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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Cross sections of right foot

Section through region of mid-tarsal joint

Image #205-2

KEYWORDS: Bones joints cartilage, Foot and toes.

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Cross sections of right foot
Section through region of mid-tarsal joint
Included in the section are portions of the head of the talus (16), the navicular bone (18), the calcaneus (5) and the cuboid bone (7). The spheroidal shape of the talonavicular joint is evident in the section as is the saddle-shape of the calcaneocuboid joint.
1 . Inferior extensor retinaculum
2 . Extensor digitorum longus muscle (tendons)
3 . Lateral tarsal artery
4 . Bifurcate ligament
5 . Calcaneus
6 . Extensor digitorum brevis muscle
7 . Cuboid bone
8 . Long plantar ligament
9 . Peroneus brevis muscle (tendon)
10 . Upper pointer: Tendinous sheath of peroneus longus and plantaris muscles Lower pointer: Peroneus longus muscle (sesamoid bone present in tendon)
11 . Abductor digiti minimi muscle
12 . Tela subcutanea
13 . Extensor hallucis longus muscle (tendon)
14 . Talonavicular ligament
15 . Tibialis anterior muscle (tendon)
16 . Head of talus
17 . Greater saphenous vein
18 . Navicular bone
19 . Tibialis posterior muscle (upper pointer indicates sesamoid bone in tendon)
20 . Plantar calcaneonavicular ligament (spring ligament)
21 . Abductor hallucis muscle
22 . Flexor digitorum longus muscle (tendon in common sheath with tendon of flexor hallucis longus)
23 . Flexor hallucis longus muscle (tendon)
24 . Medial plantar nerve
25 . Calcaneocuboid plantar ligament
26 . Quadratus plantae muscle
27 . Flexor digitorum brevis muscle
28 . Lateral plantar nerve
29 . Plantar aponeurosis
30 . Lateral plantar artery