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Exam Prep Materials


  • [edited by] Amanda Mularz, Steven Dalati, Ryan Pedigo.
    Digital : ClinicalKey2017
    Top 100 secrets -- The menstrual cycle -- Premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea -- Abnormal uterine bleeding -- Endometriosis and adenomyosis -- Leiomyomatous uterus -- Anovulation -- Female sexual dysfunction -- Menopause -- Benign lesions of the vulva and vagina -- Lower genital tract infections -- Pelvic inflammatory disease -- Ectopic pregnancy -- Induced abortion -- Contraception -- Benign adnexal masses -- Acute and chronic pelvic pain -- Urinary incontinence -- Pelvic organ prolapse -- Breast disease -- Intimate partner violence -- Puberty -- Amenorrhea -- Infertility -- Ovulation induction and in vitro fertilization -- Spontaneous abortion and recurrent pregnancy loss -- Hirsutism and polycystic ovarian syndrome -- Precancerous lesions of the lower genital tract -- Vulvar and vaginal cancer -- Cervical cancer -- Endometrial hyperplasia and uterine cancer -- Ovarian cancer -- Gestational trophoblastic disease -- Normal physiology of pregnancy -- Pathophysiology of the placenta -- Preconception counseling -- Comprehensive prenatal care -- Nutrition and exercise in pregnancy -- Obstetric ultrasound -- Prenatal diagnosis -- Antepartum fetal surveillance -- Genetics in pregnancy -- Cervical insufficiency and cerclage -- Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy -- Disorders of fetal growth -- Amniotic fluid disorders -- Alloimmunization -- Renal disease in pregnancy -- Pregestational and gestational diabetes -- Hypertension in pregnancy -- Thyroid disease in pregnancy -- Autoimmune diseases in pregnancy -- Neurologic issues in pregnancy -- Pulmonary disease in pregnancy -- Cardiovascular disease in pregnancy -- Infections in pregnancy -- Surgery during pregnancy -- Trauma in pregnancy -- Alcohol and drug abuse during pregnancy -- Obesity in pregnancy -- Multiple gestation -- Labor and vaginal delivery -- Intrapartum fetal surveillance -- Cesarean delivery and vaginal birth after cesarean delivery -- Obstetric anesthesia -- Preterm labor and preterm premature rupture of membranes -- Placenta previa and placental abruption -- Malpresentation -- Postpartum hemorrhage -- Newborn resuscitation -- Postpartum care.
  • Janet T. E. Riddle, Joan Dinner ; foreword by Margaret W. Thomson.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
    --v.1, The structure of the body: cells, tissues and skin; case histories and questions based on nursing care of gastro-enteritis, undernutrition and infestation ; v.2, The skeletal system and the muscular system ; v.3, The circulatory system and the respiratory system ; v.4, The digestive system and the urinary system
  • Karen Schneider and Stephen Patrick.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
  • editor, Samantha M. Pfeifer.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
  • editor, Samantha M. Pfeifer.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
    Endocrinology of Pregnancy -- Fetal Physiology -- Normal Pregnancy, the Puerperium, and Lactation -- Antepartum Care -- Identification of the High-Risk Pregnant Patient -- Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis: Obstetric Ultrasound and Genetic Testing -- Teratology -- Substance Abuse in Pregnancy -- Antepartum Bleeding -- Labor and Delivery -- Intrapartum Fetal Monitoring -- Operative Obstetrics -- Obstetric Anesthesia -- Postterm Pregnancy -- Preterm Labor -- Hypertension in Pregnancy -- Other Medical Complications of Pregnancy -- The Gynecologic Office Visit -- The Menstrual Cycle -- Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology -- Müllerian Anomalies and Disorders of Sexual Development -- Amenorrhea -- Abnormal Uterine Bleeding -- Polycystic Ovary Syndrome -- Hirsutism and Hyperandrogenic Disorders -- Pelvic Pain -- Endometriosis -- Uterine Leiomyomas -- The Infertile Couple -- Ectopic Pregnancy -- Recurrent Pregnancy Loss -- Family Planning: Contraception and Complications -- Sexually Transmitted Infections -- Pelvic Inflammatory Disease -- Vulvovaginitis -- Disorders of the Pelvic Floor -- Menopause -- Breast Disease -- Gestational Trophoblastic Disease -- Pelvic Malignancies -- Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Assault -- Medicolegal Considerations in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • [edited by] Michael Belden.
    Digital : ClinicalKey2010
    Designed to teach you to think like a more experienced clinician, Obstetrics and Gynecology: A Competency-Based Companion, by Michael Belden, MD, places as much value on process as it does on content. This unique resource features a case-based organization that hones in on essential knowledge in obstetrics and gynecology. Its convenient pocket-sized format enables you to review the material on the go, and online access via Student Consult enhances your study of the material and exponentially boosts your reference power. Provides high-yield core information essential to rotations in a pocket-sized, portable format. Uses a color-coded system that places core information in a framework of the ACGME Core Competencies. Offers self-assessment activities throughout to promote retention and application of knowledge, including access on line to your own competency-based portfolio tools and competency-specific learning modules (Vertical Reads). Features ACGME Core Competencies enabling you to integrate evidence-based medicine, continual self-assessment, and cognizance of interpersonal skills into your daily routine. Includes features such as "Speaking Intelligently" and "Clinical Thinking" in each chapter to help you see the "big picture." Presents "Teaching Visuals"--An interactive teaching device designed to reinforce visual concepts. Equips you to perform a more in-depth review of obstetric and gynecological topics with "Clinical Entities" that link to top references in the field. Includes access to Student Consult at, where you'll find the complete text and illustrations of the book online, fully searchable . "Integration Links" to bonus content in other Student Consult titles . Self-Assessment Competency Log . Professors Pearls that provide cases with questions and annotated answers . Vertical Reads . and much more!
  • Karen M. Schneider, Stephen K. Patrick.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
  • Shireen Madani Sims.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
  • editor, F. John Bourgeois ; associate editors, Megan Bray, Catherine Matthews.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
  • designed by Zeeba Mathews, Arun Mathews, Brandon Patton, and Jeevan Gowda.
    Occam's Razor is designed for people who are studying medicine and want to test, refresh, or add to their knowledge in an enjoyable way. The game covers 28 symptoms, 26 lab tests, and 14 diseases (acute appendicitis, acute cholecystitis, acute coronary syndrome, acute leukemia bacterial endocarditis, C. difficile colitis, congrestive heart failure, diabetic ketoacidosis, gout, community acquired pneumonia, pulmonary embolus, pyelonephritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and septic arthritis). There are four versions: Version 1. Gin Rummy Occam (for a competitive game with friends); Version 2. Deduce the Disease (for social studying); Version 3. (for solitaire play); and version 4. Spoons (for players with little or no medical knowledge).
  • H. Dwyer Dundon.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
    v. 1. 1000 multiple choice questions and referenced explanatory answers.
  • edited by Elinor Jackson and H. Dwyer Dundon.
    Status: Not Checked OutLane Catalog Record
    v. 1. 1200 multiple choice questions and referenced answers.
  • Frederick Hampton Roy.
    Digital : Ovid2002
  • Janice A. Gault and James F. Vander.
    Digital : ClinicalKey2016
  • Surena Namdari, Stephan G. Pill and Samir Mehta.
    Digital : ClinicalKey2015
    Adult reconstruction -- Basic science -- Foot and ankle -- Hand -- Orthopedic oncology -- Pediatric orthopedics -- Rehabilitation and neuro-orthopedic surgery -- Shoulder and elbow -- Spine -- Sports -- Orthopedic trauma.
  • Milo Engoren, Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Michigan, USA, Sean Neill and William Simpson.
    Digital : Cambridge2017
    "The OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) component of the ABA Applied exam is a new concept that involves a number of 'live' practical stations in which candidates must demonstrate communication, professionalism and technical skills to the examiners. This book covers topics that are outlined in the ABA curriculum, presented in a way that emulates the OSCE exam setting, and will help candidates prepare for the exam and test their knowledge. Each station is constructed in clear, logical fashion to make the revision of individual topics more accessible. The sample questions and answers allow self-testing and are complemented by discussions, numerous illustrations and up-to-date clinical guidelines which follow modern-day anesthetic practice. The OSCE Guide for the ABA Applied Examination is a must-have resource which will help candidates further understand and prepare for the OSCE process"-- Provided by publisher. "The Objective Structured Cinical Examination (OSCE) is designed to measure if the examinee can do things. Using written and oral examinations, the examinees have already shown that they knows things, have sufficient knowledge to be anesthesiologists, but are they just "book smart?" When I started in Medical school, certifying examinations were mostly written but some had an oral component where examinees needed to show that they could think and act like a consultant"-- Provided by publisher.
  • by J.H. Wythe ... [v. 1].
    Digital : Google BooksFulltext (v.1)
    Digital : Google BooksFulltext (v.2)
    Digital : Google BooksFulltext (v.3)
    Printv. 1-3.
    pt. 1. General histology. I. Living matter in health and disease. II. Normal and pathological histology of nutrient fluids.
  • [edited by] Dr. Sanja Thompson, Dr. Nicolsa Lovett, Professor John Grimley Evans, Professor Sarah Pendlebury.
    Digital : Oxford Medicine Online2016
    Based around the specialist training curriculum for geriatrics, this volume covers the presentation, management, and treatment of illness in older people and relevant social and ethical issues.

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