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Recent Stanford Publications in PubMed

  1. A Tracheal Mass.
    Chen MM, Jeffery C, Damrose EJ
    JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg
  2. The Effect of Bilingual Exposure on Executive Function Skills in Preterm and Full-Term Preschoolers.
    Loe IM, Feldman HM
    J Dev Behav Pediatr
  3. Addressing Authorship Issues Prospectively: A Heuristic Approach.
    Roberts LW
    Acad Med
  4. The Relationship Between Cervical Degeneration and Global Spinal Alignment in Patients With Adult Spinal Deformity.
    Fujimori T, Le H, Schairer W, Inoue S, Iwasaki M, Oda T, Hu SS
    Clin Spine Surg
  5. Is Butter Back? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Butter Consumption and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and Total Mortality.
    Pimpin L, Wu JH, Haskelberg H, Del Gobbo L, Mozaffarian D
    PLoS One
  6. Surveillance of HIV Transmitted Drug Resistance in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
    Avila-Rios S, Sued O, Rhee SY, Shafer RW, Reyes-Teran G, Ravasi G
    PLoS One
  7. Hormone-sensitive lipase deficiency disturbs lipid composition of plasma membrane microdomains from mouse testis.
    Casado ME, Pastor O, García-Seisdedos D, Huerta L, Kraemer FB, Lasunción MA, Martín-Hidalgo A, Busto R
    Biochim Biophys Acta
  8. Efficacy and Safety of Midostaurin in Advanced Systemic Mastocytosis.
    Gotlib J, Kluin-Nelemans HC, George TI, Akin C, Sotlar K, Hermine O, Awan FT, Hexner E, Mauro MJ, Sternberg DW, Villeneuve M, Huntsman Labed A, Stanek EJ, Hartmann K, Horny HP, Valent P, Reiter A
    N Engl J Med
  9. Bayesian electromagnetic spatio-temporal imaging of extended sources with Markov Random Field and temporal basis expansion.
    Liu K, Yu ZL, Wumy W, Gu Z, Li Y, Nagarajanmy S
  10. Postoperative 30-day Readmission: Time to Focus on What Happens Outside the Hospital.
    Morris MS, Graham LA, Richman JS, Hollis RH, Jones CE, Wahl T, Itani KM, Mull HJ, Rosen AK, Copeland L, Burns E, Telford G, Whittle J, Wilson M, Knight SJ, Hawn MT
    Ann Surg
  11. Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis as a paraneoplastic syndrome associated with ovarian dysgerminoma.
    Nosratian-Baskovic M, Tan B, Folkins A, Chisholm KM, Dorigo O
    Gynecol Oncol Rep
  12. Anti-nerve growth factor in pain management: current evidence.
    Chang DS, Hsu E, Hottinger DG, Cohen SP
    J Pain Res
  13. Development of lifitegrast: a novel T-cell inhibitor for the treatment of dry eye disease.
    Semba CP, Gadek TR
    Clin Ophthalmol
  14. Antihypertensive Medication Use in Older Patients Transitioning from Chronic Kidney Disease to End-Stage Renal Disease on Dialysis.
    Chang TI, Zheng Y, Montez-Rath ME, Winkelmayer WC
    Clin J Am Soc Nephrol
  15. The Arabidopsis CSLD5 functions in cell plate formation in a cell cycle dependent manner.
    Gu F, Bringmann M, Combs J, Yang J, Bergmann D, Nielsen E
    Plant Cell
  16. Large-scale climatic and geophysical controls on the leaf economics spectrum.
    Asner GP, Knapp DE, Anderson CB, Martin RE, Vaughn N
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  17. Salinity of deep groundwater in California: Water quantity, quality, and protection.
    Kang M, Jackson RB
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  18. β-arrestin-biased signaling through the β2-adrenergic receptor promotes cardiomyocyte contraction.
    Carr R, Schilling J, Song J, Carter RL, Du Y, Yoo SM, Traynham CJ, Koch WJ, Cheung JY, Tilley DG, Benovic JL
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  19. Prehypertension During Normotensive Pregnancy and Postpartum Clustering of Cardiometabolic Risk Factors: A Prospective Cohort Study.
    Lei Q, Zhou X, Zhou YH, Mai CY, Hou MM, Lv LJ, Duan DM, Wen JY, Lin XH, Wang PP, Ling XB, Li YM, Niu JM
  20. In the Limelight: Photoreceptors in Cyanobacteria.
    Bhaya D
  21. Handwashing With a Water-Efficient Tap and Low-Cost Foaming Soap: The Povu Poa "Cool Foam" System in Kenya.
    Whinnery J, Penakalapati G, Steinacher R, Wilson N, Null C, Pickering AJ
    Glob Health Sci Pract
  22. Inflammatory Markers Associated With Subclinical Coronary Artery Disease: The Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study.
    Bahrami H, Budoff M, Haberlen SA, Rezaeian P, Ketlogetswe K, Tracy R, Palella F, Witt MD, McConnell MV, Kingsley L, Post WS
    J Am Heart Assoc
  23. Transitional care interventions and hospital readmissions in surgical populations: a systematic review.
    Jones CE, Hollis RH, Wahl TS, Oriel BS, Itani KM, Morris MS, Hawn MT
    Am J Surg
  24. HIV drug resistance levels in adults failing first-line antiretroviral therapy in an urban and a rural setting in South Africa.
    Rossouw TM, Nieuwoudt M, Manasa J, Malherbe G, Lessells RJ, Pillay S, Danaviah S, Mahasha P, van Dyk G, de Oliveira T
    HIV Med
  25. Expected Sonographic Appearance of the Spleen in Children and Young Adults With Sickle Cell Disease: An Update.
    Gale HI, Bobbitt CA, Setty BN, Sprinz PG, Doros G, Williams DD, Morrison TC, Kalajian TA, Tu P, Mundluru SN, Castro-Aragon I
    J Ultrasound Med
  26. Notch Signaling Activation is Associated with Patient Mortality and Increased FGF1-mediated Invasion in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Oral Cavity.
    Weaver AN, Burch MB, Cooper TS, Della Manna DL, Wei S, Ojesina AI, Rosenthal EL, Yang ES
    Mol Cancer Res
  27. Long noncoding RNAs as novel predictors of survival in human cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Serghiou S, Kyriakopoulou A, Ioannidis JP
    Mol Cancer
  28. A Mixed Outbreak of Epidemic Typhus Fever and Trench Fever in a Youth Rehabilitation Center: Risk Factors for Illness from a Case-Control Study, Rwanda, 2012.
    Umulisa I, Omolo J, Muldoon KA, Condo J, Habiyaremye F, Uwimana JM, Muhimpundu MA, Galgalo T, Rwunganira S, Dahourou AG, Tongren E, Koama JB, McQuiston J, Raghunathan PL, Massung R, Gatei W, Boer K, Nyatanyi T, Mills EJ, Binagwaho A
    Am J Trop Med Hyg
  29. Improving helminth treatment access: costs and opportunities.
    Lo NC, Andrews JR, Bogoch II
    Lancet Infect Dis
  30. Efficacy of CD34+ Stem Cell Therapy in Nonischemic Dilated Cardiomyopathy Is Absent in Patients With Diabetes but Preserved in Patients With Insulin Resistance.
    Vrtovec B, Sever M, Jensterle M, Poglajen G, Janez A, Kravos N, Zemljic G, Cukjati M, Cernelc P, Haddad F, Wu JC, Jorde UP
    Stem Cells Transl Med
  31. Going Beyond Finding the "Lesion": A Path for Maturation of Neuroimaging.
    Eickhoff SB, Etkin A
    Am J Psychiatry
  32. Multiplexed Intact-Tissue Transcriptional Analysis at Cellular Resolution.
    Sylwestrak EL, Rajasethupathy P, Wright MA, Jaffe A, Deisseroth K
  33. Shelterin Protects Chromosome Ends by Compacting Telomeric Chromatin.
    Bandaria JN, Qin P, Berk V, Chu S, Yildiz A
  34. Serum- and glucocorticoid-inducible kinase SGK2 regulates human organic anion transporters 4 via ubiquitin ligase Nedd4-2.
    Wang H, Xu D, Toh MF, Pao AC, You G
    Biochem Pharmacol
  35. Importance of Radiation Oncologist Experience Among Patients With Head-and-Neck Cancer Treated With Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy.
    Boero IJ, Paravati AJ, Xu B, Cohen EE, Mell LK, Le QT, Murphy JD
    J Clin Oncol
  36. Assessing Risk-Based Policies for Pretrial Release and Split Sentencing in Los Angeles County Jails.
    Usta M, Wein LM
    PLoS One
  37. Energy Return on Investment (EROI) for Forty Global Oilfields Using a Detailed Engineering-Based Model of Oil Production.
    Brandt AR, Sun Y, Bharadwaj S, Livingston D, Tan E, Gordon D
    PLoS One
  38. Stem cell-based therapies to promote angiogenesis in ischemic cardiovascular disease.
    Hou L, Kim JJ, Woo YJ, Huang NF
    Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol
  39. Peer Assessment Enhances Student Learning: The Results of a Matched Randomized Crossover Experiment in a College Statistics Class.
    Sun DL, Harris N, Walther G, Baiocchi M
    PLoS One
  40. Sixteen new lung function signals identified through 1000 Genomes Project reference panel imputation.
    Soler Artigas M, Wain LV, Miller S, Kheirallah AK, Huffman JE, Ntalla I, Shrine N, Obeidat M, Trochet H, McArdle WL, Alves AC, Hui J, Zhao JH, Joshi PK, Teumer A, Albrecht E, Imboden M, Rawal R, Lopez LM, Marten J, Enroth S, Surakka I, Polasek O, Lyytikäinen LP, Granell R, Hysi PG, Flexeder C, Mahajan A, Beilby J, Bossé Y, Brandsma CA, Campbell H, Gieger C, Gläser S, González JR, Grallert H, Hammond CJ, Harris SE, Hartikainen AL, Heliövaara M, Henderson J, Hocking L, Horikoshi M, Hutri-Kähönen N, Ingelsson E, Johansson Å, Kemp JP, Kolcic I, Kumar A, Lind L, Melén E, Musk AW, Navarro P, Nickle DC, Padmanabhan S, Raitakari OT, Ried JS, Ripatti S, Schulz H, Scott RA, Sin DD, Starr JM, UK BiLEVE, Viñuela A, Völzke H, Wild SH, Wright AF, Zemunik T, Jarvis DL, Spector TD, Evans DM, Lehtimäki T, Vitart V, Kähönen M, Gyllensten U, Rudan I, Deary IJ, Karrasch S, Probst-Hensch NM, Heinrich J, Stubbe B, Wilson JF, Wareham NJ, James AL, Morris AP, Jarvelin MR, Hayward C, Sayers I, Strachan DP, Hall IP, Tobin MD
    Nat Commun
  41. Systematic pan-cancer analysis of tumour purity.
    Aran D, Sirota M, Butte AJ
    Nat Commun
  42. Neurotoxic Effects of Anthracycline- vs Nonanthracycline-Based Chemotherapy on Cognition in Breast Cancer Survivors.
    Kesler SR, Blayney DW
    JAMA Oncol
  43. PTEN deficiency reprogrammes human neural stem cells towards a glioblastoma stem cell-like phenotype.
    Duan S, Yuan G, Liu X, Ren R, Li J, Zhang W, Wu J, Xu X, Fu L, Li Y, Yang J, Zhang W, Bai R, Yi F, Suzuki K, Gao H, Esteban CR, Zhang C, Izpisua Belmonte JC, Chen Z, Wang X, Jiang T, Qu J, Tang F, Liu GH
    Nat Commun
  44. CDKN2B Regulates TGFβ Signaling and Smooth Muscle Cell Investment of Hypoxic Neovessels.
    Nanda V, Downing KP, Ye J, Xiao S, Kojima Y, Spin JM, DiRenzo D, Nead KT, Connolly AJ, Dandona S, Perisic L, Hedin U, Maegdefessel L, Dalman J, Guo L, Zhao X, Kolodgie FD, Virmani R, Davis HR, Leeper NJ
    Circ Res
  45. Mice null for the deubiquitinase USP18 spontaneously develop leiomyosarcomas.
    Chinyengetere F, Sekula DJ, Lu Y, Giustini AJ, Sanglikar A, Kawakami M, Ma T, Burkett SS, Eisenberg BL, Wells WA, Hoopes PJ, Demicco EG, Lazar AJ, Torres KE, Memoli V, Freemantle SJ, Dmitrovsky E
    BMC Cancer
  46. Prognostic indicators of assisted reproduction technology outcomes of cycles with ultralow serum antimüllerian hormone: a multivariate analysis of over 5,000 autologous cycles from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology Clinic Outcome Reporting System database for 2012-2013.
    Seifer DB, Tal O, Wantman E, Edul P, Baker VL
    Fertil Steril
  47. Large clinical databases for the study of lung cancer: Making up for the failure of randomized trials.
    Yang CF, Hartwig MG, D'Amico TA, Berry MF
    J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg
  48. Occult Dermal Lymphatic Involvement Is Frequent in Primary Cutaneous Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma.
    Gratzinger D, Million L, Kim YH
    Am J Dermatopathol
  49. Novel Approach to a Giant External Iliac Vein Aneurysm Secondary to Posttraumatic Femoral Arteriovenous Fistula.
    Thompson PC, Ullery BW, Fleischmann D, Chandra V
    Vasc Endovascular Surg
  50. First case of mesh infection due to Coccidioides spp. and literature review of fungal mesh infections after hernia repair.
    Forrester JD, Gomez CA, Forrester JA, Nguyen M, Gregg D, Deresinski S, Banaei N, Weiser TG
  51. GLO-Roots: an imaging platform enabling multidimensional characterization of soil-grown root systems.
    Rellán-Álvarez R, Lobet G, Lindner H, Pradier PL, Sebastian J, Yee MC, Geng Y, Trontin C, LaRue T, Schrager-Lavelle A, Haney CH, Nieu R, Maloof J, Vogel JP, Dinneny JR
  52. Finite element analysis of periventricular lucency in hydrocephalus: extravasation or transependymal CSF absorption?
    Kim H, Jeong EJ, Park DH, Czosnyka Z, Yoon BC, Kim K, Czosnyka M, Kim DJ
    J Neurosurg
  53. Ecological influences on individual differences in color preference.
    Schloss KB, Hawthorne-Madell D, Palmer SE
    Atten Percept Psychophys
  54. Genome-wide association study of warfarin maintenance dose in a Brazilian sample.
    Parra EJ, Botton MR, Perini JA, Krithika S, Bourgeois S, Johnson TA, Tsunoda T, Pirmohamed M, Wadelius M, Limdi NA, Cavallari LH, Burmester JK, Rettie AE, Klein TE, Johnson JA, Hutz MH, Suarez-Kurtz G
  55. A Rising Generation of Diversity in the Vascular Surgery Workforce.
    Itoga NK, Woo K, Bismuth J, Bechara CF, Grenon M, Mitchell E, Zhou W
    Ann Vasc Surg
  56. Infant formula and neurocognitive outcomes: impact of study end-point selection.
    Sun H, Como PG, Downey LC, Murphy D, Ariagno RL, Rodriguez W
    J Perinatol
  57. Practice type effects on head impact in collegiate football.
    Reynolds BB, Patrie J, Henry EJ, Goodkin HP, Broshek DK, Wintermark M, Druzgal TJ
    J Neurosurg
  58. Parental education and the WHO neonatal G-6-PD screening program: a quarter century later.
    Kaplan M, Hammerman C, Bhutani VK
    J Perinatol
  59. Neural correlates of self-injurious behavior in Prader-Willi syndrome.
    Klabunde M, Saggar M, Hustyi KM, Hammond JL, Reiss AL, Hall SS
    Hum Brain Mapp
  60. Quantifying the influence of measured and unmeasured individual differences on demography.
    Plard F, Gaillard JM, Coulson T, Delorme D, Warnant C, Michallet J, Tuljapurkar S, Krishnakumar S, Bonenfant C
    J Anim Ecol
  61. A Comparison of Training Experience, Training Satisfaction, and Job Search Experiences between Integrated Vascular Surgery Residency and Traditional Vascular Surgery Fellowship Graduates.
    Colvard B, Shames M, Schanzer A, Rectenwald J, Chaer R, Lee JT
    Ann Vasc Surg
  62. Right Ventricular Depression After Cardiopulmonary Bypass for Valvular Surgery.
    Denault AY, Couture P, Beaulieu Y, Haddad F, Deschamps A, Nozza A, Pagé P, Tardif JC, Lambert J
    J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth
  63. Coalescent Histories for Lodgepole Species Trees.
    Disanto F, Rosenberg NA
    J Comput Biol
  64. Androgen signaling is a confounding factor for β-catenin-mediated prostate tumorigenesis.
    Lee SH, Luong R, Johnson DT, Cunha GR, Rivina L, Gonzalgo ML, Sun Z
  65. Statin-associated Autoimmune Myopathies: A Pathophysiologic Spectrum.
    Wu Y, Lach B, Provias JP, Tarnopolsky MA, Baker SK
    Can J Neurol Sci
  66. Reversible spinal cord ischemia as a complication of acute aortic intramural hematoma.
    Ullery BW, Hobbs RD, Cheung AT

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