Lane Medical Library

Library Strategic Plan

Knowledge Acquisition

  • Implemented by the Resource Management Team
  • Maintains world class collection of resources to support research/patient care/education
  • Saves time and effort of SUMC community by effectively and efficiently managing access to information resources
  • Enhances discovery of and access to all digital, physical, and virtual resources

Knowledge Delivery

  • Implemented by the Access Services Team
  • Enhance access by providing researchers and clinicians with information with the greatest possible relevance to their specialties
  • Maximize value by developing communication networks that share information effectively

Knowledge Creation & Education

  • Implemented by the Research & Instruction Team
  • Establish Lane as an active education PARTNER integral to achieving SUMC's common goal of improved health
  • Contribute to the development and support of an INQUIRY AND DISCOVERY based culture at SUMC
  • Medical Students Curriculum

Knowledge Integration

  • Implemented by the Knowledge Management Team
  • Establish Lane as a national leader in efforts to integrate biomedical literature resources into clinical system interfaces such as the EMR.
  • Create capability for individuals and groups to annotate biomedical literature and control sharing of their annotations.
  • Develop innovations for integrating Lane's biomedical literature tools and services with informatics research to accelerate work in translating knowledge from labs to clinics.

Organizational Infrastructure

  • Communication: increase awareness and promote communication about Lane’s services, activities and initiatives throughout the Stanford community
  • Evaluation: establish a meaningful and ongoing system of evaluating our service to promote continual quality improvement of Lane services and initiatives
  • Financial: create a modern funding strategy to support expanding collection and services in an increasingly digital age