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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Pectoral region and axilla

Left subscapular muscle

Image #91-6

KEYWORDS: Axilla, Fascia ligaments and tendons, Pectoral region, Peripheral nervous system, Shoulder, Vasculature.

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Pectoral region and axilla
Left subscapular muscle
The shoulder has been pulled away from the thoracic wall and the axillary artery and brachial plexus retracted laterally. The subscapular fascia (7) has been partially removed.
1 . Upper pointer: Clavicle (cut off) Lower pointer: Subclavius muscle (cut off)
2 . Transverse scapular artery (cut off)
3 . Suprascapular nerve (cut off)
4 . Omohyoid muscle (cut off)
5 . Medial angle of scapula
6 . Subscapularis muscle
7 . Subscapular fascia
8 . Serratus anterior muscle
9 . Long thoracic nerve
10 . Coracoid process of scapula
11 . Coracoclavicular ligament
12 . Lesser tubercle of humerus
13 . Subscapular nerves (upper subscapular nerves)
14 . Posterior cord of brachial plexus
15 . Axillary nerve
16 . Thoracodorsal nerve (middle subscapular nerve) (also see 21)
17 . Subscapular nerve (lower subscapular nerve)
18 . Coracobrachialis muscle
19 . Biceps brachii muscle
20 . Subscapular artery
21 . Thoracodorsal nerve (also see 16)
22 . Teres major muscle
23 . Latissimus dorsi muscle