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  • Francis, Dave.
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    Five case reports accompanied by ultrasound images demonstrating various conditions that may be encountered in the ER.
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  • [edited by] Robert Olympia, Rory O'Neill, Matthew Silvis.
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    Digital : ClinicalKey2018
    Section I. Adult urgent care medicine -- Section II. Pediatric urgent care medicine -- Section III. Sports-related complaints -- Section IV. Procedures -- Section V. Miscellaneous -- Index.
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  • edited by George R. Wettach, Thomas W. Palmrose, Terry K. Morgan.
    Digital : McGraw-Hill eBook Library2009
  • [authors, James White, Jack Wilson ; contributor, David Seiden].
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    Section I. Histology and Cell Biology -- Section II. Early Embryology -- Section III. Gross Anatomy -- Section IV. Neuroscience -- Index.
  • [author and executive editor, Steven R. Daugherty ; contributor, Alina Gonzalez-Mayo].
    Chapter 1. Epidemiology -- Chapter 2. Biostatistics -- Chapter 3. Life in the United States -- Chapter 4. Sustance abuse -- Chapter 5. Human sexuality -- Chapter 6. Learning and behavior modification -- Chapter 7. Defense mechanisms -- Chapter 8. Psychologic health and testing -- Chapter 9. Human development -- Chapter 10. Sleep and sleep disorders -- Chapter 11. Physician-patient relationship -- Chapter 12. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV (DSM IV) -- Chapter 13. Organic disorders -- Chapter 14. Psychopharmacology -- Chapter 15. Ethical and legal issues -- Appendix I. Health care delivery systems -- Index.
  • [biochemistry author, Barbara Hansen, coauthors, Roger Lane, Sam Turco, David Seastone ; medical genetics author, Lynne B. Jorde, coauthors, Barbara Hansen, Vernon Reichenbecher].
    SECTION I. Molecular biology and biochemistry -- Chapter 1. Nucleic acid structure and organization -- Chapter 2. DNA replication and repair -- Chapter 3. Transcription and RNA processing -- Chapter 4. The genetic code, mutations, and translation -- Chapter 5. Regulation of eukaryotic gene expression -- Chapter 6. Recombinant DNA -- Chapter 7. Techniques of genetic analysis -- Chapter 8. Amino acids, proteins, and enzymes -- Chapter 9. Hormones -- Chapter 10. Vitamins -- Chapter 11. Overview of energy metabolism -- Chapter 12. Glycolysis and pyruvate dehydrogenase -- Chapter 13. Citric acid cycle and oxidative phosphorylation -- Chapter 14. Glycogen, gluconeogenesis, and the hexose monophosphate shunt -- Chapter 15. Lipid synthesis and storage -- Chapter 16. Lipid mobilization and catabolism -- Chapter 17. Amino acid metabolism -- Chapter 18. Purine and pyrimidine metabolism -- SECTION II. Medical genetics -- Chapter 1. Single-gene disorders -- Chapter 2. Population genetics -- Chapter 3. Cytogenetics -- Chapter 4. Genetics of common diseases -- Chapter 5. Gene mapping -- Chapter 6. Genetic diagnosis -- Index.
  • [immunology author, Mary Ruebush ; microbiology author, Louise Hawley, coauthor, Mary Ruebush ; contributors, Thomas F. Lint, Kim Moscatello, Nancy Noben-Trauth].
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    SECTION I. Immunology -- Chapter 1. Overview of the immune system -- Chapter 2. Cells of the immune system -- Chapter 3. The selection of lymphocytes -- Chapter 4. Lymphocyte recirculation and homing -- Chapter 5. The first response to antigen -- Chapter 6. The processing and presentation of antigen -- Chapter 7. The generation of humoral effector mechanisms -- Chapter 8. The generation of cell-mediated effector mechanisms -- Chapter 9. The generation of immunologic memory -- Chapter 10. Vaccination and immunotherapy -- Chapter 11. Immunodeficiency diseases -- Chapter 12. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome -- Chapter 13. Diseases caused by immune responses: hypersensitivity and autoimmunity -- Chapter 14. Transplantation immunology -- Chapter 15. Laboratory techniques in immunology -- Appendix I. CD markers -- Appendix II. Cytokines -- Appendix III. Adhesion molecules -- Appendix IV. Mechanisms of resistance to microbial infections -- SECTION II. Microbiology -- Chapter 1. General microbiology -- Chapter 2. Medically important bacteria -- Chapter 3. Microbial genetics/drug resistance -- Chapter 4. Medically important viruses -- Chapter 5. Medically important fungi -- Chapter 6. Medical parasitology -- Chapter 7. Clinical infectious disease -- Chapter 8. Comparative microbiology -- Chapter 9. Flow charts/clue sheets -- Index.
  • editors, Michael S. Manley, Leslie D. Manley.
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    Contains 250 exam-style questions that do not appear in other Kaplan products.
  • [authors, Henry Sanchez, John Barone ; contributors, Michael S. Manley, Dan Milner, Nancy Standler].
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    Chapter 1. Fundamentals of pathology -- Chapter 2. Cellular injury and adaptation -- Chapter 3. Inflammation -- Chapter 4. Tissue repair -- Chapter 5. Circulatory pathology -- Chapter 6. Genetic disorders -- Chapter 7. Immunopathology -- Chapter 8. Amyloidosis -- Chapter 9. Principles of neoplasia -- Chapter 10. Environment- and lifestyle-related pathology -- Chapter 11. Skin pathology -- Chapter 12. Red blood cell pathology: anemias -- Chapter 13. Vascular pathology -- Chapter 14. Cardiac pathology -- Chapter 15. Respiratory pathology -- Chapter 16. Renal pathology -- Chapter 17. Gastrointestinal tract pathology -- Chapter 18. Pancreatic pathology -- Chapter 19. Gallbladder and biliary tract pathology -- Chapter 20. Liver pathology -- Chapter 21. Central nervous system pathology -- Chapter 22. Hematopoetic pathology- white blood cell disorders & lymphoid and myeloid neoplasms -- Chapter 23. Femal genital pathology -- Chapter 24. Breast pathology -- Chapter 25. Male pathology -- Chapter 26. Endocrine pathology -- Chapter 27. Bone pathology -- Chapter 28. Joint pathology -- Chapter 29. Skeletal muscle and peripheral nerve pathology -- Index.
  • Terriann Crisp, PhD, Crisp Enterprises: Pharmacology Instruction and Consultation, LLC, Ankeny, Iowa.
    Digital : McGraw-Hill eBook Library2015
    Section 1. Autonomic Pharmacology -- Section 2. Cardiovascular Pharmacology -- Section 3. Neuropharmacology -- Section 4. Antibiotics -- Section 5. Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Principles.
  • [author, Lionel P. Raymon ; coauthors, Craig Davis, Steven R. Harris ; contributors, Maris Victor Nora, Anthony Trevor].
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
    Section I. General principles -- Section II. Automonic pharmacology -- Section III. Cardiac and renal pharmacology -- Section IV. CNS pharmacology -- Section V. Antimicrobial agents -- Section VI. Drugs for inflammatory and related disorders -- Section VII. Drugs used in blood disorders -- Section VIII. Endocrine pharmacology -- Section IX. Anticancer drugs -- Section X. Immunopharmacology -- Section XI. Toxicology -- Index.
  • [author, Robert B. Dunn ; contributors, Wazir Kudrath, Stanley S. Passo, L. Britt Wilson].
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
    Section I. Fluide distribution and edema -- Section II. Excitable tissue -- Section III. Skeletal muscle -- Section IV. Cardiac muscle mechanics -- Section V. Peripheral Circulation -- Section VI. Cardiac Cycle and Valvular Heart Disease -- Section VII. Respiration -- Section VIII. Renal Physiology -- Section IX. Acid-Base Disturbances -- Section X. Endocrinology -- Section XI. Gastrointestinal Physiology -- Index.
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    Examination preparation and subject review for USMLE Step 1 Qbank. Includes over 3,000 questions (2,200 Qbank questions, 1 diagnostic test, 2 full simulated exams).--Website
  • Thomas A. Brown, Sonali J. Shah.
    Digital : ClinicalKey2013
    "Get the most out of your study time with the popular and trusted USMLE Step 1 Secrets, 3rd Edition. With a clinical focus throughout, this easy-to-read book features questions and short answers, case scenarios to prepare you for the vignette-style USMLE exam, and a concise, integrated, clinical overview of Step 1 content. This bestselling USMLE review book is enjoyable to use and extremely effective for ensuring success on this high-stakes exam."--Publisher's website.
  • DatabaseTo request a login, Stanford students contact Mary.Buttner at
    Examination preparation and subject review for USMLE Step 2 CK Qbank. Includes over 2,000 questions, 1,200 revised questions, 1 diagnostic test, 2 full-length simulated exams).--Website
  • [author, Elliott Wolfe ; content editors, Rochelle Rothstein ... [et al.] ; contributing editors, Lisa Mellor, Randi Bleier].
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  • Theodore X. O'Connell.
    Digital : ClinicalKey2014
    "An easy-to-read review perfect for busy students ... Review material quickly and easily thanks to bulleted lists, algorithms, illustrations, and a new 4-color section featuring key pathologic and clinical images ... Benefit from thorough revisions that ensure high-yield focus and most current overview of board-tested content."--Provided by publisher.
  • Daugherty, Steven R.; Levy, Elissa; Manley, Leslie D.; Manley, Michael; Schwenker, Judy A.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
    Coverage of the specific topics tested on the exam: Internal Medicine; Neurology; Obstetrics/Gynecology; Pediatrics; Psychiatry; and Surgery. In addition to fully preparing you for Step 3 with targeted practice, Kaplan also has strategies specific to the computer-based test.

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