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    Includes information on antimicrobial therapy and alternative therapy when the drug of choice cannot be given. The resource delivers information via review articles, capsule summaries, mini-reviews, and a guided PubMed search to pick up post-publication research.
  • Avian influenza 2008, Karger
    Epidemiology of avian influenza / Osterhaus, A.D.M.E., Munster, V.J., Fouchier, R.A.M. -- H5N1 in Asia / Yen, H.-L. ... [et al.] -- Epidemiology and control of H5N1 avian influenza in China / Chen, H., Bu, Z., Wang, J. -- Avian influenza in Northern Eurasia / Lvov, D.K., Kaverin, N.V. -- Avian influenza in Italy, 1997-2006 / Capua, I. ... [et al.] -- Avian influenza outbreaks in Germany : development of new avian vaccines / Werner, O. ... [et al.] -- The role of pigs in interspecies transmission / Brown, I.H. -- History of research on avian influenza / Scholtissek, C. -- Reverse genetics of influenza viruses : applications in research and vaccine design / Neumann, G., Horimoto, T., Kawaoka, Y. -- Receptor specificity of influenza viruses and its alteration during interspecies transmission / Matrosovich, M.N., Gambaryan, A.S., Klenk, H.-K. -- Cleavage activation of the influenza virus hemagglutinin and its role in pathogenesis / Garten, W., Klenk, H.-D. --Structure and function of the influenza A virus ribonucleoprotein : transcription and replication / Ortín, J. -- Influenza A virus polymerase : a determinant of host range and pathogenicity / Stech, J. -- Influenza A virus virulence and innate immunity : recent insights from new mouse models / Haller, O., Kochs, G., Staeheli, P. -- Signaling to life and death : influenza viruses and intracellular signal transduction cascades / Ludwig, S. ... [et al.] -- Cytokines in the pathogenesis of highly virulent influenza viruses in humans / Van Reeth, K. -- Antivirals and resistance / Hay, A.J., Collins, P.J., Russell, R.J. -- The 1918 influenza pandemic : lessons from the past raise questions for the future / Steel, J., Palese, P.
  • Avian influenza virus 2008, Springer Protocols
    A brief introduction to the avian influenza virus / Erica Spackman -- Avian influenza virus sample types, collection, and handling / Mary Lea Killian -- Avian influenza virus RNA extraction from tissue and swab material / Erica Spackman and David L. Suarez -- Type A influenza virus detection and quantitation by real-time RT-PCR / Erica Spackman and David L. Suarez -- Detection and identification of the H5 hemagglutinin subtype by real-time RT-PCR -- Avian influenza virus isolation and propagation in chicken eggs / Peter R. Woolcock -- Hemagglutination-inhibition test for avian influenza virus subtype identification and the detection and quantitation of serum antibodies to the avian influenza virus / Janice C. Pedersen -- Neuraminidase-inhibition assay for the identification of influenza A virus neuraminidase subtype or neuraminidase antibody specificity / Janice C. Pedersen -- Immunohistochemical staining for the detection of the avian influenza virus in tissues / Mary J. Pantin-Jackwood -- Wild bird surveillance for the avian influenza virus / Justin D. Brown and David E. Stallknecht -- Reverse genetics of the avian influenza virus / Chang-Won Lee and David L. Suarez -- Evaluating the cell-mediated immune response of avian species to avian influenza viruses / Darrell R. Kapczynski -- Measurement of avian cytokines with real-time RT-PCR following infection with the avian influenza virus / Darrell R. Kapczynski and Michael H. Kogut.
  • Bacteriophages 2005, CRCnetBASE
  • Peyton Rous: A Centennial Tribute to the Founding Father of Cancer Virology --Viruses and Cancer: A Historical Perspective - HBV and Prevention of a Cancer --Virus-Mediated Cell Proliferation --Viral-Encoded Genes and Cancer --Oncogenic Viruses and Cancer Transmission --DNA Viruses and Cancer: Taking a Broader Look --Herpesviruses and Cancer --Lymphocryptoviruses: EBV and Its Role in Human Cancer --Nonhuman Primate Gamma-herpesviruses and Their Role in Cancer --Rhadinoviruses: KSHV and Associated Malignancies --Retroperitoneal Fibromatosis Herpesvirus and Kaposi's Sarcoma-Like Tumors in Macaques --Murine Gammaherpesvirus-Associated Tumorigenesis --Marek's Disease Virus-Induced T-Cell Lymphomas --Polyomaviruses and Cancer --Polyomavirus SV40: Model Infectious Agent of Cancer --BK Polyomavirus and Transformation --Polyomavirus JC and Human Cancer: Possible Role of Stem Cells in Pathogenesis --Merkel Cell Polyomavirus --Human Papillomaviruses and Cancer --Tumorigenesis by Adenovirus Type 12 E1A --Overview of Hepatitis Viruses and Cancer --Hepadnaviruses and Hepatocellular Carcinoma --Hepatitis C Virus and Hepatocellular Carcinoma --Human and Animal Retroviruses: HIV-1 Infection Is a Risk Factor for Malignancy --HTLV-1 and Oncogenesis --Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus Type 2 (HTLV-2) Biology and Pathogenesis --Mechanisms of Oncogenesis by Avian and Murine Retroviruses --Rous Sarcoma Virus: Contributions of a Chicken Virus to Tumor Biology, Human Cancer Therapeutics, and Retrovirology --Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus and Cancer --Jaagsiekte Sheep Retrovirus and Lung Cancer --Small RNAs and Their Role in Herpesvirus-Mediated Cancers --Viral Malignancies in HIV-Associated Immune Deficiency.
  • Preface / John E. Johnson, Peter K. Vogt -- Flock House Virus: A model system for understanding non-enveloped virus entry and membrane penetration / Amy Odegard, Manidipa Banerjee and John. E. Johnson -- The calciviruses / Umesh Katpally and Thomas J. Smith -- Picornaviruses / Tobias J. Tuthill ... [et al.] -- From touchdown to transcription: The reovirus cell entry pathway / Pranav Danthi ... [et al.] -- Rotavirus cell entry / Matthew Baker and B.V. Venkataram Prasad -- Structures and functions of parvovirus capsids and the process of cell infection / Colin R. Parrish -- Cellular entry of polyomaviruses / Billy Tsai and Mengding Qian -- Adenovirus / Jason G. Smith ... [et al.].
  • The Anthrax Capsule: Role in Pathogenesis and Target for Vaccines and Therapeutics / Arthur M. Friedlander -- Proteomic Studies of Bacillus anthracis Reveal In Vitro CO2-Modulation and Expression During Infection of Extracellular Proteases / Theodor Chitlaru, Orit Gat, Galia Zaide, Haim Grosfeld and Izhak Inbar, et al. -- Dynamics of Bacillus anthracis Infection and Control Mechanisms / Pierre L. Goossens, Ian J. Glomski, Lhousseine Touqui and Michèle Mock -- Survival and Trafficking of Yersinia pestis in Non-acidified Phagosomes in Murine Macrophages / James B. Bliska -- The Inverse Relationship Between Cytotoxicity of Y. pestis and Its Virulence / Emanuelle Mamroud, Avital Tidhar, Yinon Levy, Erez Bar-Haim and Gideon Halperin, et al. -- The NlpD Lipoprotein of Yersinia pestis is Essential for Cell Separation and Virulence / Avital Tidhar, Yehuda Flashner, Sara Cohen, Yinon Levy and Ayelet Zauberman, et al. -- Dissection of the Functions of the IglC Protein of Francisella tularensis / Jeanette E. Bröms, Moa Lavander and Anders Sjöstedt -- Yersinia pestis Lipopolysaccharide in Host-Pathogen Interactions / Andrey P. Anisimov, Svetlana V. Dentovskaya, Anna N. Kondakova, Buko Lindner and Rima Z. Shaikhutdinova, et al. -- The Interactions Between Pathogens and Dendritic Cells: From Paralysis of Cells to Their Recruitment for Bacterial Colonization / Baruch Velan, Erez Bar-Haim, Gal Markel, Hila Cohen and Ayelet Zauberman, et al. -- Comparative Approaches to Identify Host Factors Specifically Targeted by Yersinia pestis During the Infectious Process / Françoise Guinet, Patrick Avé, Louis Jones, Michel Huerre and Elisabeth Carniel -- Poxvirus Entry into Host Cells / Bernard Moss, Zain Bengali, Himani Bisht, Jason P. Laliberte and P.S. Satheskumar -- Role of A33R Amino-Acid 118L in the Interactions of Vaccinia Virus with the Host / Nir Paran, Shlomo Lustig, Anat Zvi, Tomer Israely and Sharon Melamed, et al. -- Inhibitors of Innate Immunity from Vaccinia Virus / Geoffrey L. Smith -- Brucella Species Synchronize Their Life Cycle to the Gestation Cycle of Their Ruminant Hosts / Svetlana Bardenstein and Menachem Banai -- MMP-9 as a Marker for Vaccinia Virus Related Encephalitis / Tomer Israely, Sharon Melamed, Noam Erez, Boaz Politi and Udy Olshevsky, et al. -- Epidemic Cowpox Virus Infections in Germany / Andreas Kurth and Andreas Nitsche -- The Two Partner Secretion Transporters of Yersinia pestis: Cloning, Immunogenicity and In Vivo Expression Following Airway Infection / Yinon Levy, Anat Zvi, Haim Grosfeld, Avital Tidhar and David Gur, et al. --Genetic Detection of Vesicle Forming Pathogens by Arrayed Primer Extension (APEX) / Adi Beth-Din, Ofir Israeli, Ohad Shifman, Dana Stein and Einat Ben-Arie, et al. -- Subtyping Biothreat Bacterial Pathogens / Paul Keim and Talima Pearson -- A Rapid Method for Bacillus anthracis Genotyping / Haim Levy, Morly Fisher, Naomi Ariel, Shay Weiss and Anat Zvi, et al. -- Tularemia - A Disease with an Uncertain Impact on Public Health / Roland Grunow, Daniela Jacob, Andrea Kühn and Herbert Nattermann -- Consequences of Antibiotic Treatment of Francisella tularensis Airways Infections / Erez Bar-Haim, Hila Cohen, Raphael Ber, Ofer Cohen and Avigdor Shafferman -- Novel Live Vaccine Candidates Against Airborne Francisella tularensis / Wayne Conlan and Anders Sjöstedt -- Effect of Disruption of mglA on the Virulence and Immunogenicity of the Francisella tularensis Live Vaccine Strain (LVS) / Ofer Cohen, Galia Zaide, Erez Bar-Haim, Itai Mendelson and Orit Gat, et al. -- Data Mining, Bioinformatic and Immunoinformatic Analyses of Francisella tularensis Schu S4 Genome in Search for Novel Vaccine Candidates / Anat Zvi, Naomi Ariel and Avigdor Shafferman -- Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara (MVA) based Vaccines - Immunostimulatory and Protective Capacity / Michael H. Lehmann, Melanie Kremer, Yasemin Suezer and Gerd Sutter -- Therapeutic Potential of Vaccinia Hyper Immune Sera in Mouse Models of Lethal Orthopoxviruses Infection / Sharon Melamed, Nir Paran, Tomer Israely, Noam Erez and Shaul Reuveny, et al. -- A Live Plaque Vaccine Candidate with Improved Safety and Immunogenecity / V.A. Feodorova, L.N. Pan'kina, E.P. Savostina, O.S. Kuznetsov and N.P. Konnov, et al. -- Protection Against Plague Afforded by Treatment with Polyclonal αLcrV and αF1 Antibodies / Yinon Levy, Yehuda Flashner, Ayelet Zauberman, Avital Tidhar and Moshe Aftalion, et al. -- Combination of Anthrax-Toxin Neutralizing Antibodies: Analysis of Synergism/Antagonism Effect / Ohad Mazor, Einat Ben-Arie, Adva Mechaly, Ronit Rosenfeld and Hadar Marcus, et al. -- The Efficacy of Antibiotic Treatment to Cure Guinea Pigs Intranasally Infected with Bacillus anthracis Spores / Zeev Altboum, Haim Levy, Shay Weiss, Avi Pass and Nili Rothschild, et al. -- Reverse Vaccinology in Bacillus anthracis / Avigdor Shafferman, Orit Gat, Naomi Ariel, Theodor Chitlaru and Haim Grosfeld, et al.
  • Part I. Virology, pathogenesis, and clinical and epidemiological features of disease -- Part II. Host response to infection and genetics of disease -- Part III. Vaccine platforms and treatment options -- Part IV. Animal and tissue culture models of infection -- Part V. Conclusions -- Index.
  • Functional diversity of chemokines and chemokine receptors in response to viral infection of the central nervous system / T.E. Lane, J.L. Hardison, and K.B. Walsh -- Cytokine and chemokine networks : pathways to antiviral defense / T.P. Salazar-Mather and K.L. Hokeness -- Herpes simplex virus and the chemokines that mediate the inflammation / D.J.J. Carr and L. Tomanek -- Influence of proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines on the neuropathogenesis of oncornavirus and immunosuppressive lentivirus infections / K.E. Peterson and B. Chesebro -- HIV-1 coreceptors and their inhibitors / N. Ray and R.W. Doms -- A viral conspiracy : hijacking the chemokine system through virally encoded pirated chemokine receptors / H.F. Vischer, C. Vink, and M.J. Smit.
  • Comparative hepatitis 2008, Springer
  • Coronavirus genome structure and replication / D.A. Brian and R.S. Baric -- Coronavirus transcription : a perspective / S.G. Sawicki and D.L. Sawicki -- The coronavirus replicase / J. Ziebuhr -- Viral and cellular proteins involved in coronavirus replication / S.T. Shi and M.M.C. Lai -- Coronavirus reverse genetics by targeted RNA recombination / P.S. Masters and P.J.M. Rottier -- Coronavirus reverse genetics and development of vectors for gene expression / L. Enjuanes ... [et al.] -- Reverse genetics of coronaviruses using vaccinia virus vectors / V. Thiel and S.G. Siddell -- Development of mouse hepatitis virus and SARS-CoV infectious cDNA constructs / R.S. Baric and A.C. Sims.
  • "Cysteine proteases expressed by pathogenic organisms play key roles in virulence including host entry, feeding and suppression of host immune responses. This book gives comprehensive coverage to all aspects of pathogen cysteine proteases and brings together numerous scientific advances which have been made over many years. Thus, the biochemistry, molecular biology and structure function relationships of these important pathogen enzymes are covered in detail. Written by leading researchers from Europe, Australia and North America, this book is essential reading for students and professionals interested in human medicine and infectious disease research"--Provided by publisher.
  • Dengue virus 2010, Springer
    Prospective cohort studies of dengue viral transmission and severity of disease / Timothy P. Endy, In-Kyu Yoon, Mammen P. Mammen -- Control of dengue virus translation and replication / Suman M. Paranjape, Eva Harris -- Subversion of interferon by dengue virus / Jorge L. Munoz-Jordan -- Dengue virus virulence and transmission determinants / R. Rico-Hesse -- Systemic vascular leakage associated with dengue infections - the clinical perspective / Dinh D. Trung, Bridget Wills -- Markers of dengue disease severity / Anon Srikiatkhachorn, Sharone Green -- Cellular immunology of sequential dengue virus infection and its role in disease pathogenesis / Alan L. Rothman -- HLA and other gene associations with dengue disease severity / H.A.F. Stephens -- Vector dynamics and transmission of dengue virus: implications for dengue surveillance and prevention strategies / Thomas W. Scott, Amy C. Morrison -- Dengue vaccine candidates in development / Anna P. Durbin, Stephen S. Whitehead -- Targeted mutagenesis as a rational approach to dengue virus vaccine development / Joseph E. Blaney Jr., Anna Pl Durbin, Brian R. Murphy, Stephen S. Whitehead.
  • Diabetes and viruses 2013, Springer
  • DNA tumor viruses 2009, Springer
    Polyomavirus life cycle / Ellen Fanning, Xiaorong Zhao, and Xiaohua Jiang -- Transformation by polyomaviruses / Dweepanita Das and Michael J. Imperiale -- Polyomaviruses and disease / Jaime M. Kean and Robert L. Garcea -- The life cycle of human papillomaviruses / Cary A. Moody and Laimonis A. Laimins -- Papillomavirus transformation / Kimberly Johung and Daniel DiMaio -- Papillomaviruses : biology, diversity, and pathogenesis / Hans-Ulrich Bernard -- Adenovirus transformation / Patrick Hearing -- Overview of the large DNA tumor viruses / Subhash C. Verma ... [et al.] -- Epidemiology of EBV infection / Rosemary Rochford -- EBV diseases / Joseph S. Pagano -- The Epstein-Barr virus genome / Jeffery T. Sample ... [et al.] -- Epstein-Barr virus transforming proteins : biologic properties and contribution to oncogenesis / Nancy Raab-Traub -- The Epstein-Barr virus lytic life cycle / Sankar Swaminathan and Shannon Kenney -- Epstein-Barr virus latent infection nuclear proteins : genome maintenance and regulation of lymphocyte cell growth and survival / Eric Johannsen ... [et al.] -- Epstein-Barr virus entry / Richard Longnecker, Lindsey Hutt-Fletcher, and Theodore Jardetzky -- EBV immunotherapy / Leslie E. Huye and Cliona M. Rooney -- KSHV epidemiology and subtype evolution / Gary S. Hayward and Denise Whitby --Introduction to diseases associated with Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus / Patrick S. Moore and Yuan Chang -- Organization and expression of the Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus genome / Yan Yuan and Rolf Renne -- KSHV latent genes and their regulation / Dirk P. Dittmer -- Regulation of expression, mode of action and downstream targets of ORF50 protein in KSHV lytic cycle activation / Pey-Jium Chang, Jianjiang Ye, and George Miller -- HHV-8/KSHV proteins involved in signaling and transformation / Silke Hartmann, Thomas F. Schulz, and John Nicholas -- KSHV entry and infection of target cells / Bala Chandran and Neelam Sharma-Walia -- KSHV immune evasion / Chengyu Liang ... [et al.] -- Non-coding regulatory RNAs of the DNA tumor viruses / Christopher S. Sullivan and Bryan R. Cullen -- AIDS and associated malignancies / William J. Harrington, Charles Wood, and C. Wood -- Primate models for gammaherpesvirus-associated malignancies / Ilhem Messaoudi, Blossom Damania, and Scott W. Wong -- Murine gammaherpesvirus 68 infection of mice : a small animal model for characterizing basic aspects of gammaherpesvirus pathogenesis / James Craig Forrest, Laurie T. Krug, and Samuel H. Speck.
  • DNA viruses 2004, Springer Protocols
  • Virology: from contagium fluidum to virome -- Principles of virology -- Principles of virus structure -- Virus entry and uncoating -- Viral replication strategies -- Virus assembly -- Viruses, cell transformation, and cancer -- Innate responses to viral infections -- Adaptive immune response to viral infections -- Pathogenesis of viral infection -- Virus evolution -- Epidemiology -- Antiviral agents -- Immunization against viral diseases -- Diagnostic virology -- Picornaviridae: the viruses and their replication -- Enteroviruses: polioviruses, coxsackieviruses, echoviruses, and newer enteroviruses -- Rhinoviruses -- Hepatitis A virus -- Caliciviridae: the noroviruses -- Astroviruses -- Togaviridae -- Alphaviruses -- Rubella virus -- Flaviviridae -- Flaviviruses -- Hepatitis C virus -- Coronaviridae -- Arteriviruses -- Mononegavirales -- Rhabdoviridae -- Filoviridae: marbug and ebola viruses -- Paramyxoviridae -- Parainfluenza viruses -- Mumps virus -- Measles virus -- Henipaviruses -- Respiratory syncytial virus and metapneumovirus -- Bornaviridae -- Orthomyxoviridae -- Orthomyxoviruses -- Bunyaviridae -- Arenaviridae -- Orthoreoviruses -- Rotaviruses -- Orbiviruses -- Retroviridae -- Human t-cell leukemia virus types 1 and 2 -- Human immunodeficiency viruses: replication -- HIV-1: pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, and treatment -- Nonhuman lentiviruses -- Foamy viruses -- Polyomaviruses -- Papillomaviruses -- Adenoviridae -- Adenoviruses -- Parvoviridae -- Circoviridae -- Herpesviridae -- Herpes simplex viruses -- Epstein-Barr virus -- Cytomegaloviruses -- Varicella-Zoster virus -- Human herpesviruses 6 and 7 -- Kaposi's A. sarcoma-associated herpesvirus -- Poxiviridae -- Poxviruses -- Hepadnaviruses -- Hepatitis D (delta) virus -- Hepatitis E virus -- Mimivirus, other viruses infecting phagocytic protists, and their virophages -- Plants viruses -- Insect viruses -- Viruses and prions of yeasts, fungi, and unicellular eukaryotes -- Bacteriophages -- Prions.
  • Filoviruses 2008, Springer
    Introduction -- History of filoviral diseases outbreaks -- Clinical presentation of filoviral disease -- Filoviral disease pathology -- Geographic distribution of filoviruses : serological surveys -- Ecology of filoviruses : search for reservoirs -- Cultivation of filoviruses -- Molecular characteristics of filoviruses -- Laboratory diagnosis of filoviral disease -- Outbreak containment -- Inactivation of filoviruses and disinfection protocols -- Vaccine development -- Treatment of filoviral disease
  • Forgotten cure 2012, Springer
    1. Helpful Little Bodies -- 2. Inside Stalin's Empire -- 3. The Fading of Phage Therapy -- 4. Naked Genes -- 5. 'They're Not a Panacea:' Phage Therapy in the Soviet Union and Georgia -- 6. In Poland: Phages for Diabetes? -- 7. The Renaissance of Phage Therapy -- 8. The Startups -- 9. Four Companies, Four Strategies -- 10. Cows and Chickens -- 11. Approval, At Last -- 12. In Treatment.
  • Glycovirology protocols 2007, Springer Protocols
    The use of monoclonal antibodies and lectins to identify changes in viral glycoproteins that are influenced by glycosylation : the case of respiratory syncytial virus attachment (G) glycoprotein / Joanna Rawling and José A. Melero -- Expression, glycosylation, and modification of the spike (S) glycoprotein of SARS-CoV / Shuo Shen, Timothy H.P. Tan, and Yee-Joo Tan -- Analysis of glycoproteins of viruses in the family bunyaviridae / Xiaohong Shi and Richard M. Elliott -- Secretion of respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein from insect cells using the baculovirus expression system / Boon-Huan Tan, Gaie Brown, and Richard J. Sugrue -- Characterization of the dengue virus envelope glycoprotein expressed in Pichia pastoris / Boon-Huan Tan, Jian Lin Fu, and Richard J. Sugrue -- Cloning, expression, and functional analysis of patient-derived hepatitis C virus glycoproteins / Alexander W. Tarr ... [et al.].Viruses and glycosylation : an overview / Richard J. Sugrue -- Interaction between respiratory syncytial virus and glycosaminoglycans, including heparan sulfate / Louay K. Hallak, Steven A. Kwilas, and Mark E. Peeples -- Expression of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 3a protein and the assembly of coronavirus-like particles in the baculovirus expression system / Sehaam Khan, Mah-Lee Ng, and Yee-Joo Tan -- The C type lectins DC-SIGN and L-SIGN : receptors for viral glycoproteins / Pierre-Yves Lozach ... [et al.] -- Functional analysis of the N-linked glycans within the fusion protein of respiratory syncytial virus / Ping Li ... [et al.] -- Expression and purification of viral glycoproteins using recombinant vaccinia viruses for functional and structural studies / Zhu-Nan Li and David A. Steinhauer -- The use of two-dimensional SDS-PAGE to analyze the glycan heterogeneity of the respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein / Terence P. McDonald and Richard J. Sugrue --
  • Group B coxsackieviruses 2008, Springer
    Coxsackie B viruses: an introduction / B.W. Mahy -- Coxsackieviruses and quasispecies theory: evolution of enteroviruses / E. Domingo ... [et al.] -- Comparative genomics of the coxsackie B viruses and related enteroviruses / M.S. Oberste -- Group B coxsackievirus virulence / S. Tracy and C. Gauntt -- The coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor / P. Freimuth, L. Philipson and S.D. Carson -- Coxsackievirus B RNA replication: lessons from poliovirus / P. Sean and B.L. Semler -- CVB translation: lessons from the polioviruses / J.M. Bonderoff and R.E. Lloyd -- Preferential coxsackievirus replication in proliferating/activated cells: implications for virus tropism, persistence, and pathogenesis / R. Feuer and J.L. Whitton -- The impact of CVB3 infection on host cell biology / D. Marchant ... [et al.] -- Host immune responses to coxsackievirus B3 / S. Huber -- Pediatric group B coxsackievirus infections / J.R. Romero -- CVB-induced pancreatitis and alterations in gene expression / A.I. Ramsingh -- The CVB and etiology of type 1 diabetes / K.M. Drescher and S.M. Tracy -- Persistent coxsackievirus infection: enterovirus persistence in chronic myocarditis and dilated cardiomyopathy / N.M. Chapman and K.S. Kim -- Autoimmunity in coxsackievirus infection / N.R. Rose -- CVB infection and mechanisms of viral cardiomyopathy / K.U. Knowlton.
  • Henipavirus 2012, Springer
    Introduction: Nipah Virus--Discovery and Origin /Kaw Bing Chua --Ecological Aspects of Hendra Virus /Hume Field, Gary Crameri, Nina Yu-Hsin Kung and Lin-Fa Wang --Epidemiology of Henipavirus Disease in Humans /Stephen P. Luby and Emily S. Gurley --Molecular Virology of the Henipaviruses /Paul A. Rota and Michael K. Lo --Henipavirus Receptor Usage and Tropism /Olivier Pernet, Yao E Wang and Benhur Lee --Henipavirus Membrane Fusion and Viral Entry /Hector C. Aguilar and Ronald M. Iorio --Clinical and Pathological Manifestations of Human Henipavirus Infection /K. T. Wong and C. T. Tan --Henipaviruses in Their Natural Animal Hosts /D. J. Middleton and H. M. Weingartl --Nipah and Hendra Virus Interactions with the Innate Immune System /Christopher F. Basler --Animal Challenge Models of Henipavirus Infection and Pathogenesis /Thomas W. Geisbert, Heinz Feldmann and Christopher C. Broder --Diagnosis of Henipavirus Infection: Current Capabilities and Future Directions /Lin-Fa Wang and Peter Daniels --Immunization Strategies Against Henipaviruses /Christopher C. Broder, Thomas W. Geisbert, Kai Xu, Dimitar B. Nikolov and Lin-Fa Wang, et al.
  • Innate immunity in type C hepatitis / Tetsuo Takehara and Norio Hayashi -- Mechanisms of interferon action and resistance in chronic hepatitis C virus infection: lessons learned from cell culture studies / Srikanta Dash ... [et al.] -- Immunological parameters influencing adaptive immune responses to the hepatitis C virus / Patrick Bertolino, Geoffrey W. McCaughan, and David G. Bowen -- Immune responses against the hepatitis C virus and the outcome of therapy / Paul Klenerman and Eleanor Barnes -- Other microbial components associated with hepatitis C virus infection: their effects on interferon- a/ribavirin treatment / Luigi Amati, Vittorio Pugliese, and Emilio Jirillo -- Interferon-induced effector proteins and hepatitis C virus replication / Michael Frese and Eva Dazert -- Treatment of chronic hepatitis C with different genotypes / James Fung, Ching-Lung Lai, and Man-Fung Yuen -- Interferon treatment of hepatitis C virus infection: from basic biology to clinical application / Norihiro Furusyo, Masayuki Murata, and Jun Hayashi -- Interferon-based therapy for hepatitis C virus infections / Ming-Lung Yu and Wan-Long Chuang -- Treatment of chronic hepatitis C in "difficult-to-treat" patients in the clinical setting / Ana Moreno, Rafael Bárcena, and Carmen Quereda -- Effects of combined IFN-alpha/ribavirin treatment in HCV disease-related progression / Davide Festi ... [et al.] -- Pegylated interferons: clinical applications in the management of hepatitis C infection / S. James Matthews and Christopher McCoy.
  • Herpes zoster 2006, karger
    Molecular biology of varicella-zoster virus / Rahaus, M., Desloges, N., Wolff, M.H -- Latency and reactivation of VZV / Lungu, O., Gershon, A.A. -- Laboratory confirmation of herpes zoster / Ludwig, B., Buxbaum, S., Doerr, H.W. -- Clinical picture and complications of herpes zoster: the view of the dermatologist / Gross, G. -- Ophthalmic manifestations of herpes zoster infection / Guembel, H. -- (Herpes) zoster oticus / Pau, H.W. -- Neuroanatomy of pain and neuropathology of herpes zoster and postherpetic neuralgia / Wree, A., Usunoff, K.G. -- Postherpetic neuralgia and other neurologic complications / Baron, R. -- Varicella-zoster virus infections during pregnancy / Sauerbrei, A., Wutzler, P. -- Herpes zoster in the immunocompromised host / Schöfer, H. -- Chickenpox and zoster in marrow transplant recipients / Genvresse, I., Maschmeyer, G. -- General aspects of therapy / Gross, G. -- Antiviral therapy of shingles in dermatology / Lilie, H.M., Wassilew, S.W. -- Highly potent and selective inhibition of varicella-zoster virus replication by bicyclic furo[2,3-d] pyrimidine nucleoside analogues (BCNAS) / Clercq, E.D. -- Therapy of zoster pain, postherpetic neuralgia and other neurological complications / Baron, R. -- Epidemiology of herpes zoster: what has changed? / Allwinn, R., Buxbaum, S., Doerr, H.W. -- Live attenuated varicella vaccine / Gershon, A.A.
  • Therapeutic control of hepatitis C virus: the role of neutralizing monoclonal antibodies / Z. Y. Keck ... [et al.] -- Antibodies for HIV treatment and prevention: window of opportunity? / M. Huber ... [et al.] -- Human monoclonal antibody and vaccine approaches to prevent human rabies / T. Nagarajan ... [et al.] -- Immunoprophylaxis of RSV infection: advancing from RSV-IGIV to palivizumab and motavizumab / H. Wu ... [et al.] -- The molecular basis of antibody protection against West Nile virus / E. Mehlhop ... [et al.] -- Exploring the native human antibody repertoire to create antiviral therapeutics / S. K. Dessain ... [et al.].
  • Human cancer viruses 2008, Karger
    Molecular epidemiology of human papillomavirus infection -- / Gillison, M.L -- Molecular pathogenesis of the human papillomavirus / Mao, C.-P., Wu, T.-C -- Human papillomavirus vaccines / Roden, R., Hung, C.-F., Monie, A., Wu, T.-C -- Hepatitis C virus genetics and the discovery of mechanism based inhibitors of the Ns3/4A protease and NS5B polymerase / LaFemina, R.L -- Role of the hepatitis B virus in hepatocellular carcinoma / Toh, S.-T., Lee, C.G -- Carcinogenesis induced by hepatitis B virus / Cougot, D., Buendia, M.-A., Neuveut, C -- Disease and pathogenesis associated with Epstein-Barr virus / Ambinder, R.F -- The biology and molecular biology underlying Epstein-Barr virus oncogenesis / Martin, H.J., Hayward, S.D -- Kaposi-sarcoma-associated herpesvirus clinical diseases and viral pathogenesis / Damania, B., Dittmer, D.P. -- Molecular biology of human herpesvirus 8 neoplasia / Chaudhary, P.M., Nicholas, J -- Human cancer viruses. Human T cell leukemia virus type 1 and 2: mechanisms of pathogenesis / Arnold, J., Green, P.L -- Chromosomal instability and human T cell leukemia virus 1 transformation / Chi, Y.-H., Jeang, K.-T.
  • Human cytomegalovirus 2008, Springer
    Human cytomegalovirus genome / E. Murphy and T. Shenk -- Human cytomegalovirus microRNAs / P.J. Fannin Rider ... [et al.] -- Mutagenesis of the cytomegalovirus genome / Z. Ruzsics and U.H. Koszinowski -- Cytomegalovirus cell tropism / C. Sinzger, M. Digel and G. Jahn -- Virus entry and innate immune activation / M.K. Isaacson, L.K. Juckem and T. Compton -- Functions of human cytomegalovirus tegument proteins prior to immediate early gene expression / R.F. Kalejta -- Initiation of cytomegalovirus infection at ND10 / G.G. Maul -- Functional roles of the human cytomegalovirus essential IE86 protein / M.F. Stinski and D.T. Petrik -- Nuts and bolts of human cytomegalovirus lytic DNA replication / G.S. Pari -- Interactions of human cytomegalovirus proteins with the nuclear transport machinery / T. Stamminger -- Structure and formation of the cytomegalovirus virion / W. Gibson -- Human cytomegalovirus modulation of signal transduction / A.D. Yurochko -- Chemokines and chemokine receptors encoded by cytomegaloviruses / P.S. Beisser ... [et al.] -- Subversion of cell cycle regulatory pathways / V. Sanchez and D.H. Spector -- Modulation of host cell stress responses by human cytomegalovirus / J.C. Alwine -- Control of apoptosis by human cytomegalovirus / A.L. McCormick -- Aspects of human cytomegalovirus latency and reactivation / M. Reeves and J. Sinclair -- Murine model of cytomegalovirus latency and reactivation / M.J. Reddehase ... [et al.] -- Cytomegalovirus immune evasion / C. Powers ... [et al.] -- Cytomegalovirus vaccine development / M.R. Schleiss -- Cytomegalovirus infection in the human placenta: maternal immunity and developmentally regulated receptors on trophoblasts converge / L. Pereira and E. Maidji -- Mechanisms of cytomegalovirus-accelerated vascular disease: induction of paracrine factors that promote angiogenesis and wound healing / D.N. Streblow ... [et al.] -- Manifestations of human cytomegalovirus infection: proposed mechanisms of acute and chronic disease / W. Britt.
  • Human herpesvirus-6. 2nd ed. 2006, ScienceDirect
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    Analysis of HPV DNA replication using transient transfection and cell-free assays / Bing Yuan Lin, Thomas R. Broker, and Louise T. Chow -- Detection and quantitation of HPV DNA replication by southern blotting and real-time PCR / Iain M. Morgan and Ewan R. Taylor -- Analysis of E7/RB associations / Sandra Caldeira, Wen Dong, and Massimo Tommasino -- Transformation assays for HPV oncoproteins / Paola Massimi and Lawrence Banks -- Analysis of adeno-associated virus and hpv interaction / Paul L. Hermonat ... [et al.] -- In vitro assays of substrate degradation induced by high-risk HPV E6 oncoproteins / Miranda Thomas and Lawrence Banks -- Measuring the induction or inhibition of apoptosis by HPV proteins / Anna M. Kowalczyk ... [et al.] -- Codon optimization of papillomavirus genes / Martin Muller -- Generation of HPV pseudovirions using transfection and their use in neutralization assays / Christopher B. Buck ... [et al.] -- Generation and application of HPV pseudovirions using vaccinia virus / Martin Sapp and Hans-Christoph Selinka.Differentiation of HPV-containing cells using organotypic "raft" culture or methylcellulose / Regina Wilson and Laimonis A. Laimins -- Propagation of infectious, high-risk HPV in organotypic "raft" culture / Margaret E. McLaughlin-Drubin and Craig Meyers -- Retrovirus-mediated gene transfer to analyze HPV gene regulation and protein functions in organotypic "raft" cultures / N. Sanjib Banerjee, Louise T. Chow, and Thomas R. Broker -- The HPV xenograft severe combined immunodeficiency (scid) mouse model / William Bonner -- The cottontail rabbit papillomavirus model of high-risk HPV-induced disease / Janet L. Brandsma -- Studying the HPV lifecycle in 3A trophoblasts and resulting pathophysiology / Yong Liu, Hong You, and Paul L. Hermonat -- Replication and encapsidation of papillomaviruses in saccharomyces cerevisiae / Peter C. Angeletti -- Analysis of the regulation of viral transcription / Bernd Gloss, Mina Kalantari, and Hans-Ulrich Bernard -- Analysis of HPV transcripts by RPA / Jason M. Bodily and Craig Meyers -- Analysis of regulatory motifs within HPV transcripts / Sarah A. Cumming and Sheila V. Graham -- Detection of HPV transcripts by nested RT-PCR / Christine Mant, Barbara Kell, and John Cason --Identification of new papillomavirus types / Ethel-Michele de Villiers, Corinna Whitley, and Karin Gunst -- Identification of HPV variants / John Cason, Jon Bible, and Christine Mant -- Histochemical analysis of cutaneous HPV-associated lesions / Kiyofumi Egawa -- Histochemical analysis of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia / Michael Babawale ... [et al.] -- Detection of papillomavirus proteins and DNA in paraffin-embedded tissue sections / Woei Ling Peh and John Doorbar -- Detection and quantitation of HPV gene expression using real-time PCR / Rashmi Seth ... [et al.] -- Analysis of P16INK4A and integrated genomes as progression markers / Svetlana Vinokurova, Nicolas Wentzensen, and Magnus von Knebel Doeberitz -- Use of biomarkers in the evaluation of CIN grade and progression of early CIN / Jan P.A. Baak and Arnold-Jan Kruse -- HPV DNA detection and typing in cervical scrapes / Peter J. F. Snijders ... [et al.] -- HPV DNA detection and typing in inapparent cutaneous infections and premalignant lesions / Maurits de Koning ... [et al.] -- Establishing HPV-containing keratinocyte cell lines from tissue biopsies / Margaret Anne Stanley -- Using an immortalized cell line to study the HPV lifecycle in organotypic "raft" cultures / Paul F. Lambert ... [et al.] --
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  • Modern evolutionary history of the human KSHV genome / G.S. Hayward and J.-C. Zong -- Rhesus monkey rhadinovirus : a model for the study of KSHV / C.M. O'Connor and D.H. Kedes --the Rta/Orf50 transactivator proteins of the gamma-herpesviridae / M.R. Staudt and D.P. Dittmer -- Structure and function of latency-associated nuclear antigen / S.C. Verma, K. Lan, and E. Robertson -- The KSHV and other human herpesviral G protein-coupled receptors / M. Cannon -- Regulation of KSHV lytic gene expression / H. Deng, Y. Liang, and R. Sun -- Karposi sarcoma herpesvirus-encoded interferon regulator factors / M.K. Offermann -- Endothelial cell- and lymphocyte-based in vitro systems for understanding KSHV biology / S.C. McAllister and A.V. Moses -- KSHV after an organ transplant : should we screen? / A.-G. Marcelin, V. Calvez, and E. Dussaix -- Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus and other viruses in human lymphomagenesis / E. Cesarman and E.A. Mesri -- The use of antiviral drugs in the prevention and treatment of Kaposi sarcoma, multicentric Castleman disease / C. Casper and A. Wald -- Interactions between HIV-1 Tat and KSHV / Y. Aoki and G. Tosato.
  • David Escors and Karine Breckpot --Development of Retroviral and Lentiviral Vectors /David Escors, Grazyna Kochan, Holly Stephenson and Karine Breckpot --Cell and Tissue Gene Targeting with Lentiviral Vectors /David Escors, Grazyna Kochan, Holly Stephenson and Karine Breckpot --Immunomodulation by Genetic Modification Using Lentiviral Vectors /Frederick Arce, Karine Breckpot, Grazyna Kochan and David Escors --Clinical Grade Lentiviral Vectors /Grazyna Kochan, David Escors, Holly Stephenson and Karine Breckpot --Human Gene Therapy with Retrovirus and Lentivirus Vectors /Grazyna Kochan, Holly Stephenson, Karine Breckpot and David Escors.
  • Lentivirus gene engineering protocols 2003, Springer Protocols
  • Viral entry / S.B. Sieczarski and G.R. Whittaker -- The many mechanisms of viral membrane fusion proteins / L.J. Earp ... [et al.] -- The role of the cytoskeleton during viral infection / K. Döhner and B. Sodeik --Nuclear import in viral infections / U.F. Greber and M. Fornerod -- Viral RNA replication in association with cellular membranes / A. Salonen, T. Ahola, and L. Kääriäinen -- Synthesis and quality control of viral membrane proteins / C. Maggioni and I. Braakman -- Receptor modulation in viral replication : HIV, HSV, HHV-8 and HPV : same goal, different techniques to interface with MHC-I antigen presentation / V. Piguet -- Trafficking of viral membrane proteins / R. Byland and M. March.
  • The woodchuck: a model for immunopathogenesis and therapy of hepadnaviral infection / Roggendorf, M., Lu, M. -- Pathogenesis of hepatitis B virus in transgenic mice / Sitia, G. ... [et al.] -- Transfer of HBV genomes into mice / Oberwinkler, H. ... [et al.] -- Recent advances in the duck hepatitis B virus model of human hepatitis B virus infection / Jilbert, A.R. -- Determinants of hepadnaviral species and liver cell tropism / Funk, A. ... [et al.] -- T-cell response to hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus: lessons learned from the chimpanzee model / Thimme, R. ... [et al.] -- The replicon system as an efficient tool to study HCV RNA replication / Lohmann, V. -- Hepatitis B virus infection of primary tupaia hepatocytes / Kück, J., Glebe, D. -- Tupaia belangeri as a model for hepatitis C virus infection / Baumert, T. ... [et al.] -- Primary human hepatocytes as an in vitro model for hepatitis B virus infection / Boehm, S. ... [et al.] -- Progress and perspectives of the uPA/RAG-2 mouse model: liver repopulation and viral infection studies / Dandri, M. ... [et al.] -- The trimera mouse model of HBV and HCV infection / Bücher, W.O., Reisner, Y.
  • Viruses and the innate immune system / Megan L. Shaw, Peter Palese -- How viruses elicit interferon production / David E. Levy, Isabelle J. Marié -- Gene modulated by interferons and double-stranded RNA / Saumendra N. Sarkar, Gregory A. Peters, Ganes C. Sen -- Immunoevasive strategies: host and virus / Markus Wagner, Shahram Misaghi, Hidde L. Ploegh -- Interferon antagonists of influenza viruses / Adolfo Garcia-Sastre -- The anti-interferon mechanisms of paramyxoviruses / Nicola Stock, Stephen Goodbourn, Richard E. Randall -- The strategy of conquest / Sunil J. Advani, Bernard Roizman -- Immunomodulation by poxviruses / James B. Johnston, Grant McFadden -- Interferon antagonists encoded by emerging RNA viruses / Christopher F. Basler -- Viral pathogenesis and toll-like receptors / Susan R. Ross -- Digesting oneself and digesting microbes / Montrell Seay, Savithramma Dinesh-Kumar, Beth Levine -- Genetic variation in host defenses and viral infections / Eunhwa Choi, Stephen J. Chanock.
  • The role of mucosal immunity in protection against viral diseases / Vandana Madkan, Karan Sra, and Stephen K. Tyring -- Anogenital mucosal immunology and virology / Anthony Simmons -- Gastrointestinal mucosal immunology / David A. Bland, Carlos A. Barrera, and Victor E. Reyes -- Virology of the gastrointestinal tract / Richard L. Ward ... [et al.] -- Oral manifestations of viral diseases / Denis P. Lynch -- Common respiratory viruses and pulmonary mucosal immunology / David B. Huang -- Ophthalmic manifestations of viral diseases / Steven Yeh and Mitchell P. Weikert.
  • Neuroviral infections : a historical perspective -- Neuroviral infections and immunity -- Controlling neuroinflammation : lessons from rabies virus -- Laboratory diagnosis of CNS viral infections -- New trends in antiviral therapy of CNS infections -- Animal models of viral encephalitis -- Herpes simplex virus and human CNS infections -- CNS, neurological infections caused by the herpes virus Varicella zoster virus (VZV) and models of VZV-neurotropism -- Epstein- Barr virus and CNS infections -- Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection -- Human herpesvirus 6A, 6B, and 7 encephalitis -- The human polyomavirus JC and progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy.
  • Alphavirus neurovirulence -- Neurological chikungunya : lessons from recent epidemics, animal models, and other alphavirus family members -- Arenaviruses and neurovirology -- Bunyaviruses -- Human coronaviruses : respiratory pathogens revisited as infectious neuroinvasive, neurotropic, and neurovirulent agents -- Non-polio enteroviruses, polioviruses, and human CNS infections -- Neurovirulence of West Nile Virus -- Murray Valley encephalitis virus -- Japanese encephalitis virus and human CNS infection -- Tick Borne Encephalitis Virus (TBEV) infection -- Saint Louis encephalitis -- Powassan virus infection -- Neurological Dengue -- Influenza virus and CNS infections -- Human paramyxoviruses and infections of the central nervous system -- Rabies virus neurovirulence -- Rubella virus infections -- Human T-lymphotropic virus -- Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) neuropathogenesis.
  • Nidoviruses 2006, Springer
    Viral RNA synthesis -- Protein synthesis, structure, and processing -- Viral assembly and release -- Viral entry -- Pathogenesis of non-human coronaviruses -- Pathogenesis of arteriviruses and toroviruses -- Pathogenesis of human coronaviruses -- Vaccines, antiviral drugs, and diagnostics.
  • The second volume on One Health explains in detail how to implement three key aspects of the One Health paradigm food safety and security, national plans for a holistic one health approach, and relevant new technologies and approaches. The fourteen chapters, each by an internationally recognized authority, are organized into three sections of four or five chapters each, that break new ground in clarifying precisely how One Health can become an operational reality in local, national and international public health initiatives. Section three begins with an international overview on food safety and security. The importance of a One Heath approach is then explained in relation to four specific problems?the growing prevalence of antibiotic resistance, bovine spongiform encephalopathy and pathogenic E.coli. Section four begins with the role of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in promoting One Health. The formulation and implementation of national plans for implementing the One Health paradigm are then set out for Africa, the Western Pacific, Southeast Asia and Mongolia. The final section of this two volume book is devoted to implementing new technologies and new approaches to One Health. A wide-ranging analysis considers the importance of climate change and a social-ecological systems approach, as well as how to operationalize One Health, how to move from emergency response to prevention at source, and how to implement an educational strategy that builds a foundation for One Health in emerging disease management. It is anticipated that this two volume book will become a benchmark for practitioners of One Health, empowering a balanced multidisciplinary approach to the complexities of the human-animal-environment interface.
  • Papillomaviruses 2007, Springer
  • Parasitoid viruses. 1st ed. 2012, ScienceDirect
    "Parasitoids are parasitic insects that kill their insect hosts in immature pre-reproductive stages. Parasitoids are employed in biological control programs worldwide to kill insect pests and are environmentally safe and benign alternatives to chemical pesticides. As resistance to chemical pesticides continues to escalate in many pest populations, attention is now refocusing on biologically based strategies to control pest species in agriculture and forestry as well as insect vector populations that transmit human and animal diseases. Parasitoids are an economically critical element in this equation and in integrated pest management. Viruses have evolved intimate associations with parasitoids, and this book features a large section on symbiotic viruses that are integrated into the wasp chromosomal DNA (polydnaviruses). A separate section on parasitoid venoms, which are of interest to the pharmaceutical and medical communities as well as insect-oriented biologists, is also featured"--Back cover.
  • Plant virology protocols. 2nd ed. 2008, Springer Protocols
  • Polyomaviruses and human diseases / Nasimul Ahsan and Keerti V. Shah -- Discovery and epidemiology of the human polyomaviruses BK virus (BKV) and JC virus (JCV) / Wendy A. Knowles -- Phylogenomics and molecular evolution of polyomaviruses / Keith A. Crandall ... [et al.] -- Virus receptors and tropism / Aarthi Ashok and Walter J. Atwood -- Serological cross reactivity between polyomavirus capsids / Raphael P. Viscidi and Barbara Clayman -- Molecular genetics of the BK virus / Christopher L. Cubitt -- Serological diagnosis of human polyomavirus infection / Annika Lundstig and Joakim Dillner -- Human polyomavirus JC and BK persistent infection / Kristina Doerries -- Immunity and autoimmunity induced by polyomaviruses / Ole Petter Rekvig, Signy Bendiksen, and Ugo Moens -- The pathobiology of polyomavirus virus infection in man / Parmjeet Randhawa, Abhay Vats, and Ron Shapiro -- Polymoavirus-associated nephropathy in renal transplantation / Hans H. Hirsch ... [et al.] -- BK virus and immunosuppressive agents / Irfan Agha and Daniel C. Brennan -- BK virus infection after non-renal transplantation / Martha Pavlakis, Abdolreza Haririan, and David K. Klassen -- Latent and productive polyomavirus infections of renal allografts / Volker Nickeleit, Harsharan K. Singh, and Michael J. Mihatsch -- Urine cytology findings of polyomavirus infections / Harsharan K. Singh ... [et al.] -- Diagnosis and treatment of BK virus-associated transplant nephropathy / Abhay Vats, Parmjeet S. Randhawa, and Ron Shapiro -- Pharmacotherapeutic options for the management of human polyomaviruses / Julie Roskopf ... [et al.] -- Leflunomide in solid organ transplantation and polyoma virus infection / Michelle A. Josephson ... [et al.] -- JC virus can infect human immune and nervous system progenitor cells / Jean Hou, Pankaj Seth, and Eugene O. Major -- The polyomavirus, JCV, and its involvement in human disease / Kamel Khalili, Jennifer Gordon, and Martyn K. White -- Transforming activities of JC virus early proteins / Richard J. Frisque, Catherine Hofstetter, and Shiva K. Tyagarajan -- Polyomavirus in human cancer development / Winston Lee and Erik Langhoff -- BK virus, JC virus, and simian virus 40 infection in humans and association with human tumors / Giuseppe Barbanti-Brodano ... [et al.] -- Epidemiologic studies of polyomaviruses and cancer / Dana E.M. Rollison.
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  • Virology and pathogenesis / Pfister, H. -- Epidemiology of mucosotropic papillomaviruses / Gissmann, L. -- Condylomata acuminata / Gross, G. -- Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis / Wittekindt, C.; Wagner, S.; Klussmann, J.P. -- Cervical cancer and intraepithelial neoplasia / Schneider, A. ... [et al.] -- Cancer and intraepithelial neoplasia of the vulva and vagina / Petry, K.U. -- Penile cancer and penile intraepithelial neoplasia / Gross, G. -- Anal cancer and intraepithelial neoplasia / Wieland, U. ; Kreuter, A. -- Tonsillar cancer / Klussmann, J.P.; Wagner, S.; Wittekindt, C. -- Cytology / Ikenberg, H. -- Concepts of biomarker development / von Knebel Doeberitz, M.; Vinokurova, S.; Reuschenbach, M. -- Detection of human papillomavirus DNA and RNA / Ikenberg, H. -- Human papillomavirus testing in primary screening for cervical cancer / Petry, K.U. -- Primary prevention by vaccination / Kaufmann, A.M.; Gissmann, L.
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    History of rabies research -- Rabies virus -- Epidemiology -- Molecular epidemiology -- Rabies in terrestrial animals -- Bat rabies -- Human disease -- Pathogenesis -- Pathology -- Immunology -- Laboratory diagnosis of rabies -- Measures of rabies immunity -- Rabies vaccines -- Next generation of rabies vaccines -- Public health management of humans at risk -- Therapy of human rabies -- Dog rabies and its control -- Rabies control in wild carnivores -- Blueprint for rabies prevention and control -- Future developments and challenges.
  • Reoviruses 2006, Springer
    Attachment and cell entry of mammalian orthoreovirus / K.M. Guglielmi ... [et al.] -- Early steps in rotavirus cell entry / S. Lopez and C.F. Arias -- Early steps in avian reovirus morphogenesis / J. Benavente and J. Martinez-Costas -- Bluetongue virus assembly and morphogenesis / P. Roy and R. Noad -- Reovirus structure and morphogenesis / K.M. Coombs -- Rotavirus genome replication and morphogenesis : role of the viroplasm / J.T. Patton ... [et al.] -- Rotavirus proteins : structure and assembly / J.B. Pesavento ... [et al.] --- Structural studies on orbivirus proteins and particles / D.I. Stuart and J.M. Grimes -- Rotavirus assembly : an alternative model that utilizes and atypical trafficking pathway / S. Chwetzoff and G. Trugnan.
  • Rubella viruses 2007, ScienceDirect
  • SARS- and other coronaviruses 2008, Springer Protocols
    A pancoronavirus RT-PCR assay for detection of all known coronaviruses / Leen Vijgen ... [et al.] -- Detection of group 1 coronaviruses in bats using universal coronavirus reverse transcription polymerase chain reactions / Leo L.M. Poon and J.S. Malik Peiris -- Detection and sequence characterization of the 3'-end of coronavirus genomes harboring the highly conserved RNA motif s2m / Christine Monceyron Janassen -- RT-PCR detection of avian coronaviruses of galliform birds (chicken, turkey, pheasant) and in a parrot / Francesca Anne Culver, Paul Britton, and Dave Cavanagh -- Detection of group 2a coronaviruses with emphasis on bovine and wild ruminant strains / Mustafa Hasoksuz, Anastasia Vlasova, and Linda J. Saif -- Detection of SARS coronavirus in humans and animals by conventional and quantitative (real time) reverse transcription polymerase chain reactions / J.S. Malik Peiris and Leo L.M. Poon -- Detection of new viruses by VIDISCA / Krzysztof Pyrc ... [et al.] -- Titration of human coronaviruses, HCoV-229E and HCoV-OC43, by an indirect immunoperoxidase assay / Francine Lambert ... [et al.] -- The preparation of chicken tracheal organ cultures for virus isolation, propagation, and titration / Brenda V. Jones and Ruth M. Hennion -- Isolation and propagation of coronaviruses in embryonated eggs / James S. Guy -- Large-scale preparation of UV-inactivated SARS coronavirus virions for vaccine antigen / Yasuko Tsunetsugu-Yokota -- Purification and electron cryomicroscopy of coronavirus particles / Benjamin W. Neuman ... [et al.] -- Production of coronavirus nonstructural proteins in soluble form for crystallization / Yvonne Piotrowski ... [et al.] -- Generating antibodies to the gene 3 proteins of infectious bronchitis virus / Amanda R. Pendleton and Carolyn E. Machamer -- Establishment and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against SARS coronavirus / Kazuo Ohnishi -- Production of monospecific rabbit antisera recognizing nidovirus proteins / Jessika C. Zevenhoven-Dobbe ... [et al.] -- Manipulation of the coronavirus genome using targeted RNA recombination with interspecies chimeric coronaviruses / Cornelis A.M. de Haan ... [et al.] -- Generation of recombinant coronaviruses using vaccinia virus as the cloning vector and stable cell lines containing coronaviral replicon RNAs / Klara Kristin Eriksson, Divine Makia, and Volker Thiel -- Transient dominant selection for the modification and generation of recombinant infectious bronchitis coronaviruses / Maria Armesto ... [et al.] -- Engineering infectious cDNAs of coronavirus as bacterial artificial chromosomes / Fernando Almazán, Carmen Galán, and Luis Enjuanes -- Systematic assembly and genetic manipulation of the mouse hepatitis virus A59 genome / Eric F. Donaldson, Amy C.Sims, and Ralph S. Baric -- Identification of sugar residues involved in the binding of TGEV to porcine brush border membranes / Christel Schwegmann-Wessels and Georg Herrler -- Pseudotyped vesicular stomatitis virus for analysis of virus entry mediated by SARS coronavirus spike proteins / Shuetsu Fukushi, Rie Watanabe, and Fumihiro Taguchi.
  • Swine influenza 2013, Springer
    Overview of Influenza Viruses /Stephan Pleschka --History of Swine Influenza /Stacey Schultz-Cherry, Christopher W. Olsen, Bernard C. Easterday --Genetics, Evolution, and the Zoonotic Capacity of European Swine Influenza Viruses /Roland Zell, Christoph Scholtissek, Stephan Ludwig --History of Swine Influenza Viruses in Asia /Huachen Zhu, Richard Webby, Tommy T. Y. Lam, David K. Smith --Clinicopathological Features of Swine Influenza /B. H. Janke --Diagnostics and Surveillance for Swine Influenza /Susan Detmer, Marie Gramer, Sagar Goyal, Montserrat Torremorell --Contemporary Epidemiology of North American Lineage Triple Reassortant Influenza A Viruses in Pigs /Alessio Lorusso, Amy L. Vincent, Marie R. Gramer, Kelly M. Lager --History and Epidemiology of Swine Influenza in Europe /Ian H. Brown --Swine Influenza Viruses: An Asian Perspective /Young-Ki Choi, Philippe Noriel Q. Pascua, Min-Suk Song --Swine Influenza Virus Vaccines: To Change or Not to Change--That's the Question /Kristien Van Reeth, Wenjun Ma --Swine Influenza Virus Infections in Man /Whitney S. Krueger, Gregory C. Gray --Interspecies Transmission of Influenza A Viruses Between Swine and Poultry /Hadi M. Yassine, Chang-Won Lee, Yehia M. Saif --The 2009 Pandemic Influenza Virus: Where Did It Come from, Where Is It Now, and Where Is It Going? /Ian York, Ruben O. Donis --Pandemic Influenza A H1N1 in Swine and Other Animals /Julia Keenliside --Therapeutics Against Influenza /Elena A. Govorkova, Jonathan A. McCullers.
  • Pt. I. Principles of taxonomy. The magnitude and diversity of infectious diseases -- What is a classification? -- The tree of life -- pt. II. Bacteria. Overview of Class Bacteria -- The Alpha Proteobacteria -- Beta Proteobacteria -- Gamma Proteobacteria -- Epsilon Proteobacteria -- Spirochaetes -- Bacteroidetes and Fusobacteria -- Mollicutes -- Class Bacilli plus Class Clostridia -- Chlamydiae -- Actinobacteria -- pt. III. Eukaryotes. Overview of Class Eukaryota -- Metamonada -- Euglenozoa -- Percolozoa -- Apicomplexa -- Ciliophora (ciliates) -- Heterokontophyta -- Amoebozoa -- Choanozoa -- Archaeplastida -- pt. IV. Animals. Overview of Class Animalia -- Platyhelminthes (flatworms) -- Nematoda (roundworms) -- Acanthocephala -- Chelicerata -- Hexapoda -- Crustacea -- Craniata -- pt. V. Fungi. Overview of Class Fungi -- Zygomycota -- Basidiomycota -- Ascomycota -- Microsporidia -- pt. VI. Nonliving infectious agents : viruses and prions. Overview of viruses -- Group I viruses : double-stranded DNA -- Group II viruses : single-stranded (+)sense DNA -- Group III viruses : double-stranded RNA -- Group IV viruses : single-stranded (+)sense RNA -- Group V viruses : single stranded (-)sense RNA -- Group VI viruses : single-stranded RNA reverse transcriptase viruses with a DNA intermediate in life-cycle -- Group VII viruses : double stranded DNA reverse transcriptase viruses -- Prions -- Appendices : I. Additional notes on taxonomy -- II. Number of occurrences in some common infectious diseases -- III. Organisms causing infectious disease in humans.
  • TT viruses 2009, Springer
  • Vaccinia virus and poxvirology 2004, Springer Protocols
    An in vitro transcription system for studying Vaccinia virus early genes / Steven S. Broyles and Marcia Kremer -- An in vitro transcription system for studying Vaccinia virus late genes / Cynthia F. Wright -- Studying Vaccinia virus RNA processing in vitro / Paul D. Gershon -- Methods for analysis of poxvirus DNA replication / Paula Traktman and Kathleen Boyle -- Studying the binding and entry of the intracellular and extracellular enveloped forms of Vaccinia virus / Mansun Law and Geoffrey L. Smith -- Pox, dyes, and videotape: making movies of GFP-labeled Vaccinia virus / Brian M. Ward -- Interaction analysis of viral cytokine-binding proteins: using surface plasmon resonance / Bruce T. Seet and Grant McFadden -- Monitoring of human immunological responses to Vaccinia virus / Richard Harrop ... [et al.] -- Vaccinia virus as a tool for immunologic studies / Nia Tatsis, Gomathinayagam Sinnathamby, and Laurence C. Eisenlohr -- Mouse models for studying orthopoxvirus respiratory infections / Jill Schriewer, R. Mark L. Buller, and Gelita Owens --Viral glycoprotein-mediated cell fusion assays using Vaccinia virus vectors / Katharine N. Bossart and Christopher C. Broder -- Use of dual recombinant Vaccinia virus vectors to assay viral glycoprotein-mediated fusion with transfection-resistant primary cell targets / Yanjie Yi ... [et al.] -- Poxvirus bioinformatics / Chris Upton -- Preparation and use of molluscum contagiosum virus from human tissue biopsy specimens / Nadja V. Melquiot and Joachim J. Bugert.Working safely with Vaccinia virus: laboratory technique and the role of Vaccinia vaccination / Stuart N. Isaacs -- Construction and isolation of recombinant Vaccinia virus using genetic markers / María M. Lorenzo, Inmaculada Galindo, and Rafael Blasco -- Construction of recombinant Vaccinia virus: cloning into the thymidine kinase locus / Chelsea M. Byrd and Dennis E. Hruby -- Transient and inducible expression of Vaccinia/T7 recombinant viruses / Mohamed Ragaa Mohamed and Edward G. Niles -- Construction of recombinant Vaccinia viruses using leporipoxvirus-catalyzed recombination and reactivation of orthopoxvirus DNA / Xiao-Dan Yao and David H. Evans -- Construction of cDNA libraries in Vaccinia virus / Ernest S. Smith, Shuying Shi, and Maurice Zauderer -- Construction and isolation of recombinant MVA / Caroline Staib, Ingo Drexler, and Gerd Sutter -- Growing poxviruses and determining virus titer / Girish J. Kotwal and Melissa-Rose Abrahams -- Rapid preparation of Vaccinia virus DNA template for analysis and cloning by PCR / Rachel L. Roper -- Orthopoxvirus diagnostics / Hermann Meyer, Inger K. Damon, and Joseph J. Esposito --
  • Varicella-zoster virus 2010, Springer
    The Varicella-zoster virus genome -- VZV molecular epidemiology -- Roles of cellular transcription factors in VZV replication -- Effects of Varicella-zoster virus on cell cycle regulatory pathways -- Varicella-zoster virus open reading frame 66 protein kinase and its relationship to alphaherpesvirus US3 kinases -- VZV ORF 47 serine protein kinase and its viral substrates -- Overview of Varicella-zoster virus glycoproteins gC, gH and gL -- Analysis of the function of glycoproteins E and I and their promoters during VZV replication in virto and in skin and T cell xenografts in the SCID mouse model of VZV pathogenesis -- Varicella-zoster virus glycoprotein M -- Varicella zoster virus immune evasion strategies -- VZV Infection of keratinocytes: production of cell-free infectious virions in vivo -- Varicella-zoster virus T cell tropism and the pathogenesis of skin infection -- Experimental models to study varicella zoster virus infection of neurons -- Molecular characterization of Varicella zoster virus (VZV) in latently infected human ganglia: physical state and abundance of VZV DNA, quantitation of viral transcripts and detection of VZV-specific proteins -- Neurological disease produced by Varicella zoster virus reactivation without rash -- Varicella-zoster virus neurotropism in SCID mouse-human DRG xenografts -- Rodent models of Varicella-zoster virus neurotropism -- Simian Varicella virus: molecular virology -- Simian Varicella virus pathogenesis -- Varicella-zoster virus vaccine : molecular genetics -- VZV T-cell-mediated immunity -- Perspectives on vaccines against Varicella-zoster virus infections.
  • For a virus to invade a host cell it needs to penetrate the physical barrier imposed by the plasma membrane. Viruses have evolved specialized surface proteins to meet this challenge. These proteins facilitate delivery of the viral genetic information into the host cell by either fusing the viral envelope with a host cell membrane or by forming membrane pores. Membrane fusion and pore formation critically depend on the engagement of host cell receptors and receptor choice is a key determinant of viral tropism. The multi-faceted interplay between viral and cellular factors during virus entry is a fascinating field of study, which can provide important insight into viral pathogenesis and define new targets for intervention. This book provides a comprehensive overview of this exciting field of research.
  • Viral genome replication 2009, Springer
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