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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy


Roentgenogram, ethmoid bone, anteroposterior view

Image #43-4

KEYWORDS: Bones cartilage joints.

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Roentgenogram, ethmoid bone, anteroposterior view
The ethmoidal labyrinths (6) consist of numerous air cells separated by thin bony walls, and are connected at their superior margins by the cribriform plate (2). The superior surface of the cribriform plate lies in the anterior cranial fossa while its inferior surface forms the roof of the nasal fossae.
1 . Crista galli
1 . Crista galli
2 . Alar process
2 . Cribriform plate
3 . Sulci for anterior ethmoidal vessels and nerves
3 . Superior nasal concha (in depths of view)
4 . Cribriform plate
4 . Perpendicular plate (somewhat deflected)
5 . Lamina papyracea
5 . Uncinate process
6 . Uncinate process
6 . Ethmoidal labyrinth
7 . Middle nasal concha
7 . Ethmoidal bulla
8 . Ethmoidal labyrinth
8 . Middle nasal meatus
9 . Articular border for frontal spine
9 . Middle nasal concha
10 . Ethmoidal cells
11 . Perpendicular plate
12 . Middle nasal meatus