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  • Advanced organic chemistry. 5th ed. pt. A-B, 2007., Springer
    pt. B, 2007 Springer
    pt. A. Structure and mechanisms -- pt. B. Reactions and synthesis.
  • Analysis of lipid oxidation 2005, CRCnetBASE
  • Available chemicals directory (ACD) Fulltext, Users must register
  • What Is Light? -- The Interaction Between Light and Matter -- Light Sources -- Examinations with Light -- Ultrasound Diagnostics -- Further Imaging Procedures -- Interventions with Laser Light -- Some History of Chemistry -- Oxygen -- Water -- Carbon Dioxide (CO2) -- Nitric Oxide -- Redox Reactions -- DNA -- RNA -- Proteins -- Lipids -- Matter: Using Water as an Example -- If You Are Interested in More ... -- Appendix: Units and Constants.
  • "... provides an established, recognized, authoritative and comprehensive source on medicinal chemistry and drug discovery and development. This flagship reference for medicinal chemists and pharmaceutical professions has been thoroughly updated and expanded across 8 volumes to incorporate the entire process of drug development (preclinical testing, clinical trials, etc.) alongside the traditional strengths in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery"--Provided by publisher.
  • Chapter 1 Ceramic Membranes and Membrane Processes, p. 1-20 -- Chapter 2. Preparation of Ceramic Membranes, p. 21-57 -- Chapter 3. Characterization of Ceramic Membranes, p. 59-95 -- Chapter 4. Transport and Separation of Gases in Porous Ceramic Membranes, p. 97-134 -- Chapter 5. Ceramic Hollow Fibre Membrane Contactors for Treatment of Gases/Vapours, p. 135-168 -- Chapter 6 Mixed Conducting Ceramic Membranes for Oxygen Separation, p. 169-215 -- Chapter 7. Mixed Conducting Ceramic Membranes for Hydrogen Permeation, p. 217-243 -- Chapter 8. Ceramic Membrane Reactors, p. 245-298.
  • Ch. 1. Hydrocarbons -- ch. 2. Alcohols and phytosterols -- ch. 3. Aldehydes and ketones -- ch. 4. Carboxylic acids -- ch. 5. Esters -- ch. 6. Lactones -- ch. 7. Anhydrides -- ch. 8. Carbohydrates and their derivatives -- ch. 9. Phenols and quinones -- ch. 10. Ethers -- ch. 11. Nitriles -- ch. 12. Acyclic amines -- ch. 13. Amides -- ch. 14. Imides -- ch. 15. N-nitrosamines -- ch. 16. Nitroalkanes, nitroarenes, and nitrophenols -- ch. 17. Nitrogen heterocyclic components -- ch. 18. Miscellaneous components -- ch. 19. Fixed and variable gases -- ch. 20. Metallic and nonmetallic elements, isotopes, ions, and salts -- ch. 21. Pesticides and growth regulators -- ch. 22. Genes, nucleotides, and enzymes -- ch. 23. Hoffmann analytes -- ch. 24. Tobacco and/or tobacco smoke components used as tobacco ingredients -- ch. 25. Pyrolysis -- ch. 26. Carcinogens, tumorigens, and mutagens vs. anticarcinogens, inhibitors, and antimutagens -- ch. 27. Free radicals -- ch. 28. Summary.
  • Brief history and use of chemical warfare agents in warfare and terrorism / Harry Salem, Andrew L. Ternay, Jr., and Jeffery K. Smart -- The chemistry of chemical warfare agents / Peter Kikilo, Vitaly Fedorenko, and Andrew L. Ternay, Jr. -- Chemical warfare agent threat to drinking water / Harry Salem ... [et al.] -- Health effects of low-level exposure to nerve agents / John H. McDonough and James A. Romano, Jr. -- Toxicokinetics of nerve agents / Marcel J. van der Schans, Hendrik P. Benschop, and Christopher E. Whalley -- Application of genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic technologies to the development of countermeasures against chemical warfare agents / Jennifer Sekowski and James Dillman -- Novel approaches to medical protection against chemical warfare nerve agents / Ashima Saxena ... [et al.] -- Nerve agent bioscavengers : progress in development of a new mode of protection against organophosphorus exposure / David E. Lenz ... [et al.] -- Butyrylcholinesterase and its synthetic C-terminal peptide confer in-vitro suppression of amyloid fibrils formation / Erez Podoly ... [et al.] -- A novel medical countermeasure for organophosphorus intoxication : connection to Alzheimer's disease and dementia / Edna F. R. Pereira ... [et al.] -- Inhalation toxicology of nerve agents / Paul A. Dabisch ...[et al.] -- Vesicants and oxidative stress / Milton G. Smith ...[et al.] -- Health effects of exposure to vesicant agents / Charles G. Hurst and William J. Smith -- Cyanides : toxicology, clinical presentation, and medical management / Bryan Ballantyne and Harry Salem -- Chemicals used for riot control and personal protection / Harry Salem, Bryan Ballantyne, and Sydney Katz -- Mechanism of action of botulinum neurotoxin and overview of medical countermeasure development for intoxication / Michael Adler ... [et al.] -- Ricin and related toxins : review and perspective / Charles B. Millard and Ross D. LeClaire -- Screening smokes : applications, toxicology, clinical considerations and medical management / Bryan Ballantyne and Harry Salem -- Clinical detection of exposure to chemical warfare agents / Benedict R. Capacio ... [et al.] -- Personal protective equipment (ppe) : practical and theoretical considerations / Michael R. Jones -- Chemical warfare agent decontamination from skin / Brian J. Lukey ... [et al.] -- Chemical warfare, chemical terrorism, and traumatic stress responses : an assessment of psychological impact / James A. Romano, Jr. ... [et al.] -- Emergency response to a chemical warfare agent incident : domestic preparedness, first response, and public health considerations / David H. Moore and Barbara Saunders-Price -- Emergency medical response to a chemical terrorist attack / Stephen A. Pulley and Michael R. Jones.
  • Abstraction -- Accident -- Accuracy -- Acid -- Adsorption -- Aesthetic -- Affinity -- Age -- Air -- Alchemy -- Ambition -- Analogy -- Analysis -- Analyst -- Answer -- Apparatus -- Approximate -- Atom -- Atomic weight -- Authority -- Average -- Balance -- Beauty -- Biochemistry -- Book -- Bubble -- Calculation -- Candle -- Cause and effect -- Central limit theorem -- Chance -- Chaos -- Chemical -- Chemical affinities -- Chemical engineer -- Chemical limericks -- Chemical mnemonics -- Chemist -- Chemistry -- Chemistry and life -- Chemistry and medicine -- Chemistry songs -- Classroom emanations -- Commandments -- Common sense -- Communication -- Compound -- Concept -- Confusion -- Cosmochemistry -- Creativity -- Criticism -- Crystal -- Crystallography -- Curiosity -- Data -- Definition -- Demonstration -- Difference -- Discovery -- Disorder -- Distill -- Electron -- Element -- Energy -- Energy state -- Enzyme -- Error -- Ethics -- Experience -- Experiment -- Experimenter -- Explain -- Fact -- Faith -- Fermentation -- Filter -- Fire -- Fluorochemistry -- Force -- Forecast -- Formula -- Fractal -- Gas -- Generality -- Genius -- Geochemistry -- Glassware -- God -- Graph -- Guess --Heat -- History -- Hypothesis -- Idea -- Ignorance -- Imagination -- Impossible -- Improbable -- Independence -- Inference -- Information -- Inorganic -- Instrument -- Ion -- Knowledge -- Laboratory -- Language -- Law -- Learn -- Life -- Literature -- Little Willie -- Magic -- Mathematics -- Matter -- Measurement -- Mechanics -- Metal -- Metaphor -- Metaphysics -- Method -- Microscope -- Model -- Molecule -- Motion -- Mystery -- Naivete -- Name -- Nature -- Nomenclature -- Notation -- Null hypothesis -- Numbers -- Observation -- Occam's razor -- Opinion -- Order -- Organic -- Outlier -- Paradox -- Periodic law -- Philosophy -- Physical science -- Plagerism -- Pollution -- Postulate -- Prayer -- Precision -- Prediction -- Probability -- Problem -- Progress -- Proposition -- Publication -- Purity -- Purpose -- Question -- Radical -- Random -- Reaction -- Reason -- Research -- Results -- Rust -- Salt -- Science -- Scientific -- Scientist -- Silver trees -- Simplicity -- Solid -- Soluble -- Solution -- Speculation -- Statistical -- Statistician -- Statistics -- Symbol -- Symmetry -- Synthesis -- Teaching -- Terminology -- Theorist -- Theory -- Thermodynamics -- Thought -- Trial and error -- Truth -- Uncertainty -- Understand -- Unexpected -- Unknown -- Vacuum -- Vision -- Volume -- Water -- Wisdom -- Word -- Work -- Writing -- X-rays.
  • "Natural products play crucial roles in modern drug development and constitute a prolific source of novel lead compounds or pharmacophores for ongoing drug discovery programs. Chemistry and Pharmacology of Naturally Occurring Bioactive Compounds presents cutting-edge research in the chemistry of bioactive natural products and demonstrates how natural product research continues to make significant contributions in the discovery and development of new medicinal entities."--Page [4] of cover.
  • Chapter 1. Fundamentals of Peptide Synthesis -- Chapter 2. Methods for the Formation of Peptide Bonds -- Chapter 3. Protectors and Methods of Deprotection -- Chapter 4. Chirality in Peptide Synthesis -- Chapter 5. Solid-Phase Synthesis -- Chapter 6. Reactivity, Protection and Side Reactions -- Chapter 7. Ventilation of Activated Forms and Coupling Methods -- Chapter 8. Miscellaneous.
  • ch. 1. Latex particles / Klaus Tauer -- ch. 2. Semiconductor nanoparticles / Andrey L. Rogach, Dmitri V. Talapin, Horst Weller -- ch. 3. Monolayer protected clusters of gold and silver / Mathias Brust, Christopher J. Kiely -- ch. 4. Sonochemical synthesis of inorganic and organic colloids / Franz Grieser, Muthupandian Ashokkumar -- ch. 5. Colloidal nanoreactors and nanocontainers / Marc Sauer, Wolfgang Meier -- ch. 6. Miniemulsions for the convenient synthesis of organic and inorganic nanoparticles and single molecule applications in materials chemistry / Katharina Landfester, Markus Antonietti -- ch. 7. Metal and semiconductor nanoparticle modification via chemical reactions / Luis M. Liz Marzán -- ch. 8. Nanoscale particle modification via sequential electrostatic assembly / Frank Caruso -- ch. 9. Colloidal crystals : recent developments and niche applications / Younan Xia, Hiroshi Fudouzi, Yu Lu, Yadong Yin -- ch. 10. Surface-directed colloid patterning : selective deposition via electrostatic and secondary interactions / Paula T. Hammond -- ch. 11. Evolving strategies of nanomaterials design / Sean Davis -- ch. 12. Nanoparticle organization at the air-water interface and in Langmuir-Blodgett films / Murali Sastry -- ch. 13. Layer-by-layer self-assembly of metal nanoparticles on planar substrates : fabrication and properties / Thierry P. Cassagneau -- ch. 14. Assembly of electrically functional microstructures from colloidal particles / Orlin D. Velev -- ch. 15. 3D ordered macroporous materials / Rick C. Schroden, Andreas Stein -- ch. 16. Semiconductor quantum dots as multicolor and ultrasensitive biological labels / Warren C. W. Chan, Xiaohu Gao, Shuming Nie -- ch. 17. Colloids for encoding chemical libraries: applications in biological screening / Bronwyn J. Battersby, Lisbeth Grøndahl, Gwendolyn A. Lawrie, Matt Trau -- ch. 18. Polyelectrolyte microcapsules as biomimetic models / Gleb B. Sukhorukov, Helmuth Möhwald.
  • Encyclopedia of chromatography. 2nd ed. v. 1-2, 2005, CRCnetBASE
  • Part I.The Basics --Working with Excel --Creating charts: an introduction --Part II.Advanced spreadsheet topics --Creating advanced worksheet formulas --Creating array formulas --Advanced charting techniques --Using Excel's database features --Importing data into Excel --Adding controls to a spreadsheet --Part III.Spreadsheet mathematics --Some mathematical tools for spreadsheet calculations --Graphical and numerical methods of analysis --Linear regression --Non-linear regression using te solver --Part IV.Excel visual basic macros --Visual basic for applications: an introduction --Programming with VBA --Creating command macros --Creating custom functions --Creating custom menus and menu bars --Creating custom toolbuttons and toolbars --Part V.Some applications --Analysis of solution equilibria --Analysis of spectrophotometric data --Calculation of binding constants --Analysis of kinetics data --Part VI.Appendices ...
  • ch. 1. The Building Blocks of Our World, p. 1-30 -- ch. 2. Small Organic Molecules, p. 31-55 -- ch. 3. Introduction to the Science of Giant Molecules, p. 57-93 -- ch. 4. Relationships Between the Properties and Structure of Giant Molecules, p. 95-112 -- ch. 5. Physical and Chemical Testing of Polymers, p. 113-132 -- ch. 6. Thermoplastics, p. 133-181 -- ch. 7. Engineering Plastics, p. 183-208 -- ch. 8. Thermosets, p. 209-227 -- ch. 9. Fibers, p. 229-250 -- ch. 10. Rubbers (Elastomers, p. 251-274 -- ch. 11. Paints, Coatings, Sealants, and Adhesives, p. 275-291 -- ch. 12. Composites, p. 293-305 -- ch. 13. Nature's Giant Molecules: The Plant Kingdom, p. 307-327 -- ch. 14. Nature's Giant Molecules: The Animal Kingdom, p. 329-363 -- ch. 15. Derivatives of Natural Polymers, p. 365-378 -- ch. 16. Inorganic Polymers, p. 379-403 -- ch. 17. Specialty Polymers, p. 405-423 -- ch. 18. Additives and Starting Materials, p. 425-444 -- ch. 19. The Future of Giant Molecules, p. 445-453 -- Appendix 1. Studying Giant Molecules, p. 455-457 --. Appendix 2. Electronic Web Sites, p. 459-461.
  • Chapter 1. Representing Two-Dimensional (2D) Chemical Structures with Molecular Graphs / Ovidiu Ivanciuc -- Chapter 2. Algorithms to Store and Retrieve Two-Dimensional (2D) Chemical Structures / Milind Misra, Jean-Loup Faulon -- Chapter 3. Three-Dimensional (3D) Molecular Representations / Egon L. Willighagen -- Chapter 4. Molecular Descriptors / Nikolas Fechner, Georg Hinselmann, Jor̈g Kurt Wegner -- Chapter 5. Ligand- and Structure-Based Virtual Screening / Robert D. Clark, Diana C. Roe -- Chapter 6. Predictive Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships Modeling: Data Preparation and the General Modeling Workflow / Alexander Tropsha, Alexander Golbraikh -- Chapter 7. Predictive Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships Modeling: Development and Validation of QSAR Models / Alexander Tropsha, Alexander Golbraikh -- Chapter 8. Structure Enumeration and Sampling / Markus Meringer -- Chapter 9. Computer-Aided Molecular Design / Donald P. "Visco, Jr." -- Chapter 10. Computer-Aided Molecular Design / Diana C. Roe -- Chapter 11. Reaction Network Generation / Jean-Loup Faulon, Pablo Carbonell -- Chapter 12. Open Source Chemoinformatics Software and Database Technologies / Rajarshi Guha -- Chapter 13. Sequence Alignment Algorithms / Tatsuya Akutsu -- Chapter 14. Machine Learning-Based Bioinformatics Algorithms / Shawn Martin -- Chapter 15. Using Systems Biology Techniques to Determine Metabolic Fluxes and Metabolite Pool Sizes / Fangping Mu, Amy L. Bauer, James R. Faeder, William S. Hlavacek.
  • Chapter 1. Polychloroprene Rubber (CR) / by Rudiger Musch & Hans Magg -- Chapter 2. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) / by Robert Klingender -- Chapter 3. Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber (HNBR) / by Dr. Robert Keller -- Chapter 4. Fluoroelastomers, FKM, and FEPM / by Pascal Ferrandez -- Chapter 5. Polyacrylate Elastomers Properties and Applications / by Robert Klingender -- Chapter 6. Ethylene Acrylic (AEM) Elastomer Formulation Design / by Lawrence C. Muschiatti, Yun-Tai Yu, Edward McBride and Klaus Kammerer -- Chapter 7. Polyepichlorohydrin Elastomer / by Robert Klingender -- Chapter 8. Compounding with Chlorinated Polyethylene / by Ray Laakso -- Chapter 9. Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSM) and Aklylated Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (ACSM) / by Robert Klingender -- Chapter 10. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Elastomer (EVM) (ASTM designation AEM) / by Drs. H. Meisenheimer & A. Zens -- Chapter 11. Polysulfide Elastomers / by Stephen K. Flanders & Robert Klingender - Submitted -- Chapter 12. Plasticizers, Process Oils, Vulcanized Vegetable Oils / by Peter Rand -- Chapter 13. Vulcanization Agents for Specialty Elastomers / by Robert Ohm -- Chapter 14. Antioxidants for Specialty Elastomers by Russell Mazzeo -- Chapter 15. Processing Aids for Specialty Elastomers / by Jerry M. Sherritt -- Chapter 16. Considerations in the design of a rubber formulation / by Robert Klingender -- 16A. Oil Field elastomeric Products / by Robert C. Klingender -- 16B. Life Prediction / by John Vicic -- 16C. Compression, Transfer, and Injections Molding of Specialty Elastomers / by Robert W. Keller.
  • v. 1. -- Part I. Sample preparation and sample pretreatment -- ch. 1. Collection and preparation of gaseous samples / Douglas A. Lane -- ch. 2. Sample collection and preparation of liquid and solids / Brian M. Cullum, Tuan Vo-Dinh -- Part II. Methods 1: Optical spectroscopy -- ch. 3. Basics of optical spectroscopy / Martin Hof -- ch. 4. Instrumentation / Valdas Sablinskas -- ch. 5. Measurement techniques / Gerald Steiner -- ch. 6. Applications / Valdas Sablinskas, Gerald Steiner, Martin Hof -- Part III. Methods 2: Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy -- ch. 7. An Introduction to solution, solid-state, and imaging NMR spectroscopy / Leslie G. Butler -- ch. 8. Solution NMR spectroscopy / Gary E. Martin, Chad E. Hadden, David J. Russell -- ch. 9. Solid-state NMR / Steven P. Brown, Lyndon Emsley -- Part IV. Methods 3: Mass spectrometry -- ch. 10. Mass spectrometry / Michael Przybylski, Wolfgang Weinmann, Thilo A. Fligge -- Part V. Methods 4: Elemental analysis -- ch. 11. X-ray fluorescence analysis / K. Janssens -- ch. 12. Atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) and atomic emission spectrometry (AES) / Erwin Rosenberg, Ulrich Panne -- Part VI. Methods 5: Surface analysis techniques -- ch. 13. Surface analysis techniques / A. Macková, S.A. Morton, C.G.H. Walker, K. Volka -- v. 2. -- Part VII. Applications 1: Bioanalysis -- ch. 14. Bioanalysis / Willem M. Albers, Arto Annila, Nicholas J. Goddard, Gabor Patonay, Erkki Soini -- Part VIII. Applications 2: Environmental analysis -- ch. 15. LC-MS in environmental analysis / H.Fr. Schröder -- ch. 16. Gas chromatography/ion trap mass spectrometry (GC/ITMS) for environmental analysis / Michel Sablier, Toshihiro Fujii -- Part IX. Application 3: Process control -- ch. 17. Optical spectroscopy / John Green -- ch. 18. NMR / Loring A. Weisenberger -- ch. 19. Process mass spectrometry / Christian Hassell -- ch. 20. Elemental analysis / J.S. Crighton -- Part X. Hyphenated techniques -- ch. 21. Hyphenated techniques for chromatographic detection / John C. Fetzer -- Part XI. General data treatment: data bases/spectral libraries -- ch. 22. Optical spectroscopy / Steffen Thiele, Reiner Salzer -- ch. 23. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy / Wolfgang Robien -- ch. 24. Mass spectrometry / Antony N. Davies.
  • Abbreviations -- Condensed chemical dictionary -- Appendix I: Origin of some chemical terms -- Appendix II: Highlights in the history of chemistry -- Appendix III: Manufacturers of trademarked products (alphabetical list).
  • High throughput sample preparation techniques and their application to bioanalytical protocols and purification of combinatorial libraries / Krishna Kallury -- High-throughput quantitative bioanalysis / Katty X. Wan -- Optimizing LCMS equipment to increase throughput in pharmaceutical analysis / Michael G. Frank and Douglas E. Mcintyre -- Throughput improvement of bioanalytical LC-MS/MS by sharing of detector between HPLC systems / Min Shuan Chang and Tawakol El-Shourbagy -- High throughput strategies for metabolite identification in drug discovery / Patrick J. Rudewicz, Qin Yue, and Young Shin -- Utilizing micro parallel liquid chromatography for high-throughput analyses in the pharmaceutical industry / Sergio A. Guazzotti -- Strategies and techniques for higher throughput ADME/PK assays / Walter Korfmacher -- High-throughput analysis in drug metabolism during early drug discovery / Yau Yi Lau --High-throughput analysis in the support of process chemistry and formulation research & development in the pharmaceutical industry / Zhong Li -- On-line SPE LC/MS/MS for high throughput bioanalytical analysis / Dong Wei and Liyu Yang -- Applications of high-throughput analysis in therapeutic drug monitoring / Quanyun A. Xu and Timothy L. Madden -- High-throughput quantitative pharmaceutical analysis in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) using liquid crhomatrography-mass spectrometry / Xiaohui Xu -- Designing high throughput HPLC assays for small and biological molecules / Roger K. Gilpin and Wanlong Zhou -- The advances in capillary and nano-HPLC technology for drug discovery and development / Frank J. Yang and Richard Yu -- High-throughput analysis of complex protein mixtures by mass spectrometry / Kojo S.J. Elenitoba-Johnson.
  • Chapter 1. Impact of High-Throughput Screening Technologies on Chemical Catalysis / W.Henry Weinberg and Howard W. Turner, p. 1-17 -- Chapter 2. Mastering the Challenges of Catalyst Screening in High-Throughput Experimentation for Heterogeneously Catalyzed Gas-Phase Reactions / Stephan A. Schunk, Dirk Demuth, Alexander Cross, Olga Gerlach, Alfred Haas, Jens Klein, John M. Newsam, Andreas Sundermann, Wolfram Stichert, Wolfgang Strehlau, Uwe Vietze and Torsten Zech, p. 19-61 -- Chapter 3. High-Throughput Workflow Development: Strategies and Examples in Heterogeneous Catalysis / H. Sam Bergh, p. 63-88 -- Chapter 4. Integrated Microreactor Set-Ups for High-Throughput Screening and Methods for the Evaluation of “Low-Density” Screening Data / Andreas Müller and Klaus Drese, p. 89-128 -- Chapter 5. Two Exemplified Combinatorial Approaches for Catalytic Liquid-Solid and Gas-Solid Processes in Oil Refining and Fine Chemicals / José M. Serra and Avelino Corma, p. 129-151 -- Chapter 6. Present Trends in the Application of Genetic Algorithms to Heterogeneous Catalysis / Martin Holeňa, p. 152-173 -- Chapter 7. Relative Quantification of Catalytic Activity in Combinatorial Libraries by Emissivity-Corrected Infrared Thermography / Guido Kirsten and Wilhelm F. Maier, p. 175-187 -- Chapter 8. Gas Sensor Technology for High-Throughput Screening in Catalysis / Yusuke Yamada and Tetsuhiko Kobayashi, p. 189-209 -- Chapter 9. Parallel Approaches to the Synthesis and Testing of Catalysts for Liquid-Phase Reactions / Paolo P. Pescarmona, Jan C. van der Waal, Leon G. A. van de Water and Thomas Maschmeyer, p. 211-237 -- Chapter 10. Combinatorial Strategies for Speeding up Discovery and Optimization of Heterogeneous Catalysts on the Academic Laboratory Scale: A Case Study of Hydrogen Purification for Feeding PEM Fuel Cells / David Farrusseng and Claude Mirodatos, p. 239-270 -- Chapter 11. Combinatorial Synthesis and High-Throughput Screening of Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts / Peter Strasser, Sasha Gorer, Qun Fan, Konstantinos Chondroudis, Keith Cendak, Daniel Giaquinta and Martin Devenney, p. 271-297 -- Chapter 12. High-Throughput Approaches in Olefin Polymerization Catalysis / Vince Murphy, p. 299-312.
  • The enzymatic basis of flavonoid biodiversity / Ragai K. Ibrahim and Dominique Anzellotti -- Structural, functional and evolutionary basis for methylation of plant small molecules / Joseph P. Noel ... [et al.] -- Regulation of anthocyanin pigmentation / Niloufer G. Irani, J. Marcela Hernandez and Erich Grotewold -- Localization of plant myrosinases and glucosinolates / Erik Andreasson and Lise Bolt Jorgensen -- Glucosinolate hydrolysis and its impact on generalist and specialist insect herbivores / Ute Wittstock ... [et al.] -- A novel myrosinase-glucosinolate defense system in cruciferous specialist aphids / John T. Rossiter, Alexnadra M. Jones and Atle M. Bones -- Multiple levels of control in the regulation of alkaloid biosynthesis / Peter J. Facchini ... [et al.] -- Biochemistry and molecular biology of indole alkaloid biosynthesis : the implication of recent discoveries / Vincenzo de Luca -- Chemical ecology of alkaloids exemplified with the pyrrolizidines / Dietrich Ober -- The chemical wizardry of isoprenoid metabolism in plants / Bryan T. Greenhagen ... [et al.] -- The sabath family of MTS in Arabidopsis Thaliana and other plant species / John C. D'Auria, Feng Chen, Eran Pichersky -- Xochipilli updated, terpenes from Mexican plants / Edmundo Lozoya-Gloria.
  • Includes risk management, enterprise resource planning, outsourcing, combinatorial synthesis and technology, functional foods, process automation, electronic chemicals, specialty silicones, mergers and acquisitions, nanoparticles, bioinformatics, ISO 14000, micron-scale chemical analysis, medical applications of biodegradable materials, product development, strategies, drug discovery strategies, chemistry of aging, single-site catalysis, custom manufacturing, and global chemical market analysis.
  • Lipid handbook .... 3rd ed. 2007, CRCnetBASE
  • Mass spectrometry basics 2003, CRCnetBASE
  • Catalysis and multi-component reactions -- Multi-component reactions in heterocyclic chemistry -- Multi-component reactions in drug discovery -- Novel reagents for multi-component reactions -- Design of multi-component reactions -- Multi-component reactions in supramolecular chemistry and material science.
  • ch. 1. Overview of Membrane Science and Technology, p. 1-14 -- ch. 2. Membrane Transport Theory, p. 15-87 -- ch. 3. Membranes and Modules, p. 89-160 -- ch. 4. Concentration Polarization, p. 161-190 -- ch. 5. Reverse Osmosis, p. 191-235 -- ch. 6. Ultrafiltration, p. 237-274 -- ch. 7. Microfiltration, p. 275-300 -- ch. 8. Gas Separation, p. 301-353 -- ch. 9. Pervaporation, p. 355-392 -- ch. 10. Ion Exchange Membrane Processes-Electrodialysis, p. 393-423 -- ch. 11. Carrier Facilitated Transport, p. 425-463 -- ch. 12. Medical Applications of Membranes, p. 465-490 -- ch. 13. Other Membrane Processes, p. 491-521 -- Appendix, p. 523-534.
  • Micellar catalysis 2007, CRCnetBASE
  • Preface -- [1]. Introduction -- 2. General aspects -- 3. Stability of complexes -- 4. Lanthanide and macrocyclic complexes -- 5. Structural chemistry of lanthanide complexes -- 6. Organometallic complexes -- 7. Kinetics and mechanisms of rare earth complexation -- 8. Spectroscopy of lanthanide complexes -- 9. Photoelectron spectroscopy of rare earths -- 10. Lanthanide NMR shift reagents -- 11. Environmental, ecological, biological aspects -- 12. Applications -- Subject index.
  • ch. 1. Introduction -- ch. 2. Absorption of UV-visible light -- ch. 3. Characteristics of fluorescence emission -- ch. 4. Effects of intermolecular photophysical processes on fluorescence emission -- ch. 5. Fluorescence polarization. Emission anisotropy -- ch. 6. Principles of steady-state and time-resolved fluorometric techniques -- ch. 7. Effect of polarity on fluorescence emission. Polarity probes -- ch. 8. Microviscosity, fluidity, molecular mobility. Estimation by means of fluorescent probes -- ch. 9. Resonance energy transfer and its applications -- ch. 10. Fluorescent molecular sensors of ions and molecules -- ch. 11. Advanced techniques in fluorescence spectroscopy.
  • ch. 1. Introduction, p. 1-8 -- ch. 2. Fundamentals of Molecular Imprinting, p. 9-19 -- ch. 3. Experimental Methods (1 - Procedures of Molecular Imprinting, p. 21-45 -- ch. 4. Experimental Methods (2 - Evaluation of Imprinting Efficiency, p. 47-52 -- ch. 5. Spectroscopic Anatomy of Molecular Imprinting Reactions, p. 53-64 -- ch. 6. Flow Chart of a Typical Molecular Imprinting, p. 65-73 -- ch. 7. Applications of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers, p. 75-118 -- ch. 8. Recent Challenges and Progress, p. 119-139 -- ch. 9. Conclusions and Prospects, p. 141.
  • Molecular switches 2001, Wiley
    ch. 1. Approaches to a molecular switch using photoinduced electron and energy transfer -- ch. 2. Photoswitchable molcular systems based on diarylethenes -- ch. 3. Optoelectronic molecular switches based on dihydroazulene-Vinylheptafulvene (DHA0VHF) -- ch. 4. Molecular switches with photochromic fulgides -- ch. 5. Chiroptical molecular switches -- ch. 6. Photochemical biomolecular switches: the route to optobioelectronics -- ch. 7. Switchable catenanes and molecular shuttles -- ch. 8. Metallo-rotaxanes and catenanes as redox switches : towards molecular machines and motors -- ch. 9. Switchable molecular receptors and recognition processes : from photoresponsive crown ethers to allosteric sugar sensing systems -- ch. 10. Multistate/multifunctional molecular-level systems : photochromic flavylium compounds -- ch. 11. Molecular logic systems -- ch. 12. Liquid crystal photonics : opto-photochemical effects in photoresponsive liquid crystals -- ch. 13. Photoswitchable polypeptides.
  • ch. 1. Introduction to the nanoworld / Kenneth J. Klabunde -- ch. 2. Metals / Gunter Schmid -- ch. 3. Semiconductor nanocrystals / M.P. Pileni -- ch. 4. Ceramics / Abbas Khaleel and Ryan M. Richards -- ch. 5. Metal nanoparticles : double layers, optical properties, and electrochemistry / Paul Mulvaney -- ch. 6. Magnetism / C.M. Sorensen -- ch. 7. Chemical and catalytic aspects of nanocrystals / Kenneth J. Klabunde and Ravichandra S. Mulukutla -- ch. 8. Specific heats and melting points of nanocrystalline materials / Olga Koper and Slawomir Winecki -- ch. 9. Applications of nanocrystals / John Parker.
  • Nitric oxide. 1st ed. 2007, ScienceDirect
  • Photochemistry and photophysics of highly excited valence states of polyatomic molecules: nonalternant aromatics, thioketones, and metalloporphyrins /G. Burdzinski ... [et al.] --Proton transfer reactions in the excited states /Haruo Shizuka and Seiji Tobita --Photoreactivity of n,[pi]*-excited azoalkanes and ketones /Werner M. Nau and Uwe Pischel --Photonucleophilic substitution reactions /Maurizio Fagnoni and Angelo Albini --Mechanistic and synthetic aspects of SET-promoted photocyclization reactions of silicon substituted phthalimides /Ung Chan Yoon and Patrick S. Mariano --Photoanimation with ammonia and amines /Masahide Yasuda ... [et al.] --DNA-templated assembly of helical multichromophore aggregates /Bruce A. Armitage.
  • Ch. 1. Introduction, p. 1-18 -- Ch. 2. Syntheses of Macromolecular Compounds, p. 19-51 -- Ch. 3. Distribution of Molecular Weight, p. 52-66 -- Ch. 4. Macromolecular Thermodynamics, p. 67-95 -- Ch. 5. Chain Configurations, p. 96-126 -- Ch. 6. Liquid Crystals, p. 127-149 -- Ch. 7. Rubber Elasticity, p. 150-164 -- Ch. 8. Viscosity and Viscoelasticity, p. 165-197 -- Ch. 9. Osmotic Pressure, p. 198-222 -- Ch. 10. Diffusion, p. 223-242 -- Ch. 11. Sedimentation, p. 243-266 -- Ch. 12. Optical Rotatory Dispersion and Circular Dichroism, p. 267-283 -- Ch. 13. High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Electrophoresis, p. 284-319 -- Ch. 14. Light Scattering, p. 320-347 -- Ch. 15. Fourier Series, p. 348-370 -- Ch. 16. Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering, Neutron Scattering, and Laser Light Scattering, p. 371-398 -- Ch. 17. Electronic and Infrared Spectroscopy, p. 399-435 -- Ch. 18. Protein Molecules, p. 436-454 -- Ch. 19. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, p. 455-496 -- Ch. 20. X-Ray Crystallography, p. 497-534.
  • Piezoelectric sensors 2006, Springer
  • Introduction to near-infrared spectra -- Alkanes and cycloalkanes -- Alkenes and alkynes -- Aromatic compounds -- Hydroxyl containing compounds -- Water -- Carbonyls -- Amines and amides -- P-H and S-H -- Carbohydrates -- Amino acids, peptides, and proteins -- Synthetic polymers and rubbers -- History of near-infrared (NIR) applications.
  • Part I. Image Reconstruction and Restoration -- 1. Introduction to Image Reconstruction / Zhi-Pei Liang, Jim Ji, and E. Mark Haacke -- 2. Wavelet-Based Multiresolution Local Tomography / E. Rashid-Farrokhi and K.J.R. Liu -- 3. The Point Spread Function of Convolution Regridding Reconstruction / Gordon E. Sarty -- 4. Mapping Motion and Strain with MRI / Yudong Zhu -- 5. Rotational Motion Artifact Correction Based on Fuzzy Projection onto Convex Sets / Chaminda Weerasinghe, Lilian Ji, and Hong Yan -- 6. Tagged MR Cardiac Imaging / Nikolaos V Tsekos and Amir A. Amini -- 7. Functional MR Image Visualization and Signal Processing Methods / Alex R. Wade, Brian A. Wandell, and Thomas P. Burg --Part II. Image Segmentation and Analysis -- 8. Multiscale Segmentation of Volumetric MR Brain Images / Wiro J. Niessen, Koen L. Vincken, Joachim Weickert, and Max A. Viergever -- 9. A Precise Segmentation of the Cerebral Cortex from 3-D MRI Using a Cellular Model and Homotopic Deformations / Yann Cointepas, Isabelle Bloch, and Line Garnero -- 10. Feature Space Analysis of MRI / Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh -- 11. Geometric Approaches for Segmentation and Signal Detection in Functional MRI Analysis / Guillermo Sapiro -- 12. MR Image Segmentation and Analysis Based on Neural Networks / Javad Alirezaie and M.E. Jernigan -- 13. Stochastic Model Based Image Analysis / Yue Wang and Tiilay Adal -- 14. Functional MR Image Analysis -- Shang-Hong Lai and Ming Fang -- 15. Tagged MR Image Analysis / Amir A. Amini and Yasheng Chen -- Part III. Spectroscopic Signal Processing -- 16. Time-Domain Spectroscopic Quantitation / Leentje Vanhamme, Sabine Van Huffel, and Paul Van Hecke -- 17. Multidimensional NMR Spectroscopic Signal Processing / Guang Zhu and Yingbo Hua -- 18. Advanced Methods in Spectroscopic Imaging / Keith A. Wear -- 19. Characterization of Brain Tissue from MR Spectra for Tumor Discrimination / Paulo J.G. Lisboa, Wael El-Deredy, Y.Y. Barbara Lee, Yangxin Huang, Angelica R. Corona Herandez, Peter Harris, and Carles Aris -- 20. Wavelet Packets Algorithm for Metabolite Quantification in Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Chemical Shift Imaging / Luca T Mainardi, Sergio Cerutti, Daniela Origgi, and Giuseppe Scotti -- 21. Cramér-Rao Bound Analysis of Spectroscopic Signal Processing Methods / Sophie Cavassila, Dirk van Ormondt, and Danielle Graveron-Demilly.
  • ch. 1. Single Molecule Detection in Liquids and on Surfaces under Ambient Conditions: Introduction and Historical Overview / Jörg Enderlein, Richard A. Keller and Christoph Zander, p. 1-19 -- ch. 2. Theoretical Foundations of Single Molecule Detection in Solution / Jörg Enderlein and Christoph Zander, p. 21-67 -- ch. 3. Conceptual Basis of Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy and Related Techniques as Tools in Bioscience / Jerker Widengren and Ülo Mets, p. 69-120 -- ch. 4. Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS - A Tool for Single Molecule Detection in Solution / Katrin Kneipp, Harald Kneipp, Irving Itzkan, Ramachandra R. Dasari and Michael S. Feld, p. 121-144 -- ch. 5. Single Molecule Detection on Surfaces with the Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope / Martin Böhmer and Jörg Enderlein, p. 145-183 -- ch. 6. Spectroscopy of Individual Photosynthetic Pigment-Protein Complexes / J. Wrachtrup, T.J. Aartsma, J. Köhler, M. Ketelaars, A. M. van Oijen, M. Matsushita, J. Schmidt, C. Tietz and F. Jelezko, p. 185-229 -- ch. 7. Single Dye Tracing for Ultrasensitive Microscopy on Living Cells / Gerhard J. Schütz and Hansgeorg Schindler, p. 231-245 -- ch. 8. Single Molecule Identification in Solution: Principles and Applications / M. Sauer and C. Zander, p. 247-272 -- ch. 9. Studying Molecular Motors on the Single Molecule Level / Y. Ishii, A. H. Iwane, H. Yokota, Y. Inoue, T. Wazawa, M. Nishiyama, H. Tanaka, K. Kitamura and T. Yanagida, p. 273-292 -- ch. 10. The Chemistry of a Single Enzyme Molecule / Robert Polakowski, Michael Eggertson, Douglas B. Craig and Norman J. Dovichi, p. 293-301 -- ch. 11. Single Molecule Detection of Specific Nucleic Acid Sequences / Alonso Castro, p. 303-321 -- ch. 12. Single Molecule Detection in the Near-Infrared / Steven A. Soper, Musundi Wabuyele, Clyde V. Owens and Robert P. Hammer, p. 323-362.
  • The history of soaps and detergents / Luis Spitz -- Soap structure and phase behavior / Michael Hill and Teanoosh Moaddel -- Formulation of toilet, combo, and synthetic cleansing bars / Edmund D. George -- Comparison of palm- and tallow-based soaps : specifications, formulations, and performance / Ainie Kuntom and Luis Spitz -- Chemistry, formulation, and performance of syndet and combo bars / Marcel Friedman -- Laundry products in bar form / Jos L. Berna, Csar Bengoechea, and Alfonso Moreno -- Multicolored and multicomponent soaps / Luis Spitz -- Raw materials for sulfonation and sulfation : production, characteristics, and uses / Jos L. Berna -- Manufacture of methyl ester sulfonates and other derivatives / Norman C. Foster -- Household detergents production : technological evolution and trends / Icilio Adami -- Oleochemicals : physical constants, specifications, and product stability / Donald V. Kinsman -- Palm-based oleochemicals : overview and perspectives / Tian Lye Ooi and Hamirin Kifli -- New developments in liquid hand soaps and body wash products / Robert J. Jaworski -- Secondary surfactants for personal care applications / Minh V. Tong and Thomas J. Giese -- New anionic surfactants derived from olefin sulfonic acids / Paul D. Berger and Gregory P. Dado -- Personal care products based on cosmeceutical and nutraceutical ingredients / Shyam Gupta -- Certified organic personal care : an emerging market / Peter C. Murray -- Technical aspects of perfumery / Leslie C. Smith.
  • Univariate Data --Bi- and Multivariate Data --Related Topics --Complex Examples --Appendices.
  • Covers science and technology in all areas of industrial chemistry, containing nearly 1000 major articles with more than 16 million words, nearly 10,000 tables, 30,000 figures, and literature sources and cross-references. It also includes full text index, author index, CAS registry number index, and keyword index.
  • Part I. Principles and Methods -- Chapter 1. Introduction, p. 1-22 -- Chapter 2. Experimental Techniques, p. 23-44 -- Chapter 3. Principles of X-Ray Diffraction by a Crystal, p. 45-79 -- Chapter 4. Diffraction Data Evaluation, p. 81-97 -- Chapter 5. Methods for Solving the Phase Problem, p. 99-139 -- Chapter 6. Phase Improvement by Density Modification and Phase Combination, p. 141-156 -- Chapter 7. Model Building and Refinement, p. 157-185 -- Chapter 8. Crystal Structure Determination of the Time-Course of Reactions and of Unstable Species, p. 187-202 -- Chapter 9. Structural Genomics, p. 203-220 -- Part II. Practical Examples -- Chapter 10. Data Evaluation, p. 223-238 -- Chapter 11. Determination of Anomalous Scatterer or Heavy Atom Positions, p. 239-251 -- Chapter 12. MIRAS and MAD Phasing with the Program SHARP, p. 253-259 -- Chapter 13. Molecular Replacement, p. 261-266 -- Chapter 14. Averaging about Non-Crystallographic Symmetry (NCS) for 4-BUDH, p. 267-275 -- Chapter 15. Model Building and More, p. 277-291
all 113 titles

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