clasen T, Akter S, Bawel V, Luby SP, Leontsini E, Unicomb L, Barua MK, Thomas B, Winch PJ
    BMC Public Health
  19. Mandibular odontoameloblastoma in a rat and a horse.
    Murphy B, Bell C, Koehne A, Dubielzig RR
    J Vet Diagn Invest
  20. Surviving Sepsis Campaign: International Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock: 2016.
    Rhodes A, Evans LE, Alhazzani W, Levy MM, Antonelli M, Ferrer R, Kumar A, Sevransky JE, Sprung CL, Nunnally ME, Rochwerg B, Rubenfeld GD, Angus DC, Annane D, Beale RJ, Bellinghan GJ, Bernard GR, Chiche JD, Coopersmith C, De Backer DP, French CJ, Fujishima S, Gerlach H, Hidalgo JL, Hollenberg SM, Jones AE, Karnad DR, Kleinpell RM, Koh Y, Lisboa TC, Machado FR, Marini JJ, Marshall JC, Mazuski JE, McIntyre LA, McLean AS, Mehta S, Moreno RP, Myburgh J, Navalesi P, Nishida O, Osborn TM, Perner A, Plunkett CM, Ranieri M, Schorr CA, Seckel MA, Seymour CW, Shieh L, Shukri KA, Simpson SQ, Singer M, Thompson BT, Townsend SR, Van der Poll T, Vincent JL, Wiersinga WJ, Zimmerman JL, Dellinger RP
    Crit Care Med
  21. Extremely Rare Polymorphisms in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Allow Inference of the Mutational Spectrum.
    Zhu YO, Sherlock G, Petrov DA
    PLoS Genet
  22. Evaluation of Circulating Tumor Cells in Predicting Therapeutic Response in Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients.
    Wang X, Ma K, Wang Y, He H, Hu JF, Li W
    Arch Med Res
  23. Neuropathological and genetic correlates of survival and dementia onset in synucleinopathies: a retrospective analysis.
    Irwin DJ, Grossman M, Weintraub D, Hurtig HI, Duda JE, Xie SX, Lee EB, Van Deerlin VM, Lopez OL, Kofler JK, Nelson PT, Jicha GA, Woltjer R, Quinn JF, Kaye J, Leverenz JB, Tsuang D, Longfellow K, Yearout D, Kukull W, Keene CD, Montine TJ, Zabetian CP, Trojanowski JQ
    Lancet Neurol
  24. Genetic predisposition to gastric cancer.
    Petrovchich I, Ford JM
    Semin Oncol
  25. Directed evolution using dCas9-targeted somatic hypermutation in mammalian cells.
    Hess GT, Frésard L, Han K, Lee CH, Li A, Cimprich KA, Montgomery SB, Bassik MC
    Nat Methods
  26. Fluorescent indicators for simultaneous reporting of all four cell cycle phases.
    Bajar BT, Lam AJ, Badiee RK, Oh YH, Chu J, Zhou XX, Kim N, Kim BB, Chung M, Yablonovitch AL, Cruz BF, Kulalert K, Tao JJ, Meyer T, Su XD, Lin MZ
    Nat Methods
  27. Simultaneous dual-color fluorescence lifetime imaging with novel red-shifted fluorescent proteins.
    Laviv T, Kim BB, Chu J, Lam AJ, Lin MZ, Yasuda R
    Nat Methods
  28. Complex transcriptional modulation with orthogonal and inducible dCas9 regulators.
    Gao Y, Xiong X, Wong S, Charles EJ, Lim WA, Qi LS
    Nat Methods
  29. ATAC-see reveals the accessible genome by transposase-mediated imaging and sequencing.
    Chen X, Shen Y, Draper W, Buenrostro JD, Litzenburger U, Cho SW, Satpathy AT, Carter AC, Ghosh RP, East-Seletsky A, Doudna JA, Greenleaf WJ, Liphardt JT, Chang HY
    Nat Methods
  30. Simul-seq: combined DNA and RNA sequencing for whole-genome and transcriptome profiling.
    Reuter JA, Spacek DV, Pai RK, Snyder MP
    Nat Methods
  31. HiChIP: efficient and sensitive analysis of protein-directed genome architecture.
    Mumbach MR, Rubin AJ, Flynn RA, Dai C, Khavari PA, Greenleaf WJ, Chang HY
    Nat Methods
  32. Adaptor Protein CD2AP and L-type Lectin LMAN2 Regulate Exosome Cargo Protein Trafficking through the Golgi Complex.
    Kwon SH, Oh S, Nacke M, Mostov KE, Lipschutz JH
    J Biol Chem
  33. Ibrutinib for patients with relapsed or refractory chronic lymphocytic leukaemia with 17p deletion (RESONATE-17): a phase 2, open-label, multicentre study.
    O'Brien S, Jones JA, Coutre SE, Mato AR, Hillmen P, Tam C, Österborg A, Siddiqi T, Thirman MJ, Furman RR, Ilhan O, Keating MJ, Call TG, Brown JR, Stevens-Brogan M, Li Y, Clow F, James DF, Chu AD, Hallek M, Stilgenbauer S
    Lancet Oncol
  34. Utility of electroencephalography: Experience from a U.S. tertiary care medical center.
    Gururangan K, Razavi B, Parvizi J
    Clin Neurophysiol
  35. Pancreatic Cancer Surgical Resection Margins: Molecular Assessment by Mass Spectrometry Imaging.
    Eberlin LS, Margulis K, Planell-Mendez I, Zare RN, Tibshirani R, Longacre TA, Jalali M, Norton JA, Poultsides GA
    PLoS Med
  36. Comparison of MAPIE versus MAP in patients with a poor response to preoperative chemotherapy for newly diagnosed high-grade osteosarcoma (EURAMOS-1): an open-label, international, randomised controlled trial.
    Marina NM, Smeland S, Bielack SS, Bernstein M, Jovic G, Krailo MD, Hook JM, Arndt C, van den Berg H, Brennan B, Brichard B, Brown KL, Butterfass-Bahloul T, Calaminus G, Daldrup-Link HE, Eriksson M, Gebhardt MC, Gelderblom H, Gerss J, Goldsby R, Goorin A, Gorlick R, Grier HE, Hale JP, Hall KS, Hardes J, Hawkins DS, Helmke K, Hogendoorn PC, Isakoff MS, Janeway KA, Jürgens H, Kager L, Kühne T, Lau CC, Leavey PJ, Lessnick SL, Mascarenhas L, Meyers PA, Mottl H, Nathrath M, Papai Z, Randall RL, Reichardt P, Renard M, Safwat AA, Schwartz CL, Stevens MC, Strauss SJ, Teot L, Werner M, Sydes MR, Whelan JS
    Lancet Oncol
  37. Genetically Predicted Body Mass Index and Breast Cancer Risk: Mendelian Randomization Analyses of Data from 145,000 Women of European Descent.
    Guo Y, Warren Andersen S, Shu XO, Michailidou K, Bolla MK, Wang Q, Garcia-Closas M, Milne RL, Schmidt MK, Chang-Claude J, Dunning A, Bojesen SE, Ahsan H, Aittomäki K, Andrulis IL, Anton-Culver H, Arndt V, Beckmann MW, Beeghly-Fadiel A, Benitez J, Bogdanova NV, Bonanni B, Børresen-Dale AL, Brand J, Brauch H, Brenner H, Brüning T, Burwinkel B, Casey G, Chenevix-Trench G, Couch FJ, Cox A, Cross SS, Czene K, Devilee P, Dörk T, Dumont M, Fasching PA, Figueroa J, Flesch-Janys D, Fletcher O, Flyger H, Fostira F, Gammon M, Giles GG, Guénel P, Haiman CA, Hamann U, Hooning MJ, Hopper JL, Jakubowska A, Jasmine F, Jenkins M, John EM, Johnson N, Jones ME, Kabisch M, Kibriya M, Knight JA, Koppert LB, Kosma VM, Kristensen V, Le Marchand L, Lee E, Li J, Lindblom A, Luben R, Lubinski J, Malone KE, Mannermaa A, Margolin S, Marme F, McLean C, Meijers-Heijboer H, Meindl A, Neuhausen SL, Nevanlinna H, Neven P, Olson JE, Perez JI, Perkins B, Peterlongo P, Phillips KA, Pylkäs K, Rudolph A, Santella R, Sawyer EJ, Schmutzler RK, Seynaeve C, Shah M, Shrubsole MJ, Southey MC, Swerdlow AJ, Toland AE, Tomlinson I, Torres D, Truong T, Ursin G, Van Der Luijt RB, Verhoef S, Whittemore AS, Winqvist R, Zhao H, Zhao S, Hall P, Simard J, Kraft P, Pharoah P, Hunter D, Easton DF, Zheng W
    PLoS Med
  38. How I use clinical decision support to improve red blood cell utilization.
    Tim Goodnough L, Andrew Baker S, Shah N
  39. Duration of Adulthood Overweight, Obesity, and Cancer Risk in the Women's Health Initiative: A Longitudinal Study from the United States.
    Arnold M, Jiang L, Stefanick ML, Johnson KC, Lane DS, LeBlanc ES, Prentice R, Rohan TE, Snively BM, Vitolins M, Zaslavsky O, Soerjomataram I, Anton-Culver H
    PLoS Med
  40. Recent Increases in the U.S. Maternal Mortality Rate: Disentangling Trends From Measurement Issues.
    MacDorman MF, Declercq E, Cabral H, Morton C
    Obstet Gynecol
  41. Registered Randomized Trials Comparing Generic and Brand-Name Drugs: A Survey.
    Flacco ME, Manzoli L, Boccia S, Puggina A, Rosso A, Marzuillo C, Scaioli G, Gualano MR, Ricciardi W, Villari P, Ioannidis JP
    Mayo Clin Proc
  42. Risk of intracerebral haemorrhage with alteplase after acute ischaemic stroke: a secondary analysis of an individual patient data meta-analysis.
    Whiteley WN, Emberson J, Lees KR, Blackwell L, Albers G, Bluhmki E, Brott T, Cohen G, Davis S, Donnan G, Grotta J, Howard G, Kaste M, Koga M, von Kummer R, Lansberg MG, Lindley RI, Lyden P, Olivot JM, Parsons M, Toni D, Toyoda K, Wahlgren N, Wardlaw J, Del Zoppo GJ, Sandercock P, Hacke W, Baigent C, Stroke Thrombolysis Trialists' Collaboration
    Lancet Neurol
  43. Distinct patterns of Cas9 mismatch tolerance in vitro and in vivo.
    Fu BX, St Onge RP, Fire AZ, Smith JD
    Nucleic Acids Res
  44. LDSS-P: an advanced algorithm to extract functional short motifs associated with coordinated gene expression.
    Ichida H, Long SR
    Nucleic Acids Res
  45. Association of MTOR Mutations With Developmental Brain Disorders, Including Megalencephaly, Focal Cortical Dysplasia, and Pigmentary Mosaicism.
    Mirzaa GM, Campbell CD, Solovieff N, Goold CP, Jansen LA, Menon S, Timms AE, Conti V, Biag JD, Olds C, Boyle EA, Collins S, Ishak G, Poliachik SL, Girisha KM, Yeung KS, Chung BH, Rahikkala E, Gunter SA, McDaniel SS, Macmurdo CF, Bernstein JA, Martin B, Leary RJ, Mahan S, Liu S, Weaver M, Dorschner MO, Jhangiani S, Muzny DM, Boerwinkle E, Gibbs RA, Lupski JR, Shendure J, Saneto RP, Novotny EJ, Wilson CJ, Sellers WR, Morrissey MP, Hevner RF, Ojemann JG, Guerrini R, Murphy LO, Winckler W, Dobyns WB
    JAMA Neurol
  46. Metformin treatment status and abdominal aortic aneurysm disease progression.
    Fujimura N, Xiong J, Kettler EB, Xuan H, Glover KJ, Mell MW, Xu B, Dalman RL
    J Vasc Surg
  47. 40-Hz oscillations underlying perceptual binding in young and older adults.
    Ross B, Fujioka T
  48. Arterial cutdown reduces complications after brachial access for peripheral vascular intervention.
    Kret MR, Dalman RL, Kalish J, Mell M
    J Vasc Surg
  49. SPY technology as an adjunctive measure for lower extremity perfusion.
    Colvard B, Itoga NK, Hitchner E, Sun Q, Long B, Lee G, Chandra V, Zhou W
    J Vasc Surg
  50. Inflammatory biomarkers and spontaneous preterm birth among obese women.
    Wallenstein MB, Jelliffe-Pawlowski LL, Yang W, Carmichael SL, Stevenson DK, Ryckman KK, Shaw GM
    J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med
  51. Risk indicators for referral during labor from community midwife to gynecologist: a prospective cohort study.
    Schuit E, Hukkelhoven CW, van der Goes BY, Overbeeke I, Moons KG, Mol BW, Groenwold RH, Kwee A
    J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med
  52. Persistent alterations of gene expression profiling of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells from smokers.
    Weng DY, Chen J, Taslim C, Hsu PC, Marian C, David SP, Loffredo CA, Shields PG
    Mol Carcinog
  53. The First Decade of Laparoscopic Pancreaticoduodenectomy in the United States: Costs and Outcomes Using the Nationwide Inpatient Sample.
    Tran TB, Dua MM, Worhunsky DJ, Poultsides GA, Norton JA, Visser BC
    Surg Endosc

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