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  • Conrad Fischer, Caterina Oneto.
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    ch. 1 Autonomy -- ch. 2 Competence and the capacity to make decisions -- Definitions -- Minors -- Psychiatric patients -- Capacity to refuse procedures in an otherwise mentally disabled patient -- ch. 3 Informed consent -- All options must be described -- All major adverse effects must be described -- Consent is required for each specific procedure -- Beneficence is not sufficient to eliminate the need for consent -- Decisions made when competent are valid when capacity is lost -- Consent is implied in an emergency -- The person performing the procedure should obtain consent -- Telephone consent is valid -- Pregnant women can refuse therapy -- Informed consent for a never-competent person -- ch. 4 Confidentiality and medical records -- Confidentiality -- Release of information -- Give medical information to the patient first, not the family -- Release of information to governmental organizations and the courts -- Breaking confidentiality to prevent harm to others -- Medical records -- Correcting medical record errors -- ch. 5 End-of-life issues -- Withholding and withdrawal of medical treatment -- Advance directives -- "Do not resuscitate" (DNR) orders -- Fluids and nutrition issues -- Physician-assisted suicide -- Euthanasia -- Terminal sedation of the "Law of double effect" -- Futile care -- Determination of death and brain death -- ch. 6 Reproductive issues -- Abortion -- Contraception -- Sterilization -- Minors -- Donation of sperm and eggs -- ch. 7 Organ and tissue donation -- Autonomy of the donor -- Organ donor network asks for consent for donation -- Payment for donations -- Organ donor cards -- ch. 8 Reportable illnesses -- ch. 9 HIV-related issues -- Confidentiality -- Partner notification -- HIV-positive health-care workers -- Refusal to treat HIV-positive patients -- ch. 10 Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) -- ch. 11 Malpractice -- Definition -- Deviation from local standards of care -- Informed consent protection against liability -- Informed refusal is as important as informed consent -- Patients must fully inform the physician of their medical problems -- Risk management -- Medical errors -- ch. 12 Doctor/Patient relationship -- Beginning and ending the relationship -- Gifts from patients -- Doctor/Patient sexual contact -- ch. 13 Doctor and society -- Child abuse -- Elder abuse -- Impaired drivers -- Physician participation in executions -- Torture -- Spousal abuse -- Gunshot wounds -- Gifts and industry funding -- ch. 14 Doctor/Doctor relationship -- Reporting impaired physicians -- Physician disagreements -- ch. 15 Experimentation -- Research and experimentation-participation consent -- Prisoner participation -- Institutional review board (IRB) -- Financial disclosure.

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