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Highly Accessed FindIt@Stanford Articles

  1. Supportive care in pediatric oncology: oncologic emergencies and management of fever and neutropenia.
    The Pediatric clinics of North America, 2015
  2. Regulation of interferon-gamma during innate and adaptive immune responses.
    Advances in immunology, 2007
  3. Young children learning Spanish make rapid use of grammatical gender in spoken word recognition.
    Psychological science, 2007
  4. BMI and coronary heart disease risk among low-income and underinsured diabetic patients
    Diabetes care, 2014
  5. Sometimes doing the right thing sucks: frame combinations and multi-fetal pregnancy reduction decision difficulty.
    Social science & medicine, 2007
  6. Acupuncture performed before and after embryo transfer: a randomized controlled trial.
    Journal of reproductive medicine, 2014
  7. Effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on social behavior in humans and other species.
    Neurotoxicology and teratology, 2000
  8. A history of rhinoplasty.
    SAMJ. South African medical journal, 1982
  9. Breastfeeding cessation and symptoms of anxiety and depression: a longitudinal cohort study.
    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 2012
  10. Depression with postpartum onset: a prospective cohort study in women undergoing elective cesarean section in Brasilia, Brazil.
    Revista brasileira de ginecologia e obstetrícia, 2013

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