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  • Nutritional Influences on Bone Health presents a collection of papers from the 8th International Symposium on Nutritional Aspects of Osteoporosis, the primary forum for and only regular meeting exclusively devoted to the topic of nutritional influences on bone health. The outcome is a fusion of the most current and up-to-date research in this area. Key themes include the permeation of the Western diet across the globe, calcium, vitamin D and acid-base balance. Written by authorities on the impact of nutrition on bone health, Nutritional Influences on Bone Health brings the reader the emerging trends, new messages and the latest scientific data in the field, to inform future research and clinical practice. This comprehensive, well researched volume is an essential reference for professionals in the field of bone health and nutrition.
  • Dietary protein and bone mass accrual -- Protein effects on bone and muscle in elderly women -- Dietary protein and bone health: the urgent need for large-scale supplementation studies -- Protein intake during weight loss: effects on bone -- A comparison of Asian Asian and American Asian populations: calcium and bone accretion during formation of peak bone mass -- Estimating calcium requirements -- Independent and combined effects of exercise and calcium on bone structural and material properties in older adults -- The bone benefits of calcium and exercise in children -- Calcium supplementation plays a positive role in bone and body composition in Chinese adolescents -- Effects of high calcium and vitamin D diets on changes in body fat, lean mass, and bone mineral density by self-controlled dieting for 4 months in young Asian women -- Trace elements and bone -- Phosphorus and bone -- Seasonal differences in mineral homeostasis and bone metabolism in response to oral phosphate loading in older Northern Chinese adults -- Diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis -- Vitamin D and muscle -- Vitamin D and bone health -- Effects of vitamin D on bone health in healthy young adults -- Vitamin D effects on bone structure in childhood and aging -- Dietary patterns and bone health -- Nutritional factors that influence change in bone density and stress fracture risk among young female cross-country runners -- A dietary pattern that predicts physical performance in an elderly population -- Citrus hesperidin and bone health: from preclinical studies to nutritional intervention trials -- Acidosis and bone -- Acid-base homeostasis and the skeleton: an update on current thinking -- Acid-base balance, bone, and muscle -- The effect of mineral waters on bone metabolism: alkalinity over calcium? -- Bone-anabolic impact of dietary high protein intake compared with the effects of low potential renal acid load, endogenous steroid hormones, and muscularity in children -- Salt sensitivity, metabolic acidosis, and bone health.
  • Section I: Evaluation and management of musculoskeletal oncology problems -- Evaluation of bone tumors / Timothy A. Damron -- Evaluation of soft tissue tumors / Carol D. Morris -- Biopsy of musculoskeletal tumors / Edward A. Athanasian -- Treatment principles -- Surgical margins / Robert Quinn -- Benign tumors of bone / Cynthia M. Kelly -- Malignant bone lesions / Francis R. Patterson, Timoth A. Damron, and Carol D. Morris -- Soft tissue tumors / John Heiner and Jeremy White -- Pathologic fractures / Timothy A. Damron --Section II: Specific bone neoplasms and simulators -- Benign bone tumors -- Bone lesions / Felasfa M. Wodajo -- Cartilage lesions / Felasfa M. Wodajo -- Cystic lesions / Sung Wook Seo, Young Lae Moon, and Francis Young-In Lee -- Myogenic, lipogenic, and neural tumors / Sean V. McGarry and C. Parker Gibbs -- Fibrous lesions of bone / Sung Wook Seo, Young Lae Moon, and Francis Young-In Lee -- Giant cell tumor of bone / Sean V. McGarry and C. Parker Gibbs -- Vascular lesions / Sean V. McGarry and C. Parker Gibbs -- Other tumors of undefined neoplastic nature / Sean V. McGarry and C. Parker Gibbs -- Bone sarcomas -- Osteosarcoma / Francis R. Patterson -- Ewing sarcoma and primitive neuroectodermal tumor of bone / Bruce Rougraff -- Chondrosarcoma / R. Lor Randall and Kenneth J. Hunt -- Fibrous, fibrohistiocytic, and giant cell tumor malignancies / Hannah D. Morgan -- Notochordal tumors / Hannah D. Morgan -- Vascular sarcomas of bone / Hannah D. Morgan -- Myogenic, lipogenic, and epithelial bone sarcomas / Hannah D. Morgan -- Congenital and inherited bone conditions -- Familial adenomatous polyposis / Kathryn Palomino -- Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome / Danielle A. Katz -- Skeletal dysplasias / Danielle A. Katz -- Retinoblastoma syndrome / Timothy A. Damron -- Rothmund-Thomson syndrome / Kathryn Palomino -- Werner syndrome / Kathryn Palomino -- Metastatic disease / Timothy A. Damron -- Hematologic malignancies / Valerae O. Lewis -- Metabolic bone diseases / Susan V. Bukata --Section III: Specific soft tissue neoplasms and simulators -- Benign soft tissue tumors / Timothy A. Damron and Gustavo de la Roza -- Soft tissue sarcomas / Carol D. Morris --Section IV: Basic science -- Cellular and molecular biology / Matthew J. Allen -- Growth and development of the musculoskeletal system / Donald E. Sweet and Thomas V. Smallman -- Genetic basis of musculoskeletal disorders / Sathappan S. Sathappan, Kirill Ilalov, and Paul E. Di Cesare -- Biomechanics / Frederick W. Werner and Joseph A. Spadaro -- Biomaterials / Joseph A. Spadaro, Michael T. Clarke, and Julie M. Hasenwinkel -- Principles of orthopaedic pharmacology / Carol D. Morris -- Bone form, function, injury, regeneration, and repair / Alexia Hernandez-Soria and Mathias Bostrom -- Articular cartilage structure, composition, and repair / Peter J. Roughley and Thomas V. Smallman -- Diarthrodial joints / Thomas V. Smallman, Kris Shekitka, and Donald Flemming -- Meniscal structure, function, repair, and replacement / Mark C. Drakos and Answorth A. Allen -- Intervertebral disk structure, composition, and mechanical function / Samuel A. Joseph, Jr., and Patrick Boland -- Tendon and ligament anatomy, biology, and biomechanics / Brian J. Harley and Joseph W. Bergman -- Peripheral nerve physiology, anatomy, and pathology / Shikha Sethi ... [et al.] -- Skeletal muscle anatomy, physiology, and mechanics / Bryan T. Kelly and William J. Robertson -- Infectious disorders of bone and joint / Thomas V. Smallman ... [et al.] -- Bacterial infection -- Granulomatous infection -- Infection associated with neuropathy -- Viral disorders -- Neoplasia / Matthew J. Allen.
  • Operative Dictations in Orthopedic Surgery is a valuable resource for teaching orthopedic surgical trainees and practicing orthopedic surgeons how to document their operative procedures. The book includes the majority of the commonly performed orthopedic procedures. For each procedure, a list of common indications is given, covering 95% of the situations in which particular procedures will be used, as well as a list of essential steps. This is then followed by a list intended to prompt the surgeon for particular details to note and dictate within the template, a list of possible complications that are typically associated with a particular surgical procedure, and templates of operative dictation that allow the surgeon to individualize their dictations. Ample space is also provided to allow each surgeon to add notes. Concise and easy to use, Operative Dictations in Orthopedic Surgery is a unique tool for orthopedics surgical residents and residents in practice that better prepares them to participate actively and learn as much as possible in the operating room.
  • OPLL. 2nd ed. 2006, Springer
  • Osteoporosis : a paediatric concern? / R.A. Faulkner, D.A. Bailey -- The biomechanical basis of bone strength development during growth / S.A. Kontulainen ... [et al.] -- The effect of exercise on bone mass and structural geometry during growth / R.M. Daly -- Evidence for an interaction between exercise and nutrition for improved bone health during growth B. Specker, M. Vukovich -- Gene-environmental interactions in the skeletal response to nutrition and exercise during growth / J.-P. Bonjour ... [et al.] -- The effect of energy balance on endocrine function and bone health in youth / C. Zanker, K. Hind -- Risk factors for fractures in normally active children and adolescents / A. Goulding -- Does exercise during growth prevent fractures in later life? / M.K. Karlsson -- Lessons learned from school-based skeletal loading intervention trials : putting research into practice / J.M. Hughes, S.A. Golner, M.A. Petit.
  • Basic science / Sudheer Reddy, Miltiadis H. Zgonis, and Joshua D. Auerbach -- Pediatric orthopaedics / Harish S. Hosalkar ... [et al.] -- Sports medicine / Jeffrey F. Sodl ... [et al.] -- Adult reconstruction / Sharat Kusuma and Jonathan P. Garino -- Foot and ankle / Sudheer C. Reddy, Selene G. Parekh, and Enyi Okereke -- Hand and microsurgery / Sepideh Baghian -- Adult spine / Todd A. Michener and Kingsley R. Chin -- Musculoskeletal tumors / Harish S. Hosalkar ... [et al.] -- Rehabilitation / Richard Scarlett, Samir Mehta, and Mary Ann Keenan -- Trauma / Samir Mehta -- Biostatistics / G. Russell Huffman -- Business and practice principles / Sharat Kumar Kusuma, Selene G. Parekh, and Price Chipley French -- Tips for the OITE, written and oral boards, and recertifying examinations / Sameer Nagda ... [et al.].
  • Orthopedic traumatology 2006, Springer
  • Orthopedic traumatology 2013, Springer
  • Orthopedics of the Upper and Lower Limb has been written to serve as a general introduction to the field of orthopedics and trauma for the regions of the upper and lower limb. It is composed of a number of commonly seen disorders and with a corresponding therapeutic pathway, clearly explained with numerous x-rays and diagrams to aid the reader in their understanding of these useful procedures.The book is intended as a basic resource for trainees and junior surgeons, but will also be useful to more experienced specialists who require an easy to follow clinical guide to assist in day to day practice of orthopedic and trauma disorders of the upper and lower limb.
  • Osteoimmunology 2010, Springer
    The role of bone marrow edema and lymphangiogenesis in inflammatory-erosive arthritis / Edward M. Schwarz ... [et al.] -- Activation of [gamma][delta] T cells by bisphosphonates / Keith Thompson ... [et al.] -- Identification of cell cycle-arrested quiescent osteoclast precursors in vivo / Naoyuki Takahashi ... [et al.] -- Megakaryocyte-bone cell interactions / Melissa A. Kacena and Wendy A. Ciovacco -- Regulation of osteoblast differentiation by Runx2 / Toshihisa Komori -- Communication between ephrinB2 and ephB4 within the osteoblast lineage / T.J. Martin ... [et al.] -- The unexpected link between osteoclasts and the immune system / Hiroshi Takayanagi -- NFATc1 in inflammatory and musculoskeletal conditions / Antonios O. Aliprantis and Laurie H. Glimcher -- Novel functions of RANK(L) signaling in the immune system / Andreas Leibbrandt and Josef M. Penninger -- Eph and ephrin interactions in bone / Koichi Matsuo -- How do bone cells secret proteins? / Haibo Zhao ... [et al.] -- Regulation of osteoclast apoptosis by Bcl-2 family protein Bim and caspase-3 / Sakae Tanaka ... [et al.] -- Regulation of bone formation and immune cell development by Schnurri proteins / Dallas C. Jones and Laurie H. Glimcher.
  • Osteoimmunology. 1st ed. 2011, ScienceDirect
    1. Overview: The Developing Field of Osteoimmunology / Joseph Lorenzo, Yongwon Choi, Mark Horowitz, Hiroshi Takayanagi -- 2. Origins of Osteoclasts / Deborah L. Galson, G. David Roodman -- 3. The Adaptive Immune Response / David G. Hesslein, Hector L. Aguila, Mark C. Horowitz -- 4. The Role of Bone Cells in Establishing the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Niche / Joy Y. Wu, Henry M. Kronenberg -- 5. Osteoblasts and their Signaling Pathways: New Frontiers for Linkage to the Immune System / Jane B. Lian, Ellen M. Gravallese, Gary S. Stein -- 6. The Osteoclast: The Pioneer of Osteoimmunology / Roberta Faccio, Yongwon Choi, Steven L. Teitelbaum, Hiroshi Takayanagi -- 7. The Effects of Immune Cell Products (Cytokines and Hematopoietic Cell Growth Factors) on Bone Cells / Joseph Lorenzo -- 8. Interactions Among Osteoblasts, Osteoclasts, and Other Cells in Bone / T. John Martin, Natalie A. Sims, Julian M.W. Quinn -- 9. The Role of the Immune System in the Development of Osteoporosis / Ulrike I. Mödder, B. Lawrence Riggs, Sundeep Khosla -- 10. The Role of the Immune System in the Bone Loss of Inflammatory Arthritis / Steven R. Goldring, Georg Schett -- 11. Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Bone / Francisco A. Sylvester, Anthony T. Vella -- 12. The Role of the Immune System in Fracture Healing / Brandon M. Steen, Louis C. Gerstenfeld, Thomas A. Einhorn -- 13. The Role of the Immune System and Bone Cells in Acute and Chronic Osteomyelitis / Brendan F. Boyce, Lianping Xing, Edward M. Schwarz -- 14. The Role of the Immune System in Hematologic Malignancies that Affect Bone / Jessica A. Fowler, Claire M. Edwards, Gregory R. Mundy -- 15. Osteoimmunology in the Oral Cavity (Periodontal Disease, Lesions of Endodontic Origin and Orthodontic Tooth Movement) / Dana T. Graves, Rayyan A. Kayal, Thomas Oates, Gustavo P. Garlet.
  • Osteoimmunopathology 2011, Springer
  • Osteoporosis 2007, Ovid
    Diagnosis -- Pathogenesis -- Assessment of fracture risk -- Bone densitometry: using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry for monitoring -- Biochemical evaluation -- Secondary causes of osteoporosis -- Acquired vitamin D deficiency -- Treatment options -- Tailoring therapy to individual patients -- Determining success of therapy and what to do when therapy fails -- Future therapeutic options -- Case studies.
  • Osteoporosis 2008, Springer Protocols
  • Osteoporosis is a serious problem worldwide, and its significance is continuing to increase as the world population grows and ages. Osteoporosis and Bone Densitometry Measurements provides a comprehensive review of the latest research on this potentially devastating condition. The book encompasses prevention, diagnosis, and therapy, providing state of the art information on each aspect. A wide range of topics are discussed, including differentiation between acute and chronic, benign and malignant vertebral fractures; the value of the WHO FRAX tool in patient evaluation; the roles of dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, quantitative computed tomography, quantitative ultrasound, and high-resolution imaging; and the use of kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty to treat vertebral compression fractures. All chapters are written by acknowledged experts in the field.
  • The summary of the published clinical guideline on Osteoporosis fragility fracture. It links to the published guidance and key documents.
  • Osteoporosis in men. 2nd ed. 2010, ScienceDirect
    Section 1. Essentials of bone biology -- The biochemistry of bone : composition and organization / Adele L. Boskey -- Bone remodeling : cellular activities in bone / David W. Dempster, Hua Zhou, Shi Shou Lu -- Assessment of bone turnover in men using biochemical markers / Patrick Garnero, Pawel Szulc -- Fundamentals of mineral homeostasis / David A. Hanley, K. Shawn Davison -- The mechanical properties of bone / David P. Fyhrie -- Essentials of bone biology : assessment of bone architecture / Thomas F. Lang -- Section 2. Development and growth of the male skeleton -- Skeletal growth in males / Qingju Wang, Ego Seeman -- Pubertal growth of the male skeleton / Vincent Gilsanz, Stefano Mora -- The effects of sex steroids on bone growth / Giampiero I. Baroncelli, Silvano Bertelloni -- Nutritional basis of skeletal growth / Connie M. Weaver, Elizabeth Haney -- Physical activity and skeletal growth / Heather M. Macdonald, Heather A. McKay, Melonie Burrows --Section 3. Skeletal genetics -- The genetics of peak bone mass / Luigi Gennari, Robert F. Klein, Serge Ferrari -- Section 4. Aging and the male skeleton -- Age-related changes in bone remodeling and microarchitecture / Roger Zebaze, Ego Seeman -- Markers of bone remodeling and the aging skeleton / Serge Cremers, Christian Meier, Markus J. Seibel -- Alterations in mineral metabolism in the aging male / Shonni J. Silverberg, Bismruta Misra -- Changes in bone size and geometry with aging / Pawel Szulc -- Aging and bone loss / Steven Boonen ... [et al.] -- The effect of age on material properties / Charles H. Turner, Matthew R. Allen, David B. -- Section 5. Nutritional issues -- Calcium, bone strength and fractures / Laura A.G. Armas, Robert P. Heaney, Joan M. Lappe -- Vitamin D and bone / Roger Bouillon ... [et al.] -- Role of dietary protein in bone growth and bone loss / Rene Rizzoli --Section 6. Sex steroids and the skeleton in men -- Section 7. Fractures in men -- Section 8. Metabolic bone disease in men -- Section 9. Diagnostic approach -- Section 10. Therapy.
  • Osteoporosis research 2011, Springer
    How to Select Your Animal Model for Osteoporosis Research / A. Simon Turner -- Skeletal Phenotyping in Rodents: Tissue Isolation and Manipulation / Janet E. Henderson, Chan Gao and Edward J. Harvey -- Methods in Bone Biology in Animals: Biomechanics / José B. Volpon and Antonio C. Shimano -- Methods in Bone Histomorphometry for Animal Models / Natalie Dion, Audray Fortin and Louis-Georges Ste-Marie -- Methods in Bone Biology in Animals: Imaging / Blaine A. Christiansen and Mary L. Bouxsein -- Methods in Bone Biology in Animals: Biochemical Markers / Markus Herrmann -- Methods in Bone Biology: Cancer and Bone / Yu Zheng, Markus J. Seibel and Hong Zhou -- How to Test Osteoporosis Treatments in Experimental Animals / Robert J. van ʻt Hof -- The Ovariectomized Mice and Rats / Jameela Banu -- Classical Models of Senile Osteoporosis / Ken Watanabe -- Animal Models of Premature Aging / Wei Li and Gustavo Duque -- Nonhuman Primate Models of Osteoporosis / Susan Y. Smith, Aurore Varela and Jacquelin Jolette -- Other Large Animal Models / Susan Reinwald and David B. Burr -- Mouse models for the Study of Fracture Healing and Bone Regeneration / Joerg H. Holstein, Patric Garcia, Tina Histing, Moritz Klein and Steven C. Becker, et al.
  • Patellar Instability Surgery in Clinical Practice analyses in a step by step format, the different reconstruction techniques for the medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction as well as other techniques less frequently used in the patient with lateral patellofemoral instability. also the treatment of medial patellofemoral instability is also explained. Patellar Instability surgery is a very practical book, aimed at junior and general orthopedic surgeon who require a useful easy reference for these common knee procedures but will also be of great interest to those surgeons who specialized in knee surgery.
  • Patellofemoral disorders are extremely prevalent in athletes and can lead to chronic pain, instability, weakness, and inconsistent or poor athletic performance. These disorders can be difficult to diagnose.Treatment options can vary depending upon several factors, including the sport andthe time during the sports season when the symptoms occur. Treatment also varies depending on the age of the patient and their competition level. The Patellofemoral Joint in the Athlete provides an extensive review of the physical examination, radiographic evaluation, differential diagnoses, and treatment options of common patellofemoral disorders, including patellar chondrosis, pain and instability. The contributors are nationally recognized experts in the patellofemoral joint that treat athletes of all ages and abilities. Appropriate for orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, rehabilitation physicians and physical therapists, this book is a comprehensive guide to the unique and sport-specific concerns of athletesof all ages and abilitieswith regard to the patellofemoral joint.
  • Pathophysiology of anterior knee pain -- Pathophysiology of lateral patellar dislocation -- Natural history of patellofemoral dislocations -- Clinical presentation of patellofemoral disorders -- Clinical examination of the patellofemoral patient -- Standard X-ray examination: patellofemoral disorders -- Patellar height: which index? -- Stress radiographs in the diagnosis of patellofemoral instability -- Computed tomography and arthro-CT scan in patellofemoral disorders -- MRI analysis of patella instability factors -- MRI of the patellofemoral articular cartilage -- Patellofemoral pain syndrome: the value of pinhole and SPECT scintigraphic imaging and quantitative measurements of bone mineral equivalent density with quantitative computed tomography -- Gait analysis in patients with patellofemoral disorders -- Iatrogenic anterior knee pain with special emphasis on the clinical radiographical, histological, ultrastructural and biochemical aspects after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using ipsilateral autografts -- Non-operative treatment of patellofemoral pain: role of physical therapy -- Lateral release of the lateral patellofemoral retinaculum: literature review for select patellofemoral disorders -- Medial side patellofemoral anatomy -- Arthroscopic medial reefing in acute patellar dislocation -- Medial reefing in chronic potential patellar instability -- Medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction -- MPFL reconstruction: the adductor sling approach -- Importance and radiographic identification of the femoral insertion in medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction -- MPTL (medial patellotibial ligament) reconstruction -- Distal realignment: medialization of tibial tuberosity: the Elmslie-Trillat technique -- Bony surgery distal realignment surgery -- Trochlear lengthening osteotomy with or without elevation of the lateral trochlear facet -- Proximal open trochleoplasty (grooveplasty) -- Deepening trochoplasty for patellar instability -- Arthroscopic deepening trochleoplasty for patella instability -- The role of limb rotational osteotomy -- Long-term results after autologous chondrocyte implantation in cartilage lesions of the patellofemoral joint -- Novel nano-composite multilayered biomaterial for the treatment of patellofemoral cartilage lesions -- Isolated patellofemoral osteoarthritis: natural history and clinical presentation -- The nonoperative treatment of patellofemoral arthritis -- Current concepts regarding tibial tubercle osteotomy -- Isolated patellofemoral osteoarthritis: prosthetic indications -- Post-operative management of surgeries aimed at correcting patellofemoral instability: results of an international surgeon survey -- Errors and complications in patellofemoral surgery -- Trochleoplasty for symptomatic trochlear dysplasia in the skeletally immature patient with review of fetal anatomy -- Patellofemoral disorders in the skeletally immature patients.
  • Pediatric bone sarcomas 2009, Springer
  • Pediatric bone. 2nd ed. 2012, ScienceDirect
    1. Bone cell biology: osteoclasts, osteoblasts, osteocytes / Katharine Jähn and Lynda F. Bonewald -- 2. Bone matrix and mineralization / Marc D. McKee and William G. Cole -- 3. Prenatal bone development / Fanxin Long -- 4. Postnatal bone growth: growth plate biology, bone formation, and remodeling / Christa Maes and Henry M. Kronenberg -- 5. Dental development and maturation, from the dental crypt to the final occlusion / Jean-Marc Retrouvey, Michel Goldberg and Stéphane Schwartz -- 6. Parathyroid hormone and calcium homeostasis / John T. Potts and Thomas J. gardella -- 7. Phosphate homeostasis regulatory mechanisms / Clemens Bergwitz and Harald Jüppner -- 8. Vitamin D biology / René St-Arnaud and Marie B. Demay -- 9. Peak bone mass and its regulation / Jean-Philippe Bonjour ... [et al.] -- 10. Pregnancy and lactation / Ann Prentice -- 11. Fetal mineral homeostasis / Christopher S. Kovacs -- 12. Radiology / Judith E. Adams ... [et al.] -- 13. Non-invasive techniques for bone mass measurement / Mary B. Leonard and Laura K. Bachrach -- 14. Assessment of maturation: bone age and pubertal assessment / Noël Cameron and David D. Martin -- 15. Biochemical markers of bone metabolism / Nick Shaw and Wolfgang Högler -- 16. Pediatric bone histomorphometry / frank Rauch -- 17. A diagnostic approach to skeletal dysplasias / Sheila Unger, Andrea Superti-Furga and David L. Rimoin -- 18. The spectrum of pediatric osteoporosis / Maria Luisa Bianchi and Francis H. Glorieux -- 19. Osteogenesis imperfecta / Francis H. Glorieux and David Rowe -- 20. Sclerosing bone dysplasias / Bram Perdu ... [et al.] -- 21. Parathyroid disorders / Murat Bastepe, Harald Jüppner and Rajesh V. Thakker -- 22. Fibrous dysplasia / Paolo Bianco and Shlomo Wientroub -- 23. Nutritional rickets / John M. Pettifor -- 24. Metabolic bone disease in the neonatal period and its later sequelae / Nick Bishop, Mary Pewtrell and Nick Harvey -- 25. Rickets due to hereditary abnormalities of vitamin D synthesis or action / Anthony A. Portale, Farzana Perwad and Walter L. Miller -- 26. Familial hypophosphatemia and related disorders / Ingrid A. Holm, Michael J. Econs and Thomas O. Carpenter -- 27. Hereditary tubular disorders of mineral handling / Daniella Magen and Israel Zelikovic -- 28. Hypophosphatasia / michael P. Whyte -- 29. Chronic kidney disease mineral and bone disorder / Katherine Wesseling Perry and Isidro B. Salusky -- 30. Extraskeletal bone formation / Eileen M. Shore and Frederick S. Kaplan.
  • Developmental bone biology -- Imaging approaches for epiphyseal assessment -- Developmental dysplasia of the hip -- Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease -- Coxa Vara in developmental and acquired abnormalities of the femur -- Developmental disorders of the knee -- Deformities due to disorders primarily affecting the epiphyses and metaphyses -- Lower extremity length discrepancies -- Skeletal dysplasias -- Epiphyseal and metaphyseal involvement with metabolic, inflammatory, neoplastic, infectious, and hematologic disorders.
  • Part 1.Trauma Overview --Polytrauma in the Pediatric Patient /Joshua M. Abzug and Martin J. Herman --The Mangled Extremity in Children /Sapan D. Gandhi, Joshua M. Abzug and Martin J. Herman --Compartment Syndrome /Baxter Willis --Part 2.Spine --Cervical Spine Injuries in Children /Steven W. Hwang, Per D. Trobisch, Andrew Jea and Amer F. Samdani --Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Injuries /Hitesh Garg, Joshua Pahys and Patrick J. Cahill --Part 3.Upper Extremity --Supracondylar Humerus Fractures /Joshua M. Abzug, Dan A. Zlotolow and Scott H. Kozin --Upper Extremity Replantation in Children /Joshua M. Abzug, Dan A. Zlotolow and Scott H. Kozin --Part 4.Lower Extremity --Pediatric Hip Fractures and Dislocations /James J. McCarthy, Kenneth J. Noonan and Sapan D. Gandhi --Pediatric Proximal Tibial Fractures with Vascular Compromise /William Hennrikus and Tamara Pylawka --Open Tibia Fractures in Children and Adolescents /Joseph Rosenblatt and Shannon D. Safier --Part 5.Infection --Septic Hip /Peter D. Pizzutillo and Megan Gresh --Necrotizing Fasciitis /Kevin J. Little and Joshua M. Abzug --Part 6.Other --Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis /Panagiotis Peter Glavas and B. David Horn.
  • Pediatric orthopedics 2014, Springer
    Introduction to topics in pediatric orthopedics -- Birth injuries -- Musculoskeletal infections -- Tumor and tumor-like conditions -- Hip -- Knee -- Foot -- Upper extremity -- Spine -- Neuromuscular diseases -- Trauma -- General/metabolic conditions affecting bones.
  • Vascular Deficiency --Disuse --Infection --Tumor --Metabolic --Neural --Cold Injury (Frostbite) --Heat Injury (Burns) --Electric Injuries --Compression --Distraction --Stress --Irradiation --Light Waves --Sound Waves --Shock Waves --Atmospheric Pressure --Oxygen --Developmental --Surgical --Unknown.
  • Neck pain and shooting arm pain -- Shoulder pain -- Elbow pain -- Wrist and hand pain -- Low back pain, hip pain, and shooting leg pain -- Knee pain -- Ankle pain -- Foot pain.
  • This is the second edition of a superbly illustrated manual on neck dissection that will serve as a roadmap for advanced surgeons and beginners alike. The reader is guided through the various cervical structures in a series of chapters depicting the methods employed by surgeons operating in vivo. The illustrations provide an overview of all surgical anatomy relevant to the treatment of oncologic patients. Compared with the first edition, revisions have been made when appropriate and an important new chapter has been added on microscopic anatomy and laryngeal cancer.
  • Periarticular ligamentous tissue: a biochemical and physiologic assessment /David Amiel, Sakae Sano --Meniscus /Julie A. dodds, Steven P. Arnoczky --Articular cartilage: a brief review of its structure, function, and repair /Wayne H. Akeson, William Bugbee --Skeletal muscle and tendon /Thomas M. Best, John J. Wilson --Cervical spine injuries in the athlete /Rahul Banerjee, Michael P. Bradley, Mark A. Palumbo, Paul D. Fadale --The thoracolumbar spine /Donald Chow --Functional spinal rehabilitation /Lorraine Hendry --Scapulothoracic dysfunction, burners, stingers, thoracic outlet syndrome, and miscellaneous nerve injuries /Marc R. Safran, Anthony C. Luke --Head injures and concussion /Andrew d. Pearle, Ronnie Barnes, Russell F. Warren --Shoulder anatomy and biomechanics /Dawn L. Swarm, Andrew T. Mahar, Derek W. Weichel, Robert A. Pedowitz --Shoulder impingement /James Patrick Tasto, John K. Locke --Shoulder labral tears and instability /George F. Hatch III, John G. costouros, Peter J. MIllett, Jon J.P. Warner --The rotator cuff /Richard K.N. Ryu, Graham R. Hurvitz --Cartilage /Coarlos A. Guanche --Pectoralis major tendon ruptures /George K. Bal, Carl J. Bansamania --Acute injuries: shoulder fractures and acromioclavicular and sternoclavicular joint injuries /Robert Talac, Joel J. Smith --Adhesive capsulitis /Scott P. Fischer, Serge Kaska --Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair /James C. Esch, Jeffrey W. Taborlane --Thermal treatment, sutures, knots, and bone anchors /Robert A. Pedowitz --Throwing injuries /Walter A. Thomas, Heinz R. Hoenecke, Jan Fronek --Principles of shoulder rehabilitation /Benjamin D. Rubin --Elbow injuries /Ronald M. Selby, Marc R. Safran, Stephen J. O'Brien --Injuries of the wrist and hand /Ethan R. Wiesler, Jian Shen, Anastasios Papadonikolakis --Anatomy and kinematics of the hip /Mark R. Hutchinson, John Hung, J.W. Thomas Byrd --Hip arthroscopy /Michael H. Dienst --Intra-articular lesions /Aaron A. Bare, Carlos A. Guanche --Hip morphology and related pathology /J.W. Thomas Byrd --Extra-articular lesions /Aaron A. Bare, Carlos A. Guanche --Snapping hip syndrome /J.W. Thomas Byrd --Occult groin injuries: athletic pubalgia, sports hernia, and osteitis pubis /Michael B. Gerhardt, John A. Brown, Eric Giza --Sports related boney lesions of the hip: fractures, stress fractures, avulsion, AVN, dislocation, and subluxation /Carlos A.M. Higuera, Joshua M. Polster, Wael K. Barsoum, Viktor E. Krebs --Basic science of the knee /Donald H. Hohnson, Paul Johnson, Ali Alsuwaidi --The anterior cruciate ligament --Anterior cruciate reconstruction /Andrew Pickle, Aaron Campbell, Donald H. Johnson --Posterior mini-incision ACLR hamstring harvest /Chadwick Prodromos --Anatomic double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction /Steven B. Cohen, James Starman, Freddie H. Fu --Ligament injury and pain management /R. Lance Synder, Eric C. McCarty --Medial collateral ligament /Donald H. Johnson --Posterior cruciate ligament and posterolateral reconstruction /Gregory C. Fanelli -Posterior curciate ligament reconstruction with the posterior inlay graft /Donald H. Johnson --The ACL PCL injured (dislocated) knee /Gregory C. Fanellis, Daniel R. Orcutt, Justin D. Harris, David Zijerdi, Craig J. Edson --The meniscus /Monika Voleshy, Donald H. Johnson --Meniscus allografts /Walter R. Shelton --Patellar problems in athletes /Jeffrey Halbrecht --Fractures - tibial plateau, distal femur, patella, avulsions of the intercondylar eminence, Osgood-Schlatter disease /James H. Lubowitz, Wylie S. Elson, Dan Guttmann --Tendon disorders /William D. Stanish, Horacio Yepes, Amro Al-Hibshi --Chondral injuries and osteoarthritis --Chondral injuries in the knee /F. Alan Barber --Osteochondritis dissecans on the knee /Dawn L. Swarm, Robert A. PedowitzCartilage transplantation /Alberto Gobbi, Ramces A. Francisco --High tibial osteotomy /Tim Spalding, Price A.M. Gallie --Unicompartmental knee replacement /Jack M. Bert --Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with patellar tendon autograft: principles of rehabilitation /K. Donald Shelbrourne, Cairon Pfennig, Scott E. Lawrance --Leg, ankle, and foot: history, physical, and investigations /Kevin J. Wing, Alastair Younger --Muscle strains and contusions /Michael P. Swords, Douglas P. Dietzel --Chronic compartment syndrome /Robert A. Pdeowitz, Derek W. Weichel --Instability of the ankle /Murray J. Penner --Treatment of osteochondral lesions of the talar dome /James W. Stone --Tendon disorders in the lower extremity /Mark A. Glazebrook --Stress fractures of the athletic leg, ankle, and foot /Donald R. Boahy, Jonathan P. Cornelius, John G. Anderson --Ligamentous lisfranc joint injuries: leg - ankle - foot: midfoot injuries, lisfranc /Michael S. Aronow --Hallux valgus in the athlete /Walter J. Pedowitz, David I. Pedowitz --Stress fractures in athletes /Kurt P. Spindler, Michael S. George, Christopher C. Kaeding, Annunziato Amendola --Female issues in sport: risk factors and prevention of ACL injuries /Ligament injuries in children and adolescents /Patrick S. Brannan, Henry G. Chambers --Environmental issues for the athlete /Mark D. Bracker, Margoire Delo, Elise T. Gordon, Judy R. Schauer --Team physician issues; preparticipation evaluation /Bernie Lalonde --Running on the field /Richard Hawkins --Traveling team physician /Chadwick Prodromos --Mass participation events /Helen D. Iams, James Williams --Team physician consensus statement --Sideline preparedness for the team physician --Team physician and conditioning of athletes for sports --Team physician and return to play issues --Female athlete issues for the team physician.
  • v. 1. Scientific basis and standard techniques -- v. 2. Advanced techniques and special applications -- v. 3. New developments in techniques and applications.
  • A Primer in Cartilage Repair and Joint Preservation of the Knee presents the full range of treatment options for a changing, increasingly younger patient population. Dr. Thomas Minas demonstrates each technique-from non-surgical to mini-incision total knee arthroplasty to the recent developments in tissue biologics-through a step-by-step approach. This highly visual, multimedia reference guides you in choosing the best treatment course for each patient. Get only the information you need through a technique-focused approach and the consistent style of a single author, Dr. Thomas Minas-a leading specialist in cartilage repair. Clearly see the nuances and important points of each technique with surgical photographs and artists' renderings of key situations in the operating room. Select the best treatment course for each patient through extensive coverage of options from non-surgical to mini-incision total knee arthroplasty.
  • v. 1.-- Part. I. Basic principles -- v. 2.-- Part. II. Molecular mechanisims of metabolic bone diseases -- Part. III. Pharmacological mechanisms of therapeutics -- Part. IV. Methods in bone research.
  • Reoperative hand surgery 2012, Springer
  • Tendon repair and regeneration: an overview / Eric M. Bluman, Scott D. Allen, Paul D. Fadale -- Structure and function of ligaments, tendons, and joint capsule / Frederick H. Silver, Joseph W. Freeman, Gino Bradica -- Tendons of the hand: anatomy, repair, healing, and rehabilitation / Paul C. Stephens ... [et al.] -- Evolution of concepts in flexor tendon surgery of the hand / Randip R. Bindra -- Basic science of the shoulder ligaments / Louis J. Soslowsky and Jeffrey S. Cartmell -- History of cruciate ligaments: development of repair and reconstruction / Jon Karlsson -- Rotator cuff / Richard O. Evans, Peter J. Hughes, David H. Sonnabend -- Frozen shoulder / Peter J. Hughes, Richard O. Evans, Jerome A. Goldberg -- Capsular shrinkage of the shoulder: current clinical status / Andrew L. Wallace -- Biomechanical and clinical evaluation of tendons and ligaments / David Hartright ... [et al.] -- Healing of ligament and tendon to bone / Andreas Weiler, Sven Scheffler, Maria Apreleva -- Artificial ligaments / Andrew A. Amis -- Tendon and ligament fixation to bone / Christopher M. Hill, Yuehuei H. An, Frank A. Young -- Tissue engineering strategies for regeneration of the anterior cruciate ligament / Michael G. Dunn -- Gene therapy and ligament healing / Norimasa Nakamura.
  • Patient-related risk factors for ACL graft failure -- Avoiding the failed ACL: how to prevent ACL tears before they occur -- Diagnosis of failed ACL reconstruction -- Biomechanics and Etiology of ACL graft failure -- Technical causes of ACL graft failure -- Indications for revision ACL reconstruction -- Preoperative planning for revision ACL reconstruction -- Graft selection for revision ACL reconstruction -- How to handle a poorly placed femoral tunnel -- How to handle a poorly placed tibial tunnel -- Fixation in revision ACL reconstruction -- Single stage ACL revision reconstruction: indications and technique -- Two stage ACL revision: indications and technique -- Revising failed double-bundle ACL reconstruction -- The role of lateral extra-arcticular augmentation in revision ACL reconstruction -- Managing the infected ACL reconstruction -- Meniscus allograft transplantation in revision ACL reconstruction -- Cartilage surgery in revision ACL reconstruction -- Medial collateral ligament laxity in revision ACL reconstruction -- Posterolateral corner deficiency in revision ACL reconstruction -- Osteotomy for slope correction following failed ACL reconstruction -- Osteotomy for malalignment following failed ACL reconstruction -- Navigation for revision ACL reconstruction -- Approach to the multiply revised ACL knee -- Outcomes of revision ACL.
  • Biomechanics of fixation and fractures /Allan F. Tencer --Classification of fractures /Douglas R. Dirschl and Lisa K. Cannada-- Management of the multiply injured patient /Hans-Christoph Pape and Peter Giannoudis --The epidemiology of fractures. pt. 1. Overview of epidemiology /Charles M. Court-Brown and Benjamin C. Caesar --pt. 2. Experience in the United States /Kenneth J. Koval and Michael Cooley --Nonoperative fracture treatment /John F. Connolly --Principles of internal fixation /Christian Krettek and Thomas Gösling --Principles of external fixation /J. Tracy Watson --Bone and joint healing /Joseph A. Buckwalter, Thomas A. Einhorn and J.L. Marsh --Bone grafting and enhancement of fracture repair /Sanjeev Kakar, Eleftherios Tsiridis, and Thomas A. Einhorn --Outcome studies in trauma /Mohit Bhandari --Imaging considerations in orthopaedic trauma /Andrew H. Schmidt and Kerry M. Kallas --Initial management of open fractures /Steven A. Olson and Mark C. Willis --Acute compartment syndrome /Margaret M. McQueen --Penetrating trauma /Edward A. Perez --War wounds, limb salvage, and traumatic amputations /Paul J. Dougherty --Bone and soft tissue reconstruction /Lior Heller and L. Scott Levin --Systemic complications /David C. Templeman and William A. Marinelli --Local complications /Kirti D. Moholkar and Bruce H. Ziran --Osteoporotic fractures /Magnus K. Karlsson, Karl Obrant and Per Olof Josefsson --Pathologic fractures /Kristy L. Weber --Stress fractures /David C. Teague --Periprosthetic fractures. pt. 1. Periprosthetic fractures of the elbow and shoulder /Robert H. Cofield ... [et al.] --pt. 2. Periprosthetic fractures about total hip and total knee replacements /Jay D. Mabrey --Computer-aided orthopaedic surgery in skeletal trauma /Meir Liebergall, Rami Mosheiff, and Leo Joskowicz --Fractures and dislocations of the hand /Mark H. Henry --Fractures and dislocations of the carpus /Christian Gaebler --Fractures of the distal radius and ulna /David S. Ruch --Fractures of the shafts of the radius and ulna /Ralph Hertel and Dominique A. Rothenfluh --Fractures and dislocations of the elbow /David Ring --Fractures of the distal humerus /C. Michael Robinson --Fractures of the shaft of the humerus /Michael D. McKee --Fractures of the proximal humerus /Jon J. P. Warner, John G. Costouros and Christian Gerber --Fractures of the clavicle /Mark D. Lazarus and Carl Seon --Fractures of the scapula /Kenneth P. Butters --Subluxations and dislocations about the glenohumeral joint /Young W. Kwon and Joseph D. Zuckerman --Acromioclavicular joint injuries /Leesa M. Galatz and Gerald R. Williams, Jr. --Injuries to the sternoclavicular joint /Gregory J. Gilot, Michael A. Wirth and Charles A. Rockwood, Jr. --Principles of spine trauma care /Sohail K. Mirza, Carlo Bellabarba and Jens R. Chapman --Injuries of the craniocervical junction /Carlo Bellabarba, Sohail D. Mirza and Jens R. Chapman --Fractures and dislocations of the lower cervical spine /Christopher M. Bono --Fractures and dislocations of the thoracolumbar spine /Robert K. Eastlack and Christopher M. Bono --Fractures of the pelvic ring /Adam J. Starr and A. Steven Malekzadeh --Fractures of the acetabulum /Mark C. Reilly --Hip dislocations and fractures of the femoral head /Paul Tornetta III --Fractures of the neck of the femur /Ross K. Leighton --Intertrochanteric fractures /Kenneth J. Koval and Robert V. Cantu --Subtrochanteric fractures /Kwok-sui Leung --Fractures of the shaft of the femur /Sean E. Nork --Fractures of the distal femur /Peter J. OBrien ... [et al.] --Fractures of the patella and injuries to the extensor mechanism /Robert M. Harris --Fractures of the proximal tibia /Kenneth A. Egol and Kenneth J. Koval --Dislocations and fracture-dislocations of the knee /Robert C. Schenck, Jr., James P. Stannard, and Daniel C. Wascher --Fractures of the tibia and fibula /Charles M. Court-Brown --Ankle fractures /J.L. Marsh and Charles L. Saltzman --Fractures of the talus /David W. Sanders --Fractures of the calcaneus /Roy W. Sanders and Michael P. Clare --Fractures and dislocations of the midfoot and forefoot /John S. Early.
  • Incidence of fractures in children / Kaye E. Wilkins and Alaric J. Aroojis -- The biologic aspects of children's fractures / Cory J. Xian and Bruce K. Foster -- Pain relief and related concerns in children's fractures / Joseph R. Furman -- Management of the multiply injured child / Robert M. Kay and Vernon T. Tolo -- Physeal injuries and growth disturbances / Karl E. Rathjen and John G. Birch -- Pathologic fractures associated with tumors and unique conditions of the musculoskeletal system / John P. Dormans and John M. Flynn -- Child abuse / Robert M. Campbell, Jr. and Timothy Schrader -- Fractures and dislocations of the hand and carpus in children / Scott H. Kozin and Peter M. Waters -- Fractures of the distal radius and ulna / Peter M. Waters and Alexander D. Mih -- Injuries to the shafts of the radius and ulna / Charles T. Mehlman and Eric J. Wall -- Fractures of the proximal radius and ulna / Robert E. Eilert and Mark A. Erickson -- Monteggia fracture-dislocation in children / José F. de la Garza --The elbow region: general concepts in the pediatric patient / James H. Beaty and James R. Kasser -- Supracondylar fractures of the distal humerus / James R. Kasser and James H. Beaty -- The elbow: physeal fractures, apophyseal injuries of the distal humerus, osteonecrosis of the trochlea, and t-condylar fractures / James H. Beaty and James R. Kasser -- Dislocations of the elbow / Anthony A. Stans and Stephen D. Heinrich -- Proximal humerus, scapula, and clavicle / John F. Sarwark, Erik C. King, and Scott J. Luhmann -- Cervical spine injuries in children / William C. Warner, Jr. and Daniel J. Hedequist -- Thoracolumbar spine fractures / Peter O. Newton -- Fractures of the pelvis / Roger F. Widmann -- Fractures and traumatic dislocations of the hip in children / R. Dale Blasier and Laurie O. Hughes -- Femoral shaft fractures / James R. Kasser and James H. Beaty -- Extra-articular injuries of the knee / David L. Skaggs -- Intra-articular injuries of the knee / Mininder S. Kocher -- Fractures of the shaft of the tibia and fibula / Stephen D. Heinrich and James F. Mooney III -- Distal tibial and fibular fractures / R. Jay Cummings -- Fractures and dislocations of the foot / James G. Jarvis and Paul J. Moroz.
  • Selected References in Trauma and Orthopaedics provides a selection of references from the Trauma and Orthopedic literature, aimed at the surgeon preparing for the Intercollegiate Specialty Board examination, and similar end-of training examinations in other countries. It is the perfect guide for examiners and trainers who are preparing their trainees for the examination, as well as providing a literature basis for their own practice. Selected References in Trauma and Orthopaedics presents the classical papers underlying current practice as well as recent publications which have brought about innovation, clarified pathology or demonstrated outcomes. The references are presented with a brief summary which allows the reader to access a literature review, with the use of online resources, with the key references already identified.
  • Introduction -- Primary treatment -- Definitive reconstruction -- Rehabilitation -- Treatment algorithm for missile open fractures of the limbs -- Conclusions.
  • Shoulder arthroplasty 2005, Springer
  • Shoulder concepts 2013 2013, Springer
    Part I: ISAKOS Shoulder Terminology Project; Preliminary Report; Classifications and Scoring Systems -- Introduction -- A Review of Rotator Cuff Classifications in Current Use -- ISAKOS Classification System for Rotator Cuff Tears -- Review of Current Classifications of Shoulder Instability -- ISAKOS Consensus Shoulder Instability Classification System -- Outcomes Scores for Shoulder Instability and Rotator Cuff Disease -- Part II: Copenhagen Consensus on Acromio-Clavicular Disorders -- Copenhagen Consensus on Acromio-Clavicular Disorders -- Part III: Buenos Aires Consensus on Rotator Cuff Disease: Known Facts and Unresolved Issues -- Anatomy (Bone, Tendon, Bursa and Neurovascular Anatomy) -- Biomechanics -- Tendinosis, Impingement and Ruptures -- Arthroscopy and Repair -- Augments and Prosthesis.
  • Shoulder instability 2011, Springer
  • Skeletal examination method -- Skull fractures -- Rib fractures -- Fractures of the vertebral column, sternum, scapulae, and clavicles -- Long bone fractures -- Healing and interpretation -- Natural disease may mimic child abuse.
  • Skeletal trauma 2008, CRCnetBASE
    An Epidemiological approach to forensic investigations of violations to international humanitarian and human rights law -- Differential diagnosis of skeletal trauma -- Blasting injuries -- Blunt force trauma -- Skeletal evidence of torture -- Sharp force trauma -- Gunfire injuries -- Variation in gunfire wounds by skeletal region.
  • Skeletal growth, development, and healing as related to pediatric trauma / Stephen L. Frick, Eric T. Jones -- Physeal injuries / Manoj Ramachandran, David L. Skaggs -- Pathologic fractures in children / Herbert S. Schwartz, Ginger E. Holt -- The multiply injured child / John H. Wilber, George H. Thompson, Jochen Son-Hing -- Fractures with soft tissue injuries / Sanjeev Sabharwal, Fred F. Behrens -- Complications of fractures in children / Robert N. Hensinger -- Outcomes assessment in children with fractures / James G. Wright, Nancy L. Young -- Fractures and dislocations of the forearm, wrist, and hand / Martin Dolan, Peter M. Waters -- Fractures and dislocations about the elbow / Neil E. Green, Nathan L. Van Zeeland --Fractures and dislocations about the shoulder / James F. Mooney III, Lawrence X. Webb -- Fractures of the spine / Gregory A. Mencio, Clinton J. Devin -- Fractures and dislocations about the hips and pelvis / Marc F. Swiontkowski -- Fractures of the femoral shaft / Jeffrey Shilt -- Fractures and dislocations about the knee / Lewis E. Zionts -- Fractures of the tibula and fibula / George H. Thompson, Jochen Son-Hing -- Fractures and dislocations of the foot and ankle / Alvin H. Crawford, Mohammed J. Al-Sayyad, Charles T. Mehlman -- Nonaccidental trauma / Jeffrey Shilt, Neil E. Green, Kathryn E. Cramer -- Anesthesia and analgesia for the ambulatory management of children's fractures / Eric C. McCarty, Gregory A. Mencio -- Rehabilitation of the child with multiple injuries / Louise Z. Spierre ... [et al.] -- Skeletal trauma in young adults / Kevin Shea, Eric W. Edmonds, Henry Chambers.
  • Skeletal trauma. 4th ed. 2009, MD Consult
    v. 1. General principles, spine, pelvis -- v. 2. Upper extremity, lower extremity.
  • Special Procedures in Foot and Ankle Surgery is designed for foot and ankle surgeons who desire to take their skill set to the next level. Advanced surgical techniques are highlighted for some of the more difficult problems encountered by foot and ankle surgeons such as Charcot deformity, chronic tendinopathies, osteochondral lesions, total ankle arthroplasty, tumors, adult flatfoot, cavus and Rheumatoid foot. The latest techniques, including endoscopic approaches are highlighted. This book is designed for all levels of foot and ankle surgeons to better care for their patients.
  • Spine secrets plus. 2nd ed. 2012, ScienceDirect
  • Spine technology handbook 2006, ScienceDirect
    Fulltext MyiLibrary
    Over the past decade, there has been rapid growth in bioengineering applications in the field of spine implants. This book explains the technical foundation for understanding and expanding the field of spine implants, reviews the major established technologies related to spine implants, and provides reference material for developing and commercializing new spine implants. The editors, who have a track record of collaboration and editing technical books, provide a unified approach to this topic in the most comprehensive and useful book to date. Related website provides the latest information on spine technology including articles and research papers on the latest technology and development. Major technologies reviewed include devices used for fusion (screws, plates, rods, and cages), disc repair and augmentation, total disc replacement, and vertebral body repair and augmentation. Technology landscape, review of published/public domain data currently available, and safety and efficacy of technology discussed in detail.
  • Spine trauma 2010, Springer
  • Sports injuries 2012, Springer
  • Sports Medicine and Arthroscopic Surgery of the Foot and Ankle is an invaluable source of information for the sports medicine practitioner who performs foot and ankle surgery. All the common sports injuries of the foot and ankle that may require surgery are covered. The latest techniques, including arthroscopic approaches are highlighted. This unique text is designed to be a reference for all levels who want the best resource for their sports medicine foot and ankle patients who may require surgery.
  • This atlas provides all the basic and advanced information required by surgeons in order to understand fully the skull base anatomy. It is organized according to anatomo-surgical pathways to the hidden areas of the skull base. These pathways are described in step-by-step fashion with the aid of a wealth of color images and illustrations. The emphasis is on endoscopic anatomy, but in order to provide a holistic perspective, informative three-dimensional reconstructions are presented alongside the endoscopic images and radiologic images are included when appropriate. In effect, windows are opened
  • The shoulder -- The humerus -- The elbow -- The forearm -- The wrist and hand -- The spine -- Pelvis and acetabulum -- The hip -- The femur -- The knee -- The tibia and fibula -- The ankle and foot -- Approaches for external fixation.
  • Disorders of the back and neck -- Disorders of the upper extremity -- Disorders of the lower extremity -- Osteoarthritis -- Rheumatoid arthritis and related disorders -- Selected disordeers of the musculoskeletal system -- Musculoskeletal problems of children -- Osteoporosis -- Gout -- Athletic injuries -- Care of acute lacerations -- Selected injuries.
  • Tendon injuries 2005, Springer
    Part I. Basic Sciences, Etiology, Pathomechanics, and Imaging --1. Anatomy of Tendons / Moira O'Brien, p. 3-13 -- 2. Mechanical Properties of Tendons / Constantinos Maganaris and Marco Narici, p. 14-21 -- 3. Growth and Development of Tendons / Laurence Dahners, p. 22-24 -- 4. Aging and Degeneration of Tendons / Pekka Kannus, Mika Paavola and Lászlo Józsa, p. 25-31 -- 5. Epidemiology of Tendon Problems in Sport / Mika Paavola, Pekka Kannus and Markku Järvinen, p. 32-39 -- 6. Neurogenic, Mast Cell, and Gender Variables in Tendon Biology: Potential Role in Chronic Tendinopathy / David Hart, Cyril Frank, Alison Kydd, Tyler Ivie, Paul Sciore and Carol Reno, p. 40-48 -- 7. Imaging of Tendon Ailments / Tudor Hughes, p. 49-60 -- Part II. Anatomical Sites and Presentation -- 8. Injury of the Musculotendinous Junction / Jude Sullivan and Thomas Best, p. 63-69 -- 9. Insertional Tendinopathy in Sports / Per Renström and Thomas Hach, p. 70-85 -- 10. Tendon Avulsions in Children and Adolescents / Sakari Orava and Urho Kujala, p. 86-89.
  • 1. Thromboembolism in Orthopedic Surgery: Scope of the Problem / Bengt I. Eriksson and Ola E. Dahl -- 2. Incidence of Venous Thromboembolism in Orthopedic Surgery / Ajay K. Kakkar and Sophie K. Rushton-Smith -- 3. Specific Risk Factors for Venous Thromboembolism in Orthopedics / Lasse J. Lapidus -- 4. Diagnosis and Treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism After Major Joint Surgery / Manuel Monreal and Juan I. Arcelus -- 5. Drugs for Thromboprophylaxis: Unfractionated Heparin, Low Molecular Weight Heparin, Warfarin, and Fondaparinux / José Aguirre and Alain Borgeat -- 6. New Drugs for Thromboprophylaxis: Apixaban, Dabigatran, Rivaroxaban / Raquel Ferrandis -- 7. Effectiveness of Mechanical Devices in Orthopedic Surgery / David J. Warwick -- 8. Anesthetic Implications of Thromboprophylaxis / Sibylle A. Kozek-Langenecker -- 9. Thromboprophylaxis in High-Risk Orthopedic Surgery: Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty and Hip Fracture / Juan V. Llau and Raquel Ferrandis -- 10. Thromboprophylaxis in Day Surgery: Knee Arthroscopy and Ligamentoplasty (Ligament Reconstruction) / James E. Muntz, Steven E. Flores, and Walter R. Lowe -- 11. Thromboprophylaxis in Special Patients: Multiple Trauma, Head Trauma, and Spine Surgery / Maria J. Colomina, Lidia Mora, and Esther Ciércoles -- 12. Management of Antiaggregated and Anticoagulated Patients Scheduled for Orthopedic Surgery / Raquel Ferrandis and Juan V. Llau.
  • Total hip arthroplasty 2013, Springer
  • Total hip arthroplasty 2012, Springer
  • Assesses the current state of the science regarding primary and revision total knee replacements. References appear in 5 broad categories that parallel topics presented at the conference, with many of the topics further broken down. Citations may appear in only one category.
  • Trauma Management in Orthopedics has been written to serve as a general introduction to the field of trauma in the field of orthopedics. It is composed of a number of commonly seen disorders and with a corresponding therapeutic pathway, clearly explained with numerous xrays and diagrams to aid the reader in their understanding of these useful procedures.The book is intended as a basic resource for trainees and junior surgeons, but will also be useful to more experienced specialists who require an easy to follow clinical guide to assist in day to day practice of orthopedic trauma management.
  • Distal femoral fractures -- Tibial plateau fractures -- Patellar fractures -- Patellar dislocations and osteochondral fractures -- Traumatic knee dislocation -- Floating knee -- Nonunion and malunion around the knee -- Knee extensor mechanism injuries -- Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries -- Runner's knee and pataellar tendinopathy.

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