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  • Pediatric cancer 2012, Springer
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  • Chest Ultrasound (US) / Goya Enriquez, Celestino Aso and Xavier Serres -- The Contribution of Nuclear Medicine to Pulmonary Imaging / Michael J. Gelfand and David L. Gilday -- Helical Multidetector Chest CT / Pilar García-Peña and Catherine M. Owens -- High-Resolution CT of the Lung in Children / Javier Lucaya and Hubert Ducou Le Pointe -- Pulmonary Malformations Beyond the Neonatal Period / Josep M. Mata and Amparo Castellote -- CT of Acute Pulmonary Disease: Infection, Infarction, and Trauma / Lane F. Donnelly -- Pediatric Tuberculosis / Pedro A. Daltro and Eloá Nunez-Santos -- How to Perform and Interpret MR Sleep Studies for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children / Lane F. Donnelly -- Foreign Body Aspiration: Imaging Aspects / Benjamin Z. Koplewitz and Jacob Bar-Ziv -- Imaging Evaluation of the Thymus and Thymic Disorders in Children / Donald P. Frush -- Lymphoma - Controversies in Imaging the Chest / Sue C. Kaste -- Chest Tumours Other than Lymphoma / Kieran McHugh -- Thoracic Manifestations of Systemic Diseases / Alan S. Brody -- Radiology of the Chest Wall / Georg F. Eich, Christian J. Kellenberger and Ulrich V. Willi -- Pediatric Cardiac MRI / Rajesh Krishnamurthy and Taylor Chung -- Pediatric Cardiac CT / Laureen Sena, Rajesh Krishnamurthy and Taylor Chung -- Fetal MRI of the Chest / Pedro A. Daltro and Heron Werner -- Neonatal Chest Imaging / Janet L. Strife and Eric J. Crotty.
  • Respiratory system -- Cardiovascular system -- Central nervous system -- Infectious diseases -- Hematology and oncology -- Renal system -- Endocrine system -- Nutrition and the gastrointestinal system -- Immunology -- Metabolic disorders -- Pain management -- Pharmacology and toxicology -- Traumatology -- Statistics -- Ethics.
  • Fundamentals of Gas Exchange and the Assessment of Oxygenation and Ventilation /John S. Sullivan and Toah A. Nkromah --Oxygen Delivery and Oxygen Consumption in Pediatric Critical Care /Juan A. Gutierrez and Andreas A. Theodorou --Hemodynamics /Scott A. Hagen and Timothy E. Corden --Regional Circulations /Demetris Yannopoulos and Vinay M. Nadkarni --Assessment of Cardiovascular Function /Frank A. Maffei --Overview, Structure and Function of the Nephron /Megan Rashid and George J. Schwartz --Physiology of Skeletal Muscle and the Neuromuscular Junction /Ellen D. Iannoli and Michael P. Eaton --Assessment of Neurologic Function /Elizabeth E. Scarlett, Brandi N. Peachey and Jill M. Gotoff --Endothelial Interactions and Coagulation /Trung C. Nguyen and Joseph A. Carcillo --The Inflammatory Response /Mark W. Hall --Genetic Predisposition to Critical Illness in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit /Neal J. Thomas, Mary K. Dahmer and Michael W. Quasney --Conventional Mechanical Ventilation /Joseph D. Tobias --Non-conventional Mechanical Ventilation /Michael D. Dettorre --Mechanical and Electrical Myocardial Support /Sabrina S. L. Tsao, Kendra M. Ward and Denise M. Goodman --Renal Replacement Therapies and Other Extracorporeal Therapies /Andrew L. Schwaderer and Marc B. Lande --Pharmacology /Gretchen L. Brummel and Steven E. Lucking --Cardiovascular Drug Therapy /Frank A. Maffei --Sedation and Analgesia /Richard L. Lambert, Lela W. Brink and Frank A. Maffei.Neuromuscular Blockade /Michael P. Eaton and A. Marika Stone --Use of Blood Products /Jill M. Cholette and Norma B. Lerner --Nutrition in Critical Illness /Margaret A. Satchell --Upper Airway Obstruction /Steven E. Lucking --Severe Asthma /Neal J. Thomas and Frank A. Maffei --Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome /Frank A. Maffei and Neal J. Thomas --Acute Pulmonary Infections /Karen S. Powers --Circulatory Failure/Shock /Hector R. Wong --Sepsis /Angela Lorts, Timothy T. Cornell and Thomas P. Shanley --Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome /Nikoleta S. Kolovos and Barry P. Markovitz --Disorders of Cardiac Rhythm /William G. Harmon --Post-operative Cardiac Care /Surender Rajasekaran and John C. Ring --Cerebral Resuscitation and Traumatic Brain Injury /Ericka L. Fink, Patrick M. Kochanek and Robert S. B. Clark --Neurological Diseases in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine /Michael J. Bell and Aditi Sharangpani --The Approach to the Critically Ill Infant /Frank A. Maffei --Nosocomial Infections /Elise W. van der Jagt --Fluid/Electrolyte/Acid-Base Abnormalities /Michael L. Moritz --Acute Kidney Injury /William S. Varade and Elif Erkan --Acute Liver Injury and Failure in Children /Richard L. Lambert --Hematology and Oncology in Critical Illness /Leonardo R. Brandão, Scott C. Howard, Kenneth W. Gow, Surender Rajasekaran and Robert F. Tamburro --Critical Care Endocrinology /Kecha A. LynShue and Mark A. Sperling --Metabolic Crises /Paul J. Bellino --Trauma/Burn /Robert E. Cilley and Eric H. Bradburn --Toxicology for the Pediatric Intensivist /L. Eugene Daugherty and Frank A. Maffei.
  • Provide the latest in superior quality care for critically ill children with the full-color, updated 4th Edition of Fuhrman and Zimmerman's Pediatric Critical Care. In print, and now online, Drs. Bradley P. Fuhrman and Jerry J. Zimmerman use a comprehensive, organ-systems approach to help you manage a full range of disease entities. Get up-to-the-minute knowledge of topics such as acute lung injury, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, and more. Implement new clinical techniques and diagnostic tests, weigh the varying perspectives of six associate editors with expertise in the field, reference 1,000+ illustrations to aid diagnosis, and keep sharp with online access to board-style review questions. This definitive title will ensure that you consistently deliver the very best intensive care to your pediatric patients. Focus on the development, function, and treatment of a wide range of disease entities with the text's clear, logical, organ-system approach. Keep all members of the pediatric ICU team up to date with coverage of topics particularly relevant to their responsibilities.
  • A state-of-the-art and concise guide to the clinical management of pediatric endocrine disorders, the second edition of the highly regarded Pediatric Endocrinology: A Practical Clinical Guide covers the most common and challenging conditions seen by practicing endocrinologists and primary care physicians, including growth, hypothalamic, pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, calcium and bone, and reproductive disorders, as well as metabolic syndromes. This expanded second edition includes new topics being seen more commonly in pediatric endocrinology practices related to obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus and lipid disorders. Each chapter contains an introductory discussion of the problem, a review of the clinical features that characterize it, the criteria needed to establish a diagnosis, and a comprehensive therapy section delineating the risks and benefits of the best therapeutic options available. Invaluable tables summarize the critical factors in etiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis, and therapeutic dosages. Pediatric Endocrinology: A Practical Clinical Guide, Second Edition, is a comprehensive resource for all clinicians concerned with the myriad endocrinologic disorders seen in children and adolescents.
  • Pediatric ENT 2007, Springer
  • The contributions in this volume cover recent advances and changing concepts on diagnosis and treatment of resistant epilepsy in children. Topics treated are new insights on mechanisms of epileptogenesis in developing brain, multimodality imaging in pediatric intractable epilepsy, pediatric intractable epilepsy syndromes, pediatric temporal lobe epilepsy surgery, critical review of palliative surgical techniques for intractable epilepsy, treatment modalities for intractable epilepsy in hypothalamic hemartomas, contemporary management of epilepsy in tuberous sclerosis.
  • Pediatric fitness 2007, Karger
    Aerobic fitness: what are we measuring? / N. Armstrong, J.R. Welsman -- Anaerobic fitness tests: what are we measuring? / E. Van Praagh -- Secular changes in pediatric aerobic fitness test performance: the global picture / G.R. Tomkinson, T.S. Olds -- Physical fitness of children and adolescents in the United States: status and secular change / R.M. Malina -- Fitness of Canadian children: range from traditional Inuit to sedentary city dwellers, and assessment of secular changes / R.J. Shephard -- Who are the Eurofittest? / G.R.Tomkinson, T.S. Olds, J. Borms -- Changes in Eurofit test performance of Estonian and Lithuanian children and adolescents (1992-2002) / T. Jürimäe ... [et al.] -- Evolution and variability in fitness test performance of Asian children and adolescents / D.J. Macfarlane, G.R.Tomkinson --Secular changes in aerobic fitness test performance of Australasian children and adolescents / G.R.Tomkinson, T.S. Olds -- Prevalence, trends, and environmental influences on child and youth physical activity -- J. Salmon, A. Timperio -- Evolution of maximal oxygen uptake in children / T.W. Rowland -- Distributional changes in the performance of Australian children on tests of cardiorespiratory endurance / J. Dollman, T.S. Olds -- Declines in aerobic fitness: are they only due to increasing fatness? / T.S. Olds, K. Ridley, G.R. Tomkinson.
  • Heart failure--a historical perspective / Abraham M. Rudolph -- Developmental aspects of cardiac performance / David F. Teitel -- Cellular and molecular aspects of myocardial dysfunction / Steven M. Schwartz -- Neurohormonal and immunologic aspects of pediatric heart failure / Reiner Buchhorn -- Genetics of pediatric heart failure / Timothy M. Olson -- Heart failure in the fetus / Lisa K. Hornberger and Masaki Nii -- Heart failure in the neonate / Dana Connolly, Marcelo Auslender, and Michael Artman -- Metabolic causes of pediatric heart failure / Brian D. Hanna -- Cardiomyopathy and myocarditis / J.A. Towbin, Matteo Vatta, and N.E. Bowles -- Inflammatory causes of pediatric heart failure: rheumatic fever, rheumatic heart disease, and Kawasaki disease / Lloyd Y. Tani and Robert E. Shaddy -- Arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death in pediatric heart failure / Michael J. Silka and Jacqueline R. Szmuszkovicz -- Single ventricle lesions / Charles E. Canter -- Right-sided heart failure / Erika Berman Rosenzweig and Robyn J. Barst -- Chronic heart failure in congenital heart disease / Daphne T. Hsu -- Medical management of chronic systolic left ventricular dysfunction in children / Robert E. Shaddy -- Nutritional aspects of pediatric heart failure / Catherine A. Leitch -- Heart failure postpediatric heart transplantation / Mark Boucek -- Cancer treatment-related cardiotoxicities / Svjetlana Tisma-Dupanovic ... [et al.] -- Coronary artery abnormalities / Elfriede Pahl and Stephen G. Pophal -- Heart failure in the postoperative patient / Chitra Ravishankar and Gil Wernovsky -- Ventricular assist devices / Pedro J. del Nido -- Psychosocial aspects of acute and chronic heart failure in children / Kathy Mussatto -- Heart failure in the adult with congenital heart disease (ACHD) / Michael J. Landzberg.
  • Pediatric hematology 2004, Springer Protocols
  • Pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease / di Nardo, G., Cucchiara, S. -- Epidemiology in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease / Koletzko, S. -- Genetics of inflammatory bowel disease / Cooney, R., Jewell, D. -- Pathology of inflammatory bowel disease in children / Harpaz, N. -- Early-onset inflammatory bowel disease : infant, toddler, and pre-school / Lebenthal, E., Branski, D., Walker-Smith, J.A. -- Radiological and imaging features / Laghi, A. ... [et al.] -- Endoscopic modalities in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease / Venkatesh, K., Thomson, M. -- Approach to clinical diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease / Bousvaros, A. -- Growth and puberty in inflammatory bowel disease / Savage, M.O., Mark Beattie, R., Sanderson, I.R.S. -- Treatment by enteral nutrition in inflammatory bowel disease / Köglmeier, J., Heuschkel, R. -- Medical therapy for inflammatory bowel disease in children and adolescents / Kappelman, M.D., Rufo, P.A. -- Surgical therapy / McCrudden Erickson, K., Teitelbaum, D.H., Coran, A.G. -- Transition to adult care / Hait, E.J. ... [et al.].
  • Pediatric informatics 2009, Springer
  • Pediatric interviewing 2010, Springer
    Shut-down interview and relationships -- Medical interview: the opening phase -- History of present illness -- Concluding phase -- Family -- Well-child visit -- Primary care and child mental health -- Sensitive topics: suicidality, child abuse -- Supporting families expressing grief while giving bad news -- Challenging patients -- Wandering interviews -- Using experiential techniques to teach interviewing skills -- Glossary of interviewing terms.
  • Pediatric lymphomas 2007, Springer
    Introduction and historical background: pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma -- Biology and pathology of Hodgkin's disease -- Treatment of pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma -- Treatment of relapsed/refractory Hodgkin lymphoma -- Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: introduction and historical background -- Biology and pathology of pediatric non-Hodgkin lymphoma -- B-cell lymphoma/ Burkitt lymphoma -- Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma -- Precursor B and precursor T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma -- Cutaneous T-cell lymphomas and rare T-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas -- Lymphoproliferative disorders related to immunodeficiencies -- Late effects following lymphoma treatment.
  • Why Should We Write a Book on Pediatric Metabolic Syndrome? Commentaries from Worldwide Experts /Arthur S. Agatston, Arthur S. Agatston, Arthur S. Agatston, Shari Barkin and Gerald S. Berenson, et al. --Epidemiology of the Metabolic Syndrome in Youth: A Population-to-Clinical-Based Perspective /Sarah E. Messiah, Kristopher L. Arheart and James D. Wilkinson --Perinatal Epidemiology of Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors /Barbara Luke and Mary L. Hediger --Metabolic Syndrome in Childhood as a Risk Factor for Type 2 Diabetes /Nicola Santoro, Cosimo Giannini and Sonia Caprio --Effects of Metabolic Syndrome on Atherosclerosis in Childhood /Muhammad Yasir Qureshi, Sarah E. Messiah, Tracie L. Miller and Steven E. Lipshultz --Metabolic Syndrome and Associated Kidney Disease /Carolyn L. Abitbol and Wacharee Seeherunvong --Metabolic Syndrome and Related Liver Diseases /Aymin Delgado-Borrego.The Relationship Between Asthma, Sleep Apnea, and Other Respiratory Disorders and Childhood Metabolic Syndrome /Erick Forno and Annabelle Quizon --The Relationship Between Components of the Metabolic Syndrome and Bone Health /Zeina M. Nabhan and Linda A. DiMeglio --The Relationship of Childhood Obesity with Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure /Muhammad Yasir Qureshi, James D. Wilkinson and Steven E. Lipshultz --Childhood Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer Risk /Stefanie R. Brown and Steven E. Lipshultz --Neurocognitive and Psychological Correlates of Metabolic Syndrome in Childhood /Anna Maria Patino-Fernandez, Amber Daigre and Alan M. Delamater --Genomics of Pediatric Metabolic Syndrome /Evadnie Rampersaud and Maria A. Ciliberti --Physical Activity Assessment and Intervention /Gabriel Somarriba --Nutritional Evaluation and Intervention /Runa Diwadkar Watkins, Daniela Neri and Tracie L. Miller --Pharmacological Therapies of Metabolic Syndrome /Adriana Carrillo-Iregui and Carley Gomez-Meade --Bariatric Surgery to Reverse Metabolic Syndrome in Adolescents /Noor Kassira, Valerie Ann Marks and Nestor de la Cruz-Muñoz --Moving Clinic- and Community-Based Practice into Policy to Address Child Healthy Weight (and Vice Versa) /Danielle Hollar, T. Lucas Hollar and Michelle A. Lombardo.
  • Pediatric neoplasia 2012, Springer
  • v. 1. Sections 1-6 -- v. 2. Sections 7-12.
  • The transcriptome and the hypothalamo-neurohypophyseal system / C. Colin, T. Hindmarch, D. Murphy -- Role of sleep and sleep loss in hormonal release and metabolism / R. Leproult, E. Van Cauter -- Sexual hormones and the brain : an essential alliance for sexual identity and sexual orientation / A. Garcia-Falgueras, D.F. Swaab -- Corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor antagonists : an update / E. Zoumakis, G.P. Chrousos -- New concepts on the control of the onset of puberty / S.R. Ojeda ... [et al.] -- Roles of kisspeptins in the control of hypothalamic-gonadotropic function : focus on sexual differentiation and puberty onset / M. Tena-Sempere -- Role of the growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor 1 axis in neurogenesis / N.D. Åberg -- Sex steroids, growth hormone, leptin, and the pubertal growth spurt / A.D. Rogol -- Endocrine and metabolic actions of ghrelin / V. Gasco ... [et al.] -- Pitfalls in the diagnosis of central adrenal insufficiency in children / R. Kazlauskaite, M. Maghnie -- Central nervous system-acting drugs influencing hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis function / V. Locatelli ... [et al.] -- Genetic factors in the development of pituitary adenomas / S. Vandeva ... [et al.] -- Diagnosis and treatment of Cushing's disease in children / M.O. Savage ... [et al.] -- Prolactinomas in children and adolescents / A. Colao, S. Loche --Pituitary tumors : advances in neuroimaging / G. Morana, M. Maghnie, A. Rossi --Resistin : regulation of food intake, glucose homeostasis, and lipid metabolism / R. Nogueiras ... [et al.] -- Hypothalamic obesity / I. Hochberg, Z. Hochberg --Neuroendocrine consequences of anorexia nervosa in adolescents / M. Misra, A. Klibanski.
  • Techniques and methods in pediatric neuroimaging / Christopher P. Hess and A. James Barkovich -- Normal development of the neonatal and infant brain, skull and, spine / A. James Barkovich and Pratik Mukherjee -- Metabolic, toxic, and inflammatory brain disorders / A. James Barkovich and Zoltan Patay -- Brain and spine injuries in infancy and childhood / Erin Simon Schwartz and Jim Barkovich -- Congenital malformations of the brain and skull / A. James Barkovich and Charles A. Raybaud -- The phakomatoses / Gilbert Vezina and A. James Barkovich -- Intracranial, orbital, and neck masses of childhood / Charles Raybaud and A. James Barkovich -- Hydrocephalus / A. Raybaud and A. James Barkovich -- Congenital anomalies of the spine / Erin Simon Schwartz and A. James Barkovich -- Neoplasms of the spine / A. James Barkovich -- Infections of the developing and mature nervous system / Gary Hedlund and A. James Barkovich -- Anomalies of cerebral vasculature: diagnostic and endovascular considerations / Philip M. Meyers, Van V. Halbach, and A. James Barkovich.
  • Suggestions for history and physical examination -- Headache -- School problems and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder -- Abnormal movements -- Behavioral and sleep problems -- Seizures, epilepsy, and related disorders -- Dizziness, fainting, and loss of balance -- Delay or regression of motor development associated with low muscle tone -- Autism and language disorders -- Cerebral palsy (static encephalopathy) and related problems -- Abnormalities of cranial size and shape, hydrocephalus, and spinal dysraphism -- Common neurological complications of trauma -- Stroke, acute paraparesis, and other serious disorders of acute and subacute onset -- Other important neurological syndromes.
  • Pediatric neurology. Part I-III 2013, ScienceDirect
    pt. II ScienceDirect
    Pt. III ScienceDirect
    The child is neither an adult miniature nor an immature human being: at each age, it expresses specific abilities that optimize adaptation to its environment and development of new acquisitions. Diseases in children cover all specialties encountered in adulthood, and neurology involves a particularly large area, ranging from the brain to the striated muscle, the generation and functioning of which require half the genes of the whole genome and a majority of mitochondrial ones. Human being nervous system is sensitive to prenatal aggression, is particularly immature at birth and development may be affected by a whole range of age-dependent disorders distinct from those that occur in adults. Even diseases more often encountered in adulthood than childhood may have specific expression in the developing nervous system. The course of chronic neurological diseases beginning before adolescence remains distinct from that of adult pathology - not only from the cognitive but also motor perspective, right into adulthood, and a whole area is developing for adult neurologists to care for these children with persisting neurological diseases when they become adults. Just as pediatric neurology evolved as an identified specialty as the volume and complexity of data became too much for the general pediatician or the adult neurologist to master, the discipline has now continued to evolve into so many subspecialties, such as epilepsy, neuromuscular disease, stroke, malformations, neonatal neurology, metabolic diseases, etc., that the general pediatric neurologist no longer can reasonably possess in-depth expertise in all areas, particularly in dealing with complex cases. Subspecialty expertise thus is provided to some trainees through fellowship programmes following a general pediatric neurology residency and many of these fellowships include training in research. Since the infectious context, the genetic background and medical practice vary throughout the world, this diversity needs to be represented in a pediatric neurology textbook. Taken together, and although brain malformations (H. Sarnat & P. Curatolo, 2007) and oncology (W. Grisold & R. Soffietti) are covered in detail in other volumes of the same series and therefore only briefly addressed here, these considerations justify the number of volumes, and the number of authors who contributed from all over the world. Experts in the different subspecialties also contributed to design the general framework and contents of the book. Special emphasis is given to the developmental aspect, and normal development is reminded whenever needed - brain, muscle and the immune system. The course of chronic diseases into adulthood and ethical issues specific to the developing nervous system are also addressed. *A volume in the Handbook of Clinical Neurology series, which has an unparalleled reputation as the world's most comprehensive source of information in neurology. *International list of contributors including the leading workers in the field. *Describes the advances which have occurred in clinical neurology and the neurosciences, their impact on the understanding of neurological disorders and on patient care.
  • Pediatric neuropathology 2007, Springer
  • Pediatric neuroradiology 2005, Springer
    v. 1. Brain -- v. 2. Head and neck, spine.
  • Introduction / S.T. Treves -- Central nervous system: pt. 1, Brain / S.T. Treves, Harry T. Chugani, Blaise F.D. Bourgeois ; pt. 2, Cerebrospinal fluid / S.T. Treves, Alvin Kuruc -- Thyroid / Stephen A. Huang -- Calculation of administered doses of iodine 131 in the treatment of thyroid disease / Robert E. Zimmerman -- Lungs / S.T. Treves, Alan B. Packard -- Cardiovascular system / S.T. Treves, Elizabeth D. Blume, Laurie Armsby, Jane W. Newburger, Alvin Kuruc -- Gastroesophageal reflux, gastric emptying, esophageal transit, and pulmonary aspiration / Zvi Bar-Sever -- Gastrointestinal bleeding / S.T. Treves, Richard J. Grand -- Liver and spleen / S.T. Treves, A.G. Jones -- Kidneys / S.T. Treves, William E. Harmon, Alan B. Packard, Alvin Kuruc -- Vesicoureteral reflux / S.T. Treves, Ulrich V. Willi -- Calculation of glomerular filtration rate / Robert E. Zimmerman, Karl Mitchell, Royal T. Davis -- Bone / Leonard P. Connolly, Laura A. Drubach, Susan A. Connolly, S.T. Treves -- Pediatric oncology / Hossein Jadvar, Barry L. Shulkin -- Infection and inflammation / Christopher J. Palestro, Charito Love, Maria B. Tomas -- Magnification / Royal T. Davis, Robert E. Zimmerman, S.T. Treves -- Single positron emission computed tomography / Frederic H. Fahey, Beth A. Harkness -- Positron emission tomography / Frederic H. Fahey, Ramsey D. Badawi -- Radiation risk / S. James Adelstein -- Internal dosimetry / Michael G. Stabin.
  • Chapter 1. Overview of pediatric nursing -- Chapter 2. Legal and ethical issues -- Chapter 3. The child in context of the family -- Chapter 4. Community and home health nursing -- Chapter 5. School Nursing -- Chapter 6. Theoretical approaches to the growth and development of children -- Chapter 7. Growth and development of the newborn -- Chapter 8. Growth and development of the infant -- Chapter 9. Growth and development of the toddler -- Chapter 10. Growth and development of the preschooler -- Chapter 11. Growth and development of the school-age child -- Chapter 12. Growth and development of the adolescent -- Chapter 13. Child and family communication -- Chapter 14. Pediatric assessment -- Chapter 15. Infectious Diseases -- Chapter 16. Care of children who are hospitalized -- Chapter 17. Chronic conditions -- Chapter 18. Pain management -- Chapter 19. Medication administration -- Chapter 20. Loss and bereavement -- Chapter 21. Fluid and electrolyte alterations -- Chapter 22. Genitourinary alterations -- Chapter 23. Gastrointestinal alterations -- Chapter 24. Respiratory alterations -- Chapter 25. Cardiovascular alterations -- Chapter 26. Hematological alterations -- Chapter 27. Immunologic alterations -- Chapter 28. Endocrine alterations -- Chapter 29. Cellular alterations -- Chapter 30. Integumentary alterations -- Chapter 31. Sensory alterations -- Chapter 32. Neurological alterations -- Chapter 33. Cognitive alterations -- Chapter 34. Musculoskeletal alterations -- Chapter 35. Psychosocial alterations -- Chapter 36. Child abuse and neglect.
  • Pediatric obesity 2010, Springer
  • Pediatric oncology 2005, Springer
    Acute Leukemia / Michael E. Rytting, Mary S. Choroszy, Demetrios Petropoulos and Ka Wah Chan -- Hodgkin Lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma / Ka Wah Chan, Demetrios Petropoulos, Eric L. Chang and Michael E. Rytting -- Brain Tumors: Diagnosis, Surgery and Radiotherapy, and Supportive Care / Joann L. Ater, Jeffrey S. Weinberg, Moshe H. Maor, Bartlett D. Moore and Donna R. Copeland -- Brain Tumors: Chemotherapy and Investigational Therapy / Joann L. Ater, Jeffrey S. Weinberg, Moshe H. Maor and Demetrios Petropoulos -- Wilms' Tumor / Norman Jaffe and Margaret G. Pearson -- Neuroblastoma / Joann L. Ater and Laura L. Worth -- Soft-Tissue Tumors / R. Beverly Raney, Richard J. Andrassy, Martin Blakely, Tina V. Fanning and Moshe H. Maor, et al. -- Osteosarcoma / Norman Jaffe and Margaret G. Pearson -- Ewing's Sarcoma / Cynthia E. Herzog, Anita Mahajan and Valerae O. Lewis -- Retinoblastoma / Misha Faustina, Cynthia E. Herzog and Dan S. Gombos -- Differentiated Thyroid Cancer / Rena Vassilopoulou-Sellin -- Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma / Robert F. Gagel -- Melanoma / Cynthia E. Herzog, Hafeez Diwan, Merrick I. Ross and Victor G. Prieto -- Novel Therapeutic Approaches / Sima S. Jeha and Laura L. Worth -- Supportive Care: Myelosuppression / Nidra I. Rodriguez Cruz, Renee M. Madden and Craig A. Mullen -- Supportive Care: Symptom Control / Renee M. Madden, Susannah E. Koontz-Webb, Donna S. Zhukovsky and Craig A. Mullen -- Behavioral Medicine in Cancer Care / Donna R. Copeland and Martha A. Askins -- The Adolescent and Young Adult Program / Sima S. Jeha and Martha A. Askins.
  • Pediatric oncology 2006, Springer
    General aspects of childhood leukemia -- Acute lymphoblastic leukemia -- Acute myelogenous leukemia -- Myelodysplastic syndrome -- Myeloproliferative syndromes (chronic myeloproliferative disorders) -- Non-Hodgkin lymphoma -- Hodgkin disease -- Histiocytoses -- Brain tumors -- Neuroblastoma -- Nephroblastoma (Wilms tumor) -- Soft tissue sarcoma -- Osteosarcoma -- Ewing sarcoma family of tumors -- Retinoblastoma -- Germ cell tumors -- Hepatic tumors -- Emergencies in pediatric oncology -- Oncological nursing care -- Psychology and psychosocial issues in children with cancer.
  • Pediatric ophthalmology 2009, Springer
  • 2008 Springer
    2010 Springer
    [Volume one contents]: -- 1. Development of ocular refraction: lessons from animal experiments -- 2. Preschool vision screening: is it worthwhile? -- 3. Modern treatment of amblyopia -- 4. Retinopathy of prematurity: molecular mechanism of disease -- 5. Screening for retinopathy of prematurity -- 6. Controversies in the management of infantile cataract -- 7. Management of infantile glaucoma -- 8. Pediatric ocular oncology -- 9. Paediatric electrophysiology: a practical approach -- 10. Clinical and molecular genetic aspects of Leber's congenital amaurosis -- 11. Childhood stationary retinal dysfunction syndromes -- 12. Childhood retinal detachment --13. Eye manifestations of intrauterine infections -- 14. Nonaccidental injury. The pediatric ophthalmologist's role.[Volume two contents]: -- pt. 1. Optic nerve -- 1. Optic neuritis and multiple sclerosis -- 2. Ischemic optic neuropathies -- 3. Optic disc drusen -- 4. Inherited optic neuropathies -- ch. 5. Optic nerve tumours -- 6. Traumatic optic neuropathy ... -- pt. 2. Investigations -- 7. Imaging the nerve fiber layer and optic disc -- 8. Functional neuroanatomy of the human visual system ... -- 9. Investigating visual function with multifocal visual evoked potentials -- pt. 3. Retinal disorders -- 10. Autoimmune retinopathies -- 11. Retinal research : application to clinical practice -- pt. 4. Systemic disease -- 12. Chorioretinal lesions in infectious diseases of neuroophthalmic interest -- 13. Giant cell arteritis -- pt. 5. Oculomotility -- 14. Cerebral control of eye movements -- 15. Chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia ... -- 16. Treatment of specific types of nystagmus -- pt. 6. Rehabilitation -- 17. Rehabilitation in neuroophthamology.[Volume three contents]: -- Epidemiology of Pediatric Strabismus / Amy E. Green-Simms and Brian G. Mohney -- Changes in Strabismus Over Time: The Roles of Vergence Tonus and Muscle Length Adaptation / David L. Guyton -- A Dissociated Pathogenesis for Infantile Esotropia / Michael C. Brodsky -- The Monofixation Syndrome: New Considerations on Pathophysiology / Kyle Arnoldi -- Visual Cortex Mechanisms of Strabismus: Development and Maldevelopment / Lawrence Tychsen -- Neuroanatomical Strabismus / Joseph L. Demer -- Congenital Cranial Dysinnervation Disorders: Facts and Perspectives to Understand Ocular Motility Disorders / Antje Neugebauer and Julia Fricke -- The Value of Screening for Amblyopia Revisited / Jill Carlton and Carolyn Czoski-Murray -- The Brückner Test Revisited / Michael Gräf -- Amblyopia Treatment 2009 / Michael X. Repka -- Best Age for Surgery for Infantile Esotropia: Lessons from the Early vs. Late Infantile Strabismus Surgery Study / H. J. Simonsz, G. H. Kolling and Early vs. Late Infantile Strabismus Surgery Study Group -- Management of Congenital Nystagmus with and without Strabismus / Anil Kumar, Frank A. Proudlock and Irene Gottlob -- Surgical Management of Dissociated Deviations / Susana Gamio -- Surgical Implications of the Superior Oblique Frenulum / Burton J. Kushner and Megumi Iizuka -- Pearls and Pitfalls in Surgical Management of Paralytic Strabismus / Seyhan B. Özkan -- Modern Treatment Concepts in Graves Disease / Anja Eckstein and Joachim Esser.
  • Developmental bone biology -- Imaging approaches for epiphyseal assessment -- Developmental dysplasia of the hip -- Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease -- Coxa Vara in developmental and acquired abnormalities of the femur -- Developmental disorders of the knee -- Deformities due to disorders primarily affecting the epiphyses and metaphyses -- Lower extremity length discrepancies -- Skeletal dysplasias -- Epiphyseal and metaphyseal involvement with metabolic, inflammatory, neoplastic, infectious, and hematologic disorders.
  • Part 1.Trauma Overview --Polytrauma in the Pediatric Patient /Joshua M. Abzug and Martin J. Herman --The Mangled Extremity in Children /Sapan D. Gandhi, Joshua M. Abzug and Martin J. Herman --Compartment Syndrome /Baxter Willis --Part 2.Spine --Cervical Spine Injuries in Children /Steven W. Hwang, Per D. Trobisch, Andrew Jea and Amer F. Samdani --Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Injuries /Hitesh Garg, Joshua Pahys and Patrick J. Cahill --Part 3.Upper Extremity --Supracondylar Humerus Fractures /Joshua M. Abzug, Dan A. Zlotolow and Scott H. Kozin --Upper Extremity Replantation in Children /Joshua M. Abzug, Dan A. Zlotolow and Scott H. Kozin --Part 4.Lower Extremity --Pediatric Hip Fractures and Dislocations /James J. McCarthy, Kenneth J. Noonan and Sapan D. Gandhi --Pediatric Proximal Tibial Fractures with Vascular Compromise /William Hennrikus and Tamara Pylawka --Open Tibia Fractures in Children and Adolescents /Joseph Rosenblatt and Shannon D. Safier --Part 5.Infection --Septic Hip /Peter D. Pizzutillo and Megan Gresh --Necrotizing Fasciitis /Kevin J. Little and Joshua M. Abzug --Part 6.Other --Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis /Panagiotis Peter Glavas and B. David Horn.
  • Antibiotic therapy for acute otitis, rhinosinusitis, and pharyngotonsillitis -- Pediatric hearing assessment -- Speech, voice and, swallowing assessment -- Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections of the head and neck in children -- Polysomnography in children -- Otology -- External otitis -- Diagnosis and management of otitis media -- Tympanostomy tubes and otorrhea -- Chronic disorders of the middle ear and mastoid (tympanic membrane perforations and cholesteatoma) -- Congenital hearing loss (sensorineural and conductive) -- Implantable hearing devices -- Rhinology -- Pediatric facial fractures -- Pediatric epistaxis -- Nasal obstruction in the neonate -- Pediatric allergic nose -- Acute and chronic rhinosinusitis -- Head and neck -- Congenital head and neck masses -- Pediatric stridor -- Inflammatory disorders of the pediatric airway -- Tracheostomy in children -- Cleft lip and palate -- Cough -- Hoarseness in children -- Adenotonsillar disease -- Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) in children -- Pediatric vascular tumors -- Emergencies in pediatric otolaryngology -- Foreign body management -- Deep space neck infections in the pediatric population -- Complications of acute otitis media -- Complications of sinusitis.
  • Pediatric PET imaging 2006, Springer
  • Chest radiographs -- Lateral neck radiographs -- Abdominal radiographs -- Skull radiographs -- Long bone and extremity radiographs -- CT scan review.
  • Overview of childhood cancer : incidence, survival, and late effects -- Challenges of treating children with radiation therapy -- Leukemia -- Tumors of the central nervous system -- Hodgkin lymphoma -- Neuroblastoma -- Wilms' tumor -- Soft-tissue tumors : (rhabdomyosarcoma and other soft-tissue sarcomas) -- Bone sarcomas (osteosarcoma and Ewing's sarcoma) -- Retinoblastoma.
  • Pediatric retina 2011, Springer
  • The History of Sedation -- Procedural Sedation: Let's Review the Basics - The Pediatrician's Perspective -- Sedation Policies, Recommendations, and Guidelines Across the Specialties and Continents -- Sedation Scales and Discharge Criteria: How Do They Differ? Which One to Choose? Do They Really Apply to Sedation? -- Physiological Monitoring for Procedural Sedation: The Routine and Beyond -- The Pediatric Airway: Anatomy, Challenges, and Solutions -- Pediatric Physiology: How Does it Differ from Adults? -- Pharmacology and Clinical Application of Sedatives, Analgesics, and Adjuncts -- Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics in the Pediatric Population -- Billing and Reimbursement for Sedation Services -- The Pediatric Hospital Medicine Sedation Service: Models, Protocols, and Challenges -- The Anesthesia Directed Sedation Service: Models, Protocols, and Challenges -- Sedation in the Intensive Care Unit: Challenges, Outcomes, and Future Strategies -- Sedation for Pediatric Gastrointestinal Procedures -- Sedation in the Emergency Department: A Complex and Multifactorial Challenge -- Sedation of Pediatric Patients for Dental Procedures -- Pediatric Sedation: The European Experience and Approach -- Pediatric Sedation in the Underdeveloped Third World: An African Perspective: Models, Protocols, and Challenges -- Pediatric Sedatives and the Food and Drug Administration: Challenges, Limitations, and Drugs in Development -- Incidence and Stratification of Adverse Events Associated with Sedation: Is There a Benchmark? -- Medicolegal Risks and Outcomes of Sedation -- Designing a Safe and Reliable Sedation Service: Adopting a Safety Culture -- Intravenous Infusions for Sedation: Rationale, State of the Art, and Future Trends -- Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Pediatric Sedation -- The Future of Pediatric Sedation.
  • Pediatric surgery 2006, Springer
  • Pediatric surgery 2009, Springer
  • Pediatric surgery.. 7th ed. / 2012, ScienceDirect
    V.1. Pages 1-768 -- v.2. pages 769-1738.
  • Pediatric urology 2013, Springer
  • Pediatric urology 2011, Springer
    Office urology -- Pediatric urology facts and figures -- Radiographic imaging -- Urinary tract infections -- Voiding dysfunction, urinary incontinence, and urodynamics -- Hematuria: gross and microscopic -- Office procedures -- Genetic diseases and associated urologic manifestations -- Genitalia -- Penis and scrotum: congenital and acquired anomalies -- Hypospadias -- Varicoceles, hernias, and hydroceles -- Testicles: undescended, retractile, and ascended -- Acute scrotum -- Urinary tract -- Hydronephrosis: prenatal and postnatal -- Vesicoureteral reflux -- Urinary tract obstruction -- Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine: current concepts -- Miscellaeous topics -- Adolescent urology -- Laparoscopy in the pediatric population -- Genitourinary tumors -- Genitourinary trauma.
  • pt. 1. Foundations of collaborative care -- pt. 2. Collaboration with pediatricians in specific settings -- pt. 3. Collaboration with pediatricians in treatment of specific disorders -- pt. 4. Future directions in pharmacological collaboration.
  • Many of the systemic autoimmune diseases seen in children are different from those seen in adults making them a special problem for physicians and scientists who care for the affected children and study their diseases. Benefiting both pediatric and adult rheumatologists, as well as physicians from other specialties, this volume covers the latest advances in pathogenesis and clinical management of common conditions seen in pediatric rheumatology practices.
  • Perinatal nutrition 2005, CRCnetBASE
  • Vascular Deficiency --Disuse --Infection --Tumor --Metabolic --Neural --Cold Injury (Frostbite) --Heat Injury (Burns) --Electric Injuries --Compression --Distraction --Stress --Irradiation --Light Waves --Sound Waves --Shock Waves --Atmospheric Pressure --Oxygen --Developmental --Surgical --Unknown.
  • Ch.1. Theoretical Foundations -- Ch.2. Recognizing, Addressing, and Celebrating Diversity -- Ch.3. Logistics -- Ch.4. Data Collection: Intake and Mental Status -- Ch.5. Assessment -- Ch.6. Case Conceptualization -- Ch.7. Treatment Planning -- Ch.8. Interventions -- Ch.9. Session Activities -- Ch.10. Jennifer.
  • Epidemiology of chronic pain in children and adolescents -- Pain disorder: a biopsychosocial disease -- Diagnostics of chronic pain in children and adolescents -- the basics of treating pain disorders in children and adolescents -- When to decide on inpatient pain therapy? -- Pain therapy in childhood and adolescent chronic pain -- Specifics of pain therapy in children with mental disorders, severe somantic disease, or psychosocial stress factors -- Is it all worthwhile? - Effectiveness in intensive interdisciplinary pain treatment -- Diagnostic tools.
  • Extent and consequences of childhood obesity -- Developing an action plan -- A national public health priority -- Industry, advertising, media, and public education -- Local communities -- Schools -- Home -- Confronting the childhood obesity epidemic.
  • Pt. 1. Understanding, controlling, and preventing infectious diseases. -- Pt.2. Clinical syndromes and cardinal features of infectious diseases: approach to diagnosis and initial management. -- Pt.3. Etiologic agents of infectious diseases. -- Pt.4. Laboratory diagnosis and therapy of infectious diseases.
  • Sect I. Basic considerations -- Part A. Scientific principles -- Part B. Trauma -- Part C. Oncology -- Part D. Transplantation -- Sect. II. Surgical practice -- Part A. Head and neck -- Part B. Thorax -- Part C. Abdomen and abdominal wall defects -- Part D. Intestine -- Part E. Colon -- Part F. Liver, biliary Tract, and pancreas -- Part G. Spleen -- Part H. Urinary and genital systems -- Part I. Vascular system -- Part J. Musculoskeletal system -- Part K. Skin and soft tissue -- Part L. Central nervous system / Herbert Edgar Fuchs -- Part M. Conjoined Twins / John H.T. Waldhausen - Index.
  • Long-term consequences of early feeding on later obesity risk / Koletzko, B. -- Energy requirements of infants and children / Butte, N.F. -- Protein requirements of infants and children / Garlick, P.J. -- Growth of breast-fed and formula-fed infants / Ziegler, E.E. -- Body composition during the first year of life / Rigo, J. -- Dietary reference intakes : concepts and approaches underlying protein and energy requirements / Yates, A.A. -- Intestinal amino acid metabolism in neonates / Van Goudoever, J.B. ... [et al.] -- Amino acid requirements of infants and children / Pencharz, P.B., Ball, R.O. -- Effects of high protein intakes / Axelsson, I. -- Physiology in food intake regulation : interaction with dietary components / Anderson, G.H., Aziz, A., Abou Samra, R. -- Complementary food : international comparison on protein and energy requirement/intakes / Agostoni, C., Riva, E., Giovannini, M. -- What is the optimal age for introduction of complementary foods? / Dewey, K.G. -- Recent issues in energy-protein malnutrition in children / Desjeux, J.-F. -- Protein quality and quantity in cow's milk-based formula for healthy term infants : past, present and future / Macé, K. ... [et al.] -- Recombinant human milk proteins / Lönnerdal, B.Long-term consequences of early feeding on later obesity risk / B. Koletzko -- Energy requirements of infants and children / N.F. Butte -- Protein requirements of infants and children / P.J. Garlick -- Growth of breast-fed and formula-fed infants / E.E. Ziegler -- Body composition during the first year of life / J. Rigo -- Dietary reference intakes: concepts and approaches underlying protein and energy requirements / A.A. Yates -- Intestinal amino acid metabolism in neonates / J.B. van Goudoever ... [et al.] -- Amino acid requirements of infants and children / P.B. Pencharz, R.O. Ball -- Effects of high protein intakes / I. Axelsson -- Physiology in food intake regulation: interaction with dietary components / G.H. Anderson, A. Aziz, R.A. Samra -- Complementary food: international comparison on protein and energy requirement/intakes / C. Agostoni, E. Riva, M. Giovannini -- What is the optimal age for introduction of complementary foods? / K.G. Dewey -- Recent issues in energy-protein malnutrition in children / J.-F. Desjeux -- Protein quality and quantity in cow's milk-based formula for healthy term infants: past, present and future / K. Macé ... [et al.] -- Recombinant human milk proteins / B. Lönnerdal.
  • Embryology and Anatomy of the Neonatal Chest / Stephanie Ryan -- Update on Clinical Management of Neonatal Chest Conditions / Anne Twomey -- Computed and Digital Radiography in Neonatal Chest Examination / Amaka C. Offiah -- Hyaline Membrane Disease and Complications of Its Treatment / Veronica Donoghue -- Transient Tachypnoea of the Newborn / Veronica Donoghue -- Meconium Aspiration / Catherine M. Owens -- Diagnostic Imaging of Neonatal Pneumonia / David Manson -- Antenatal Imaging of Chest Malformations / Laurent Garel -- Postnatal Imaging of Chest Malformations / Stephanie Ryan -- Congenital Anomalies of the Neonatal Upper Airway / David Manson -- Computed Tomography of the Central and Peripheral Airways / Alistair D. Calder and Catherine M. Owens -- Ultrasound of the Neonatal Thorax / Ingmar Gassner and Theresa E. Geley -- Ultrasound in Congenital Heart Disease / Colin J. McMahon and Benjamin W. Eidem -- Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Congenital Heart Disease / Christian J. Kellenberger -- Chest Radiography in Congenital Heart Disease / Bjarne Smevik -- Angiocardiography and Intervention in Congenital Heart and Great Vessel Disease / Bjarne Smevik and Per G. Bjørnstad -- Computed Tomography in Congenital Heart Disease / Laureen Sena and Hyun Woo Goo -- Chest Wall Abnormalities which Cause Neonatal Respiratory Distress / Georg F. Eich.
  • Machine generated contents note: 1.Introduction -- Format of the Exercise -- What Is Attachment? -- The Place of Attachment in Nature -- The Process of Attachment in Early Childhood -- Definition of Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) -- Differential Diagnosis -- Comorbidity -- 2.Vignette of "Jorge" -- pt. 1 Jorge as a Toddler -- Case Point: International Adoption -- pt. 2 Jorge at Preschool Age -- Case Point: Neglect, Growth, and Medical Problems -- pt. 3 Jorge in Kindergarten -- Case Point: The Retrospective Evaluation of Child Abuse -- pt. 4 Jorge in First Grade -- Case Point: Alexythymia and Attachment -- pt. 5 Jorge in Second and Third Grades -- Case Point: Longitudinal Course and the Trait of Indiscriminate Friendliness -- pt. 6 Jorge in fourth and fourth Grades -- Test #1 Case-Related Questions -- 3.Theories for the Origin of RAD -- pt. 1 Biological Basis -- Genetic Coding of Attachment -- Epigenetic Models -- Biological Effect of Maternal Stress -- Maturation and Lesions of Early Limbic Pathways -- Stress Tolerance and the Developing Brain -- Physiological Measurement of Attachment Disorder -- pt. 2 Psychological Factors -- A Deficit Model -- The Application of Joint Attention to Attachment -- Avoidance and Detachment -- The Phenomenon of Shame -- The Impact of Trauma -- pt. 3 Social Origins -- Attachment and Social Impairment -- Theory of Mind and the False Belief Test -- Anticipatory Interactive Planning -- 4.A Discussion and Critique of RAD -- 5.Therapy for RAD -- Test #2 Theory Questions -- B.Matching Section.
  • Red book online HighWire, Latest ed. only
    Red Book Online is the online home of the Report of the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases. Offering instant Web-based access, Includes complete text of the Red Book, plus the complete visual library of images from the Visual Red Book on CD-ROM and more.

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