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2007 Medicine Grand Rounds

December 19

Case presentation(RealMedia)

Seema Sinha, MD
Chief Resident, Internal Medicine
December 12

Vitamin D: Its Not Just For Bones Anymore(RealMedia)

Emeritus (Active) Professor, Medicine - Endocrinology/ Gerontology/ Metabolism, Stanford School of Medicine
December 5

Menopausal Hormone Therapy after the Women's Health Initiative (WHI): Current Consensus and New Controversies (RealMedia)

Professor (Research) of Medicine and, by courtesy, of Obstetrics and Gynecology
November 28
November 21
November 14

HIV vaccines: Perspectives on Progress at a Difficult Time(RealMedia)

Larry Corey, MD
Professor of Medicine and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Washington
November 7

Learning to say NO- a clinician's guide to the enteric nervous system (RealMedia)

Pankaj Pasricha, MD
Chief, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Stanford School of Medicine
October 31

The Endocrinology of Aging and the Elusive Promise of Growth Hormone (RealMedia)

Professor of Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine
October 24

Post-operative Cognitive Dysfunction and Non - cardiac Surgery (RealMedia)

Associate Professor of Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine
October 17

2007 Hewlett Award Reflections on an Academic Career(RealMedia)

Emeritus (Active) Professor of Surgery - Multi-Organ Transplantation, Stanford School of Medicine
October 10

Why the New HPV Vaccine for Cervical Cancer Went Off the Rails (RealMedia)

Art Caplan, PhD
Emanuel and Robert Hart Professor of Bioethics University of Pennsylvania
October 3

Case discussion-Patient with hypereosinophilic syndrome(RealMedia)

Associate Professor of Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine
September 26

Fibrotic Lung Diseases: Wounds that Refuse to Heal(RealMedia)

Associate Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine), Stanford School of Medicine
September 19

Myths, Misperceptions and Missed Opportunities in the Medical Management of Peripheral Arterial Disease (RealMedia)

Professor of Medicine - Cardiovascular, Stanford School of Medicine
September 12

Aquaretics, Hyperaquaemia and Heart Failure(RealMedia)

Asghar Rastegar, MD
Professor of Medicine at Yale University
September 5

The Mismeasure of Man(RealMedia)

Ralph Horwitz, MD
Professor of Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine
August 29

Is Evidence - Based Medicine a Barrier to Cost-Effective Care? (RealMedia)

Alan Garber, M.D.
Henry J. Kaiser Jr. Professor and Prof of Medicine &, by court, of Economics, HRP & Economics in the GSB & Sr Fellow at FSI & SIEPR
August 22

Monoclonal Antibodies, a Stanford Story of Academia-Industry Collaboration (RealMedia)

Professor of Medicine (Oncology), Stanford School of Medicine
August 15

Case Study: A Man With Recurrent Headaches, Presenting With Confusion and Vomiting (RealMedia)

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Hematology), Stanford School of Medicine
August 8

An Integrated Approach to Cushing's Disease Surgical Management of Cushing's Disease (RealMedia)

Associate Professor of Medicine and Neurosurgery / Professor of Neurosurgery, Stanford School of Medicine
August 1

Why Is the Kidney So Large?(RealMedia)

Chief, Division of Nephrology, Professor of Nephrology, Stanford School of Medicine
July 25

Bacterial Pneumonia in the 21st Century: Old Habits and New Approaches (RealMedia)

Berthold and Belle N. Guggenhime Professor in Medicine Stanford School of Medicine
July 18
July 11

Normal and Neoplastic Stem Cells(RealMedia)

Professor of Pathology and Developmental Biology Stanford School of Medicine
June 21

Expanding Curriculum in Medical Education(RealMedia)

Kelley M. Skeff, MD, PhD, MACP
George DeForest Barnett Professor of Medicine
June 14

The Compression of Morbidity 1980-2007: An Odyssey of Aging (RealMedia)

James F. Fries, MD
Emeritus (Active) Professor of Medicine, Immunology - Rheumatology, Stanford Medical Center
June 7

Chief Resident Presentations(RealMedia)

Martina Martin, MD, David Kao, MD
Medicine Chief Residents, Stanford Hospital and Clinics
May 31

Chief Residency- Where to From Here?(RealMedia)

Vivian Tsai, MD Emil DeGorma, MD
Chief Residents, Stanford Hospital and Clinics
May 24

Touching Where it Hurts: The Role of the Bedside Examination in the Technological Age (RealMedia)

Abraham Verghese, MD
Director, Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
May 17

Med Scholars Program(RealMedia)

Charles Prober, MD
Professor and Associate Chair, Stanford School of Medicine, - Pediatrics
May 10

Clinical Case: Infectious Disease(RealMedia)

Jose Montoya, MD
Associate Professor - Med Center Line, Stanford Medical Center
May 3

Structural Remodeling of the Heart and Vasculature: A New Target for Preventative Therapy (RealMedia)

Jay N. Cohn, MD
Professor of Medicine, Director Rasmussen Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, Univ. of Minnesota Medical School
April 26

Hyponatremia and Pneumonitis in a Cancer Patient(RealMedia)

Monica Divakaruni, MD; Brian Blackburn, MD
Chief Resident, Dept. of Medicine Stanford Med. Ctr.; Clinical Assistant Professor, Div. of Infectious Disease, Stanford Med. Ctr.
April 19

Molecular Imaging of Arteriosclerosis(RealMedia)

Edward Rubinstein, MD PhD
1993 Hewlett Award recipient, Emeritus (Active) Professor of Medicine, Medicine -General Internal Medicine Stanford Med. Ctr.
April 12

How Financial Conflict of Interest Endangers Our Profession (RealMedia)

Jerome P. Kassirer, MD
Distinguished Professor, Tufts School of Medicine, Editor - in - Chief Emeritus, New England Journal of Medicine
April 5

"The Eggs" Globalization and Health Disparities(RealMedia)

Michele Barry, MD, FACP
Professor Medicine and Global Health, Yale School of Medicine
March 29

Case Presentation(RealMedia)

Lawrence Leung, MD
Professor of Medicine, Stanford
March 22

Recent Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia (RealMedia)

Jim Zehnder, MD
Associate Professor of Pathology and Medicine, Stanford Univ. Medical Ctr.
March 15

Wading in the Genomic Pool for Acute Lung Injury Insights(RealMedia)

Joe Garcia, MD
Professor of Medicine, Univ. Chicago
March 8

Exercise as Medicine(RealMedia)

Steve Blair, MD
Professor, Department of Exercise Science, Stanford Univ. Medical Center
March 1

Obesity-Associated Insulin Resistance(RealMedia)

Mitch Lazar, MD
Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism, Univ. Pennsylvania School of Medicine
February 22

To Market and Beyond: The Ups and Downs of Pharmaceutical Precocity (RealMedia)

David Kao, MD
Holbrook Kohrt, MD
Medicine Chief Resident, Stanford Univ. Med. Ctr.
February 15

Tolerance Induction in Renal Transplants(RealMedia)

Sam Strober, MD John Scandling, MD
Professor Medicine - Immunology, Rheumatology Medical Director, Adult Kidney / Pancreas Transplant
February 8

Ethical Issues in End of Life Care(RealMedia)

David Magnus, PhD
Director, Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics
February 1

Nosocomial Pneumonia: An Update(RealMedia)

Marin H. Kollef, MD
Professor of Medicine Washington Univ. Sch. Med. St. Louis MO
January 25

Methods of Science and the Science of Inference(RealMedia)

Ralph I. Horwitz, MD
Professor of Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine
January 18

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension New Concepts in Pathobiology and Treatment (RealMedia)

Joseph Loscalzo, MD PhD
Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts
January 4

Treating the HIV Pandemic(RealMedia)

David Katzenstein, MD
Professor of Medicine, Infectious Disease, Stanford School of Medicine