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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Serial transverse sections of the brain stem

Diencephalon and telencephalon.

Image #31-4

KEYWORDS: Brain, Diencephalon, Telencephalon.

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Serial transverse sections of the brain stem
Diencephalon and telencephalon.
The level of this section is 7 mm. above that of the last. The lentiform nucleus is sectioned through its mid-portion. Efferent fibers of the globus pallidus pass, as the ansa lenticularis, around the medial margin of the internal capsule.
1 . Caudate nucleus (tail)
2 . Posterior limb of internal capsule
3 . Dorsal lateral nucleus of thalamus
4 . Claustrum
5 . External capsule
6 . Putamen
7 . External medullary lamina and external division of globus pallidus
8 . Internal medullary lamina and internal division of globus pallidus
9 . Posterior part of anterior commissure
10 . Uncinate fasciculus
11 . Lamina terminalis and optic recess
12 . Lateral cerebral fissure
13 . Orbital gyri
14 . Cingulate gyrus and sulcus corpus callosum
15 . Stria terminalis
16 . Fornix (body)
17 . Lateral nucleus of thalamus
18 . Internal medullary lamina of thalamus
19 . Medial nucleus of thalamus
20 . Mamillothalamic fasciculus [Vicq d'Azyr]
21 . Frontal part internal capsule
22 . Ansa lenticularis
23 . Tectal part of column of fornix and hypothalamus
24 . Anterior perforated substance
25 . Anterior communicating artery
26 . Olfactory trigone
27 . Straight gyrus