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  1. REAP and WAVE: new tools to rapidly assess/discuss nutrition with patients.
    The Journal of nutrition, 2003
  2. Perifollicular fibroma in Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome: an association revisited.
    Journal of cutaneous pathology, 2012
  3. Defining and applying the concept of quality of life.
    Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 1997
  4. Binaural auditory outcomes in patients with postlingual profound unilateral hearing loss: 3 years after cochlear implantation.
    Audiology and Neurotology, 2015
  5. Cochlear implantation for patients with single-sided deafness or asymmetrical hearing loss: a systematic review of the evidence.
    Otology & neurotology, 2015
  6. Rescuing the physician-scientist workforce: the time for action is now.
    The Journal of clinical investigation, 2015
  7. Cochlear implantation in children with unilateral hearing loss: A systematic review.
    The Laryngoscope, 2015
  8. Ethical dilemmas in testing for late onset conditions: reactions to testing and perceived impact on other family members.
    Journal of Genetic Counseling, 2002
  9. Asian Americans' family cohesion and suicide ideation: moderating and mediating effects.
    American journal of orthopsychiatry, 2012
  10. Central nervous system complications of varicella-zoster virus.
    The journal of pediatrics, 2014

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