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Recent Stanford Publications in PubMed

  1. Structure-Guided Blockade of CSF1R Kinase in Tenosynovial Giant-Cell Tumor.
    Tap WD, Wainberg ZA, Anthony SP, Ibrahim PN, Zhang C, Healey JH, Chmielowski B, Staddon AP, Cohn AL, Shapiro GI, Keedy VL, Singh AS, Puzanov I, Kwak EL, Wagner AJ, Von Hoff DD, Weiss GJ, Ramanathan RK, Zhang J, Habets G, Zhang Y, Burton EA, Visor G, Sanftner L, Severson P, Nguyen H, Kim MJ, Marimuthu A, Tsang G, Shellooe R, Gee C, West BL, Hirth P, Nolop K, van de Rijn M, Hsu HH, Peterfy C, Lin PS, Tong-Starksen S, Bollag G
    N Engl J Med
  2. Supporting Medical Students' Pursuit of Longitudinal Patient Experiences: Piloting an Innovative Visit Notification Tool at the Massachusetts General Hospital.
    Elmore SN, Kopecky KE, Jennings K, de Moya M, Beresin G, Wright DE
    Acad Med
  3. Engineering Melanin Nanoparticles as an Efficient Drug-Delivery System for Imaging-Guided Chemotherapy.
    Zhang R, Fan Q, Yang M, Cheng K, Lu X, Zhang L, Huang W, Cheng Z
    Adv Mater
  4. The Effect of an Intense Mentoring Program on Junior Investigators' Preparation for a Patient-Oriented Clinical Research Career.
    Burns LJ, Clayton CP, George JN, Mitchell BS, Gitlin SD
    Acad Med
  5. Targeted Therapy for Cancer in the Genomic Era.
    Afghahi A, Sledge GW
    Cancer J
  6. Synthetic biology: Ribosomal ties that bind.
    Puglisi JD
  7. Molecular Pathogenesis of Anti-NMDAR Encephalitis.
    Ding H, Jian Z, Stary CM, Yi W, Xiong X
    Biomed Res Int
  8. Localized Ambient Solidity Separation Algorithm Based Computer User Segmentation.
    Sun X, Zhang T, Chai Y, Liu Y
    Comput Intell Neurosci
  9. CaV3.2 calcium channels control NMDA receptor-mediated transmission: a new mechanism for absence epilepsy.
    Wang G, Bochorishvili G, Chen Y, Salvati KA, Zhang P, Dubel SJ, Perez-Reyes E, Snutch TP, Stornetta RL, Deisseroth K, Erisir A, Todorovic SM, Luo JH, Kapur J, Beenhakker MP, Zhu JJ
    Genes Dev
  10. The Use of Contact Mode Atomic Force Microscopy in Aqueous Medium for Structural Analysis of Spinach Photosynthetic Complexes.
    Phuthong W, Huang Z, Wittkopp TM, Sznee K, Heinnickel ML, Dekker JP, Frese RN, Prinz FB, Grossman AR
    Plant Physiol
  11. Single-trial dynamics of motor cortex and their applications to brain-machine interfaces.
    Kao JC, Nuyujukian P, Ryu SI, Churchland MM, Cunningham JP, Shenoy KV
    Nat Commun
  12. Vasomotor Symptoms and Quality of Life Among Veteran and Non-Veteran Postmenopausal Women.
    Katon JG, Gray KE, Gerber MR, Harrington LB, Woods NF, Weitlauf JC, Bean-Mayberry B, Goldstein KM, Hunt JR, Katon WJ, Haskell SG, McCutcheon SJ, Gass ML, Gibson CJ, Zephyrin LC
  13. How Does Survey Context Impact Self-reported Fraud Victimization?
    Beals ME, Carr DC, Mottola GR, Deevy MJ, Carstensen LL
  14. Effects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Metabolic Syndrome on Cognitive Aging in Veterans.
    Green E, Fairchild JK, Kinoshita LM, Noda A, Yesavage J
  15. Wnt/β-Catenin-Responsive Cells in Prostatic Development and Regeneration.
    Lee SH, Johnson DT, Luong R, Yu EJ, Cunha GR, Nusse R, Sun Z
    Stem Cells
  16. Robust self-navigated body MRI using dense coil arrays.
    Zhang T, Cheng JY, Chen Y, Nishimura DG, Pauly JM, Vasanawala SS
    Magn Reson Med
  17. CD161(int)CD8+ T cells: a novel population of highly functional, memory CD8+ T cells enriched within the gut.
    Fergusson JR, Hühn MH, Swadling L, Walker LJ, Kurioka A, Llibre A, Bertoletti A, Holländer G, Newell EW, Davis MM, Sverremark-Ekström E, Powrie F, Capone S, Folgori A, Barnes E, Willberg CB, Ussher JE, Klenerman P
    Mucosal Immunol
  18. Exploring Value in Congenital Heart Disease: An Evaluation of Inpatient Admissions.
    Shin AY, Hu Z, Jin B, Lal S, Rosenthal DN, Efron B, Sharek PJ, Sutherland SM, Cohen HJ, McElhinney DB, Roth SJ, Ling XB
    Congenit Heart Dis
  19. Association of 6-Minute Walk Performance and Physical Activity With Incident Ischemic Heart Disease Events and Stroke in Peripheral Artery Disease.
    McDermott MM, Greenland P, Tian L, Kibbe MR, Green D, Zhao L, Criqui MH, Guralnik JM, Ferrucci L, Liu K, Wilkins JT, Huffman MD, Shah SJ, Liao Y, Lloyd-Jones DM
    J Am Heart Assoc
  20. Mosaic paternal genome-wide uniparental isodisomy with Down syndrome.
    Darcy D, Atwal PS, Angell C, Gadi I, Wallerstein R
    Am J Med Genet A
  21. Functional connectivity for face processing in individuals with body dysmorphic disorder and anorexia nervosa.
    Moody TD, Sasaki MA, Bohon C, Strober MA, Bookheimer SY, Sheen CL, Feusner JD
    Psychol Med
  22. Non-use of health care service among empty-nest elderly in Shandong, China: a cross-sectional study.
    Zhou C, Ji C, Chu J, Medina A, Li C, Jiang S, Zheng W, Liu J, Rozelle S
    BMC Health Serv Res
  23. Potential Adverse Effects of Anesthesia in Children--Reply.
    Psaty BM, Platt R, Altman RB
  24. Structural Insights into the Dynamic Process of β2-Adrenergic Receptor Signaling.
    Manglik A, Kim TH, Masureel M, Altenbach C, Yang Z, Hilger D, Lerch MT, Kobilka TS, Thian FS, Hubbell WL, Prosser RS, Kobilka BK
  25. Stretchy nerves are an essential component of the extreme feeding mechanism of rorqual whales.
    Vogl AW, Lillie MA, Piscitelli MA, Goldbogen JA, Pyenson ND, Shadwick RE
    Curr Biol
  26. Segmental aortic stiffening contributes to experimental abdominal aortic aneurysm development.
    Raaz U, Zöllner AM, Schellinger IN, Toh R, Nakagami F, Brandt M, Emrich FC, Kayama Y, Eken S, Adam M, Maegdefessel L, Hertel T, Deng A, Jagger A, Buerke M, Dalman RL, Spin JM, Kuhl E, Tsao PS
  27. Opinion: Sex inclusion in basic research drives discovery.
    Klein SL, Schiebinger L, Stefanick ML, Cahill L, Danska J, de Vries GJ, Kibbe MR, McCarthy MM, Mogil JS, Woodruff TK, Zucker I
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  28. Leveraging Multi-ethnic Evidence for Mapping Complex Traits in Minority Populations: An Empirical Bayes Approach.
    Coram MA, Candille SI, Duan Q, Chan KH, Li Y, Kooperberg C, Reiner AP, Tang H
    Am J Hum Genet
  29. The Mechanochemical Cycle of Mammalian Kinesin-2 KIF3A/B under Load.
    Andreasson JO, Shastry S, Hancock WO, Block SM
    Curr Biol
  30. "Velcro" engineering of high affinity CD47 ectodomain as signal regulatory protein α (SIRPα) antagonists that enhance antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis.
    Ho CC, Guo N, Sockolosky JT, Ring AM, Weiskopf K, Özkan E, Mori Y, Weissman IL, Garcia KC
    J Biol Chem
  31. Suppression of endothelial CD39/ENTPD1 is associated with pulmonary vascular remodeling in pulmonary arterial hypertension.
    Helenius MH, Vattulainen S, Orcholski M, Aho J, Komulainen A, Taimen P, Wang L, de Jesus Perez VA, Koskenvuo JW, Alastalo TP
    Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol
  32. Assessment of the genetic basis of rosacea by genome-wide association study.
    Chang AL, Raber I, Xu J, Li R, Spitale R, Chen J, Kiefer AK, Tian C, Eriksson NK, Hinds DA, Tung JY
    J Invest Dermatol
  33. Clonal evolution of pre-leukemic hematopoietic stem cells precedes human acute myeloid leukemia.
    Majeti R
    Best Pract Res Clin Haematol
  34. False positive 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography liver lesion mimicking metastasis in 2 patients with gastroesophageal cancer.
    Paudel N, Kunz PL, Poultsides GA, Koong AC, Chang DT
    Pract Radiat Oncol
  35. Proliferative epithelial disease identified in nipple aspirate fluid and risk of developing breast cancer: a systematic review.
    Hornberger J, Chen SC, Li Q, Kakad P, Quay SC
    Curr Med Res Opin
  36. Matrix RGD ligand density and L1CAM-mediated Schwann cell interactions synergistically enhance neurite outgrowth.
    Romano NH, Madl CM, Heilshorn SC
    Acta Biomater
  37. Role of CSPG receptor LAR phosphatase in restricting axon regeneration after CNS injury.
    Xu B, Park D, Ohtake Y, Li H, Hayat U, Liu J, Selzer ME, Longo FM, Li S
    Neurobiol Dis
  38. Evaluation of a prospectively administered written questionnaire to reduce the incidence of suspected latex anaphylaxis during elective cesarean delivery.
    Péer L, Brezis ML, Shalit M, Carvalho B, Levin PD, Seri O, Weiniger CF
    Int J Obstet Anesth
  39. Inter-episode affective intensity and instability: predictors of depression and functional impairment in bipolar disorder.
    Gershon A, Eidelman P
    J Behav Ther Exp Psychiatry
  40. Plasma vasopressin concentrations positively predict cerebrospinal fluid vasopressin concentrations in human neonates.
    Carson DS, Howerton CL, Garner JP, Hyde SA, Clark CL, Hardan AY, Penn AA, Parker KJ