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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of left ear from superior aspect

Tympanic membrane

Image #61-7


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Dissection of left ear from superior aspect
Tympanic membrane
1 . Facial nerve (VII)
2 . Capitulum of stapes
3 . Vestibule (opened)
4 . Superior pyramidal angle
5 . Vestibulocochlear nerve (vestibular part)
6 . Vestibulocochlear nerve (cochlear part)
7 . Osseous spiral lamina
8 . Modiolus: Upper pointer indicates scala vestibuli of middle turn; lower pointer indicates scala tympani of apical turn)
9 . Upper pointer: Tendon of tensor tympani muscle Lower pointer: Manubrium of malleus
10 . Major superficial petrosal nerve
11 . Minor superficial petrosal nerve
12 . Internal carotid artery within carotid canal
13 . Outer surface of auditory tube (Eustachian)
14 . Middle meningeal artery and mandibular nerve
15 . Incus
16 . Upper pointer: Incus-malleolar articulation Lower pointer: Malleus
17 . Flaccid part of tympanic membrane
18 . Anterior malleolar fold
19 . Pars tensa tympanic membrane
20 . Upper pointer: Limbus (border) of tympanic membrane Lower pointer: Jugular walls of tympanum
21 . Chorda tympani
22 . Capitulum condyloid process of mandible