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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Eye and eyelids

Surface features, right eye

Image #52-1

KEYWORDS: Eye, Face, Overview.

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Eye and eyelids
Surface features, right eye
The eyelids have been opened more widely than normal to expose the entire extent of the cornea.
1 . Lashes
2 . Posterior palpebral limbus
3 . Lirnbus of cornea (annulus conjunctivae located at limbus)
4 . Sclera and bulbar sheath
5 . Lateral palpebral commissure
6 . Lateral ocular angle
7 . Minor annulus of iris
8 . Major annulus of iris
9 . Posterior palpebral limbus
10 . Anterior palpebral limbus
11 . Supercilium
12 . Upper pointer: Superior orbitopalpebral fold Lower pointer: Superior palpebra
13 . Pupil
14 . Superior lacrimal papila and puncta
15 . Lacrimal lake
16 . Lacrimal caruncle
17 . Medial palpebral commissure
18 . Medial ocular angle
19 . Inferior lacrimal papila (punctum not clearly visible)
20 . Inferior palpebra